ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

External Quality assurance of the laboratories results program (EQP)(ISO 17025)

In this program (EQP) of the external assurance of the quality of the results, the laboratories that participate in the present exercise, compliance with the sections 7.7.1, 7.7.2 (b) and 7.7.3 of the ISO / IEC 17025:2017

This program also complies with sections 5.9.1 (c) and 5.5.2 of the 2005 version of the same standard.

This program aims to ensure the quality of laboratory results, taking measures to continue or even improve performance.

The purpose of the program is to evaluate the performance of the participating laboratory with respect to a reference laboratory.

If the results do not meet the previously defined criteria, the laboratory should take planned actions to correct the deviation and avoid assigning incorrect results.