ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

Ensayo de aptitud Código Comentarios Norma Seleccionar
(ESP) Failure determination by macrographic analysis (ESP) ILT-U-2115 (ESP) Folds, fissures, pores, occlusions, exfoliations or any other defect (ESP) Nch 1514
(ESP) Jominy qualification test (ESP) ILT-U-2114 (ESP) Jominy qualification (ESP) ISO 642
(ESP) Electrical determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2113 (ESP) Classification, instructions, Dimensions, volumes, and weights measurement, Protection against access to live parts, Power input and current, Heating and protection against temperature rise, Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature, Resistance to solid and foreign object, Moisture resistance, Ageing and life time, اEndurance and Tripping Characteristics, Abnormal operation, Stability and mechanical hazards, Mechanical strength, Construction and Components, Internal wiring, Supply connection and external flexible cords, Terminals for external conductors, Screws and connections, Provision for earthing, Clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation, Resistance to heat and fire , Flame retardation, Resistance to rusting, Starting of motor-operated appliances, Electrical resistance, resistivity and conductivity, Performance requirements for Luminaire and modules, Energy efficiency, functionality and labelling requirements for lighting products , Breaking and making capabilities, Pressure test, Electrical properties: voltage, energy, resistance, impedance, capacity and capacitance, Temperature shock test, Tensile strength and elongation, and Short circuit and overload protection IEC 60335-1
IEC 60969
IEC 60884-1
IEC 60227
IEC 61347-1
(ESP) Face mask determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2112 (ESP) Differential Pressure for breathability (ESP) EN 14683
(ESP) Textile determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2111 (ESP) Weather Resistance of Textiles (Xenon Arc Lamp Exposure) (ESP) AATCC 169
(ESP) Textile determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2110 (ESP) Stretch and Recovery (ESP) ASTM D3107
(ESP) Textile determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2109 (ESP) Colorfastness to Chlorine Bleach, and Non-Chlorine Bleach (ESP) AATCC TS 001
(ESP) Face mask determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2108 (ESP) Valve Leak Test (ESP) NIOSH
(ESP) Face mask determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2107 (ESP) Inhalation and Exhalation (ESP) NIOSH
(ESP) Face mask determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2106 (ESP) Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP) (ESP) NIOSH
(ESP) Face mask determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2105 (ESP) Sodium Chloride (NaCl) (ESP) NIOSH
(ESP) Face mask determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2104 (ESP) Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Challenge – screening test (ESP) NIOSH
(ESP) Electrical determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2103 (ESP) Ball pressure, Dielectric Strength Test; Power Input and Curren and Leakage Current Test IEC 60335-1
IEC 60745-1
IEC 60950-1
IEC 60598-1
(ESP) Paper determinations (ESP) ILT-U-057 (ESP) Basis Weight, Moisture; Burst, Mullen; Short Span Compressive Strength; Ring Crush; Scott Bond; Tensile; Roughness, Sheffield; Caliper, and Brightness TAPPI T 569
(ESP) Measurement of coating thickness (ESP) ILT-U-2102 (ESP) Coating thickness in metallic (Microscopical method) ASTM B487
(ESP) Biodiesel determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2101 (ESP) Mo, Be and Te elements
(ESP) Coal determinations (ESP) ILT-U-1999 (ESP) Te and Sn elements
(ESP) Face mask determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2100 (ESP) Microbial Cleanliness for Face Masks (ESP) EN 14683
(ESP) Face mask determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2099 (ESP) Particle Filtration Efficiency (ESP) ASTM F2100
(ESP) Face mask determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2098 (ESP) Flamability (ESP) ASTM F2100
(ESP) Face mask determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2097 (ESP) Synthetic Blood Penetration for Face Masks (ESP) EN 14683
(ESP) ASTM F2100
(ESP) Gloves determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2096 (ESP) Burning behaviour of gloves (ESP) EN 407
(ESP) Sanitizer (disinfectant) determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2095 (ESP) Ethanol; Methanol; Isopropanol; Butanol; Allergens (egg, soya, milk, and Gliadin / Gluten (qualitative); Heavy metals (As, Pb, Hg, Cd); and pH
(ESP) Face mask determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2091 (ESP) Bacterial Filtration Efficiency includes Diff. Pressure for breathability (ESP) EN 14683
(ESP) ASTM F2100
(ESP) Electrical determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2090 (ESP) Insulation Resistance Test; Dielectric Strength Test; and Leakage Current Test IEC 60335-1
(ESP) Metal determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2089 (ESP) chemical analysis in stainless steel sample by OES ASTM E1086
ASTM E1019
(ESP) Air Filter determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2088 (ESP) Marking and labelling (ESP) SASO 932
(ESP) GSO 1712
(ESP) Radiator determination (ESP) ILT-U-2087 (ESP) Leakage Test (ESP) GSO 135
(ESP) Determination of compression in concrete pavers. (ESP) ILT-U-2094 (ESP) Compression Código MINVU Nº 332-2008
(ESP) Physical determinations in concrete blocks (ESP) ILT-U-2093 (ESP) Water absorption; Compression; Moisture content; and Extraction of samples (ESP) ASTM C140
(ESP) Nch 182
(ESP) Physical determinations in concrete screeds (ESP) ILT-U-2092 (ESP) Flexion and impact Código MINVU Nº 332-2008
(ESP) Physical determinations in ceramic bricks (ESP) ILT-U-2086 (ESP) Water absorption; Shear adhesion; Suction capacity; compression; Efflorescence; Gap Percentage; and dimensional and geometric verification (ESP) Nch 167
(ESP) Nch 168
(ESP) Candles determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2085 (ESP) Sooting behavior (container candle) EN 15426
(ESP) Candles determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2084 (ESP) Burning test (2 weeks) EN 15493
(ESP) Glass in building (ESP) ILT-U-2083 (ESP) Glass fragmentation (ESP) EN 12150
(ESP) Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs (ESP) ILT-U-2082 (ESP) Water Absorption (ESP) EN 1217
(ESP) Castors and wheels determination (ESP) ILT-U-2079 (ESP) Castors and wheels Type U+ Type H (ESP) EN 15259
(ESP) Castors and wheels determination (ESP) ILT-U-2078 (ESP) Castors and wheels Type U+ Type W (ESP) EN 15259
(ESP) Materials and articles in contact with food stuffs (ESP) ILT-U-2081 (ESP) Resistance to microwave heating (ESP) EN 15284
(ESP) Mechanical properties of fasteners made of carbon steel and alloy steel (ESP) ILT-U-2080 (ESP) Proof load test (ESP) ISO 898-2
(ESP) Castors and wheels determination (ESP) ILT-U-2077 (ESP) Castor test (ESP) EN 12527
(ESP) EN 12528
(ESP) Mechanical properties of fasteners (ESP) ILT-U-2076 (ESP) Torsional test and minimum torque test (ESP) ISO 898-7
(ESP) Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs (ESP) ILT-U-2068 (ESP) Dip Test for coated surface 8hrs (ESP) ISO 8442-2
(ESP) Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs (ESP) ILT-U-2069 (ESP) Dip Test for Ferritic & Austenitic stainless steel 6hrs (ESP) ISO 8442-2
(ESP) Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs (ESP) ILT-U-2075 (ESP) Dip Test for Martensitic stainless steel 6hrs (ESP) ISO 8442-2
(ESP) Measurement of coating thickness. (ESP) ILT-U-2067 (ESP) Measurement of coating thickness. X-ray spectrometric methods (ESP) ISO 3497
(ESP) Furniture determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2066 (ESP) Impact on surface, Resistance to impact on surfaces 50 mm (ESP) ISO 4211-4
(ESP) Furniture determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2063 (ESP) Resistance to wet heat (ESP) EN 12721
(ESP) Furniture determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2056 (ESP) Dry heat 70°C, and Resistance to dry heat 160°C (ESP) EN 12722
(ESP) Paints and varnishes determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2025 (ESP) Coating Thickness Amplitude Sensitive Eddy Current (Eddy Current) Method (ESP) ISO 2360
(ESP) Paints and varnishes determination (ESP) ILT-U-2024 (ESP) Film thickness (ESP) ISO 2178
(ESP) Full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines (ESP) ILT-U-2060 (ESP) Differential pressure/flow characteristics (ESP) ISO 4548-1
(ESP) Full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines (ESP) ILT-U-2065 (ESP) Filtration efficiency using particle counting and contaminant retention capacity (ESP) ISO 4548-12
(ESP) Full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines (ESP) ILT-U-2062 (ESP) Hydraulic pulse durability test, and Cold start simulation test (ESP) ISO 4548-5
(ESP) Full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines (ESP) ILT-U-2064 (ESP) Inlet anti-drain valve test (ESP) ISO 4548-9
(ESP) Full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines (ESP) ILT-U-2061 (ESP) Element by-pass valve characteristics (ESP) ISO 4548-2
(ESP) Truck tires determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2074 (ESP) Endurance Test: Tire resistance to deformation, air loss, or damage under full-load and moderate speed over long distance; and Strength Test: Breaking energy require to puncture tire. (ESP) ISO 10454
(ESP) Passenger car tires determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2073 (ESP) High Speed Tire Test; Bead Unseating Test; Tensile Strength and Elongation Test 500mm/min. Ambient and Post-Aging (96 hrs. @ 70C); and Temperature Resistance Test. Test load: 88% of the tire’s maximum load rating as marked on side wall. 375rpm - 575rpm to receive letter grading based on failure point (ESP) ISO 10191
(ESP) GSO 53
(ESP) SASO 2253
(ESP) Respiratory protective devices. COVID-19 determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2072 (ESP) COVID-19. PPE-R02.075 EU Certification (ESP) EN 149
(ESP) Inner tube determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2071 (ESP) Tensile & Elongationñ and Ageing Test (ESP) JIS D4231
(ESP) Oil Filter determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2070 (ESP) Full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines Part 6: Static burst pressure test (ESP) ISO 4548-6
(ESP) Disc brake pad determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2059 (ESP) VISUAL TEST & INSPECTION: Identification of defects by Physical examination and other simple tests like sound test, tap test, optical test. (ESP) IEC 22574
(ESP) Polymer determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2058 (ESP) Limiting Oxygen Index (ESP) ISO 13501
(ESP) Polymer determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2049 (ESP) Tensile & Elongation (ESP) ISO 188
(ESP) ISO 37
(ESP) Disc Brake Pad determinations (ESP) ILT-U-2048 (ESP) Compressibility - Cold - Hot and Heat Expansion; Bond Shear Strength; Internal Shear Strength after prolonged exposure to water, saline, lube oil, Brake Fluid; and Coeff. of Friction & Wear (KRAUSS TEST) ISO 6310
ISO 6312
ISO 6313
(ESP) ISO 6311
(ESP) ISO 6314
(ESP) SAE-J840
Vehicle electric components determinations ILT-U-2055 Direct Current Test; Overvoltage Test; Superimposed Alternating Voltage Test; Slow Decrease and Increase of Supply Voltage; Discontinuities in supply Voltage Test; Reversed voltage Test; Withstand Voltage Test; and Insulation Resistance Test ISO 16750-1
ESD, Gloves and finger cot resistance qualification ILT-U-2057 ESD, Glove and finger cot resistance qualification ANSI/ESD STM15.1
Particle cleanliness Helmke drum ILT-U-2055 Particle cleanliness Helmke drum IES-RP-CC003.2
ESD, Resistance through a person to ground ILT-U-2054 ESD, Flooring Qualification ANSI/ESD STM 97.1
ESD, Planar materials determinations ILT-U-2053 Two-point resistance; Surface resistivity; and Volume resistivity ANSI/ESD STM 11.12
ESD, Resistance to ground ILT-U-2052 Footwear qualification ANSI/ESD STM9.1
ESD, Garment qualification ILT-U-2051 Point to point resistance (Rpp); Groundable point resistance (Rpgp); and Body contact point resistance (BCP) ANSI/ESD STM2.1
Wheels determination ILT-U-2047 Impact test (single Hit) ISO 7141
Wheels determination ILT-U-2046 Radial fatigue test (600.000 cycles) and Cornering Fatigue Test (50.000 cycles) ISO 3006
Calibration of electrical safety tester ILT-U-2050 Calibration, Insulation resistance DC. Calibration, Ground bond test.
Testing of Requirements for quality of Ready to Use Software Product (RUSP) / COTS Software ILT-U-2045 Product description conformity evaluation. User documentation conformity evaluation. Software conformity evaluation. GB/T 25000.51
ISO/IEC 25051
Soother holder determinations ILT-U-2044 Safety requirements and test methods GB 28482
Soother holder determinations ILT-U-2043 Safety requirements and test methods EN 12586
Drinking equipment determinations ILT-U-2042 Drinking equipment - Silicone EN 14350
Transformer oil determination ILT-U-2041 Dissipation factor (delta tangent at 90º) ASTM D924
Transformer oil determination ILT-U-2040 Neutralization number analysis ASTM D664
Transformer oil determination ILT-U-2039 Particle count and resulting ISO code ISO 4406
Transformer oil determination ILT-U-2038 Corrosive sulfur (Method B) ASTM D1275
Transformer oil determination ILT-U-2037 DBPC Inhibitor content ASTM D4768
Transformer oil determination ILT-U-2036 Interfacial tension measurement ASTM D971
Transformer oil determination ILT-U-2032 Dissolved Gas ASTM D3612
Transformer oil determination ILT-U-2033 Products of the degradation of cellulosic materials ASTM D5837
Transformer oil determination ILT-U-2034 PCBs content ASTM D4059
Transformer oil determination ILT-U-2035 Moisture content ASTM D1533
Software static test: Code verification to ensure safety requirements ILT-U-2031 Evaluation of Software static test: Code verification to ensure safety requirements, according to IEC 62443-4-1:2018 (Clause 8.3 SI-1: Security implementation review). IEC 62443-4-1
Soil determinations ILT-U-2029 Sieve Analysis Test; Hydrometer Test; Liquid Limit Test; Plastic Limit Test; Particle Density; Bulk Density; and Moisture Content BS 1377 Part 2
Soil determinations ILT-U-2030 Water Content; Bulk / Dry Density - Linear Measurement; Bulk / Dry Density - Recompacted; Bulk / Dry Density - immersion in fluid; Particle Density (pyknometer)ñ Liquid limit - one-point fall cone method; Liquid limit - fall cone method; Plastic limit; Plasticity limit; PSD (sieving method); and PSD (Hydrometer method) EN 17892
Labeling Inspection of balls, balls and articles for recreation and sports ILT-U-2023 For Inspection bodies INEN RTE 211
Labeling inspection of oil filters, fuel filters and air filters ILT-U-2022 For Inspection bodies INEN RTE 129
Labeling Inspection for shoes ILT-U-2019 For Inspection bodies INEN RTE 080
Labeling Inspection for party item ILT-U-2021 For Inspection bodies INEN RTE 135
labeling Inspection of clothing, household linen and clothing accessories ILT-U-2018 For Inspection bodies INEN RTE 013
Labeling Inspection of leather goods ILT-U-2020 For Inspections bodies INEN RTE 129
Organic Tin compounds in pesticides determination ILT-U-2027 Organic Tin compounds
HF (Halogen) in semiconductor device determination ILT-U-2028 HF (Halogen) EN 14582
Linear density determination in textiles ILT-U-2017 Linear density ISO 1973
Mass per unit area determinations in geotextiles ILT-U-2015 Mass per unit area ASTM D5261
Thickness determination for leather sample. ILT-U-2014 Thickness ISO 2589
Seam strength determination for footwear sample ILT-U-2013 Seam strength ISO 17697
Apparent density and mass per unit area of leathers. ILT-U-2012 Apparent density and mass per unit area ISO 2420
Matter soluble in dichloromethane and free fatty acid content determination for leathers. ILT-U-2010 Matter soluble in dichloromethane and free fatty acid content ISO 4048
Density determination for outsoles ILT-U-2009 Density (Method A) ISO 2781
Sulphated total ash and sulphated water-insoluble ash determination for leathers ILT-U-2011 Sulphated total ash and sulphated water-insoluble ash ISO 4047
Tensile strength and elongation for outsoles ILT-U-2007 Tensile strength and elongation EN 12803
Hardness determination in leather ILT-U-2006 Hardness (Type A or Type D) ISO 868
Electric shock resistance of leather ILT-U-2005 Electric shock resistance ASTM F2412
Density determination of leather ILT-U-2004 Density ISO 2781
Analysis of flex resistance determinations ILT-U-2002 Flex resistance (Dry 100.000 cycles) ISO 17694
Analysis of slip resistance determinations ILT-U-2001 Resistance determination of footwear. ISO 13287
Abrasion resistance of soles determination ILT-U-2000 Abrasion resistance ISO 4649
Product of school supplies determinations ILT-U-1999 Detection of pentachlorophenol or its salts in wooden articles by staining; Characterization test of PVC materials using the Beilstein method; Determination of resistance (color fastness) to sweat and saliva; and Detection of pentachlorophenol or its salts in wooden articles by staining. NBR 15236
NBR 13883
Linear-Elastic Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness CTOD ILT-U-1998 SENB or CT (Metallic materials specimens) ASTM E1820
Meat species identification ILT-U-1997 Identification of meat species (Bovine, Ovine, Porcine, Equine and Bird)
Determining Cadmium and Lead from Metal Jewelry ILT-U-1996 Cadmium and lead
Resistance of Plastic Flow of Bituminous Mixtures ILT-U-1994 Resistance of plastic flow (Marshall) ASTM D1559
Domestic cooking appliances burning gas determinations ILT-U-1995 Combustion and Consumption EN 30-1-1
Cosmetic determinations ILT-U-1993 Benzoic acid; Butylparaben; Methylparaben; and Propylparaben
Acetaminophen and Risperidone tablets. ILT-U-1992 Dissolution test (U.V.), and Dissolution test (HPLC)
N-nitrosamines and N-nitrosables in latex baby pacifier. ILT-U-1991 N-nitrosamines and N-nitrosables BS EN 12868
Different vibrio’s determination ILT-U-1990 Listeria per 125G, Vibrio Cholera, Vibrio SPP, and Vibrio Parahaemolyticus
Fineness of dispersion of pigment-vehicle systems by Hegman-Type Gage determination ILT-U-1989 Fineness of dispersion of pigment-vehicle systems by Hegman-Type Gage ASTM D1210
Arid determinations ILT-U-1988 Determination of water soluble chloride salts using the Volhard method (reference method); Determination of total sulfur content; and Determination of acid soluble sulfates EN 1744-1
Ladder determinations ILT-U-1987 EN 131-2
Different determinations in food. ILT-U-1986 Pantothenic acid (B5); Biotin (H); Folic acid (B9); and Cyanocobalamin (B12)
Geotextile determinations ILT-U-1985 Determining Apparent Opening Size of a Geotextile; Trapezoidal tear strength test; and Grab Breaking load and Elongation ASTM D4751
ASTM D4533
ASTM D4632
Geotextile determinations ILT-U-1984 Determination of water permeability test; and Characteristic opening size (AOS) Test ISO 12956
ISO 11058
Lighting determinations ILT-U-1983 Accesiblility of live parts; Normal temperature test; Abnormal temperature testsAccesiblility of live parts; Normal temperature test; Abnormal temperature tests; and Needle flame UL 1598
Perfumery products determinations ILT-U-1976 Methanol content; Ethanol content; Turbidity test; and Heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury, Arsenic)
Soap determinations ILT-U-1977 Moisture and volatile matter; Ethanol insoluble matter; Total Fatty matter; Chloride content; Unsaponified matter; Acid value; Metal analysis (Lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, nickel…); and Water insoluble matter GSO 1098
Dishwash determinations ILT-U-1978 Rinsing properties; Total active matter; Biodegradability; pH; and Metal analysis (Lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, nickel) GSO 391
Handwash determinations ILT-U-1979 Chloride content; pH; Total active matter; Matter insoluble in alcohol; Biodegradability; sulphate content; and Metal analysis (Lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, nickel) GSO 2240
Detergent determinations ILT-U-1980 Chloride content; pH; Total surface active agents; Anionic active matter; Biodegradability; Phosphate content; Brightening agent8; Moisture and volatile matter; Rising property; and Metal analysis (Lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, nickel) GSO 152
Shoe polish determinations ILT-U-1981 Non-volatile matter; pH; and Stability SASO 1957
Skin cream determinations ILT-U-1982 Thermal stability; pH; Total fatty matter; Water content; and Lard and lard derivatives GSO 1513
Determination of Extractable Metals in textile ILT-U-1975 Determination of Extractable Metals (Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As), Copper (Cu), Cobalt (Co), Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni), Antimony (Sb)) by Salivary Solution (by ICP-MS) DIN 54233-4
Determining the inclusion or second-phase constituent content ILT-U-1974 Determining the inclusion or second-phase constituent content by automatic image analysis ASTM E1245
Torsion resistance in lamp-holder ILT-U-1973 Torsion resistance. Clause UL 496
Torsion resistance in fluorescent lamp ILT-U-1972 Torsion resistance of unused lamps (E27). Clause 9.1 (aging 200 hs.) IEC 60968
Torsion resistance in Led lamp ILT-U-1971 Torsion resistance of unused lamps (E27). Clause 9.1 (aging 200 hs.) IEC 62560
Terminal block determinations ILT-U-1970 Clause 9.2 / 9.3 / 9.4 and 9.5
Thermomagnetic key determinations ILT-U-1969 Clause 9.4 / 9.5.1 and 9.5.3 IEC 60898-1
Textile determinations ILT-U-1968 Fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling. Part 3: Random tumble pilling method ISO 12945-3
Textile determinations ILT-U-1967 Number of threads per unit length EN 1049-2
Textile determinations ILT-U-1966 Ligament UNE 40161
Soil, agregates and concrete determinations ILT-U-1965 Natural humidity; Atterberg Liquid limits; Atterberg Plastic limits; Sand equivalent; and Sieve analysis of coarse and fine aggregates NCh 165
NCh 1515
Nch 1517/1
Nch 1517/2
NCh 1325
Acoustic testing class ILT-U-1964 Acoustic testing class, in the NOISE SEAL test. Portaria n.º 430, de 16 de agosto de 2012
Oil adsorption determination ILT-U-1963 Oil Adsorption ASTM D281
Food and water determinations ILT-U-1962 Metals (Pb-Cd); Peroxides; Sedimentable solids; Free residual chlorine; and Fixed residue 180 °C
Textile determinations ILT-U-1961 Number of stitches per unit length and unit area EN 14971
Electric determination ILT-U-1960 Dielectric Test – AC test IEC 60903
Textile determination ILT-U-1956 Heat transmission on exposure to flame EN 367
Textile determination ILT-U-1958 Retroreflection geometry (after washing and flammability) ISO 20471
Textile determination ILT-U-1957 Resistance of materials to penetration by liquids ISO 6530
Transportable tools determinations ILT-U-1955 Protection against active parts, and Leakage current IEC 62841-1
Determinations in foods and water ILT-U-1954 Trifluralin-Chlorpyrifos-Chlorpyrifos methyl; Pesticides; BHT; and Cholesterol
Textile determinations ILT-U-1953 Burning behavior. Flame spread of vertically oriented specimens EN 1102
Textile determinations ILT-U-1946 Colour fastness to organic solvents; Colour fastness to hot pressing; Colour fastness. Assessment of the potential to phenolic yellowing of materials; Colour fastness to washing with soap or soap and soda; and Colour fastness to bleaching: Hypochlorite ISO 105 N01
ISO 105 C10
ISO 105 X18
ISO 105 X11
ISO 105 X05
Textile determinations ILT-U-1947 Determination of twist in single spun yarns — Untwist/retwist method; Preparation, marking and measuring of fabric specimens and garments in tests for determination of dimensional change; Determination of width and length; Determination of the fabric propensity to surface pilling, fuzzing or matting; and Methods for the presentation of a weave diagram and plans for drafting, denting and lifting ISO 7211-1
ISO 22198
ISO 3759
ISO 17202
ISO 12945-3
Textile determinations ILT-U-1948 Determination of the recovery from creasing of a horizontally folded specimen of fabric by measuring the angle of recovery; Hydraulic method for determination of bursting strength and bursting distension; Determination of spirality after laundering. Woven and knitted fabrics; Determination of spirality after laundering. Woven and knitted garments; Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method. Determination of mass loss; and Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method. Assessment of appearance change. ISO 12947-4
ISO 12947-3
ISO 16322-3
ISO 16322-2
ISO 13938-1
ISO 2313
Textile determinations ILT-U-1949 Technical requirements for determining a sharp point in toys and other articles intended for use by children under 8 years of age; Technical requirements for determining a sharp metal or glass edge in toys and other articles intended for use by children under 8 years of age; Flammability of clothing textiles; Convective heat resistance using a hot air circulating oven; and Abrasion resistance of protective clothing material EN 530
ISO 17493
16 CFR 1610
16 CFR 1500.49
16 CFR 1500.48
Textile determinations ILT-U-1950 testing performance when cleaning and finishing using tetrachloroethene; Determination of linear density of yarn removed from fabric; Determination of tear resistance. Constant rate of tear methods; and Determination of tear resistance. Ballistic pendulum method ISO 4674-2
ISO 4674-1
ISO 7211-5
ISO 3175-2
Textile determinations ILT-U-1951 Puncture resistance; Burning behavior. Determination of ease of ignition of vertically oriented specimens; Burning behavior. Measurement of flame spread properties of vertically oriented specimens; Maximum force to seam rupture using the grab method; and Oil repellency. Hydrocarbon resistance test ISO 14419
ISO 13935-2
ISO 6941
ISO 6940
EN 863
Textile determinations ILT-U-1952 Contact heat produced by heating cylinder; Retroreflection; Heat transmission on exposure to flame; Resistance to damage by flexing; Recommendations for the design and manufacture of children's clothing - Mechanical safety; Measurement of the electrical resistance through a material (vertical resistance); and Abrasion resistance. Martindale abrader ISO 5470-2
EN 1149-2
CEN/TR 16792
ISO 7854
ISO 9151
ISO 12127
CIE 54.2
Extractable Metals in textiles ILT-U-1945 Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, Copper, Cobalt, Chromium, Nickel and Antimony by ICP-MS) EPA 3052
Free formaldehyde determination ILT-U-1943 Determination of the free formaldehyde in process auxiliaries ISO 27587
Colour fastness to water spotting determination ILT-U-1944 Colour fastness to water spotting ISO 15700
Textile determination ILT-U-1932 Crease Recovery Angle ISO 2313
Textile determination ILT-U-1933 Abrasion resistance EN 530
Textile determination ILT-U-1934 component safety determination: Pressure springs and the like; Traction Test; and Wash Test (Anexe B and C) CEN/TR 16792
Textile determination ILT-U-1935 Puncture resistance EN 863
Textile determination ILT-U-1936 Retroreflection CIE 54
Textile determination ILT-U-1937 Flexural damage resistance (Matia Method A), and Flexural damage resistance (Crumple/Flex Method C) ISO 7854
Textile determination ILT-U-1938 Abrasion resistance (martindale) ISO 5470-2
Textile determination ILT-U-1939 Dimensional stability to cold water immersion ISO 7771
Textile determination ILT-U-1940 Yarn contraction in a fabric ISO 7211-3
Textile determination ILT-U-1941 Flow ISO 7211-1
Textile determination ILT-U-1942 Oil repellency ISO 14419
Textile determination ILT-U-1931 Convective heat resistance ISO 17493
Textile determination ILT-U-1930 Average fiber diameter (projection microscope method). ISO 137
Determination of Ethylbenzene ILT-U-1929 GC-mass, adsorbed on activated carbon tubes in air samples.
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) determination ILT-U-1928 PAH in footwear materials (by GC-MS ) ISO/TS 16190
Tensile strength of zip fasteners ILT-U-1927 Annex B, D, E, G, I, J, and H EN 16732
Slide fasteners ILT-U-1926 Resistance of slide fasteners DIN 3419-1
Textile determination ILT-U-1925 Colour fastness to water (ESP) ISO 11642
Determination of resistance of the upper and lower terminals ILT-U-1924 Slide fasteners. Zips BS 3084
Determination of absorption in nonwovens ILT-U-1923 Absorption ISO 9073-6
Textile determination ILT-U-297 Colour Fastness. Assessment Of Migration Of Textile Colours Into Polyvinyl Chloride Coatings ISO 105 X10
Taxonomic identification of benthic macroinvertebrates ILT-U-1922
Textile determinations ILT-U-1919 Determination of linear density of yarn removed from fabric; and Determination of number of threads per unit length ISO 7211-2
ISO 7211-5
Textile determinations ILT-U-1920 Branched textile hydrophilicity EN 14697
Textile determinations ILT-U-1921 Colour fastness to water; Colour fastness to perspiration; Colour fastness to rubbing; Assessment of the potential to phenolic yellowing of materials, and Colour fastness to artificial light (Method 3) ISO 105-B02
ISO 105 X18
ISO 105 X12
ISO 105 E04
ISO 105-E01
Nitrosamine in condom ILT-U-1918 Nitrosamine ISO 29941
Qualitative analysis of solvents mixture ILT-U-1917 GC/MS Scan Industrial. EPA 8015 Method D EPA 8015
Flexionl strength in concrete tiles (Pastelones) ILT-U-1903 Código MINVU Nº 332-2008, Código MINVU Nº 332-2008
Plastic corrosivity ILT-U-1912 Weight loss in HCL 10%, Weight loss in NA OH 10%, and Weight loss in Dis.water
Plastic FTIR Spectrophotometer ILT-U-1913 FTIR Spectrophotometer
Flammability in plastics ILT-U-1914 Flammability UL 94
Heavy Metal content in plastics ILT-U-1915 Lead, Zinc, Cadmium, Mercury, and Arsenic
Full Shoe Flex determination ILT-U-1911 ½ pair 100.000 (cycles) Flexes SATRA TM92
Multimeter calibration ILT-U-1909 Tension; Voltage; and Resistance
Measurement of conductors ILT-U-1910 Mass per unit length of conductor EN 50182
Energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis (EDX) determination ILT-U-1908 Energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis (EDX)
Leather determinations ILT-U-1906 Paints and Varnishes. Cross-Cut Test; Chromium(VI); Colour fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing; and Detrmination of 4-AMINOAZOBENZENE ISO 2409
ISO 11640
ISO 17075
ISO 17234-2
Determinations in beer ILT-U-1902 Color; Carbon Dioxide-pressure 20 ° C; Apparent extract; Relative Density 20 ° C; Primitive extract; Real extract; Actual alcoholic strength; and Organoleptic
Determinations in Refractory Material ILT-U-1904 Determination of cold crushing strength dense shaped refractory products. EN 993-5
Detecting Detrimental Intermetallic Phase in Duplex Austenitic/Ferritic Stainless Steels ILT-U-1905 Method A, B and C ASTM A923
Determinations in soil ILT-U-1901 Organic material (Walkley Black method (titration); and Dehydrogenase enzyme activity (Casida et al 1977 method)
Ethanol determination. ILT-U-1900 40 % ABV (Alcohol by Volume).
Flash Point determination. ILT-U-1899 Using Procedure A and corrected for the barometric pressure at time of determination. (Nominal value: 175.0 °C) ASTM D93
Colour Reference determination ILT-U-1898 Y, x, and y values ASTM D6045
ASTM D1500
Analysis of antibiotics in food ILT-U-1897 Sulfonamides (Sulfachloropyridazine, Sulfadiazine, Sulfadimethoxine, Sulfadoxine, Sulfamerazine, Sulfametazine, Sulfamethoxypyridazine, Sulfaquinolaxin, and Sulfathiazole); Chloramphenicol; Tetracyclines (Chlortetracycline, Doxycycline, Oxytetracycline, and Tetracycline); Oxolinic; Enrofloxacin; Ciprofloxacin; Flumechin; Sarafloxacin; Organochlorine Pesticides (Aldrin, Chlordane, HCH (ALFA / BETA / RANGE / DELTA), Dieldrin, Endosulfan I and II, Endosulfan sulfate, Endrin, Gamma Clordane, HCB, Heptachlor, Heptachloropoxide, Methoxychlor, ppDDD, ppDDE, ppDDT, Mirex); and PHA polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (Naphtalene - Acenaphtene - Fluorene - Phenantrene - Anthracene - Fluoranthene - Pyrene - Benzo (a) anthracene - Chrysene - Benzo (e) pyrene - Benzo (b) fluoranthene - Benzo (k) fluoranthene - Benzo (a) pyrene - Dibenzo (a, h) anthracene - Benzo (gi) perylene - Ideno (1,2,3-cd) pyrene)
Degrees of Protection IK ILT-U-1896 Led luminaires IEC 62262
Electricity metering equipment (AC). Electrical determinations ILT-U-1895 All Test (except chap 6.10.5, 6.10.6, and 6.10.7) IEC 62052-31
IEC 62052-1
Textile determinations ILT-U-1894 Thickness; Sole Adhesion test; and Lace Abrasion test ISO 22774
ASTM D1777
Textile determinations ILT-U-1893 Tear Strength (Upper); Water Resistance (Outsole); and Accessories Corrosion ISO 17696
ISO 5404
ISO 22775
Textile determinations ILT-U-1892 Slip Resistance; Flex Resistance (Outsole); and Abrasion Resistance (Outsole) ISO 17707
ISO 13287
ISO 20871
Linear-Elastic Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness KIc ILT-U-1891 SENB or CT (Metallic materials specimens) ASTM E399
Breaking load test of slings (lifting cranes) ILT-U-1090 Inspection bodies ASME B30.9
Packed Products determinations ILT-U-1890 Compression Test ISTA 1C
Packed Products determinations ILT-U-1889 Drop Test ISTA 1B
Textile determinations ILT-U-1888 Dimensional stability to dry cleaning; and Aspect evaluation after dry cleaning. ISO 3175-2
Textile determinations ILT-U-1887 Dimensional stability to Cold Water Immersion ISO 6925
Textile determinations ILT-U-1886 Textile Floor Covering-Burning Behavior (Tablet Test Method) ISO 6925
Textile determinations ILT-U-1885 Color Fastness to Rubbing: Organic Solvents ISO 105 D02
Textile determinations ILT-U-1884 Determination of Air Permeability ASTM D737
Textile determinations ILT-U-1883 Determination of Thickness. ASTM D1777
Textile determinations ILT-U-1882 Determination of number of wales and courses. ASTM D3887
Textile (parachutes) determinations ILT-U-1881 Flammability Test; Trapezoid Tearing Strength of Geotextiles; Conditioning (2 days @ 21C, 65% RH); and Strap strength test PIA 4108E
PIA 502
PIA 504a
ASTM D6413
ASTM D4533
ASTM D6775
Determinations of Edible Oils ILT-U-1880 Cold test and Specific Gravity AOCS Cc 11 – 53
AOCS Cc 10c-95
Soothers for babies and young children ILT-U-1879 Safety requirements EN 1400
Toys determinations. ILT-U-1878 Torque Tests for Removal of Components and Tension Tests for removal of Components ASTM F963
Safety shoes determinations ILT-U-1877 Impact resistance; Slip Resistance; Thermal insulation; Electrical resistance; Hydrolysis; and Resistance to electrical voltage (Withstand test voltage) EN 50321
ISO 20344
Canned fish organoleptic physicist ILT-U-1876 External appearance; Internal appearance; Type of container; Species; Presentation; Appearance; Smell and taste; Texture; and Parasites
Toy safety determinations – Flammability ILT-U-1875 General Requirements; Toys to be Worn on The Head; Toys Intended to be Entered by A Child; Test relating to beards, moustaches, wigs, etc., made from hair, pile or material with similar features (e.g. Free hanging ribbons, paper, cloth strandsor other flowing elements), which protrude 50 mm or more from the surface of the toy; Test relating to beards, moustaches, wigs, etc., made from hair, pile or material with similar features (e.g. Free hanging ribbons, paper, cloth strandsor other flowing elements), which protrude less than50 mm from the surface of the toy, and full or partial moulded head masks; Test relating to flowing elements of toys to be worn on the head (except those covered by 4.2.2 and 4.2.3), hoods, head-dresses, etc. And masks not covered by 4.2.4 which partially or fully cover the head (e.g fabric and cardboard masks, eye masks, face masks), toy disguise costumes and toys intended to be entered or worn by a child; and Test for soft filled toys EN 71-2
Toy safety determinations ILT-U-1874 Straps Intended to be Worn Fully or Partially Around The Neck; Packaging; Tip Over Test; Sharpness of Points; Flexibility of Metallic Wires; Leakage of Liquid-Filled Toys; Geometric Shape of Certain Toys; Strength of Toy Scooter Steering Tubes; Maximum Design Speed of Electrically-Driven Ride-on Toys; Perimeter of Cords and Chains; Dynamic strength; Toy chest lids; Magnetic flux index; Brake performance; and Sledges with cords for pulling EN 71-1
Furniture and fabric determinations. ILT-U-1871 Cover Fabric Test; Barrier Materials Test; Resilient Filling Materials Test; General safety requirements; Stability; and Product information California Technical Bulletin 117
EN 14749
Sensory of contaminants for water. ILT-U-1870 Acetic; (Alcohol Vinegar Solution commercial); Chlorine (Chlorine free); Dimethyldisulfide Odor to rotten; Flavor Metallic (Iron Sulfate); Rancid (trans 2 trans 4 decadienal); Plastics - styrene; Smoked (Essence solution food flavoring smoked); and Chlorophenol (Dichloramine)
Shock testing ILT-U-1873 Level 1. Waveform: semi-sinusoidal; Maximum acceleration: 25 g.; Pulse duration: 6 ms; Number of repetitions per verse: 10; and Duration: 2 minutes IEC 60068-2-27
Vibration testing ILT-U-1872 Level 1. Minimum frequency: 10 Hz.; o Frequency f1: 20 Hz Frequency f2: 1000 Hz; o Maximum frequency: 2000 Hz.; o RMS value: 3.35 g; o ASD form (flat between f1 and f2): 0.01 g2 / Hz; o Initial slope of 10 Hz: +6 dB / octave; Final slope between 1000 and 2000 Hz: -24 dB / octave; and Duration: 20 minutes IEC 60068-2-64
Quality of soybean – Inspection ILT-U-1415 For inspections bodies and test laboratorios, according ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 ISO 17020
Four-point bending test (Static) ILT-U-1868 Four-point bending (Static): Structural Stiffens; Maximum moment; and Yield moment ASTM F2193
Evaluation of Field Metallographic Replicas ILT-U-1867 Prepare specimens (Steel samples AISI 1010) for metallography, includes nital etch; Prepare replicas of specimens prepared for metallography, acetate film; Gold coated; and Digital micrographs of samples (100X magnification) ASTM E1351
Calibration of electrical magnitudes ILT-U-1866 Electrical (Generation) Voltage DC; Voltage (AC @ 50 Hz); Current (DC); Current (AC @ 50 Hz); and Resistance
Analysis of different parameter of water ILT-U-1860 Bicarbonate Alkalinity; Carbonate Alkalinity; Total Alkalinity; Ammonia (NH4); Calcium; Chloride; Electrical conductivity 20 ᵒC; Apparent Color; Carbonate Hardness; Total hardness; Iron; Magnesium; Manganese; Nitrate (N); Nitrite (N); Odor; pH; Total Dissolved Solids; Sulfate; Turbidity; Oxygen Biochemical Demand; Chemical Oxygen Demand; Total Phosphorus Total Ammoniacal Nitrogen; Total Nitrogen; and Oils and Grease
Digital Cameras – Noise measurements ILT-U-1864 Detailed noise; and the signal to noise value for different grey levels ISO 15739
Tartaric acid determinations ILT-U-1856 Purity and Rotating power
Digital Cameras – OECF measurement ILT-U-1855 Maximum contrast; Gamma; The signal to noise value for different grey levels; and ISO speed of the camera ISO 14524
Different determinations of drink and mineral water a food ILT-U-1862 Total Coliforms; Thermotolerant Coliforms; Pseudomonas Aeruginosa; Heterotrophic Bacteria; Total Coliforms; Thermotolerant Coliforms; Pseudomonas Aeruginosa; Enterococcus; Clostridium Sulfito Redutor; Total Coliforms; Thermotolerant Coliforms; Staphylococcus Aureus; Salmonella; Bacillus Cereus; Fungi and Yeast; and Mesophilic Count
Analysis of different parameters of industrial water ILT-U-1861 Oils and Mineral Fats; Oils and fats Veg. E Animal; Sedimentary Solids (10 min. and 2 hours); Temperature; Total solids; Hydrogen Sulphite; Phosphate; Total solids; Silica; fluorides; Free Residual Chlorine; Dissolved Oxygen; Hexavalent chromium; Total Suspended Solids; Coliformes Totais; and Coliformes Termotolerantes
Sensory analysis in wine ILT-U-1863 Triangular test where samples are evaluated by mixed panel of 20 people. The analysis is performed in duplicate, obtaining a total of 40 results
XRF Analyzers calibration. ILT-U-1865 Calibration for XRF Element Analyzer ROHS (ROHS PE/PVC 100); and Calibration for XRF Coating Thickness Gauge (Gold over Nickel over cooper Base)
Washing machines electrical determinations ILT-U-1859 Performance of washing machines IEC 60456
IEC 60335-2-7
Insulation/screen moisture content determination in cable ILT-U-1858 Insulation/screen moisture content BS 7912
Leather determinations ILT-U-1857 Determination of the total metal content in leather; Determination of the total metal content in leather; tear strength of leather using a double edged tear; Behaviour of the surface of a leather on rubbing with a wool felt; Leather identification by microscopy; and Determination of the thickness of the surface coating ISO 17186
ISO 17131
ISO 11640
EN ISO 3377-2
ISO 17072-1
ISO 17072-2
Analysis of different soil determinations ILT-U-1853 Materials Finer than 75-µm (No. 200); Determination of Water (Moisture) Content of Soil and Rock by Mass; Particles than less 6 Micrometers in equivalent spherical diameter 2.11 Equipment - Sedimentation Method; and pH in Soil for Corrosion API 13A
ASTM D4972
ASTM D2216
Analysis of ash and volatile combustible matter of coal. ILT-U-1852 Analysis of ash and volatile combustible matter ISO 562
ISO 1171
Leachable Lead & Cadmium determination ILT-U-1851 Simulant 4% Acetic Acid EN 1388-1
EN 1388-2
Directive 84/500/EEC
ISO 7086-1
ISO 7086-2
Specific migration of heavy metals in metal article ILT-U-1850 Simulant: Artificial Tap Water, 5 g/L Citric Acid EN 13130-1
Specific Migration of PAH and formaldehyde and acetaldehyde ILT-U-1849 Specific Migration of PAH (Deionized Water, or 3% Acetic Acid, or Olive Oil) and specific migration of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde (Deionized Water, and 3% Acetic Acid) EN 13130-1
Determination of Chloroform Soluble Extractive in Paper and Paperboard use as food contacting material ILT-U-1848 Net chloroform soluble extractives for water fraction, for 8% alcohol fraction, for 50% alcohol fraction, and for n-heptane alcohol fraction 21 CFR 176.170
Different determinations for Nylon Resins use as food contacting material ILT-U-1847 Extractable Fractions in Nylon Resins (Deionized Water extractives, 95% ethanol extractives, Ethyl acetate extractives, and Benzene extractives); Specific Gravity in Nylon; Melting Point in Nylon Resins; and Solubility in Boiling HCl in Nylon Resins 21 CFR 177.1500
Determination of Total Extractives from water and n-Hexane for rubber articles use as food contacting material ILT-U-1846 Deionized Water, n-Hexane 21 CFR 177.2600
Different determinations for Olefin polymers use as food contacting material ILT-U-1845 Determination of Extractable Fraction for Olefin polymers (Hexane); Determination of Soluble Fraction for Olefin polymers (Xylene); Determination of Density for Olefin polymers; and Determination of Melting Point for Olefin polymers 21 CFR 177.1520
Determination of Chloroform Soluble Extractive in Resinous and polymeric coatings use as food contacting material ILT-U-1844 Simulant: Deionized Water, EtOH 8%, n-Heptane 21 CFR 175.300
Electrical appliances determination ILT-U-910 Power Input and Current;Insulation resistance;Protection against active parts; and Heating IEC 60335-1
IEC 60598-1
Respiratory protective devices ILT-U-1838 Conditioning; Visual inspection; Inflammability; Traction / linear deformation; Penetration of filter material; Carbon dioxide content in the inhalation air; Respiration resistance; Leakage; and Practical composition test EN 149
Leather determinations ILT-U-1837 Impact from above with high energy droplets (Rain Tower) EN 14360
Concrete determinations ILT-U-1836 Normal curing of test specimens (20°C method); Determination of density of hardened concrete; Determination of compressive strength of concrete cubes; Compressive strength of test specimens; Density of hardened concrete; Shape, dimensions for specimens and moulds; and Normal curing of test specimen (20°C) EN 12390-3
EN 12390-2
EN 12390-7
BS 1881
EN 12390-1
Safety of children’s clothing ILT-U-1835 Cords and drawstrings on children's clothing EN 14682
Roller sports equipment ILT-U-1834 Skateboards. Safety requirements EN 13613
Roller sports equipment ILT-U-1833 Inline-skates. Safety requirements EN 13843
Roller sports equipment. ILT-U-1832 Roller skates. Safety requirements. EN 13899
NOx reduction agent AUS 32 determination ILT-U-1831 Urea Content; Density@ 20 deg.; Refractive Index; Alkalinity; Biuret content; Insoluble Matter content; Identity (FTIR); Aldehyde Content; Phosphate content; Elemental Analysis : (Elemental Contamination); Calcium; Iron; Copper; Zinc; Chromium; Nickel; Aluminium; Magnesium; Sodium; and Pottasium ISO 22241-2
CTOD – Crack tip opening displacement test of Welded samples ILT-U-1829 Welded samples BS 7448-2
ISO 15653
Textile determinations ILT-U-280 Water Resistance: Rain Test; Water Repellency: Spray Test; Tearing Strength of Fabrics by Falling-Pendulum (Elmendorf-Type) Apparatus; Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Grab Test); Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics (Martindale Abrasion Tester Method); Mass Per Unit Area (Weight) of Fabric; and Fiber Analysis: Qualitative AATCC 20
ASTM D1424
ASTM D5034
ASTM D4966
ASTM D3776
Determination of glyphosate, AMPA and glufosinate ammonium in honey ILT-U-1827 Analytical method: Derivatization - Solid phase extraction - Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC MS / MS).
Microbiological water determinations ILT-U-1830 Mesophilic total count 37 ° C; Escherichia coli NMP / 100 ml; Coliforms NMP / 100 ml; Pseudomonas NMP / 100 ml; Enterococci UFC / 100 ml; and Sulfite reducing anaerobes UFC / 50 ml
Environmental testing ILT-U-1825 Environmental testing (Method 4). Gas concentration: SO2 (200 + /- 20) ppb, H2S (10 + /- 5) ppb, NO2 (200 + /- 20) ppb, and Cl2 (10 + /- 5) ppb. Temperature 25 +/- 1º C, and Humidity 75 +/- 3%. Test duration 4 days IEC 60068-2-60
USB Dedicated Charging Port Test ILT-U-1824 DCP Overshoot and Undershoot Voltage Test; DCP Handshaking Test; DCP Resistance and Capacitance Tests; and DCP Voltage and Current Battery Charging Specification revision 1.2
IEC 62680-1-1
USB Type-C Chargers ILT-U-1823 Initial Voltage Test, and USB Type-C Current Adv Test USB Type C Functional Test Specification
IEC 62680-1-3
Leather determinations ILT-U-733 Outsole flex resistance; Abrasion resistance test; PH Content; Metallic accessories Corrosion resistance; and Color fastness Rubbing test AATCC 116
ISO 20344
ISO 4045
ISO 20871
ISO 22775
ISO 17707
Physiochemical water determinations ILT-U-1822 Conductivity, Total Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, Chlorides, Sulphates, Nitrates, Nitrites, Ammonium, pH, Residual Chlorine, Oxidability, Total Hardness, Fixed Residue, Turbidity, Potassium, Alkalinity of bicarbonates, Sodium
Candles determinations ILT-U-1821 Sooting behaviour; Fire safety; and Annealed Soda-Lime-Silicate Glass Containers That Are Produced for Use as Candle Containers ASTM F2179
EN 15426
EN 15493
Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs ILT-U-710 Specific migration of metals: Aluminium, Antimony, Barium, Cadmium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Lead, Lithium, Manganese, and Zinc. Simulant: B-Acetic acid (3%) W/V, A-Ethanol (10%) V/V, C-Ethanol (20%) V/V, D1-Ethanol (50%) V/V, and Distilled water EN 13130-1
Electrical determinations ILT-U-1816 Withstanding Voltage, and Insulation Resistance acc ISO 16750-2
Textile determinations ILT-U-1818 Flammability of textile fabrics when subjected to a small igniting flame applied to the face or bottom edge of vertically oriented specimens, Burning Behaviour - 45° Test - Determination of Flame Spread Rate, Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method, Determination of mass loss, Determination of number of stitches per unit length and unit area, Cleansing and wetting procedures for use in the assessment of the effect of cleansing and wetting on the flammability of textile and fabric assemblies, and Flammability of children’s sleepwear 16 CFR 1616
16 CFR 1615
ISO 12947-3
BS 5651
EN 14971
GB/T 14644
BS 5438
Sonometer – decibel meter measurement ILT-U-382 Sonometer - decibel meter
Determination of different parameters in water, food and beverage samples ILT-U-1820 Total coliforms; Parasitology - Helminth eggs. (absence or presence); and Verotoxigenic Escherichia coli
Flammabilty Test ILT-U-651 Flammability ISO 3795
Arid determinations ILT-U-935 Cubicity of particles; Apparent density of stony; Wear of the stony; and Organic impurities Nch 166
Nch 1116
NCh 1369
8.202.6 (MC-V8)
Diaper determinations ILT-U-723 Rate of Acquisition – Single Insult and Rewet; and Tensile NWSP 070.9
ASTM D5035
Cosmetics and detergents determinations ILT-U-1819 Total organic matter in the formulated detergents, and Total solids in cosmetics BS 3762
Cosmetic determination ILT-U-1817 1,4-dioxane in cosmetic products.
Drying Rate of Fabrics ILT-U-1815 Drying Rate of Textiles at their Absorbent Capacity: Air Flow Method; and Drying Rate of Fabrics: Heated Plate Method AATCC 200
Linear weight determination in corrugated bar ILT-U-1814 Clause 11 ASTM A615
Concrete and raw materials determinations ILT-U-1812 Gradation; Specific Gravity; Organic Impurities; Water Absorption and Density; and Compression Strength ASTM C642
ASTM C39/C39M.
Organics determinations in food ILT-U-1810 Antioxidant BHT; Antioxidant BHA; Fecal Coliform Count on surfaces; Deoxynivalenol; Zearaleone; Fuminosin; and Ochratoxin
Food and soap determinations. ILT-U-1809 Listeria SPP; Listeria monocytogenes; Sulfite reducing Clostridia; Quantitative peroxide determination; Apparent density; Fatty acid profile in food; Saponification index; and pH
Determinations in asphalt mixtures ILT-U-390 Real Density, and Resistance to plastic deformation of asphalt mixtures using marshall apparatus (Stability and Fluence). Manual de Carreteras Vol.8 Diciembre 2003 - 8.302.38
Manual de Carreteras Vol.8 Diciembre 2003 - 8.302.40
Bitumen content of asphalt ILT-U-1280 Bitumen content of asphalt ASTM D6307
ASTM D2172
Powder flowability study ILT-U-930 Freeman technologies FT4 Powder rheometer
True density determination ILT-U-751 Accupyc II – True density (non-metal powder) ASTM B923
Total and external surface area by nitrogen adsorption ILT-U-1087 Carbon black ASTM D6556
Porosity analysis of Carbon black ILT-U-929 40 – Point analysis – (Nitrogen Gas) ASTM D4641
Advanced Ceramic Specific Surface Area (BET) ILT-U-1106 BET – 3 – Point analysis ASTM C1274
Evaluation of pipeline and Pressure Vessel Steels for Resistance to Hydrogen-Induced Cracking ILT-U-130 Total test pressure: 1 bar Partial pressure: 0.005 bar H2S (5 mbar) with CO2 balance Test duration: 720 hours Test solution: C NACE TM 0284
Lubricating oil determinations ILT-U-1020 Flash Point -Miniflash; Total Neutralized Acid; Kinematic viscosity; Total Neutralised Base; Infra-red; and Particle Counting ASTM D7596
ASTM D6450
ASTM D2896
ASTM E2412
Tile adhesives determination ILT-U-635 Initial adhesion with different adhesive products provided for placement: C1, C2, D1, D2, R or mortars, EN 12004
Detergent and soap determinations ILT-U-1351 Surface active agents: Determination of pH of aqueous solutions – Potentiometric method; Surface active agents. Detergents. Determination of anionic-active matter by manual or mechanical direct two-phase titration procedure; Cosmetics- determination of chloride content; Soaps. Determination of content of ethanol – insoluble matter; Soaps. Determination of moisture and volatile matter content-Oven method; and Surface active agents- Analysis of soaps – Determination of free caustic alkali. ISO 456
ISO 672
ISO 673
ISO 2271
ISO 4316
Aging behavior. Weathering resistance, humid heat ILT-U-1808 Duration: 1600 hs PV 3930
Aging behavior. Weathering in dry, hot climate ILT-U-1807 Duration: 1600 hs PV 3929
Behavior in steam jet ILT-U-1806 18 days. Method A PV 1503
Resistance to stone impact ILT-U-1805 18 days. Method B ISO 20567-1
(ESP) Glowing/hot-wire test (ESP) ILT-U-966 IEC 60695-2-10
(ESP) Textile determination (ESP) ILT-U-1804 (ESP) Odors determination GB 18401
(ESP) Textile determination (ESP) ILT-U-475 (ESP) Colour fastness to Saliva & Perspiration (ESP) Oeko-Tex 201 M-9-0
(ESP) Textile determination (ESP) ILT-U-476 (ESP) Colour fastness to saliva (ESP) ISO 20701
(ESP) Textile determination (ESP) ILT-U-477 (ESP) Colour fastness to saliva (ESP) GB/T 18886
(ESP) Odors determination (ESP) ILT-U-452 (ESP) SNV 195 651 (ESP) Oeko-Tex 201 M-16
(ESP) Textile determinations (ESP) ILT-U-1633 (ESP) Determination of thickness; Determination of tensile strength and percentage extension; Determination of tear load - Single edge tear; Determination of flex resistance - Flexometer method; Determination of distension and strength of surface (Ball burst method); Determination of Ph; Tests for colour fastness - Colour fastness to water; Tests for colour fastness - Colour fastness to migration into polymeric material; Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method - Determination of specimen breakdown; Tests for colour fastness- Colour fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing-Dry-Wet: Tests for colour fastness- Colour fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing-Sweat: and Determination of volatile matter ISO 4684
ISO 11640
ISO 12947-2
ISO 15701
ISO 3379
ISO 4045
ISO 5402-1
ISO 3377-1
ISO 3376
ISO 2589
(ESP) ISO 11642
(ESP) ISO 11641
Conducted Emission tests ILT-U-1801 Conducted Emission tests CISPR 32
EN 55032
Determination of iron (Fe) in flour ILT-U-1800 AOAC method 944.02
Household refrigerating determinations ILT-U-1803 Classification; determination of linear dimensions, volumes and areas; general test conditions; testing storages temperatures; energy consumption test; and temperature rise test IEC 62552
Electric storage water-heater determinations ILT-U-1802 General conditions for measurements; measurements of stored water temperatures; measurement of energy consumption; verification of the actual capacity; standing loss per 24 h; hot water output; and reheating time IEC 60379
Gold in rocks determination ILT-U-558 From 8 PPB to 100 PPB and 1 PPM to 400 PPM
Hardened concrete determination ILT-U-909 Compressive strength of test specimens; and Density of hardened concrete EN 12390-3
EN 12390-7
Cement determinations ILT-U-1154 Part size distribution and Compaction-related tests determination of dry density/ moisture content relationship BS 1377-4
BS 1377-2
Textile determinations ILT-U-069 Linear density; Colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering using a non-phosphate reference detergent incorporating a low-temperature bleach activator; Colour fastness to hot pressing; and Breaking force and breaking elongation of a yarn ISO 105 C08
ISO 105 X11
ISO 2060
ISO 2062
Straight-Beam ultrasonic examination of steel plates – NDT ILT-U-028 ASTM A435 ASTM A435
Energy efficiency determination ILT-U-1798 LED bulb Luminaire SASO 2870
SASO 2902
Plastic determinations ILT-U-1796 Overall Migration from plastic using MPPO as a simulant; and BISPHENOL A EN 1186-13
Surface resistance to cold liquids determination ILT-U-1682 CEN/TS 16209. Class C EN 12720
Scratch Resistance determination ILT-U-1795 Method B EN 15186
Holiday detection test ILT-U-1794 Holiday detection test NACE RP0188
Indentation resistance determination ILT-U-1792 Indentation resistance ISO 21809-3
Cathodic disbondment determination ILT-U-1793 Cathodic disbondment ISO 21809-3
Impact resistance determination ILT-U-1791 Impact resistance ISO 21809-3
ASTM D2794
Preservatives determination in leather ILT-U-1790 Preservatives EN 71-9
Textile determinations ILT-U-1785 DMFa; Glycols; and Chlorinated organic carriers (COC) DIN 54232
ISO 16186
Ochratoxine determination ILT-U-1789 Beer and Instant coffee (Method HPLC)
Luminaire determinations ILT-U-1788 Emergency luminaire IEC 60598-2-22
Appliance determinations ILT-U-1787 Appliances for skin or hair care IEC 60335-2-23
Luminaire determinations ILT-U-1786 Portable LED outdoor luminaire IEC 60598-2-4
Luminaire determinations ILT-U-1691 fixed LED outdoor luminaire IEC 60598-2-1
Monomers determinations ILT-U-1784 Monomers EN 71-10
Crease recovery angle determination ILT-U-1783 Recovery form creasing of a horizontally folded specimen by measuring the angle of recovery EN 22313
Color fastness to organic solvents determination ILT-U-1782 To organic solvents ISO 105 X05
Textile determinations ILT-U-1064 Number of threads per unit length; Dimensional change in wash and drying; Tear force of wing-shaped test specimen; Maximum force using the strip method; Oil repellency; Colour fastness to dry cleaning; Colour fastness to organic solvents; Quantitative analysis; Recovery form creasing of a horizontally folded specimen by measuring the angle of recovery; and Linear density ISO 7211-5
ISO 1833-1
ISO 1833-2
ISO 1833-3
ISO 1833-11
ISO 1833-7
ISO 14419
ISO 13934-1
EN ISO 13937-3
BS EN ISO 13937-1
BS EN ISO 6330
EN 1049-2
ISO 105 D01
ISO 105 X05
EN 22313
Flame propagation determination ILT-U-484 Flame propagation (Method 1 samples <700 g/m2, and Method 2 samples >700 g/m2) NFPA 701
Vibrio Fischeri, Daphnia Magna and ecotoxicity determinations ILT-U-1713 Vibrio Fischeri, Daphnia Magna and ecotoxicity
Agrotoxics determinations ILT-U-984 Glyphosate and 2,4D
Food determinations ILT-U-367 Vibrio parahaemolytic, enumeration; Clostridium perfringens; Vibrio cholera detection; Aspergillus mold; Sulfite reducing anaerobes; and Counting molds and yeast
Determination of O, N, C, S, H by LECO analysis ILT-U-1139 ASTM E1019
Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources: Xenon Arc Lamps ILT-U-1764 Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources: Xenon Arc Lamps (300 hours); and Color Determination ISO 4892-2
ASTM D6290
Plastics Methodology for Assessing Polymer Photo-aging by FTIR ILT-U-200 300 hrs and compare carbonyl ISO 10640
Fragrance and soap determinations ILT-U-1772 Visual Inspection; Turbidity; Water insoluble matter; and Moisture and volatile matter GSO ISO 672
GSO 1046
GSO 1098
GSO 1047
Detergent determinations ILT-U-1773 pH; Moisture & Volatile matter; Presence of brightening agent; and Rinsing property GSO 4316
GSO 152
Dish wash and hand wash determinations ILT-U-1774 pH; Non ionic surface active agent; and Chloride content GSO 391
GSO 4316
GSO 1095
Shampoo determinations ILT-U-1775 pH; and Volatile content GSO 395
Skin cream determinations ILT-U-1776 Marking; Thermal stability; and Total fatty matter IQS 1161
Shoe polish determinations ILT-U-1777 pH; Determination of non- volatile matter; and Determination of Stability SASO 1957
Deodorant and antiperspirant determinations ILT-U-1778 pH; Stability of smell; and Determination of non volatile matter KS 1764
Baby diaper and sanitary pad for ladies determinations ILT-U-1779 pH; Dimension; and Water absorption GSO 143
GSO 750
Verification of “Halal” samples ILT-U-1760 Porcine content in cosmetic and food sample and %ethanol in beverage samples. This Proficiency test program does not provide a halal certification. This program does not intend to carry out a HALAL certification, should be not considered as such; it only want to detect traces of pork in food and cosmetic products; as well as the presence of alcohol in drinks
Verification of “Kosher” samples ILT-U-1762 Porcine content. This Proficiency test program does not provide a Kosher certification. This program does not intend to carry out a KOSHER certification, should be not considered as such; it only want to detect traces of pork in food.
Textile determinations ILT-U-1757 Yarn number based on short-Length specimens; and Number of filaments on yarn or woven ASTM D1059
Microbiological determinations in food ILT-U-1771 Enumeration of lactic acid bacteria; and Enumeration of Pseudomona Aureginosa
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1770 Phosphate; Silica; Nitrite; and Nitrate
Physicochemical determinations in fishmeal ILT-U-1769 Fat; Protein; Moisture; Ash; carbohydrates; Fiber; arsenic; lead; cadmium; mercury; Magnesium; and Manganese
Physicochemical determinations in animal feed ILT-U-1768 Ash; Moisture; Fat; and Protein AOAC 2001.11
AOAC 930.15
AOAC 920.39
AOAC 942.05
Physicochemical determinations in Beverages ILT-U-1767 Protein; Ash; Acidity; and Benzoic acid AOAC 936.19
AOAC 942.15
AOAC 940.26
AOAC 920.152
Total bacteria count in board ILT-U-1766 Total bacteria count ISO 8784
Enumeration of yeast and mould in cosmetic tissue paper ILT-U-1765 Enumeration of yeast and mould
Surface Roughness determination ILT-U-1763 Roughness
Chemical determinations in cement ILT-U-1758 Loss on ignition, Alumnia, Al2O3, Dry, Calcium oxide, Cao, Dry, Free calcium oxide, CaO%, Chlorine, Cl, Dry, Iron oxide, Fe2O3, Dry, Magnesium oxide, MgO, Dry, Potassium Oxide, K2O, Dry, Silica, SiO2, Dry, Sodium oxide, Na2O, Dry, and Sulfur Trioxide, SO3, Dry
Physical determinations in cement ILT-U-1759 Compressive strength, Setting time, Soundness / Expansion, Fineness / Blaine, Residue on 45 micron, and Insoluble Residue
Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources: Accelerated UV Ageing ILT-U-291 Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources: Accelerated UV Ageing (340 nm (UVA) method for 300 hrs) ASTM G154
Toys determinations ILT-U-573 Small Components; Sharp Edges; Sharp Points; Eye – Nose Security – Dolls, Plush Toys and Soft Toys; and Reasonably Foreseeable Use – Toys SOR/2011-17
Determinations in balanced feed ILT-U-1062 Aflatoxin B1; Aflatoxin B2; Aflatoxin G1; Aflatoxin G2; Total aflatoxin; Deoxinivalenol -DON-; Ochratoxin A; Fumonisin B1; Fumonisin B2; Total Fumonisin; and Zearalenone
Determinations in balanced feed ILT-U-1049 Peroxide number; Hexanal; BHA; Humidity; Proteins and Ashes
Microbeam analysis. Quantitative analysis using energy-dispersive spectrometry (SEM/EDS) ILT-U-1756 Qualitative analysis. ISO 22309
Sieve residue analysis in construction plaster ILT-U-1065 Sieve residue analysis (clause 4.1.3) EN 13279-2
Open-hole compressive strength of polymer matrix composite laminates determination ILT-U-1048 Open-hole compressive strength of polymer matrix composite laminates determination ASTM D6484
Compressive properties of rigid plastics determination ILT-U-1044 Compressive properties of rigid plastics determination ASTM D695
Compressive properties of oriented fiber-resin composites determination ILT-U-1043 Compressive properties of oriented fiber-resin composites determination SACMA SRM-IR-94
Compressive properties determination ILT-U-1339 Compressive properties determination ISO 844
In-plane shear response of polymer matrix composite materials by tensile test of a +/- 45° laminate determination ILT-U-1423 In-plane shear response of polymer matrix composite materials by tensile test of a +/- 45° laminate determination ASTM D3518
Short-Beam strength of polymer matrix composite materials and their laminates determination ILT-U-1421 Short-Beam strength of polymer matrix composite materials and their laminates determination ASTM D2344
Flexural properties of unreinforced plastic and electrical insulating materials ILT-U-995 Flexural properties of unreinforced plastic and electrical insulating materials ASTM D790
Open-hole testing strength of polymer matrix composite determination ILT-U-1267 Open-hole testing strength of polymer matrix composite determination ASTM D5799
Tensile properties of polymer matrix composite materials ILT-U-1265 Tensile properties of polymer matrix composite materials ASTM D3039
Textile determination ILT-U-1747 Resistance to abrasion with change of aspect and mass loss after abrasion ASTM D3389
Water determinations ILT-U-1748 pH Testing TDS/EC
Water determinations ILT-U-1604 Total Count; Salmonella spp; Vibrio Parahaemolyticus and vibrio cholerae; Yeast and moulds; Listeria monocytogenes; and Presumptive bacillus cereus
Listeria Monocytogenes determination ILT-U-1589 Listeria Monocytogenes
Textile determinations ILT-U-208 Fiber analysis; Colorfastness assessment; pH Content; GSM; Tensile strength - strip method; Tensile strength - grab method; Bursting strength - Diaphragm Bursting Strength Tester Method; and Bursting strength - (CRT) Ball Burst Test ASTM D3786
ASTM D5034
ISO 13934-1
ISO 3801
ISO 3071
ISO 1833-1
ASTM D3787
Pork DNA determination ILT-U-1253 ID positive/ ID negative
Water determinations ILT-U-1260 ASTM D5907
ASTM D1293
Electrical characteristic determinations – LED Driver for LED lamp ILT-U-1264 Output Voltage and current, Total circuit power, Circuit power factor, and Supply current IEC 62384
Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning – Deep Learning. How much can it learn? ILT-U-1745 F1-score Mean Value
Textile determinations ILT-U-873 Tensile strength; Water penetration (Hydrostatic Pressure); Previous treatment - Washing and drying domestic (Flammability); Flammability- Checking Capability; Fiber Composition- up to 2 fibers; and Symbology of labeling conservation ISO 1833-1
BS EN ISO 6330
ISO 811
ISO 13934-1
ISO 12952-1
ISO 3758
Analysis of concentrates of Uranium ore ILT-U-859 Uranium ore
Analysis of concentrates of Iron and Graphite ILT-U-643 Iron and Graphite
Analysis of concentrates of Manganese and Tungsten ILT-U-363 Manganese and Tungsten
Analysis of concentrates of Tin & Lithium ILT-U-360 Tin & Lithium
Bulk density and volatile matter determinations in Polyvinyl chloride ILT-U-911 Bulk density and Volatile matter ASTM D2584
ASTM D1622
Footwear determinations ILT-U-619 Puncture resistance; Impact resistance of dropouts; Compression resistance of dropouts; Internal length of the stop; Cutting height; Corrosion resistance of metal stops Ergonomic characteristics; Tear resistance; and Seam resistance ISO 17697
ISO 20344
ISO 34-1
Textile determinations ILT-U-907 Previous treatment -Washing and drying domestic; Fire behavior; Flammability of floor coverings textile (textile methenamine) 16 CFR 1631
16 CFR 1630
16 CFR 1615
16 CFR 1616
Textile determinations ILT-U-781 Previous treatment -Washing and drying domestic; Assessment of the ignitability of bedding items; Ignition source: smouldering cigarette; Assessment of the ignitability of bedding items; Ignition source: match-flame equivalent; Flammability of Blankets; Testing the Smolder Resistance of Materials Used in Upholstered Furniture ISO 12952-1
California Technical Bulletin 117
ISO 12952-2
ASTM D4151
BS EN ISO 6330
Microbeam analysis. Analysis using energy-dispersive spectrometry (SEM/EDS) ILT-U-636 Qualitative analysis. The range of elements we have is from Na to U. ISO 22309
Canned vegetables pesticides determinations ILT-U-1494 Chlorpirifos ethyl; Diazinon; Disulfoton; and Parathion ethyl
Cooper ore determinations ILT-U-1458
Concrete determinations ILT-U-1452 Sampling of 2 cylindrical test tubes; and Facing and testing of the 2 samples at 28 days EN 12390-3
EN 12390-2
Textile determinations ILT-U-1214 Method for determination of number of thread; Standard test method for pilling; Determination of tuft withdrawal force; Determination of abrasion resistance (Taber abrader); and Colour fastness to hot pressing ISO 105 X11
ISO 5470-1
ISO 7211-2
ISO 4919
ASTM D3512
SASO 2654
Pullout (Static) and Compression bending (Static) test ILT-U-1232 Pullout Static (Maximum Pullout load); and Compression Bending Static (Stiffens; Maximum Load; Displacement at ultimate load; Yield load; Displacement at yield load; Displacement at 2%; and Elastic displacement) ASTM F1717
Random Number Generator verification ILT-U-1746 Software implementation RNG (Random number generators) Remote gambling and software technical standards, RTS 7
Qualitative XRD examination ILT-U-1235 X-ray diffraction analysis and Crystallographic texture EN 13925-2
Lithium brine determinations ILT-U-642 Chlorides; Sulfates; Total dissolved solids; Total Suspended Solids; % Humidity; Reactive Phosphorus / Phosphates; Determination of elements by ICP (Li, Ca, Mg, B, Na, K, Ba, Sr, Fe, and Mn); Conductivity; pH; Density; Carbonates; Bicarbonates; Hydroxides; Total alkalinity; and Hardness
Leather determinations ILT-U-783 Preparation of samples for chemical tests; Determination of volatile matters; Determination of pH; Method of determination of sulphated total ash and sulphated ash of insoluble in water. Method of determination of soluble materials in dichloromethane or other suitable solvents; Method of determination of soluble materials in dichloromethane or other suitable solvents; and Determination of the chromium oxide content of leather and its quantification by atomic absorption spectrometry ISO 4045
ISO 4684
IRAM 8503
ISO 4044
ISO 5398-3
Electric kettle determinations ILT-U-645 Moisture resistance; Screws and connections and Supply connection and external flexible cords IEC 60335-1
IEC 60335-2-15
Leather determinations ILT-U-728 Thickness determination; Determination of tensile strength and percentage elongation; Determination of the resistance to tearing by the method of two edges on leathers; Tongue method for determining tear strength; and Determination of abrasion resistance by rotating drum device ISO 2589
ISO 3376
EN ISO 3377-2
ISO 3377-1
ISO 4649
Calibration of temperature sensors ILT-U-778 PT100 temperature resistance range -30 °C to + 400 °C; and Thermocouple K range 400 °C to 1100 °C
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-610 pH; DBO; DQO; chlorides; and Orthophosphates
Hardness Rockwell ILT-U-646 HRC 15T ASTM E18
ISO 6508
Density testing on steel ILT-U-287 ASTM B311
ISO 3369
Tensile testing on steel ILT-U-620 ASTM A706
Determination of resistance to intergranular corrosion of stainless steels (Method B) ILT-U-473 Ferritic,austenitic and ferritic-austenitic (duplex) stainless steels - Corrosion test in media containing sulfuric acid (Method B) EN ISO 3651-2
Density of the sands ILT-U-406 Net Density of the Sands; and Real Density of the Sands NCh 1239
Determinations in Asphalt and Asphalt Mixtures ILT-U-472 Thickness of compacted bituminous mixtures; and Extraction, preparatrion and assay of asphlat witness NCh 1117
ASTM D3549
Chemical Analysis of Steel samples ILT-U-371 B, V, Cu, and Sn ASTM E415
Electric iron determinations ILT-U-644 Resistance of insulating material to abnormal heat, to fire and to tracking; SASO 2815
Software static test: Code verification to ensure safety requirements ILT-U-1744 The Laboratory must verify the code through a static test in order to verify all the design principles that shall applied according to IEC 60880:2006, section 8.2.3 for general purpose-language IEC 61508-3
IEC 60880
Software static test: Code verification to ensure safety requirements ILT-U-1743 The Laboratory must verify the code through a static test in order to verify all the design principles that shall applied according to ISO 26262, section 8.4.4 Table 10. Source code shall be verified in accordance with ISO 26262-8:2011 Clause 9, and by applying the verification methods listed in section 8.4.5, Table 9 IEC 61508-3
ISO 26262
Vehicles visual inspection ILT-U-1742 Tire & Wheel Steering Lash – Travel Electrical System Ball Joint Wear Exterior Components & Sheet Metal Vehicle Glazing Sun Vision, Seats, Safety Belts & Safety Tools Mirror, Windshield Wipers & Washers GSO 42
GSO 971
SASO 1284
Engine and Exhaust Engine determinations ILT-U-1734 Measurement of CO & HC; and Measurement of Engine Operation Efficiency SASO 1284
GSO 971
SASO 267
GSO 40
Vehicle glass determinations ILT-U-1735 Measurement of Glass Damage; and Measurement of Percentage Glass Tinting SASO 1284
GSO 971
SASO 794
GSO 684
Vehicles tire determinations ILT-U-1737 Measurement of Tire Wear; and Measurement of Tire Damage SASO 1284
GSO 971
Vehicles steering determinations ILT-U-1738 Steering Lash-Travel Test SASO 1284
GSO 971
Brake and suspension determinations ILT-U-1736 Brake Testing System; Suspension Testing System; and Side slip SASO 1284
GSO 971
Vehicles light determinations ILT-U-1739 SASO 1284
GSO 971
Vehicles paint determinations ILT-U-1740 SASO 1284
GSO 971
Vehicles battery determinations ILT-U-1741 SASO 1284
GSO 971
Brake and suspension determinations ILT-U-1736 SASO 1284
GSO 971
Nitrosamines in rubber ILT-U-320 EN 71-12
Water determinations ILT-U-1723 As, Ba, Cd, Hg, Sb, Se, Ag, Sn, Cu; Sulfates, Fluor, Nitrate, Nitrite, free chlorine, chlorides, ammonia; Turbidity, pH, and TOC;
Assessment of resistance of materials to molten metal splash ILT-U-1715 Assessment of resistance of materials to molten metal splash ISO 9185
Vibrio Fischeri, Daphnia Magna and ecotoxicity determinations ILT-U-1713 Vibrio Fischeri; Daphnia Magna; and Ecotoxicity
Water determinations ILT-U-357 Total hardness; Total Alkalinity; Saturation Index; Sulfide; Cyanuric Acid; Oil & Grease; Free Oil Volumetric; Ammonia Nitrogen; Residual Chlorine; Bicarbonate; Calcium hardness as CaCO3; Enumeration of Total Coliform; Enumeration of Fecal coliform; Enumeration of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa; Water Quality - Detention and Enumeration of Intestinal Enterococci in surface and waste water. Membrane filter method; Enumeration of Escherichia coli; Heterotrophic plate count; and Enumeration of Legionella
Food determinations ILT-U-1712 Protein; Canned meat; Total fat; Sodium; Humidity; Ashes; and Histamine
Water determinations ILT-U-1711 Dissolved O2; Calcium; Magnesium; Phenolic substances (Method 4Aminoantipyrine; Total Cyanide; Anionic detergents; Mercury; Hexavalent chromium; Aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons (PAH's); Fecal coliforms; and total coliforms
Water determinations ILT-U-1705 Total alkalinity; pH; Carbonates; Nitrogen - Nitrite; Bicarbonate; Total solids; Dissolved boron; Silica; Color; Sulphate; Chloride Total; dissolved solids (180 ° C); Hexavalent chromium; Solderable solids; Electrical conductivity; Total suspended solids; Detergents (S.A.A.M). Anionic surfactants such as SAAM; and Temperature
Water determinations ILT-U-1704 Chloride; Fluoride; Bromide; Phosphate; Nitrate; Nitrite; and Sulfate
Soil determinations ILT-U-1703 Humidity; Organic matter; Conductivity; pH; Chloride; Fluoride; Bromide; Phosphate; Nitrate; Nitrite; and Sulfate
Carbon determinations ILT-U-1693 Iodine Number-Carbon Black; Oil Absorption Number; Crushed Oil Absorption Number; Tint Strength; Sieve Analysis-Carbon Black – 35 Mesh; Sieve Analysis-Carbon Black – 325 Mesh; Pellet Hardness; and N2SA/STSA ASTM D6556
ASTM D1514
ASTM D3265
ASTM D2414
ASTM D1510
ASTM D5230
ASTM D3493
Safety of electrical appliances ILT-U-1692
Salt Spray determinations ILT-U-1690 Galvanized Steel and Pre-painted Galvanized Steel, samples. (500 hours) ASTM B117
T Bend Adhesion of paint determinations ILT-U-1689 Galvanized Steel and Pre-painted Galvanized Steel, samples ASTM D4145
Paint dry film thickness determinations ILT-U-1688 Galvanized Steel and Pre-painted Galvanized Steel, samples ASTM D5796
Lead in Paint determinations ILT-U-1687 Galvanized Steel and Pre-painted Galvanized Steel, samples ASTM E1613
Zinc coating mass of flat steel determinations ILT-U-1686 Zinc coating mass of flat Steel ASTM A90
Rice determinations ILT-U-1685 Moisture of paddy rice; Gel Consistency; Amylose content (iodine method); and Physical Parameters Of Rice (Grain length, Grain width & Grain thickness)
Determinations in effluent water and sludge ILT-U-1684 Ni, Pb, Cd, Cu, Zn, Co, Tl, Sb; Caloric value; Flash point; and pH
Physicochemical determinations in drinking water ILT-U-1683 Color; Calcium; Smell; Alkalinity; Chloride; Turbidity; pH; Sulphates; Nitrate; conductivity; Total solids; Nitrites; Ammonium; hardness; Iron; Aluminum; Manganese; Residual chlorine; and Oxidability or Permanganate Index
Soil determinations ILT-U-1675 Liquid limit and plastic; and Soil classification SUCS ASTM D422
Soil determinations ILT-U-1674 Direct shear and liquid limit and plastic determinations ASTM D3080
Determination in Sodium Hydroxide ILT-U-1668 Determination of concentration and carbonates; chlorides; and iron
Aging panels determinations ILT-U-1666 Aging panels (120 hours) CIE 121
CIE 63
CIE 84
Surge immunity test determinations ILT-U-1665 Surge generator IEC 61000-4-5
Metal corrosion testing ILT-U-1662 49 CFR 173.137 and described in UN Manual of Tests & Criteria, Section 37
Fabric and leather determinations ILT-U-1660 Determination of thickness; Flex resistance (Dry 100.000 cycles); Flexing resistance of outsole; and Fiber Analysis: Quantitative AATCC 20A
ISO 20344
ISO 17694
ISO 2589
Seawater determinations ILT-U-1658 Oil &Grease; Nitrites & nitrates; Chromium VI; Sulfur; Dissolved oxygen; SRAO and SAAM
Test for adhesion of finish in leather ILT-U-289 ISO 11644
Textile determinations ILT-U-224 Determination of certain flame retardants (Brominated flame retardants and Phosphorus flame retardants) ISO 17881-1
ISO 17881-2
Change of colour with accelerated ageing in leather ILT-U-195 Heat aging in a stove at 60 ºc for 24 hours (Method 6A); and Heat aging and humidity in a climatic chamber at 50 ºc and 90% hr for 24 hours (Method 7A) ISO 17228
Elemental analysis on polymeric materials by FTIR ILT-U-1640 ASTM E1252
Wastewater determinations ILT-U-1636 BOD; COD; Phosphate Ortho & Total; Nitrite; Nitrate; Ammonia; Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen; Total Suspended Solids; Total Volatile Solids; Total Solids for Sludge Samples (Dry & Semi Solids & Volatile Solids); Fecal Coliform MPN; and Fecal Coliform CFU
Soil determinations ILT-U-1619 Minimum dry density; Determination of density in the field; Air content; Content of cement; Apparent Density; Docility, Method of settlement of the cone of Abrams; Traction by splitting; Surface Irregularity; Average Volume Coefficient of Gravel; Cubicity of Particles; Net Density of the Sands; Actual Sand Density; Net Density of Gravel NCh 1117
NCh 1239
8.202.6 (MC-V8)
NCh 1511
Nch 1516
ASTM D4254
NCh 2144
NCh 1564
NCh 1019
NCh 1170
8.502.4 (MC-V8)
Swabs & Surfaces determinations ILT-U-1621 Aerobic mesophilic (total count); Salmonella (Absence/presence); and Escherichia Coli O157 H7 (Absence/presence)
Test methods for footwear ILT-U-1619 Specific ergonomic features; upper/outsole and sole interlayer bond strength; Sole interlayer bond strength; internal toecap length; impact resistance; compression resistance; Behaviour of toecaps clase I; Behaviour of inserts clase I; Behaviour of toecaps clase II; Behaviour of inserts clase II; Behaviour of non-metalic toecaps; Behaviour of non-metalic inserts; leakproofness; Dimensional conformity of inserts; Penetration resistance of the sole; Flex resistance of penetration -resistant insert; Slip resistance-SRA; Slip resistance-SRB; Slip resistance-SRC; Insulation against heat (150°C); Insulation against heat (250°C); Energy absorption of the seat region; Resistance to water for whole footwear; Thickness of upper; The height of the upper; Tear strength of the upper; Tear strength of the lining; Tear strength of the tongue; Tensile properties of the upper; Upper flexing resistance (rubber); Upper flexing resistance (polymer); Water vapour permeability; Water vapour coefficient; Ph value; Hydrolysis of upper; Chromium VI content; Abrasion resistance of lining DRY25600 WET 12800; Abrasion resistance of lining DRY51200 WET 25600;Abrasion resistance of lining DRY25600 WET 12800; Water penetration and water absorption for upper; Insole thickness; Water absorption and desorption of insole; Water absorption and desorption of insock; Outsole thickness; Tear strength of outsole; Outsole abrasion resistance; Flexing resistance of outsole; Hydrolysis of outsole; Fuel oil; Flexing resistance after fuel oil; Hot contact ISO 20344
Determination of aflatoxin M1 in powder milk ILT-U-1617 Aflatoxin M1
Determination of aflatoxins and mycotoxins ILT-U-1616 Aflatoxin B1; Aflatoxin B2; Aflatoxin G1; Aflatoxin G2; Ochratoxin; Deoxynivalenol; and Zearalenone
Determination of bicarbonate ILT-U-1608
Determinations for environmental conditioning ILT-U-1602 Determination of the thermal resistance in steady state and related properties-Calibrated thermal camera and guard ISO 8990
NCh 851
Corrosion behavior of stainless steels ILT-U-1593
Determinations for environmental conditioning ILT-U-1588 Determination of the steady state thermal resistance and related properties-Hot plate guard apparatus NCh 850
ISO 8302
Determination of moisture content ILT-U-1586 NCh 176
Arids determinations ILT-U-1584 Determination of fine material less than 0.080 mm fine per wash less than 0.080 mm; Determination of organic impurities in the sands; and Binder content of asphalt mixtures by centrifugation, tensile test Nch 1223
Método 8.302.36, diciembre 2003, Manual de carreteras, Volumen 8.
NCh 166
Solar UV protective properties in textile ILT-U-1574 EN 13758-1
Textile determinations ILT-U-1548 Test for Colour Fastness to Perspiration; and Color fastness to Perspiration AATCC 15
ISO 105 E04
Determination of soluble dry substances content and saponification index ILT-U-1517 Soluble dry substances content; and Saponification index
Water determinations ILT-U-1504 Colour; Total dissolved solids; and Organochlorine pesticides
Water determinations ILT-U-883 pH; Dissolved oxygen; BOD5 - Biological Oxygen Demand; Total suspended solids; Conductivity; COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand; Total solids; Chlorine; and Color
Closure strength of touch and close fasteners ILT-U-587 Peel + shear; and peel + shear – after fastener 5000 revolutions SATRA TM123
Shoe lace determinations ILT-U-915 Knot slippage test; Abrasion resistance (method 1 abrasion cycles 20.000); and Shoe lace to shoe lace and shoe lace to lace carrier abrasion (method 1 abrasion cycles 20.000) SATRA TM154
ISO 22774
Breaking force and extension at break of shoe laces ILT-U-479 Dry and Wet SATR TM94
Moulded plastics footwear ILT-U-471 Lined or unlined polyurethane boots for general industrial use. Anex C (-5ºC x 150.000 cycles); and Lined or unlined poly(vinyl chloride) boots for general industrial use. Anex C (-5ºC x 150.000 cycles) ISO 5423
ISO 4643
Rubber products determinations ILT-U-478 Chemical Analysis ASTM D297
Footwear determinations ILT-U-306 Breaking force of buckles (three point bending test); Strength of fastened buckles; and Hardness of rubber and plastics - durometer method (Type of durometer A or D) SATRA TM141
Footwear determinations ILT-U-267 Tear strength (trouser leg method), and Peel strength of footwear sole bonds SATRA TM30
Flexing resistance of upper materials – Bally flexometer ILT-U-265 Dry 100.000 cycles; Wet 10.000 cycles; and Cold (-5ºc) 10.000 cycles SATRA TM55
Colour fastness to water and perspiration ILT-U-295 Method 1 water and method 2 alkaline solution of artificial perspiration SATRA TM335
Lateral impact test for shoe heels ILT-U-294 SATRA TM20
Colour fastness to circular rubbing ILT-U-293 Dry 256 revolutions and wet 128 revolutions SATRA TM8
REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) Testing ILT-U-1090 EU REACH-SVHC
Textile determination ILT-U-1117 Wrinkle Recovery of Woven Fabrics: Recovery Angle AATCC 66
Textile determinations ILT-U-480 Resistance to Slippage of Yarns ASTM D434
Vernier caliper calibration ILT-U-1493 Points to calibrate: 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm and 500 mm
Leather and textile determinations ILT-U-1408 Single edge tear; Double edge tear - Baumann; Vamp flex; Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method (50000 cycles); and pH of textiles ISO 12947-2
ISO 3377-1
ISO 3071
ISO 5402-2
Lead determinations in toys ILT-U-1482 Directive 2009/48/EC
Determinations in ball point pens and refills ILT-U-1476 Tip Classification; Shapes and Dimensions of refills; Performance; Writing Performance; Strike Though; Drying Time; Reproducibility; Water Resistance; Light Resistance; and Designation And Marking ISO 12757-1
Wire determinations ILT-U-1474 Insulation thickness; Thickness of non-metallic sheath (insulation covered and electrical conductors); Overall dimensions; Insulation resistance; Water absorption test - electrical method; Loss of mass test; Thermal ageing of insulation and sheath; Heat shrinking of insulation and sheath; and Thermal shock test on insulation and sheath EN 60811-509
EN 60811-502
EN 60811-401
EN 60811-402
EN 60811-409
EN 60811-203
EN 60811-201
EN 60811-202
CEI 60502
Determination of meat species ILT-U-1456 Meat species
Toys determination – Small parts ILT-U-459 Small balls (clause 4.22); Determination of kinetic energy (clause 8.2); and Small parts cylinder (clause 8.2) EN 71-1
Determinations in ethanol ILT-U-1438 By-products of petroleum distillation; Flashpoint; Total sulphides; and Relative Density ASTM D1298
ASTM D5453
Physicomechanics rubber determination ILT-U-1428 Thermogravimetry; Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC); Mooney Viscosity; and Ozone ASTM D6370
ISO 9924-1
ISO 9924-2
ISO 9924-3
ISO 11357-3
ISO 11357-1
ISO 11357-2
ISO 289-1
ISO 1431-1
Sludge determinations ILT-U-1416 Organophosphorus pesticides (quantitative) and Organochlorine pesticides (quantitative)
Operating Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp Apparatus for Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials ILT-U-291 Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources: Accelerated UV Ageing (340 nm (UVA) method for 300 hrs) ASTM G154
Mandrel Bend Test of Attached Organic Coatings ILT-U-470 ASTM D522
Specular Gloss ILT-U-535 ASTM D523
Water Absorption of Plastics ILT-U-531 ASTM D570
Nonrepetitive Static Plate Load Tests of Soils and Flexible Pavement Components, for Use in Evaluation and Design of Airport and Highway Pavements ILT-U-552 ASTM D1196
Film Hardness by Pencil Test ILT-U-529 ASTM D3363
Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings by the Taber Abraser ILT-U-525 ASTM D4060
Resistance of Organic Coatings to the Effects of Rapid Deformation (Impact) ILT-U-522 ASTM D2794
Cyclic Salt Fog/UV Exposure of Painted Metal, (Alternating Exposures in a Fog/Dry Cabinet and a UV/Condensation Cabinet) ILT-U-518 ASTM D5894
Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction of Plastic Film and Sheeting ILT-U-516 ASTM D1894
Small Containers for Transport of Dangerous Goods, Classes 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8 and 9, ILT-U-401 Transport Canada Standard TP 14850
Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices ILT-U-980 Requirements for materials, sterile barrier systems and packaging systems ISO 11607
Mechanical Handling of Unitized Loads and Large Shipping Cases and Crates ILT-U-979 ASTM D6055
Rough Handling of Unitized Loads and Large Shipping Cases and Crates ILT-U-978 ASTM D6179
Method for Impact Testing for Shipping Containers and Systems ILT-U-977 ASTM D880
Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems ILT-U-976 ASTM D4169
Packaged products for Sam´s Club ILT-U-620 ISTA 6-Samsclub ISTA 6
Packaged Products determinations. General Simulation Performance Tests ILT-U-619 Packaged Products for Parcel Delivery System Shipment 150 lbs (68 kg) or less; and Packaged Products for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment. ISTA 3A
Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests – Fixed Vibration ILT-U-618 ISTA 1A
Operating Xenon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials ILT-U-420 Weatherometry, U.V. exposure ASTM G155
Water determinations ILT-U-1405 Sterility; TOC determination; and Humidity by Karl Fisher
Water determinations ILT-U-1404 DQO; DBO; Salmonella research; pH; Research of Streptococcus faecalis; Suspended solids; Aerobic mesophilic; Cu, Hg, Zn, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Cd, Pb Total coliforms; Conductivity; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Free residual chlorine; Total alkalinity; and E.coli Research
Textile determinations ILT-U-314 Fiber composition ISO 1833-4
Determination of pesticides in soil ILT-U-1403 Organophosphate pesticides (quantitative) and Organochlorine pesticides (quantitative)
Microbiological determinations ILT-U-1397 Presence or Absence of Salmonella; Total Coliforms NMP; Thermotolerant Coliforms NMP; and Escherichia Coli NMP
ILT-U-1392 Volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds; Phenolic compounds; HPA; TPH; PCBs; DQO; DBO; Oils and greases and fats; Total solids; Fluorides; Chlorides; Cyanides; Phosphor; and Nitrogenated
Nitrites and Nitrates determination in food ILT-U-1388
Microbiology determination ILT-U-1363 Total count in Water; Salmonella; colony count at 30 by surface plating technique; Vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio cholerae; yeasts and moulds with water; listeria monocytogenes; and presumptive bacillus cereus
pH determination in water ILT-U-1345 Wastewater; Natural water; and treated water
Dimensional stability of PVC pipes ILT-U-1342 NBR 5687
BTEX and MTBE determination ILT-U-1329 Sample water
Determinations in milk and canned meat ILT-U-1325 Moisture, total lipids, protein, ash and calcium, Total dry extract, total lipids and protein.
Microetching Metals and Alloys ILT-U-1317 ASTM E407
Determinations in flour ILT-U-1309 Protein; Dietary fiber; Ash; Raw fiber; and Total fat
Analysis of concentrates of copper, lead and zinc ILT-U-198
Visual analysis in wheat ILT-U-209 Broken; Shrunken; Foreign Matter (Edible); and Foreign Matter (Non Edible)
Determination of water content in cocoa and coffee bean ILT-U-309 103 - 105°C during 16h.
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1278 Ammonium; Sulfurs; and Phenoles SM 4500
SM 5530
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1277 Total cyanur; Wild cycle wad free and disociable; Wild and disociable wad cyanide; COD; BOD5; and Chrome VI SM 4500
SM 5220
Immunity to ESD discharge ILT-U-1275 ESD discharge
Microbiological determinations in food and Swabs ILT-U-1268 APC; Coliforms; E.coli; Enterobacteriace; S.aureus; Salmonella; B.cereus; L.monocytogenes; Cl.perfringens; E.Coli O 157:H7; Yeast & mold; V.parahemolyticus; and Mesophilic aerobic spore formers
PENT (Pennsylvania Notch Test) test. ILT-U-1263 Notch Tensile Test to Measure the Resistance to Slow Crack Growth of Polyethylene Pipes and Resins ASTM F1473
Salmonella determinations in food ILT-U-1255
Visual Analysis in corn ILT-U-189 Broken percentage; Foreign Matter (Edible); Foreign Matter (Non Edible); Damage Kernels; Immature Kernels; and Discolor
Detecting Detrimental Intermetallic Phase ILT-U-1244 Duplex Austenitic/Ferritic Stainless Steels (Method C) ASTM A923
Toys determinations ILT-U-1243 Analysis of Small Part; small objects; accessible edges; and accessible points ASTM F963
16 CFR Part 1501
Cartridge determination ILT-U-362 Yield determination ISO 24712
Textile determinations ILT-U-212 Organic fluorine -- Part 1: Determination of the non-volatile compound content (PFAS); Determination of chlorinated hydrocarbons in leather (SCCP + MCCP + LCCP); and Determination of halogenated compounds - flame retardants
Determinations in phosphate rock and potassium sulphate ILT-U-330 Potassium oxide; Water soluble potassium; Sulfur Sulfate (S); and P2O5
Microbiological determinations in food ILT-U-1181 Aerobic Plate Count; Yeast and Molds Count; Total Coliform Fecal Coliform Count; Salmonella; and Coagulase Positive S. aureus
Microbiological determinations in meat ILT-U-1155 Aerobic mesophilic; Total coliforms; Fecal coliforms; Escherichia coli; Aerobic mesophilic; Total coliforms; Salmonella; E. coli 0157: H7 (with Shigatoxins); Listeria monocytogenes; Listeria spp; Staphylococcus aureus; Shigella; Vibrio cholerae; Mushrooms; Yeasts; and   TOP 7STEC
Hardness Vickers ILT-U-1145 HV 0.2
COMMON CRITERIA for Information Technology Security Evaluation determination ILT-U-1061 Evaluation of a software TOE for EAL2 Common Criteria (CC)
Common Methodology for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CEM)
ISO 18045
ISO 15408-3
Software safety validation of software module for an Adaptative Cruise Control System (ACC) ILT-U-1749 Numerical Equivalence Testing in order to demonstrate numerical equivalence between the model provided and the generated code which has been programed in a Compute Module. IEC 61508-3
ISO 26262
Water and Wastewater determinations ILT-U-1130 AOX; BOD; Selenium; Tin; Silica; Antimony; Free Residual Chlorine; Ammonium; Nitrites; Nitrates; and Phosphates
Light fastness determination ILT-U-1120 Determination (as bright+colour) moisturized sweat ISO 105-B07
VOCs determinations in coal ILT-U-1111 VOCs ASTM D3687
Soybean meal determination ILT-U-1110 Ash; Protein; Oil; and Moisture
Gluten determination in flour ILT-U-1109
Wastewater determination ILT-U-1108 Nitrite; Solid suspended; Solid dissolved; and COD
Lactic acid bacteria determination ILT-U-1107
Determination of Escherichia Coli and total Coliforms ILT-U-1106
Weight and Fabric Frame Base Plans determinations ILT-U-1001 Weight and weave classification. NBR 10591
NBR 12546
Chemical Analysis of Steel ILT-U-1099 Manganese determination ASTM E1086
pH in jam determination ILT-U-1098
Determinations in coal and coke ILT-U-1096 Volatile Matter ASTM D3171
ISO 589
Physicochemical and microbiological determinations ILT-U-1088 P. aeuruginosa; pH; Fatty acids profile; Salmonella; Aerobic mesophilic; Conductivity; Staphylococcus Aureus; Hardness; E. Coli; Free residual chlorine; Yeast and moulds; and Turbidity
Microbiological determinations in meat ILT-U-1082 Salmonella research; Investigation of E. Coli O: 157; Mesophilic aerobic count; S. Aureus count; and otal Coliform Count
PBBS & PBDES determinations in plastic ILT-U-158
Shock testing by free fall in packaging ILT-U-1039 ISO 2248
ASTM D5276
Angle and length determinations ILT-U-1032 Longitudinal and angular measurements.
Extratible HM in textile ILT-U-1025
Textile determinations ILT-U-1024 Determination of mass per unit area; Determination of dimensional change in washing and drying; Qualitative and quantitative analysis of fibers; Determination of linear density (mass per unit length); Colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering; Colour fastness to hot pressing; Determination of single-end breaking force and elongation at break; Colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering; and Colour fastness to perspiration ISO 105 E04
ISO 105-C06
ISO 2060
ISO 2062
ISO 105 C08
ISO 105 X11
ISO 1833-1
ISO 5077
ISO 12127
PAH in polymers or rubbers ILT-U-1023 HAP ZEK 01.4-08
Phthalates in polymers ILT-U-1022 CPSC-CH-C1001-09.3
Azo dyes in textile ILT-U-1021 ISO 14362-1
Determinations in spices ILT-U-1018 Moisture by Distillation; Volatile oil; Total Plate count; Pungency; and Curcumin
Determination of 17 α-methyltestosterone in fish ILT-U-1017
Toys determinations ILT-U-1005 Velocity; Electric Energy / Thermal Energy; Plastic Film Thickness; Laces and elastics on toys Length; Confined Spaces Length; Holes, openings and accessibility mechanisms Length, Depth; Toys operated by batteries Voltage, Temperature; Length; Safety in Toys: Mechanical and physical properties Various measurands Safety in Toys: Flammability Speed EN 71-1
EN 71-2
Nitrogen and protein determination in food ILT-U-992
Bursting Strength of Textiles ILT-U-986 bursting strength of textiles—constant-rate-of-traverse (CRT) Ball Burst Test ASTM D3787
Determination of Ohmic resistance cables ILT-U-961 IEC 60228
Determination of Patulina in applesauce ILT-U-948
Research of Escherichia Coli O157 Non-toxigenic strain ILT-U-947
Analysis of metals in fruit juice ILT-U-946 Antimony; Arsenic; Cadmium; Iron; Lead; Tin; and Zinc
Pesticide determination ILT-U-945 Imidaclopride
Metals determinations in air sample ILT-U-944 Lead and Metals
Determination of Trichothecenes in cornmeal ILT-U-943
Determination of Patulin in apple juice ILT-U-942
Determination of ochratoxin in cornmeal ILT-U-941
Determination of ochratoxin in coffee ILT-U-940
Determination of ochratoxin in cocoa ILT-U-939
Determination of Fumonisins in corn flour ILT-U-938
Determination of Deoxynivalenol and Zearalenone in cookies ILT-U-937
Determination of total Aflatoxins in corn ILT-U-936
Determination of total Aflatoxins in peanut ILT-U-935
Determination of total Aflatoxins in spices ILT-U-934
Food determinations ILT-U-184 Total plate count; Count of coliforms; Count of Escherichia coli; Staphylococcus aureus count; Detection of Salmonella spp; and Clostridium Perfringens count
Conductivity and suspended solids in wastewater ILT-U-930
Can examination program ILT-U-223 Closing Evaluation or Double seam
Inorganic acids in water ILT-U-917 NIOSH 7903
VOCs determination in water ILT-U-916 NIOSH 1501
Water in Organic Liquids by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration ILT-U-914
pH in products with <20% water ILT-U-912
Determination of cyanide and mercury in water ILT-U-903 Free cyanide; Total cyanide; WAD Cyanide; and Mercury
Static load test, durability, impact, fall and stability in chair ILT-U-893 Static load; Durability; Impact and Fall; and Stability EN 1022
EN 1728
Calibration of pressure gauge ILT-U-882 Range 0-21 bar
Sludge determinations ILT-U-881 Volatile Solids, Oil & Grease, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons, and Chloride
Physicochemical analysis in wastewater and drinking water ILT-U-880 Settleable solids; Total suspended solid; Turbidity; and pH
Amount of material finer than # 200 sieve in soils ILT-U-877 ASTM D1140
Limit Liquid and Plastic and Soil Plasticity Index ILT-U-876 ASTM D4318
Determination of water content (humidity) of soils and rock by mass ILT-U-875 ASTM D2216
Textile determinations ILT-U-866 Formaldehyde; pH; and Wing Tear EN ISO 14184-1
EN ISO 13937-3
ISO 3071
Microbiological and physicochemical analysis in food ILT-U-865 Microbiological: Aerobic mesophilic bacteria; molds and yeasts; coliforms; Clostridium perfringens; E. coli; Bacillus cereus; and Staphylococcus Physicochemical: calcium; Moisture; iron; Fat; magnesium; Ash; and manganese
Textile determinations ILT-U-853 Determination of mass per unit length and mass per unit area; Determination of the tendency to the formation of fluff and pellets. Modified Martindale method; Fastness tests. Part E04: Color fastness to perspiration; and Determining the dimensional variations in the washing and drying EN ISO 12945-2
ISO 3801
ISO 5077
ISO 105 E04
Determinations in medicaments ILT-U-846 Folic acid; Diazepam; Flutamide; Tetrinoin cream; and Minoxidil solution
PVC tubes determinations ILT-U-828 Vicat softening temperature; resistance to internal hydraulic pressure sustained for a long period pipes and fittings; Resistance to internal hydraulic pressure for a short period in pipes and fittings; Dimensions in pipes and fittings; Pipes and Fittings - Flammability of Plastic; Tightness of the joint ring of elastomeric material; and Determining the rigidity of plastic tubes ASTM D2412
ASTM D3212
ASTM D2122
ASTM D1598
ASTM D1599
ISO 2507-1
ISO 2507-2
Determination of the number of rows / courses and columns in knitted fabrics ILT-U-826 Number of curses and column NBR 12060
Electrical determinations ILT-U-822 Area of the cross section of the electrical conductors; Insulation thicknesses and electrical conductors covered; Insulation Resistance; and Determination of mechanical effort to breakdown voltage. NMX-J-312
Electrical resistance and dielectric strength determination ILT-U-821 Electrical resistance DC; and Dielectric strength NMX-J-212
Determination of resistance to water penetration in textile ILT-U-815 ISO 811
Cup determination ILT-U-813 Mass determination NBR 14865
Physical and mechanical properties of toys ILT-U-800 EN 71:1. Clause 7; 8.7; 8.2; 8.8; 8.3; 8.9; 8.4; and 8.33 EN 71-1
Fish determinations ILT-U-798 Cadmium; Arsenic; Lead; Mercury; Protein; and Salt (chlorides)
Determination of airborne acoustical noise ILT-U-796 Vacuum cleaners IEC 60704-2-1
Surface area for metal powders (BET) ILT-U-784 BET – 5 – Point analysis (Nitrogen Gas) ASTM B922
Chlorophyll determination in water ILT-U-779 Spectrophotometric method
Density determination in Varnish ILT-U-777 Pycnometric method
Sunflower oil determinations ILT-U-776 Peroxide index; Acidity; Fatty acid profile; Iodine index; Anisidine index; Refractive index; and Moisture
Torque wrench determination ILT-U-773
Clostridium Perfringens and sulphite-reducing clostridia determination ILT-U-772 Water, chicken and meat
Beta-carotenes determination in canned tomato ILT-U-769
Gliadin determination in rice cracker ILT-U-768 Gliadin
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-767 DBO; Nitrate and Nitrite; DQO; free residual chlorine; pH; Total Alkalinity; total suspended solids; Conductivity; and Cu, Hg, Zn, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Cd, Pb
Microbiological determinations in water ILT-U-766 Presence or absence of E. Coli; Presence or absence of Salmonella spp.; Total coliforms count; Presence or absence of Pseudomona Aeruginosa; Presence or absence of Streptococcus faecalis; Total Plate Count; and Presence or absence of sulfite-reducing clostridia
Aflatoxins in corn, sunflower, sorghum, wheat and soy determinations ILT-U-765
Sunflower oil determinations ILT-U-764 Saponification Index; Unsaponifiable matter; Loss on heating; Peroxide Index; Density at 25 ° C; Total acidity; ; Anisidine Index; Tótox Index; Refractive index at 25; and Iodine Index (Wijs); 16:0 (Ac. Palmític); 16:1 (Ac. palmitoleic); 18:0 (Ac. stearic); 18:1 (Ac. oleic); 18:2 (Ac. linoleic); 18:3 (Ac. linolenic)
Soybean oil and Soybean flour determinations ILT-U-763 Soybean flour: Moisture; Total Coliform count; Proteins; Investigation of Clostridium perfringens; Crude fiber; Investigation of Streptococcus faecalis; Ash; Staphylococcus Aureus count; Fat; Lysine available; and Urease activity Soybean oil: Saponification Index; Unsaponifiable matter; Loss on heating; peroxide Index; Density at 25 ° C; Total acidity; Anisidine Index; Tótox Index; Refractive index at 25; Iodine Index (Wijs)16:0 (Ac. Palmític); 16:1 (Ac. palmitoleic); 18:0 (Ac. stearic); 18:1 (Ac. oleic); 18:2 (Ac. linoleic); 18:3 (Ac. linolenic)
Determinations in male condoms ILT-U-759 Dimensional tests and resistance to burst and Holes or porous detection zones test ISO 4074
Determination of physiological properties. Measurement of thermal and water-vapour resistance under steady-state conditions ILT-U-757 Anionic surfactants; Ammonia; Nitrate; Nitrite; Cu; Mg; and Zn
Toxicity and microbiological analysis in water ILT-U-755 Heterotrophic bacteria; Total Coliforms; Escherichia Coli; Enterococous; Mould; Daphnia similis; Danio rerio; and Ceriodapnhia
Methanol determination in liquid for wipers ILT-U-327
Residues determination in canned meat sample ILT-U-743 Escherichia Coli O157:H7 Ractopamine and Avermectin residues
Medical devices determinations ILT-U-740 Coliforms total count; count of fungi and yeasts; count of fungi and yeasts; Bacterial and fungal sterility; Bacterial and fungal sterility; Dermal Sensitization Maximized; Acute systemic toxicity; Implant Test; Implant Test; Subacute toxicity; Sub-chronic toxicity; chronic Toxicity; intracutaneous reactivity; Irritation / Corrosion Dermal; Irritation / Corrosion Dermal Repeated; Bacterial endotoxins - Determination using gelclot "in vitro pyrogen"; Bacterial endotoxins; Pirogênio in vivo; Biological Reactivity Systemic; Biological Reactivity intracutaneous
Disposable products determinations ILT-U-739 Primary Cutaneous Irritation; Skin irritation Repeated; and Dermal Sensitization
Sanitizers determinations ILT-U-738 Disinfectants Test front of Staphylococcus aureus; Disinfectants Test front of Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Mycobactericide Activity Assessment Disinfectants - Mycobacterium smegmatis front; Mycobactericide Activity Assessment Disinfectants - Mycobacterium bovis front; Esporocida Activity Assessment of Disinfectants front of Bacillus subtilis and Clostridium sporogenes; Test Disinfectants front of Escherichia collision - Qualitative determination with carriers; Mycobactericide Activity Assessment Disinfectants - Mycobacterium opposite massiliense; Determination of Bactericidal Activity Assessment - Disinfectants in the forms of "Spray" and Aerossol; Skin irritation / corrosion; Irritation / Corrosion Eye; Acute Oral Toxicity; Dermal Acute Toxicity; Total bacterial count - Determination by the technical inoculation depth - pour plate
Arids determinations ILT-U-736 Granulometry of stone; Real and net density and water absorption of gravel; Real and net density and water absorption of sands; Determination of Gaps; Determination of crumbly particles; Determination. Average volumetric coefficient of gravel; and Extraction and preparation of stone samples NCh 164
NCh 1511
NCh 1326
NCh 1327
NCh 1117
NCh 1239
NCh 165
Leather determinations ILT-U-732 Slip Resistance test; Shoe peeling strength Test; Perspiration resistance test; and Water absorption & desorption test ISO 5404
ISO 22649
ISO 22652
ISO 13287
Ash, moisture and pH determinations in food ILT-U-730
PAH – Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons determination in water ILT-U-727
Cyanides detection in water ILT-U-725 colorimetric method.
Hot set test for cross-linked materials ILT-U-724 EN 60811-507
Shrinkage for insulations and sheaths ILT-U-722 Shrinkage for insulations and sheaths EN 60811-503
IEC 60811-502
EN 60811-502
Soil determinations. In situ ILT-U-721 Density in the ground, sand cone method; Density in the field, nuclear method; Extraction and preparation of samples; and Moisture in the field, nuclear method NCh 164
Nch 1516
ASTM D6938
Determination of dioxins and furans in soil ILT-U-720 8290 A: 2007 / EPA 1613_1994).
Determination of ash content on PVC pipes and fittings ILT-U-719 Ash ASTM D5630
Microbiological determinations in water ILT-U-103 Research of E. Coli; Total mesophilic aerobic count; Total coliforms; and Research of Pseudomona Aeruginosa
Determination of pesticides residues on vegetables, grains, fruits and cereals ILT-U-717 Atrazine; carboxin; clomazone; dimethoate; fipronil; flutalonil; mefosfolam; mepronil; metalaxyl; metconazole; monocrotophos; picoxystrobin; pirimiphos methyl; pyrimethanil; propoxur; simazine; tetraconazol; thiamethoxam; triazophos; Buprofezin; deltamethrin; and pendimethalin
Vibrio Fischeri and Daphnia Magna determination ILT-U-716 Vibrio Fischeri Water ISO 11348-3:2007 Daphnia Magna Water 40 CFR 797.1300
Microbiological determinations ILT-U-715 Meal: Bacillus Cereus count; Clostridium perfringens count Swabs: Coagulase-positive staphylococcus ISO 18593
ISO 7937
ISO 7932
Dietary fiber determination in a cereal sample ILT-U-709 Fiber content.
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-708 pH; Calcium; Chloride; Magnesium; Nitrate and Nitrite; Sulphates; Free residual chlorine; Ammonium; Total Alkalinity; COD; Conductivity; Settleable solids (10 min and 2 hr); Colour; MBAS; Turbidity; Ethyl ether soluble substances Fixed; residue Total; hardness; Oxidability; DQO; Sedimentables solids (10 min); and Detergentes SAAM
Microbiological determinations in water ILT-U-707 E. Coli MPN Coliforms MPN; Presence or absence of Pseudomona Aeruginosa; and Total Plate Count 37 °c
Determination of lipid content in meat ILT-U-703
Determination of maximum force and elongation at maximum force using the strip method ILT-U-701 ISO 13934-1
Starch content determination ILT-U-694 Polarimetry method.
Determination of microbiological and physicochemical parameters in water and food ILT-U-691 Determination of total and fecal coliforms; Total count of heterotrophic bacteria; Determination of Escherichia coli; Determination of Salmonella sp; Determination of coliforms at 45 ° C; Determination of Listeria monocytogenes; Determination of coagulase-positive Staphylococcus; pH determination; Free residual chlorine determination; and Total chlorine determination
Chlorinated Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (CPVC) Plastic Hot- and Cold-Water Distribution Systems ILT-U-670 ASTM D2846
Determination of resistance to external blows ILT-U-672 Round-the-clock method ISO 3127
Longitudinal reversion ILT-U-673 Thermal reversion ISO 2505
Vicat softening temperature determination ILT-U-671 ISO 2507-1
ISO 2507-2
Rigidity of plastic tubes determination ILT-U-669 ASTM D2412
Joints for Drain and Sewer Plastic Pipes Using Flexible Elastomeric Seals ILT-U-668 ASTM D3212
Test methods for the resistance to dichloromethane at a specified temperature (DCMT) ILT-U-667 Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) pipes. EN 580
Fittings for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pressure pipes with elastic sealing ring type joints ILT-U-666 Pressure test for leakproofness ISO 3603
Resistance to impact on pipes and connections ILT-U-665 ASTM D224
Rate of Burning and/or Extent and Time of Burning of Plastics in a Horizontal Position ILT-U-664 ASTM D635
Tubes and connections dimensions determination ILT-U-663 ASTM D2122
ISO 3126
Resistance to Short-Time Hydraulic Pressure of Plastic Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings ILT-U-662 ISO 1167
ASTM D1599
Adequacy of Fusion of Extruded Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Pipe and Molded Fittings by Acetone Immersion ILT-U-661
Crush resistance in pipes and connections determination ILT-U-660 ASTM D2241
ASTM D1785
Time-to-Failure of Plastic Pipe Under Constant Internal Pressure ILT-U-659 ISO 1167
ASTM D1598
Single-use medical examination glove ILT-U-656 ISO 11193-2
Instruments calibration ILT-U-641 Measurement of thermohygrometers; Measurement of weights; Measurement of digital thermometer; and Thermocouple measurement PT-100 for stove with thermometer
Textile determinations ILT-U-634 Certain azo colorants in dyed leathers; Content of tetrachlorophenol-, trichlorophenol-, dichlorophenol-, monochlorophenol-isomers, and pentachlorophenol, its salts, and esters in leather; Phthalates in footwear materials; Quantitatively determine dimethyl fumarate (DMFU); Determination of organotin compounds; Chemical determination of metal content; and Determination of pH ISO 17234-1
ISO 17070
ISO/TS 16181
ISO 16186
ISO 16179
ISO 17072-1
ISO 4045
Phthalates content determination in Textile ILT-U-633 Phthalates content ISO 14362-1
ISO 17234-1
Formaldehyde determination in Textile ILT-U-632 Formaldehyde EN ISO 14184-1
ISO 14184-2
Lead determination in Textile ILT-U-631 Lead CPSC-CH-E-1002-08.1
Determination in corned beef ILT-U-626 Water activity and pH
Determination in grated cheese ILT-U-625 Water activity and pH
Sunflower oil determinations ILT-U-622 Physical Chemistry Determinations: Saponification índex; Unsaponificable matter; Moisture; Peroxide índex; Density (25 °C); Acidity (as % oleic acid); Residual hexane content; Refractive index (25 °C); and Iodine value (Wijs); Fatty Acid Profile: 16:0 (Palmitic Acid); 16:1 (Palmitoleic Acid); 18:0 (Estearic Acid); 18:1 (Oleic Acid); 18:2 (Linoleic Acid); and 18:3 (Linolenic Acid)
Soybean flour determinations ILT-U-621 Physicochemical determinations: Moisture; Proteins; Crude fiber; Ash; Fat; Lysine available; Urease activity Microbiological determinations: Total Coliform count; Investigation of Clostridium perfringens; Investigation of Streptococcus faecalis; and Staphylococcus Aureus count
Small saucepan determination ILT-U-155 Except clause 8 BS EN 12983
Determinations in cosmetics ILT-U-261 Enumeration of aerobic plate count; Enumeration of Staphylococcus aureus; and Enumeration of Yeast& Mould
Determinations on Solid Fuels ILT-U-616 Hardgrave index; Ash content; Volatile matter content; Sulfur content; and Higher calorific value ASTM D409
ASTM D4239
ISO 1928
ASTM D7582
Geotextile determinations ILT-U-052 Tensile Properties; Trapezoid Tearing Strength; Grab Breaking Load and Elongation; and Index Puncture Resistance ASTM D4833
ASTM D4533
ASTM D4632
ASTM D4595
Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. (Directive 2011/65/EU, RoHS2) ILT-U-053 Pb; Cd; Hg; Hexavalent Chromium; and phthalate (DIBP, DBP, BBP, DEHP) IEC 62321-4
IEC 62321-5
IEC 62321-7-1
IEC 62321-7-2
IEC 62321-8
Textile determinations ILT-U-607 Mass per unit area; and Quantitative Analysis of Textiles ASTM D629
ASTM D3776
Carbon black determinations ILT-U-604 Iodine Absorption Number; Oil Absorption Number {OAN}; and Tinting Strength, g/100g ASTM D1510
ASTM D2414
ASTM D3265
Carbon black determinations ILT-U-603 Sieve Residue, %; and Surface Area by Multi-Point Nitrogen Surface Area Adsorption ASTM D1514
ASTM D6556
Dial Gauge calibration ILT-U-602
Determination of vanillin ILT-U-365 bakery and vanilla sugar sample
phytoplankton determination in freshwater ILT-U-895 Taxonomic identification; and Counting and calculation of phytoplankton density in Utermohl's chamber.
Sludge determinations ILT-U-600 PH; Total solid; Volatile solid; Fixed solid; Oil and Grease; Cu; Ni; Zn; Cr; Pb; Mn; Cd; Ag; and As
Determination of peel test for a flexible – bonded – to – rigid test specimen assembly ILT-U-596 90° peel EN 28510-1
Milk dairy products determinations ILT-U-584 Fatty matter; Humidity; Phosphatase; and Index of Reichert Meissel
Determinations in food ILT-U-578 Metallic contaminants (Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic); and Residues of Organophosphorus Pesticides
Textile determinations ILT-U-576 Tear strength determinations; Breaking strength and elongation determinations; Resistance pilling; Flame resistance; and Water penetration ASTM D5034
ASTM D6413
ASTM D3512
ASTM D1424
Toy safety determinations ILT-U-684 Clause 8.2; 8.3; 8.7; 8.9; 8.14; 8.19; 8.20; 8.30; 8.38; 8.39; 8.40 EN 71-1
Water determinations ILT-U-094 pH; Total suspended solids: Total dissolved solids; Sulfide; COD; BOD; Oil & Grease; Sulfate; Free Oil; Ammonia Nitrogen; Conductivity; Chloride; Bicarbonate; Calcium; Magnesium; Total hardness; Calcium hardness; Total Alkalinity; Residual Chlorine; Saturation index; and Cyanuric Acid
Sludge determinations ILT-U-044 pH; Total solids; Moisture; Volatile Solids; Fixed solids; Oil & Greases; Flash Point; Enumeration of Total Coliform; Enumeration of Fecal coliform; Enumeration of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa; Water Quality - Detention and Enumeration of Intestinal Enterococci in surface and waste water; Membrane filter method; Enumeration of Escherichia coli; and Heterotrophic plate count
Food determinations ILT-U-043 Fat; Moisture; Ash; Protein; Total Viable Count; Yeast & Mould; Enumeration of Escherichia coli; Enumeration of coliforms; Staphylococcus aureus; Enumeration of Vibrio cholera; Enterobacteriaceae; Bacillus cereus; Clostridium perfringens; Listeria species; Vibrio parahaemolyticus; and Detection of Salmonella
Baby cribs, play yard, bassinets and cradles determinations ILT-U-460 Physical & Mechanical Test; Toxicity (CPSIA Lead); Flammability (16 CFR 1500.3) and CPSIA Phthalates ASTM F2194
Individual protection of eyes determinations ILT-U-422 Field of view; Eyepieces without filtering action; Variation in transmittance; Diffusion of light; Minimum strength; High temperature stability; Resistance to ultraviolet radiation; Resistance to ignition; Protection against drops and splashes of liquids; Side protection; Resistance to surface deterioration due to fine particles; and Resistance of the eyepieces to fogging EN 166
Plugs, receptacles, manual switches determinations ILT-U-408 Dielectric strength, Temperature rise; Temperature rise; and Incandescent Wire NTC 1337
NTC 5283
NTC 1650
Photometric properties as a function of temperature for LED light engines and integral lamps ILT-U-407 IESNA LM 82
Determinations in beer ILT-U-405 pH and total acidity
Determination of Escherichia Coli and fecal coliforms ILT-U-403
Safety requirements of audio, video and similar electronic apparatus ILT-U-386 All test IEC 60065
Insulation resistance ILT-U-385 Clause 2.6 IEC 60432-1
Power input and current, leakage current and electric strength, provision for earthing and protection against access to live parts ILT-U-384 IEC 60335-1 Clause 8.1.1, 10, 16.2, 16.3, 27.5, & IEC 61558-1 Clause 24.4 IEC 60335-1
IEC 61558
Determination in corrugated cardboard ILT-U-343 Resistance to crushing TAPPI 825
Determination in paper samples ILT-U-342 Traction; resistance to Taber flexion; adhesion between layers (Scott); and resistance to the passage of Gurley air TAPPI 460
Microbiology determinations in water and food ILT-U-328 Couting bolores and yeves; Total count of aeropia mesophilic bacteria at 36 ° C; Total count of aerobic mesophilic bacteria at 30 ° C; Count of staphylococcus coagulase postiive; Counting of total coliforms, Thermotolerant coliforms and Coli escherichia; Counting of total coliforms and colombols Thermotronomers; Colection of escherichia coli; Listeria and Salmonella
Standard Practices for Detecting Susceptibility to Intergranular Attack in Austenitic Stainless Steels. ILT-U-324 Practice C & E ASTM A262
Textile determinations ILT-U-323 Determination of the number of warp yarns and number of weft yarns; and Determination of the mass per unit area ASTM D3775
ASTM D3776
humidity in wheat ILT-U-316
Rice determinations ILT-U-036 Humidity; impurities; whole grain; polished grain; ratio of whole grain / broken grain; and degree of whiteness in ° Kett
Determination of stress and elongation, in wires and cables ILT-U-310 Clause 3.5.1. UL 2556
Impact test in CHARPY type, V-notch specimens ILT-U-305 Plastic Samples ISO 179
Determination of ash content in thermoplastics ILT-U-304 ASTM D5630
Determination of the index of fluidity in samples plastic ILT-U-303 ASTM D1238
Magnetic Particle Testing – Pie Gauge – NDT ILT-U-029 Magnetic Field Indicator of Magnetic Particle Testing ASTM E709
Test of resistance to stress and thermal reversion in plastics ILT-U-300 ASTM D638
ISO 2525
Rubber Property—Vulcanization Using Rotorless Cure Meters ILT-U-299 ASTM D5289
Determination of the fire resistance of fire doors and enclosures ILT-U-272 EN 1634-1
Operating Xenon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials ILT-U-275 Evaluation of coatings exposed to atmospheric corrosion
Magnitudes determinations ILT-U-214 Pipette (volume gravimetric method); PH meters from 0 to 14 pH; and Class I analytical balances (weights)
Determination of different food components ILT-U-163 Total Glycosides; Total Flavonoids; Ruscogenin; Boldine; Cumarin; o-Cumaric Acid; Total Isoflavones; Valerenic Acid; Rutin; Quercetine; Triterpenic Glycosides (ESCIN); Total Saponins; Chlorogenic Acid; and Terpene Lactones
Textile determinations ILT-U-163 Determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling - Part 2: Modified Martindale method; Light fastness; Wrinkle recovery; Spray test; Determination of formaldehyde; and Chromaticity coordinates ISO 105-J01
EN ISO 14184-1
ISO 105-B02
EN ISO 12945-2
Textile determinations ILT-U-161 Determination of maximum force and elongation at maximum force using the strip method; Determination of tearing strength; Determinations of colour fastness to perspiration; Color fastness to washing; Colour fastness to hot pressing; colour fastness to rubbing; Determination of dimensional change in washing and drying; Determination of mass per unit area using small samples; Quantitative chemical analysis; and Quantitative chemical analysis — Part 11: Mixtures of cellulose and polyester fibres (method using sulfuric acid) ISO 1833-11
ISO 1833-1 (annex B).
ISO 12127
ISO 5077
ISO 105 X12
ISO 105 X11
ISO 105-C06
ISO 105 E04
BS EN ISO 13937-1
ISO 13934-1
Textile determinations ILT-U-160 Test for color fastness to rubbing; Determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling – Part 2: Modified Martindale method; Determinations of colour fastness to perspiration; Determination of colour fastness to sea water; Determination of pH of aqueous extract; and Color fastness to washing ISO 105-C06
ISO 3071
ISO 105 E04
EN ISO 12945-2
ISO 105 X12
Measurement of length in standard blocks ILT-U-150 Range 2.5 mm to 15 mm
Analysis of carbon and sulfur by combustion ILT-U-132 ASTM E1019
Chemical Analysis of Steel samples ILT-U-024 ASTM A751
Determination of starch and vitamin C in meat ILT-U-079 Vitamin C; and Starch
Leather determinations ILT-U-073 pH; Colour fastness to perspiration; and Leather Chromium VI ISO 17075
ISO 105 E04
ISO 4045
Soil determinations ILT-U-012 Humidity; granulometry; CBR; Liquid limit; Plastic Limit; Standard Proctor; and Proctor modified ASTM D1557
ASTM D4318
ASTM D2216
ASTM D1883
ASTM D6913
Textile determinations ILT-U-061 Determination of resistance to surface wetting (spray test); Determination of the permeability of fabrics to air; and Determination of width and length ISO 4920
EN 1773
ISO 9237
Water determinations ILT-U-046 Total Soluble Solids (SST); Ethyl Ether Soluble Substances (SSEE); Detergents SAAM; Sedimentable solids; pH; DQO; and DBO5
Textile determinations ILT-U-031 Abrasion Test (Martindale): Colour fastness determinations in textile; Determination of mass per unit length and mass per unit area; Determination of formaldehyde in textiles; Determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling – Modified Martindale method; Dimensional change after washing cloth home; Color fastness to washing; Heavy metals; Disperse dyes; Organo tins; Pthalates in polymers; Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs; and Cadmium determination EN 1122
EN ISO 12945-2
ISO 105-C06
EN 1186
ISO 105 E04
DIN 53316
ISO 17353
ASTM D3465
VDA 275
EN ISO 14184-1
ISO 3801
ISO 105 X12
ISO 105 X11
EN 13520
Hardness Vickers ILT-U-015 HV 0.5 - 500 / 700 ASTM E384
ISO 6507
Textile determinations ILT-U-013 Determination of tear force of trouser-shaped test specimens - Single Tear Method; Hydraulic method for determination of bursting strength and bursting distension; Bursting Strength of Textiles—Constant-Rate-of-Traverse (CRT) Ball Burst Test; Determination of maximum force to seam rupture using the grab method; Determination of dimensional change in washing and drying; Flame Resistance of Textiles (Vertical Test); Determination of heat transmission on exposure to flame; Determination of contact heat transmission through protective clothing or constituent materials; Unsteady-state heat transfer evaluation of flame resistant materials for clothing with continuous heating; and Toys - specification for migration of certain elements ASTM D6413
ASTM F2700
ISO 12127
ISO 9151
ISO 15025
ISO 5077
ISO 13935-2
ISO 13938-1
ASTM D3787
ISO 13937-2
Determination of hydraulic pressure (0 to 250 bar) ILT-U-005
ECG Ventricular beat detection software verification (Black box testing) ILT-U-1733 Sensitivity (Se) = TP / (TP + FN) Positive Predictivity (P+) = TP / (TP + FP) TP: number of true detection FN: number of undetected beats FP: number of false detections IEC 62304
Analysis of macroetching metals ILT-U-302 Homogeneity or Not homogeneity of steel bar sample ASTM E340
Preparation and analysis of micro specimen for ferrite count ILT-U-301 Microstructure examination ASTM E3
Ultrasonic Contact Examination of Weldments – NDT ILT-U-281 ASTM E164
Ultrasound testing (ASME V) – NDT ILT-U-049 ASME V (art. 4) ASME V
Rotational Viscosity determination ILT-U-1732 corrosion inhibitor ISO 3219
Determinations in ceramic tiles ILT-U-113 Absorption ISO 10545-3
Composites determinations ILT-U-1731 Determination of Gel Time, and determination of fiber, resin and voids ASTM D3171
ASTM D3532
Textile and leather determinations ILT-U-1730 Detection of the use of certain azo colorants, which may release 4-aminoazobenzene; detection of the use of certain azo colorants accessible with and without extracting the fibres; determination of certain aromatic amines derived from azo colorants; chemical determination of chromium(VI) content in leather; and colour fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing ISO 11640
ISO 17075
ISO 14362-3
ISO 14362-1
ISO 17234-1
Textile and leather determinations ILT-U-1729 Determination of resistance to water penetration. Hydrostatic pressure test; determination of flex resistance; determination of pH; determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling - pilling box method; calculation of colour differences; general principles for measurement of surface colour ISO 105 J03
ISO 105-J01
ISO 4045
EN ISO 12945-1
ISO 5402-1
EN 20811
Textile determinations ILT-U-1728 Number of threads per unit length; determination of tear force of trouser-shaped test specimens; oil repellency-Hydrocarbon resistance test; determination of pH; determination of the slippage resistance of yarns at a seam in woven fabrics ISO 3071
ISO 14419
ISO 13937-2
ISO 13936-1
EN 1049-2
Textile determinations ILT-U-1727 Determination of maximum force and elongation at maximum force using the strip method; colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering; colour fastness to artificial light: Xenon arc fading lamp test; determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the martindale method; determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling -- Part 2: modified martindale method; determination of mass per unit area using small samples ISO 12127
EN ISO 12945-2
ISO 12947-2
ISO 105-B02
ISO 105-C06
ISO 13934-1
Textile determinations ILT-U-1726 Determination of maximum force using the grab method; colour fastness to sea water; determination of dimensional change in washing and drying; domestic washing and drying procedures for textile testing; colour fastness to chlorinated water (swimming-pool water) ISO 105-E03
BS EN ISO 6330
ISO 5077
ISO 105-E02
ISO 13934-2
Calibration of network analyzer equipment ILT-U-1725 Tension
Surface resistance to cold liquids determination ILT-U-1754 Surface resistance to cold liquids EN 12720
Textile determinations ILT-U-325 Determinations of colour fastness to perspiration; test for colour fastness to rubbing; colour fastness to water; and determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and pilling EN ISO 12945-1
ISO 105-E01
ISO 105 E04
ISO 105 X12
Mattress determinations ILT-U-1724 Foam density; permanent compression deformation; and indentation force NBR 9176
NBR 8537
NBR 8797
Tuna determinations ILT-U-1753 Chloramphenicol; organochlorine pesticides; and sodium metabisulfite
2D dimensional analysis. ILT-U-1722 Measurement of a sample in a 2D microscope,
Organoleptic analysis in wine ILT-U-775 organoleptic analysis (qualitative)
Oil determinations ILT-U-1752 Acidity; pH; unsaponifiable; humidity; impurities; and fatty acid profile
Determination of mass loss of bulk material on drying in copper and zinc concentrates ILT-U-1751 Determination of mass loss of bulk material on drying ISO 10251
Torque test in bottle ILT-U-1721
Child-resistant packaging test ILT-U-1720 Testing of re-closable child-resistant packaging. ISO 8317
Soil determinations ILT-U-1719 Classification tests determination of the liquid limit – cone penetrometer method: classification tests determination of Plastic Limit and plasticity index; classification tests determination of particle size distribution; compaction-related tests determination of dry density / moisture content relationship; compaction-related tests. determination of california bearing ratio; in-situ tests sand replacement method suitable for fine, medium and coarse grained soils (large pouring cylinder method; in-situ tests Filed Density test by Nuclear Gauge FDT Methods of test for soils for civil engineering; and test no.2.5; and classification tests Determination of moisture content BS 1377 Part 9
BS 1377 Part 4
BS 1377 Part 3
BS 1377 Part 2
Aggregates determinations. ILT-U-1718 Determination of density (Particle density and water absorption of aggregate between 40mm and 5mm); particle shape `section 105.1: Flakiness index;; particle shape Section 105.2: Elongation index of coarse aggregate; testing aggregates Part 103: particle size distribution Section 103.1: Sieve tests; determination of particle shape. Flakiness index; determination of particle shape. Shape index. (Elongation Index ); determination of particle size distribution. Sieving method (mass of fines passing the 0.063mm sieve); methods for determination of aggregate crushing value (ACV); method for determination of aggregate impact Value (AIV); test method for materials finer than 75- μm (No. 200) sieve in mineral aggregates by washing; methods for sampling; density (Particle density and water absorption (10mm aggregate & smaller)); particle size distribution. Sieving method; ten per cent fines value (TFV); determination of shell content. Percentage of shells in coarse; sand equivalent value of soils and fine aggregate EN 933-7
BS 812 Part 111
EN 933-1
BS 812 Part 112
EN 933-3
EN 933-4
EN 933-8
BS 812 Part 103
BS 812 Part 105
BS 812 Part 110
BS 812 Part 102
BS 812 Part 2
Arids determinations ILT-U-736 Granulometry of stone; real and net density and water absorption of gravel; real and net density and water absorption of sands; determination of gaps; determination of crumbly particles; determination average volumetric coefficient of gravel; and extraction and preparation of stone samples NCh 164
NCh 1511
NCh 1327
NCh 1326
NCh 1239
NCh 1117
NCh 165
Protective clothing determinations ILT-U-1717 Puncture resistance; tear resistance; color measurement in new state; color measurement after exposure to light; determination of contact heat transmission through protective clothing or constituent materials; oil repellency-Hydrocarbon resistance test ; determination of resistance to damage by flexing method C: Crumple flex; abrasion resistance, Martindale ISO 5740
ISO 7854
ISO 12127
ISO 14419
EN 863
ISO 9173-4
ISO 20471
Resistance to water penetration determination ILT-U-1716 Resistance to water penetration- after pretreatment-flexing; and resistance to water penetration- after pretreatment-influence of fuel and oil EN 343
Color difference and reflectance ILT-U-1714 Color and reflectance (250nm to 2500nm) ASTM E903
Hardness test on arc welded joints ILT-U-598 Impact ISO 9016
General purpose saucepans ILT-U-435 Corrosion test with boiling sodium chloride solution; corrosion test with detergent solution; milk antiadherence test; adhesion test with egg; and corrosion test by salina mist Portaria 21
Metals in soil determination ILT-U-354 Ag; As; Cr; Mo; Pb; Zn; U; Hg
Gloves determinations ILT-U-599 Abrasion resistance; cut resistance by slicing; cut resistance by tonodynamometer; resistance to tearing; puncture resistance; test method for the measurement of surface resistivity; test method for measuring electrical resistance through a material (vertical resistance); and test methods for measurement of charge decay EN 1149-1
EN 388
EN 1149-2
EN 1149-3
Determinations in lubricating oil ILT-U-597 Heating power upper and lower; and elementary analysis ASTM D240
ASTM D5291
Coke and coal determinations ILT-U-011 Sulfur; gross calorific value; net calorific value; carbon; total hydrogen; nitrogen; and total oxygen ASTM D3176-09
ASTM D5373-08
ASTM D5865-12
ASTM D4239
Coal and coke determinations ILT-U-213 Ash content; volatile matter; fixed Carbon; inherent moisture; moisture; hardgrove index; chlorine; and fluorine ASTM D3761-10
ASTM D4208
ASTM D3302
ASTM D3173
ASTM D3172
ASTM D3175
ASTM D3174
Volume determination in glass material ILT-U-624 Pipette and Flask (gravimetric method)
Chemical determinations in cement ILT-U-1709 MgO Magnesium oxide; manganese oxide Mn2O3, loss on Calcination; insoluble residue; and S03 sulfur trioxide ASTM C114
Physical determinations in cement ILT-U-1710 Puzzolanic Activity; normal consistency; autoclave expansion; relative specific weight; specific surface; setting time; mortar comrpesion; and flexion mortar IRAM 1622
Volumetric meter determination ILT-U-623 Seraphim; Five gallons
Microbiological determinations in food ILT-U-581 Aerobic mesophilic count; Total coliforms; Escherichia Coli; Salmonella sp; and Aerobic count at 30 ° C
Flour determinations ILT-U-617 Bulk Density; falling number; gluten content wet by mechanical; gluten content dry by mechanical; and gluten index ISO 7971-3
ISO 3093
AACC 38-12.02
Electrical appliances determinations ILT-U-1708 Leakage current and voltage at operating temperature: Leakage current and voltage withstand; and operation in abnormal condition IEC 60335-2-34
Determining the mass loss and relative corrosion resistance of metal samples exposed in a salt spray chamber (CASS and NSS) ILT-U-611 Mass loss and relative corrosion resistance (CASS and NSS) EN ISO 9227
Textile determinations ILT-U-609 Colour fastness to dye transfer; fabric weight; appearance after domestic washing & drying; and colour fastness to artificial sweat ISO 16322-3
ISO 16322-2
ISO 16322-1
ISO 12127
DIN 53160
Determination of setting times for cement ILT-U-612 Standard consistency water content, determination of setting times for cement EN 196-3
Transverse tensile test – Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials ILT-U-1707 Transverse tensile test ISO 4136
Bend testing of welds ILT-U-1706 AWS B4.0
Non woven geotextile determinations ILT-U-613 Mass per unit area; determination of thickness at 2kpa presser; and static puncture test (CBR Test) ISO 9864
ISO 9863-1
ISO 12236
Textile determinations ILT-U-608 Bursting and Determination of abrasion resistance (Taber abrader) ISO 13938-2
ISO 5470-1
Determination of the release of lead and cadmium from silicate surfaces other than ceramic ware ILT-U-1813 Lead and cadmium EN 1388-2
Impact drills determinations ILT-U-1702 Impact drills IEC 60745-2-1
Grinder determinations ILT-U-1701 Grinder IEC 60745-1
Fire Hazard testing ILT-U-1700 Glowing/hot-wire and Needle-flame test IEC 60695-2-11
IEC 60695-11-5
Portable heating tools determination ILT-U-1699 Portable heating tools IEC 60335-2-45
Steam cleaners determinations ILT-U-1698 steam cleaners IEC 60335-2-79
Battery chargers determinations ILT-U-1697 Battery chargers IEC 60335-2-29
Vacuum cleaners determinations ILT-U-1696 vacuum cleaners IEC 60335-2-2
Migration test ILT-U-1694 Total simulant migration B: Yes. Aqueous foods acid-Acetic acids; Specific mission of metals and others elements: simulant acetic acid %; and Color change rating EN 1186
EN 13130
GMC 15
Resolution RDC Nº52
Metals and metalloids determination ILT-U-1695 Metals and metalloids GMC 15
Soil determinations ILT-U-615 Liquid Limit: Plastic Boundary; Cubicity of particles; Chlorides and sulfates; CBR: Proctor modified; Specific gravity of solids NCh 1532
NCh 1534/2
NCh 1852
8.202.6 (MC-V8)
NCh 1444
Nch 1517
Soil determinations. ILT-U-614 Dry maximum density; Dry minimum density; Determination fine material less 0.080 mm; Determination wear of gravels; Organic content by calcination; Granulometry; and Moisture NCh 1515
8.102.1 (MC-V8)
ASTM D2974
NCh 1369
Nch 1223
ASTM D4254
ASTM D4253
Macroscopic and microscopic examination of welds ILT-U-605 ISO 17639
Bend test – Destructive test on welds in metallic materials ILT-U-606 ISO 5173
Total volatile content in Shampoo ILT-U-178 Total volatile content GSO 396
Salt mist determination ILT-U-791 Salt mist (96 H) IEC 60068-2-11
Outdoor folding chair. Safety and mechanical requirements ILT-U-1242 EN 581-1
EN 581-2
EN 1022
EN 1728
Determination of hydrogen sulfide in drinking water ILT-U-361 SM 4500
Leather determinations ILT-U-1681 Tear strength (Double edge); tensile strength & extension; dynamic water resistance by Maeser tester; chromic oxide content; chromium (IV) content; and pH ISO 4045
ISO 17075
EN ISO 3377-2
EN ISO 3376
ISO 5403-2
ISO 5398-1
Soil determinations ILT-U-699 Sieve Analysis; plasticity; and CBR ASTM D1883
ASTM D4318
Toy determinations ILT-U-1680 Determination of general, mechanical and physical properties (sound level). clause 4.28 and 5.26 NM 300-1
Toy determinations ILT-U-1679 Chemical games other than experimental games NM 300-5
Toy determinations ILT-U-1678 Chemical experiment games and related activities NM 300-4
Arid and soil determinations ILT-U-1673 Granulometry; unit weight; and wear Los Angeles ASTM C29
Concrete determinations ILT-U-1672 Casting of concrete cylinders; settlement test; and compression resistance ASTM C39/C39M.
Soil determinations ILT-U-1671 Soil classification; proctor standard and modified; and CBR AASHTO T180
ASTM D1883
Soil determinations ILT-U-1670 Soil water content; and specific gravity ASTM C126
ASTM D2216
Textile determinations ILT-U-1677 Burning behavior: Determination of the ease of ignition; exposure to radiant heat; and determination of material behavior on the impact of small molten metal spatter ISO 6940
ISO 6942
ISO 9150
Hardness Knoop ILT-U-1676 HK 0.3 ASTM E384
Hardness Knoop ILT-U-167 Hardness Knoop HK 0.5 ASTM E384
Children’s clothing determinations ILT-U-1669 Cords and drawstrings on children's clothing. CNS 15291 L1037
Pitting and Crevice Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels and Related Alloys by Use of Ferric Chloride Solution (method C) ILT-U-1667 Method C. ASTM G48
Matches determinations ILT-U-711 Lighting; thermal stability; ignition surface; and impact NBR 13725
Textile determinations ILT-U-1663 Type of ligament; linear density; mass per unit area; pilling resistance; and tear resistance ASTM D1424
EN ISO 12945-1
ISO 7211-5
ASTM D3776
ISO 7211-1
LED light engines and lamps at temperature determination ILT-U-1661 Measured temperature of Tb; measured temperature of Td; board temperature; ambient temperature; Input Power (W); Input Voltage (V); Input Current (A); luminous flux (lm); luminous efficacy (lm/W); CIE chromaticity (x,y); color rendering index; and correlated color temperature (k) IESNA LM 82
Soil determinations ILT-U-376 % Ash (proximate); % Moisture (proximate); and BTU - Caloric Value ASTM D3173
ASTM D3174
Migration total and specific determinations ILT-U-341 Determination of overall migrat on synthetic samples (simulating matrix: ethanol 10%; 20%; 50%, acetic acid 3%, and distilled water); and specific migration: Determination of Ag, B, Ba, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Pb, Zn, As, Hg, Sb, Sn e F (aimulating matrix: acetic acid 3%.) EN 1186
EN 13130
Nanoparticles determination in cosmetic ILT-U-1659 Particle size
Connectors determinations ILT-U-1653 Dimensional requirements; positive pressure liquid leakage; subatmospheric-pressure air leakage; stress cracking; resistance to separation from axial load; resistance to separation from unscrewing; and resistance to overriding ISO 80369-7
Determinations in ceramic tiles ILT-U-1657 Measurement of length and width; and measurement of thickness ISO 10545-2
Conductivity in water ILT-U-1656 Conductivity
Textile determinations ILT-U-1654 Burning behaviour; and Surface flammability of carpets and rugs 16 CFR 1615
16 CFR 1610
ISO 15025
16 CFR 1616
16 CFR 1630
16 CFR 1631
EN 1102
Textile determinations ILT-U-1655 Washing/drying cycle; strength of dyes to sweat; and color fastness to light ISO 105 E04
ISO 105-B02
BS EN ISO 6330
ISO 7768
Gas-fired central heating boilers determinations ILT-U-1652 Performance 100% and performance 30% EN 297
EN 625
Chromium VI in leather ILT-U-1651 Chromium VI ISO 17075
Determination of metals in minerals ILT-U-1057 Cu, Pb, Zn, As, Sb and Fe (Atomic Absorption)
Microbiological determination in spices ILT-U-1254 Moisture Content; volatile oil; capsaicin Content in chillies; curcumin content in turmeric; and total plate count
Paint determinations ILT-U-1648 VOC; heavy metals (Pb, Cr, Cd, Sb, Hg & As); chemical resistance; and aromatic hydrocarbon ISO 11890-1
ASTM D3257
ASTM D1308
Material in contact with food determinations ILT-U-1649 Overall migration into aqueous food stimulants by total immersion (4 simulants); and overall migration into aqueous food stimulants by article filling (4 simulants) BS EN 1186-3
BS EN 1186-9
Nail polish determinations ILT-U-1647 Visual inspection; determination of non-volatile matter; and determination of drying time GSO 1888
Perfume determinations ILT-U-1646 Visual inspection; turbidity SASO 1849
Tissue determinations ILT-U-1645 Grammage; dimension; pH; and visual inspection ISO 536
GSO 143
SASO 1849
Diaper determinations ILT-U-1644 Visual inspection; pH; and absorbency SASO 1516
GSO 143
GSO 750
Disperse dyes determination ILT-U-1650 Disperse dyes DIN 54231
caliper gauge ILT-U-1643 caliper 0-300 mm (Reading 0.02mm)
Cardboard determinations ILT-U-1642 Water absorption capacity - cobb method; thickness; grammage; resistance to column compression; and seal strength of flexible barrier materials (Technique A – unsupported) ISO 535
ISO 536
ISO 3034
ISO 3037
Urine determinations ILT-U-1641 2,5 Hexanodione; muconic acid; orto-cresol; and acid methyl hippuric
Textile determinations ILT-U-1637 Calculation of colour differences: colour fastness to spotting: Water; fire behavior; and Colour fastness to washing with soap or soap and soda 16 CFR 1610
ISO 105 C10
ISO 105 E07
ISO 105 J03
Electrical determinations ILT-U-1639 Marked; comparative tracking index (CTI); ball pressure; plugs; and cross sectional area for supply cord conductors IEC 60335-1
IEC 60335-2-7
IEC 60695-2-10
CEI 23-50
IEC 60112
Electrical test determinations in toys samples ILT-U-1638 Electrical tests (excluding radiation/emi-emc tests) IEC 62115
Biodiesel detrminations ILT-U-1635 Water content; flash point; kinematic viscosity, 40ºC; density at 15ºC; content of monoglycerides; content of diglycerides; triglyceride content; free glycerol; total glycerol; acid number; stability of oxidation; cloud point; content of ester; methylene ester of linolenic acid; and total pollution; hot cold filtration test ASTM D93
ASTM D6751
EN 14103
EN 12662
EN 14112
ASTM D2500
ASTM D1298
EN 14105
ASTM D4928
Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) – NDT ILT-U-1634 Examination of Copper and Copper-Alloy Tubes ASTM E243
Hardness Vickers ILT-U-1632 HV1 ASTM E384
ISO 6507-3
Cement setting reaction determination ILT-U-1587 cement setting reaction NCh 152
Determinations in concrete slab ILT-U-1583 Flexion resistance "soleras" (MINVU Nº332; Impact resistance "soleras" (MINVU 332; and Flexion resistance "solerillas" (MINVU 332 6.6.4) MINVU Nº332-2008
Leather determinations ILT-U-1630 Determination of thickness; density; determination of tear load; flex resistance; penetration resistance of inserts; outsole abrasion resistance; impact resistance; effect of high temperature for non-metals toecaps; flexing resistance of outsole; and electric shock resistance. ISO 2589
ISO 2781
EN ISO 3377-2
ISO 20344
ISO 17694
ASTM F2412
Determinations on asphalt ILT-U-1626 Standard practice for the sampling of asphalt mixtures; bitumen percentage of an asphalt mixture (washing asphaltic) - Method A; and granulometric analysis of fine and coarse aggregate ASTM D979
ASTM D2172
Textile determinations ILT-U-1627 Tearing strength; pilling resistance; width of textile fabric; end (warp) and pick (filling) count of woven fabrics; mass per unit area (weight); bursting strength; and abrasion resistance ASTM D4966
ASTM D3776
ASTM D3775
ASTM D3774
ASTM D3512
ASTM D3786
ASTM D2261
Textile determinations ILT-U-1628 Colorfastness to crocking; to laundering; to light: xenon-arc; fiber analysis: quantitative; smoothness appearance of fabrics after repeated home laundering; and dimensional changes of fabrics after home laundering AATCC 135
Textile determinations ILT-U-1625 Dimethyl fumarate; residues of solvents; and generic determination of smells ISO 16186
ISO/TS 16189
GB 18401
Colorfastness determination in watersea ILT-U-774 AATCC 106
Textile determinations – Colorfastness ILT-U-1623 Colorfastness to Perspiration and Light; drycleaning; heat: hot pressing; water: chlorinated pool; dye transfer in storage; fabric-to fabric; powdered non-chlorine bleach in home laundering; sodium hypchlorite bleach in home laundering; acids and alkalis; crocking. crockmeter method; perspiration; light: xenon-arc; laundering: accelerated; bleaching with hydrogen peroxide; water spotting; water sea; water; ozone in the atmosphere under low humidities; crocking: rotary vertical crockmeter; heat: dry (excluding pressing) AATCC 61
Textile determinations – Yarm ILT-U-1624 Breaking force and breaking elongation of a yarn with cv determination; breaking force and breaking elongation of a yarn; twist by direct counting method; linear density- test with CV determination; and Linear density ISO 2060
ISO 2062
ISO 17202
Safety gloves determinations ILT-U-1622 Determination of thickness; puncture resistance; and measurement of surface resistivity EN 1149-1
EN ISO 2589
EN 388
Textile determination ILT-U-501 Determination of Mass per Unit Area (Gram per square meter); Fiber Content (Polyester% & Cotton %); Threads per Unit Length (Woven fabric Construction); Determination of Dimensional stability to washing (Shrinkage); Tensile strength (Grab Method); Counts of Yarn (Woven fabric); Determination of pH of water extract from wet processed textile; and Soil Release (Oil Stain Release Method) ASTM D5034
ASTM D3775
ASTM D3776
ISO 7211-5
Soil determinations ILT-U-1582 Moisture content and Liquid limit NCh 1515
Nch 1517
Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) ILT-S-05 IEC 60529
Textile determinations ILT-U-1620 Small parts; Use & abuse test; Sharp points; Sharp edges; Colour fastness to hot pressing; and Dimensional change after washing cloth home 16 CFR 1500.48
16 CFR 1500.49
16 CFR 1500.51
16 CFR 1500.52
16 CFR 1500.53
16 CFR Part 1501
ISO 105 X11
Cement determination ILT-U-1612 Composition and notation; and designation BS EN 197-1
Cyanobacteria determination ILT-U-1618 Cyanobacteria in freshwater.
Determinations in water of kneading (concrete) ILT-U-1614 Chlorides; organic matter such as dissolved oxygen; pH; dissolved solids; suspended solids; and sulfates NCh 413
NCh 416
NCh 1444
NCh 1498
Determinations in Asphalt Mixture Specimens ILT-U-1585 Thickness or Height of Compacted Asphalt Mixture Specimens and density of Compacted Mixtures ASTM D3549
Manual de Carreteras método 8.302.38.
Determination of strength in cement ILT-U-1613 Strength in cement BS EN 196-1
(ESP) Determination of bicarbonate in water and wastewater. (ESP) ILT-U-1608 (ESP) Bicarboante
Determinations in construction steel bars ILT-U-1611 Tensile properties; bend performance; and surface geometry measurement BS 4449
Wire determinations – Resistance of conductor ILT-U-1609 Resistance of conductor IEC 60227
Heel fatigue resistance ILT-U-1610 Heel fatigue resistance (2000 cycles) ISO 19956
SSC (Sulfide stress cracking) test ILT-U-215 Method A – Solution A ANSI/NACE TM0177
Soil determinations ILT-U-344 Liquid limit; Plastic limit; Moisture determination; and Granulometric analysis by sieving and sedimentation ASTM D4318
ASTM D2216
Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use ILT-U-1592 Volt-Amperometric clamp determinations IEC 61010
Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment ILT-U-1591 Safety requirements IEC 62368-1
Medical electrical equipment ILT-U-1590 Safety requirements IEC 60601
Wire determinations ILT-U-1596 Conductor resistance; Insulation thickness; Outside cable diameter; Conductor diameter; Strip force; Abrasión test; Resistance to fíame propagation; Insulation volume resistivity; Withstand voltage; Shrinkage by heat; Pressure test at high temperature; Thermal overload; Short term heat ageing 240 h; Long term heat ageing 3 000 h; Low temperature winding; Cold impact; Durability of cable marking; Resistance to hot water; Resistance to liquid chemicals; Test Method 2 — Resistance to liquid chemicals Fluid compatibility; and Temperature and humidity ISO 6722
Phytoplankton and Phytobenthos in seewater ILT-U-1594 Phytoplankton and Phytobenthos in seewater
Rubber determination – Tear strength ILT-U-1595 Tear strength (Method B) ISO 34-1
Determinations in beer ILT-U-1600 Alcohol Content; Color; and Density EBC 9.2.1
EBC 9.6
Determination of aggregate impact value and ten percent fines value (TFV) ILT-U-1605 Aggregate Impact Value AIV (Dry): Aggregate Impact Value AIV (Wet); Ten Percent fine value TFV (Dry); and Ten Percent fine value TFV (Wet) BS 812 Part 111
BS 812 Part 112
Determination of dry thickness ILT-U-1607 Painted sheet sample ASTM D5796
Wire determinations ILT-U-1601 Sliding behavior of the cable; Bending force of the cable; Insulation notch strength; Stress test; Thermal stability in the wound state; Ciclic bending; Kink test; Damp heat, constant (hydrolysis test); and Resistance to chemicals and wrapping tapes LV 112-1
VW 60306-1
ISO 14572
Water and construction materials testing ILT-U-1606 Organic Matter Content; Organic Impurities; Water Soluble Sulfate; Chloride; and pH BS 1377 Part 3
Determinations in arids and concrete ILT-U-1603 Flexion traction; fine material less than 0.08mm (sand); and determination of sand equivalent in soils and fine aggregates NCh 1038
NCh 1325
Nch 1223
Wire determinations – Mechanical properties of insulation and sheathing compounds ILT-U-1599 Test for determining the mechanical properties of insulation and sheathing compounds IEC 60811-501
Wire determinations – Hot Set Test For Cross-Linked Materials ILT-U-1598 Hot Set Test For Cross-Linked Materials IEC 60811-507
Wire determinations – Thermal stability test for PVC insulations and PVC sheaths ILT-U-1597 Thermal stability test for PVC insulations and PVC sheaths IEC 60811-405
Wine determinations ILT-U-1581 Fixed Acidity; Total Acid; Ashes; Relative Density 20 °C; Reduced Dry Extract; Dry Extract Total; Alcohol Degree Real; Metanol; Organoleptic; pH; and Alcohol
Water determinations ILT-U-1580 Temperature; TSS; COD; pH; BOD5; Ammonium Nitrogen (Ammonium-N); Total Phosphorus (Total-P); and Sulfide
Burning behavior – measurement of flame spread properties of vertically oriented ILT-U-1579 ISO 6941
Water penetration test ILT-U-1578 AATCC 127
Carpets determination ILT-U-1577 Determination of tuft withdrawal force ISO 4919
Textile floor coverings determination ILT-U-1576 Determination of thickness loss under dynamic loading ISO 2094
Modified proctor compaction test in soil ILT-U-085 ASTM D1557
Object color evaluation ILT-U-1573 Spectrometric data for object-color evaluation and calculation of color tolerances and color differences from instrumentally measured color coordinates ASTM E1164
ASTM D2244
Soil determinations ILT-U-1571 Humidity and Relative density (soil); Compression of cylindrical specimens (concrete); and Apparent density (sand) NCh 1515
ASTM D2216
ASTM C39/C39M.
Nch 1037
ASTM D4253
Nch 1116
Dielectric strength in toys ILT-U-1575 Dielectric strength NM 300-6
Wine determinations ILT-U-1572 Sugars; chlorides; sulfates; volatile acidity; and sulphurous anhydride
Rubber Property determination ILT-U-1570 Compression Set ASTM D395
Luminaire determinations ILT-U-1569 Creepage distances and clearances (clause 11.2), and Thermal test (normal operation) (clause 12.4) IEC 60598-1
Microbiological determinations by PCR ILT-U-1568 Salmonella spp; EHEC, STEC, EPEC; Campylobacter jejuni; Campylobacter coli; Listeria monocytogenes; and Legionella spp (PCR)
EMC – AC Power-line Conducted Emission Measurement and Radiated Emission Measurements ILT-U-1567 AC Power-line Conducted Emission Measurements (ANSI C63.4 clause 7); and Radiated Emission Measurements (ANSI C63.4 clause 8) ANSI C63.4
pH and conductivity determination in water ILT-U-1566
calorific value determination ILT-U-1565 Determination of the gross heat of combustion ISO 1716
SSC four point bend ILT-U-1564 SSC NACE TM01-77 (met. B) e ASTM G39 (720 h) or SSC C-Ring (Solution A) NACE TM 0316
Climatic test – Vibration (sinusoidal) ILT-U-1563 Vibration (sinusoidal); 66 hs (22 for each cyle); 3 cycles IEC 60068-2-6
ISO 16750-3
Climatic test ILT-U-1562 *85°C / 85% UR; 168 hs; 1 cycles IEC 60068-2-67
Climatic test ILT-U-1560 *0°C / T max °C; 1 hs; 10 cycle (ISO 16750-4 chapter 5.4.3) ISO 16750-4
Climatic test ILT-U-1559 *20°C / -40°C / 140°C; 5 hs; 1 cycle (ISO 16750-4 chapter 5.2) ISO 16750-4
Rapid temperature change determination ILT-U-1558 Thermal Shock - Na test IEC 60068-2-14
Climatic test ILT-U-1557 55°C / -10°C / 25°C; 20 / 65 / 80 / 96 %UR; 24 hs; 11 cycles IEC 60068-2-38
Chemical analysis of aluminum ILT-U-1529 Fe; Si; Zn; V; Cr; and Na
Leather – Chemical determinations ILT-U-1549 pH; Pb, Co, Cr and Ni; Chromium VI; and formaldehyde content ISO 17075
ISO 17072-2
ISO 4045
ISO 17226-1
ISO 17072-1
Toys determinations ILT-U-1547 Small parts (tension & torque); sharp points; and sharp edges 16 CFR Part 1501
16 CFR 1500.48
16 CFR 1500.49
Textile determination – Color fastness of articles for common use (with artificial saliva) ILT-U-1546 Determination of the color fastness of articles for common use Part 1 test with artificial Saliva DIN 53160
Textile determinations – Quick methods for CF chlorine and Non-Chlorine Bleach ILT-U-1545 Quick methods for CF chlorine and Non-Chlorine Bleach; and procedure for appearance of apparel & other textile end products after repeated home laundering TS 001
TS 008
Textile determinations – Smoothness appearance of fabrics after repeated home laundering ILT-U-1544 Smoothness appearance of fabrics after repeated home laundering; and appearance of apparel and other textile end products after repeated home laundering AATCC 124
Textile determinations – Abrasion resistance of fabrics by the martindale method ILT-U-1543 Abrasion resistance of fabrics by the martindale method -Part 2 specimen breakdown; Part 3 mass loss; and Part 4 appearance change ISO 12947-2
ISO 12947-4
ISO 12947-3
Textile determinations – Fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling ILT-U-1542 Fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling - Part 1: pilling box method; and Part 2: modified martindale method EN ISO 12945-2
EN ISO 12945-1
Textile determinations – Colour Fastness; assessment of the potential to phenolic yellowing of materials ILT-U-1541 Colour fastness: Part X18: assessment of the potential to phenolic yellowing of materials ISO 105 X18
Textile determinations – Colour fastness to rubbing ILT-U-1540 Test for colour fastness to rubbing; and color fastness to crocking AATCC 8
ISO 105 X12
Textile determinations – Color fastness to water ILT-U-1539 Color fastness to water ISO 105-E01
(ESP) GB/T 5713
Textile determinations ILT-U-1538 Weight Thickness Tension Dynamic elongation Tear resistance (long and transv) Tear resistance per stitch Smoothness Bending length Chemical resistance (veslic dry – 20c) Flamability Elongation under constant load Adherence Abrasion resistance ISO 11644
ISO 11640
ISO 3795
ISO 17235
ASTM D3776
ISO 3377-1
ASTM D2261
ISO 13934-1
ASTM D5034
ISO 3376
ASTM D1813
ASTM D2208
ASTM D2211
ASTM D5587
ISO 23910
BN 157-02
BN 107-01
SAE J855
Textile determinations – Spirality after laundering determination ILT-U-1537 Determination of spirality after laundering (woven and knitted fabrics); determination of spirality after laundering (woven and knitted garments); and skewness change in fabric and garment twist resulting from automatic home laundering. ISO 16322-2
ISO 16322-3
Textile determinations – Dimentional changes detremination ILT-U-1536 Determination of dimensional change in washing and drying; domestic washing and drying procedures ; dimentional changes of fabrics after home laundering; and dimentional changes of garments after home laundering ISO 5077
BS EN ISO 6330
Textile determinations – Number of threads per unit length deteremination ILT-U-1535 Number of threads per unit length; and Warp (End); and Filling (Pick) Couunt of Woven Fabrics determinations ISO 7211-2
ASTM D3775
Textile determinations – Determination of mass per unit length ILT-U-1534 Determination of mass per unit length and mass per unit area; Determination of mass per unit area using small samples; and Mass per Unit area (Weight)
Torsion, driving torque and pullout test on bone screws ILT-U-1554 Yield Torque; Maximum Torque; Breaking Angle; Insertion Torque; Removal Torque; and Maximum pullout load ASTM F543
Static test and fatigue in bone plates ILT-U-1555 ASTM F382
Environmental testing ILT-U-1552 Environmental testing (16ms2 45min distributed in the whole range 10÷100 Hz; One or three axes) EN 60068-2-6
Environmental testing ILT-U-1551 Environmental testing (48h, 5%NaCl/35°C) EN 60068- 2-11
Migration test in gloves ILT-U-1553 EN 1186; RDC N° 105; and RDC N° 51 EN 1186
Flammability of fabric sample ILT-U-1556 16 CFR 1500.52
16 CFR 1500.53
16 CFR 1500.51
16 CFR 1500.48
16 CFR 1500.49
Chemical analysis of aluminum ILT-U-1550 Cu, Mn, Mg y Ni, Cr, Ti, Na and Li
Footwear determination ILT-U-1531 Sole bond strength test ISO 17708
SSC (Sulfide stress cracking) test ILT-U-969 Method A - Solution B ANSI/NACE TM0177
Microscopy test in fish meal ILT-U-1533 Microscopy test
glyphosate and pyrrolizidine alkaloids determinations in honey ILT-U-1532 glyphosate and pyrrolizidine alkaloids
X-Ray Fluorescence in stainless steel ILT-U-1530 X-Ray Fluorescence: Mn; P; Si; Cr; Ni; Mo; Cu; V; and Nb ASTM E572
Determination of dyes in wine ILT-U-1503 Determination of dyes
Determinations in lithium brine ILT-U-1521 Density at 25 °C; Calcium; Chloride; Copper; Total dissolved solids; Strontium; Sodium; Chrome; Sulfates; Iron; Aluminum; Lithium; Arsenic; Magnesium; Barium; Manganese; Lead; Zinc; Boron; and Potassium
Quantitative chemical analysis in fabric sample ILT-U-1528 Mass fraction of polyester fiber mixed with cotton; Mass fraction of wool fiber in a two-component and pure-wool mixture; and Mass fraction of viscose fiber (ESP) GB/T 2910.14
(ESP) GB/T 2910.8
Lube oil determinations ILT-U-1527 Density at 15 ° C; Distillation Curve; and Kinematic Viscosity at 40 ° ASTM D445
Toys determinations ILT-U-1526 Strength of fixing of non-removable parts (clause 3.27), and Strength of seams in soft-stuffed toys (clause 3.81) GOST 25779
Determination of coating adhesion – Textile ILT-U-1525 Determination of coating adhesion ISO 2411
Textile determinations ILT-U-1524 Determination of maximum force to seam rupture using the strip method ISO 13935-1
Textile determinations ILT-U-1523 Determination of mass per unit area; and Determination of thickness ISO 9073-2
ISO 9073-1
Textile determinations ILT-U-1522 Determination of tensile strength and elongation; Determination of breaking strength and elongation of nonwoven materials using the grab tensile test; and Determination of tear resistance ISO 9073-4
ISO 9073-18
ISO 9073-3
Determination of chlorates in water ILT-U-1520 Chlorates
Microbiological determinations in shrimp ILT-U-1519 Salmonella spp; Total count; and Escherichia Coli
Paint determinations ILT-U-1516 Density; pH; and Non-volatile-matter content ISO 2811
ISO 787-9
ISO 3251
Determinations in charcoal ILT-U-1518 Spontaneously Combust EPA 1050 clause 2.3
Determinations in baby bottles ILT-U-1513 Volumetric capacity; Labeling; and Physical NBR 13793
Disposable tableware determinations ILT-U-1512 Resistance to sweat and spittle (NBR 13883 point 6.3.7) NBR 13883
Determinations in pacifiers ILT-U-1511 Mechanical; Labeling; and Physical NBR 10334
Trapezoidal tear resistance ILT-U-1514 ASTM D4533
Continuous compression deformation test ILT-U-1509 Aging of elastomeric parts in greenhouses with measurement of hardness variation IRHD; Aging of elastomeric parts in corn oil with IRHD hardness variation measurement; Aging of the elastomeric parts in distilled water with volume variation measurement; Aging of the elastomeric parts in acetic acid with volume variation measurement; and Permanent Compression Deformation NBR 11823
Adherence in cookware determination ILT-U-1508 Milk antiadherence test; Non-stick egg assay; Grid Testing; Abrasion test; Corrosion test with sodium chloride; and Corrosion test with detergent solution NBR 15231
Nitrite and nitrate determination in salt of healing. ILT-U-1510 Nitrite and Nitrate
BTEX determination in activated carbon ILT-U-1506
Pesticide determination in sesame seeds ILT-U-1505 Fipronil; Imidacloprid; and Carbaryl
Determinations on fruit juice ILT-U-1502 Acetic acid; Total acidity; Volatile acidity; Benzoic acid; Ascorbic acid; Sorbic; Citric acid; Formic acid; Succinic acid; Fumaric acid; lactic acid; Sugars; Reducing, non-reducing and total sugars; Total sulfur dioxide; Malic acid; Sodium benzoate; Caffeine; tartaric acid; Carbon dioxide; Ethanol; Hydroxymethyl furfural; Saccharose; Ph; Total nitrogen; Cyclamate; Glucose; Relative density at 20º; Coloring (Qualitative by adherence of wool); Proline; Actual alcoholic strength; Relation brix / total acidity; Saccharin; Formaldehyde number; Soluble solids; Total solids; Calorific value; Sorbate; Benzoate; Ashes; Tannin; and Theobromine
Wine determinations ILT-U-1501 Citric acid; Specific gravity; Sorbic acid; Titratable acidity; Absorbance at 420nm; Absorbance at 520nm; Ethanol by volume; Ascorbic + Erythorbic acid; Lactic acid; Malic acid; Reducing sugar; Volatile acidity (acetic acid); pH; Glucose and fructose panel; Free sulfur dioxide; and Iron
Metals and other determinations in wine ILT-U-1500 Calcium; Copper; Iron; Magnesium; Potassium; Sodium; Zinc; and Actual alcoholic grade (volume%)
Acidity and others determinations on distillates ILT-U-1499 hydrocyanic acid; Ethyl acetate; Volatile acids; Fixed acidity; Total aldehydes; Total acidity; Total sugars; Volatile acidity; and Higher alcohols
Metals and others determinations on distillates ILT-U-1498 Calcium; Iron; Ashes; Furfural; Coloring; Alcoholic grade; Relative density at 20º; Artificial coloring matter; Ethyl esters derived from fatty acids; Methanol; Total dry extract; and copper
Vitamin determination in fruit juice ILT-U-1496 Vitamin B12, B2, K, C, D2, E and A
Determination in vinegar ILT-U-1497 Sulfur anhydride; Volatile acidity; Organoleptic examination; Total sugars; Reduced dry extract; Ash; Total dry extract; Alcoholic grade; Coloring; Sulphates; and Relative density at 20º
Acid soluble chlorides and acid soluble sulfates for aggregate and concrete testing ILT-U-417 Acid soluble chlorides, Acid soluble sulfates, stone sample. Acid soluble chlorides, Acid soluble sulfates concrete sample. BS 812
BS 1881
Textile determination ILT-U-1507 Determination of mass per unit length and mass per unit area (method 5); Determination of maximum force and elongation at maximum force using the strip method; and Burning behaviour -- Determination of ease of ignition of vertically oriented specimens ISO 13934-1
ISO 3801
ISO 6940
Modified proctor compaction test in soil ILT-U-1495 NCh 1534/2. Of79, Method A. NCh 1534/2
Determinations in coconut oil ILT-U-1414 Saponification value; Acid value; Free Fatty Acids; Moisture; and Density (Mass per unit Volume)
Determination of vanillin ILT-U-1492 Vanillin (GC)
Determination of mercury in cosmetics ILT-U-1490 Mercury
Concrete determinations ILT-U-1483 Compression resistance EN 12390-3
Textile determinations ILT-U-1491 Tensile strength and elongation; and Slippage of standard seam NBR 9925
NBR 13041
ISO 9073-3
Determinations in expansible polyurethane ILT-U-1489 Tear resistance in flexible polyurethane foam; and Tensile strength in flexible polyurethane foam. NBR 8515
NBR 8516
Chemical analysis of titanium samples ILT-U-1487
Determinations on health products ILT-U-1485 Meter evaluation; Evaluation of mixers; Evaluation of showers; Evaluation of toilets; and Evaluation of intake and discharge valves NOM-012-SCFI-1994
Migration in containers ILT-U-1484 Color migration in 3% acetic acid; Color migration in 10% ethanol; Humidity; Density; Specific migration of primary aromatic amine in 3% acetic acid; and Overall migration in 3% acetic acid EN 646
EU 10/2011
Determination of total nitrogen in water ILT-U-1486 Total nitrogen by Kjeldahl method
Determinations in crude oil ILT-U-1480 Gravity API; Water Content; Extraction Sediments; Sulfur Content; and Kinematic Viscosity ASTM D4006
ASTM D1298
Determinations in alcoholic drinks (liqueur) ILT-U-1481 Sucrose; Apparent alcoholic strength; Acetaldehyde; Ethyl acetate; n-Propanol; Methanol; n-Butanol; Iso-Butanol; 2-Methyl Butanol; 3-Methyl Butanol; 2 + 3-Methyl Butanols; Furfural; and Total Acidity;
Determinations in PVC cables ILT-U-1478 Thermal shock test on insulation and sheath; Pressure test on insulation and sheath; Impact test at low temperature on insulations and sheaths; and Coiling test at low temperature on insulations and sheaths EN 60811-504
EN 60811-506
EN 60811-508
EN 60811-509
Determinations in PVC and XLPE cables ILT-U-1477 Measurement of insulation thickness; Measurement of thickness of non-metallic sheath (insulation covered and electrical conductors; Measurement of overall dimensions; Insulation resistance measurement; Water absorption test – electrical method; Loss of mass test; and Thermal ageing of insulation and sheath IEC 60811-201
IEC 60811-202
EN 60811-203
CEI 60502
EN 60811-401
EN 60811-402
EN 60811-409
Determinations in XLPE cables ILT-U-1479 Heat shrinking of insulation and sheath; and Hot set test on insulation EN 60811-502
EN 60811-503
EN 60811-507
Toy safety determinations ILT-U-1475 Clause: 4.14; 8.2; 8.3; 8.4; 8.5; 8.7; 8.8; 8.9; 8.10; 8.11; 8.12; 8.18; 8.20; 8.21; 8.23.1; 8.25.1; 8.32; and 8.40 EN 71-1
Fineness of hydraulic cement determination ILT-U-500 Fineness of hydraulic cement by air-permeability apparatus ASTM C204
Determination of sunscreen UVA photoprotection in vitro ILT-U-1473 Determination of UVA factor ISO 24443
calibrations in manometer, pressure gauge, multimeter, and weight. ILT-U-1472 calibrations in manometer of 0-700 bar pressure gauge, 5 ½ multimeter and M1 weight.
Determinations in cell phones ILT-U-1471 SAR Test; and TS 51.010-1 V6.5.0 test in 3GPP. According to Resolução nº 533 - Agência Nacional De Telecomunicações
Radioactive activity in soils and waters ILT-U-1468 Ra-226 through Bi 214 (gamma emitter 600 keV); Th-232 through Pb-212 (gamma emitter 238 keV) and Ac-228 (gamma emitter 911keV); and K-40 (gamma emitter 1460 keV)
Determination of preservatives in dairy products ILT-U-1451 Sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate
Vitamins determinations in Dairy Products ILT-U-1469 Vitamins A/B1/B2/B6/B12/C/D/E/K1
Physicochemical determinations in food ILT-U-1470 Ash; Moisture; Total fat; Total solids; Protein; Soluble solids; Total Acidity; pH; Vitamin A; Vitamin C; Vitamin B1; and Vitamin B2
Tensile test determination ILT-U-1467 EN ISO 15630-3
Electrical appliances determination ILT-U-1462 Power Cord Flexibility Tester; Stability Tester; and Mechanical Impact test IEC 60335-1
Electrical appliances determination ILT-U-1463 Power Input and Current; High Voltage Test; Leakage Current Test; Screws and Connections; and Provision for Earthing IEC 60335-1
Plug determination ILT-U-1464 Heat resistance test; and Mechanical Strength SASO 2203
SASO 443
Luminaire determination ILT-U-1465 Lampholders clause 4.4 IEC 60598-1
Automatic electrical control ILT-U-1466 IEC 60730-1
Determination of agrochemicals in wines ILT-U-1461 Captan; Folpet; Fenarimol; Cypermethrin; and Triadimefon
Determination of the saponification index and soluble solids in food ILT-U-1460 Saponification index; and Soluble solids
Consolidation Test in soil ILT-U-1459 Consolidation Test ASTM D2435
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1455 Total hardness; Calcium; Magnese; Chlorides; Sulphates; Nitrates; Nitrites; Ammonium; Residual Chlorine; Oxidability; Aluminum; Organic material; Iron; and Manganese
Canned meat determinations ILT-U-1454 Calorific value; Carbohydrates; Proteins; Humidity; Total Fat; Ashes; and Dietary / food fiber
Canned meat determinations ILT-U-1453 Antibiotics (qualitative); Humidity; Protein; Total Fat; Starch; Nitrites; Nitrates; Chlorides; Calcium; Phosphorus; Ashes; Peroxide Index; Total sugars; Sodium chloride; and pH
Determinations in plastic ILT-U-1457 compressive test and cross cut test ISO 2409
ISO 604
Determination of antimony in antimony trioxide ILT-U-1450 Antimony concentration - Sb2O3
Water and soil determinations ILT-U-1448 Beryllium; 1,1-Dichloroethane; Nitrites; 2,4,6-trichlorophenol; Total alkalinity; DDT (total and isomers); Barium; Zinc; Xylenes; Trans-1,2-dichloroethene; N-Propylbenzene; Chloroethane; 1,3-Dichlorobenzene, m-dichlorobenzene; Cis 1,3-dichloropropene; 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane; and 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene
Determination of density in paints ILT-U-1401 Density (Picnometric Method) ISO 2811
Drying, Curing, or Film Formation of Organic Coatings ILT-U-1400 Curing, or Film Formation of Organic Coatings ASTM D1640
Determination of volatile matter in leather ILT-U-1447 ISO 4684
Determination of pH in solid waste, determination of metals by ICP (As, Cd and Pb) and elemental analysis of sulfur (S) ILT-U-1446 Determination of pH in solid waste (Soil); Determination of metals by ICP (As, Cd and Pb); and Elemental analysis of sulfur (S)
Method by inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry in soils ILT-U-1445 Method by inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry in soils: CO2 (Solutions: Ag, As, Ba, Be, Cd, Ni, Pb, Se, Tl and V)
Extraction process of water soluble in equilibrium with CO2 ILT-U-1444 Extraction process of water soluble in equilibrium with CO2 (Solutions: Ag, As, Ba, Be, Cd, Ni, Pb, Se, Tl and V) NOM-147-SEMARNAT
Acid digestion process by microwave in CO2 ILT-U-1443 Acid digestion process by microwave in CO2 (Solutions: Ag, As, Ba, Be, Cd, Ni, Pb, Se, Tl and V) NOM-147-SEMARNAT
Urethane foam determination ILT-U-1441 Method E – Tensile Strength / Elongation Method F – Tear Strength Method G – Air Flow Method H – Ball Rebound Test ASTM D3574
Urethane foam determination ILT-U-1442 Method A – Density Method B1 – Hardness Method D – Compression Set at 50% Deflection ASTM D3574
Impact test in CHARPY type, V-notch specimens ILT-U-1440 Low enery level, Srike 8mm, and Temperature 0 °c ASTM E23
GOSTO 9454
ISO 148-1
GB/T 229
Pesticides in Wine ILT-U-1439 Organophosphorus pesticides (quantitative): Azinbfos Etil – azodrin (monocrotofos) – cloripirifos etil y metil – cumafos – diclorvos (DDVP) – diazinon – dimetoato – disulfoton – fenitrotion – malation – metidation – paration metil y etil – pirimfos metil y etil - Ethion Organochlorine pesticides (quantitative): Aldrin - aclordane - aHCH - βHCH - γHCH - deltaHCH - dieldrin - endosulfan I - endosulfan II - endosulfan sulphate - endrin - γclordane - HCB - heptachlor - heptachloro epoxide - methoxychlor - ppDDD - ppDDE - ppDDT
Determination of metals in metal chips concentrates ILT-U-1437 metals chips concentrate (Ni, Zn, Bi, Pb)
Radionuclides in Food ILT-U-1436 Radionuclides (134Cs- 131I- 103Ru (Gamma)); and Radionuclides (241Am- 239Pu- (Alfa Beta))
Determinations in industrial effluent ILT-U-1435 Foams; and Floating materials
Radionuclides in alcoholic beverages ILT-U-1434 Radionuclides (Sr-90); and Radionuclides (Cs-137)
Food determinations ILT-U-1433 Total Coliform; Total Coliform Foods (NMP); Total phosphorus; Moisture; Total Nitrogen; Potassium; Cd, Bo, Mg, Al, Cr, Zn; Escherichia coli NMP; Fungi; Yeast; Total aerobic mesophiles; Iodine Value; Moisture Meal Flours; and Mass loss at 105 ° C ISO 6673
AACC 44-15A
ISO 3961
ISO 4833-1
ISO 6611 IDF94
AOAC 950.01
AOAC 955.04
AOAC 968.08
AOAC 958.02
ISO 7251
AOAC 999.11
AOAC 958.01
ISO 4832
ISO 4831
Sludge determinations ILT-U-1432 Escherichia Coli; Salmonella; Staphylococcus aureus; and Molds and yeasts NOM-004 -SEMARNAT
Timers calibration ILT-U-1431 Comparison against a frequency counter and a 10MHZ reference. Range: 24 hs.
Determination of moisture in seeds ILT-U-1429 Moisture ASAE S352.2
Physicomechanics rubber determination ILT-U-1428 Thermogravimetry; Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC); Mooney Viscosity; and Ozone ISO 1431-1
ISO 289-1
ISO 11357-2
ISO 11357-3
ISO 9924-3
ISO 9924-2
ISO 9924-1
ASTM D6370
Rubber Hardness determination ILT-U-1426 Shore Hardness; and IRHD Hardness ( N and micro) ISO 48
ISO 7619-1
physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1420 Sedimentary solids; BOD5; Alkalinity of the carbonates; Alkalinity of bicarbonates; Chorme VI Hexavalent; COD; Total phosphorus; Soluble silica; Total organic carbon; cyanide; fluoride; Total Nitrogen; Nitrogen Kjeldhal; Total solids; Waste by ignition; Total suspended solids; and Volatile solids in suspension
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1419 Alkalinity; Color; Odor; Turbidity; pH; Fixed residue; Conductivity; Total Hardness; Calcium; Magnesium; Chlorides; Sulfates; Nitrates; Nitrites; ammonium; residual chlorine; and Oxidation
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1418 Ba, Be, Cd, Pb, Co, Cu, Cr, Sn, Fe, Li, Mg; Mn, Ni, K, Ag, Na, V, Zn, Al, Ar, Se, Hg and Sb determination
Quantitative XRD of cements determination ILT-U-1430 ASTM C1365
Hair dryer determinations – Sound power ILT-U-1425 Sound power NBR 13910-2-2
Microbiological determinations ILT-U-1424 Escherichia Coli (NMP); and Listeria Monocytogenes
Leather determination ILT-U-1417 Identification of leather with microscopy ISO 17131
Halogenated compounds and ashes determinations ILT-U-1340 Ashes; and halogenated acid gases IEC 60811-605
IEC 60754-1
Hardness Shore ILT-U-1412 Shore A ISO 7619-1
ASTM D2240
Rubber determinations ILT-U-1411 Determination of compression set at elevated temperatures; and accelerated ageing and heat resistance tests ISO 815-1
ISO 188
Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic. Determination of the effect of liquids ILT-U-1410 Change volume; elongation at break; and Variation of tensile strength ISO 1817
Rubber determinations ILT-U-1409 Tensile strength; Elongation at break; and Tear strength ISO 37
ISO 34-1
Determinations in fertilizers ILT-U-1413 Nitrogen; Potassium; and Phosphorus
Lamp caps determination ILT-U-1407 IEC 60061-3
ADSL Modem determination ILT-U-1209 ETSI ES 202 913
Analog telephone determination ILT-U-1207 ETSI ES 203-021
ADSL Filter determination ILT-U-1406 ETSI TS 101 952-3
Physicochemical and microbiological determinations in food ILT-U-1402 Total Coliforms (PV); Total Coliforms (NMP); Escherichia coli NMP; mushrooms; Yeasts; Total aerobic mesophiles; Value of the Iodine Index; Humidity; and Mass loss at 105 ° C ISO 4831
ISO 4833-1
ISO 6611 IDF94
ISO 7251
ISO 3961
ISO 6673
AACC 44-15A
Fertilizer Determinations ILT-U-1399 Total phosphate; Moisture; Total nitrogen; and Potassium AOAC 950.01
AOAC 955.04
AOAC 958.01
AOAC 958.02
Determination of metal contaminants in food ILT-U-1398 Pb, Cd, Zn, Cu, and Fe AOAC 999.11
AOAC 999.10
AOAC 968.08
Lead determination in leather ILT-U-1368 ISO 17072-2
Liquid effluent determinations ILT-U-1396 Volatile; Semi-volatile; PAH; TPH; and PCB
Saline water determinations ILT-U-1395 COD; BOD5; and TSS
Lighters determinations ILT-U-1394 ISO 9994
Chair determinations ILT-U-1393 ISO 21015
Water determinations ILT-U-1391 pH; Dissolved oxygen; and Turbidity
Water determinations ILT-U-1390 Total dissolved solids and Turbidity
Determination of melt flow rate (MFR) and melt volume rate (MVR) ILT-U-1387 ASTM D1238
Dimensions of Thermoplastic Pipe and Fittings ILT-U-1386 ASTM D2122
Parental DNA Test ILT-U-1377 analysis of genetic markers of the Short Tandem Repeat type (STR) located on autosomal chromosomes (biparental inheritance). The analysis includes the following 32 STRs: D3S1358, THL1, D21S11, D18S51, vWA, D8S1179, TPOX, FGA, D5S818, D13S317, D7S820, D16S820, D16S539, CSF1PO, Amylogenin, PENTA_E, PENTA_D, D2S1338, D19S433, D1S1656, D12S391, D2S441, D10S1248 and D22S1045 (Powerplex Fusion System) and D7S1517, D3S1744, D2S1360, D6S474, D4S2366, D8S1132, D5S2500, D21S2055, D10S2325 and SE33 (HDPlex).
DNA Test – XSTR Markers ILT-U-1378 analysis of genetic markers of the Short Tandem Repeat (STR) type located on the X chromosome (maternal inheritance in males, and bi-parent in females. The analysis includes the following 10 X-STRs: DXS8378, DXS9898, DXS7133, GATA31E08, GATA172D05, DXS7423, DXS6809, DXS7132, DXS9902, DXS6789.
DNA Test – YSTR Markers ILT-U-1379 analysis of genetic markers of the Short Tandem Repeat (STR) type located on the Y chromosome (paternal inheritance). The analysis includes the following 23 Y-STRs: DYS389II, DYS389I, DYS390, DYS193, DYS393, DYS392, DYS439, DYS437, DYS391, DYS385, DYS438, GATA H4, DYS456, DYS458, DYS635, DYS448, DY576, DY481, DY549, DY533, DY570 and DY643 (PowerPlex® Y23 System).
DNA Test – Mitochondrial DNA ILT-U-1380 Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA, and includes a sequencing of hypervariable regions of mitochondrial DNA (maternal inheritance). The analysis includes the sequencing of the hypervariable regions HVI, HVII and HVIII of mitochondrial DNA.
Water determinations ILT-U-1381 Total Organic Carbon; Sulfide and Sulfide H2S Not Dissociable; Odor; Salmonella sp; Molds and yeasts; Magnesium Hardness; Acrylamide; Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH-Finger Print); Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB's); Phosphorus Organs Compounds; Phthalates; Aromatic Hydrocarbons (BTEX); Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs); Trihalomethanes; and Glyphosate
Hemodialysis water determinations ILT-U-1382 Nitrite; Fluoride; Heterotrophic Bacteria; Total Coliforms and Escherichia coli; Endotoxins; and Metals
Implants for surgery ILT-U-1383 Surfactants
Fire extinguishing powder determination ILT-U-1384 Humidity
Soil determinations ILT-U-1385 Total Fluoride; TPH -- as OA2; Total Organic Carbon; Chlorinated Organic Pesticides and PCB's; Total Sulfide; Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons - PAH's; pH; Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds - SVOCs; Sulfates; Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs; Total, Fixed and Volatile Solids in solid and semi-solid; Herbicides; Moisture Content; Chlorinated Organic Pesticides; Ammonia Nitrogen; Aromatic Hydrocarbons (BTEX); Silica; Fecal and Escherichia coli; Salmonella sp; Total Coliforms, Thermotolerant; and Metals: Antimony, Arsenic, Beryllium, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Selenium, Silver, Thallium, Zinc
Digital Thermometer Calibration ILT-U-700
Paper determinations ILT-U-1376 Water absorption capacity; Fibrous composition - Test method with Herzberg dye; Fibrous composition - Test method with Lofton-Merritt dye; Fibrous composition - Graff dye test method "C"; Fibre furnish analysis - General method; Determination of holes; Determination of pints; Diffuse reflectance factor in blue (ISO brightness; Dry tensile strength; Wet tensile strength; Water absorption time and capacity, basket immersion test method; and Paper weight for sanitary purposes ISO 535
NBR 15010
ISO 2470
NBR 15134
NBR 14129
NBR 14133
NBR 14131
NBR 14132
NBR 8259
ISO 12625-8
Chair determinations ILT-U-1375 ANSI/BIFMA X5.1
Flour determination ILT-U-1369 Counting aerobic mesophiles; Fungus and yeast count; Coliform count (NMP); E. coli research without serotyping; and Research salmonella spp
Color fastness to laundering ILT-U-1374 C1S & C2S ISO 105-C06
Canned meat and water determination ILT-U-1373 Total count of heterotrophic bacteria; NMP Total coliforms; Fecal coliforms; Escherichia Coli; Presence / absence of Total Coliforms; Total count of mesophilic aerobic bacteria; and NMP Total Coliforms
Determinations in cereal ILT-U-1372 Salmonella and Thermotolerant coliform
Panels determinations ILT-U-1371 Taber Abrasion; and Thickness by Eddy Current. ASTM D4060
Determination of pesticides in cereals ILT-U-1370 Organochlorine pesticides: Lindane, Aldrin, Dieldrin and 2,4 DDE; and Organophosphorus pesticides, Dichlorvos, Chlorpyrifos methyl, Chlorpyrifos ethyl and pirimiphos methyl
Sugar determinations ILT-U-1365 Particle size Icumsa GS1-20
Water vapour permeability and chrome content in leather ILT-U-1367 Water vapour permeability; and Chrome content. ISO 5398
EN ISO 14268
Determination of Copper impurities. ILT-U-1366 Determinations: Sb, Pb, Bi, Cu, Fe, As, In, Co, Zn, Ni, Al, S, Cd, Ag and others
Salmonella and total count determination ILT-U-1363 Total count (Water); and Salmonella (Canned meat)
Gas meter determinations ILT-U-1364 flow gas meter (Qmax, Qmin, and 0.2 Qmax).
Fabric determinations ILT-U-1362 Tissue weight; Density in flat tissues; and Tensile strength and elongation of flat fabrics. NBR 10591
NBR 10588
NBR 11912
Instruments calibration – conductimeter ILT-U-1336
Milk powder determinations ILT-U-1357 Salmonella spp (VIDAS method); Total coliform count at 35 °C; Thermotolerant coliforms at 45°C; Clostridium Perfringens; pH; Nitrate; Nitrite; Chloride; Vitamin C; Vitamin A; Vitamin E; Vitamin K; Vitamin D3; Folic Acid; CMP; Lactose; Fatty acids; and Cholesterol
Determinations on Condoms ILT-U-1354 Original trap; Aged trap; Hole detection; and dimensions
Chicken pathogens determination ILT-U-1361 Salmonella; Listeria; and Campylobacter
Microbiological determinations in tuna and physicochemical determination in wine ILT-U-1355 RTB; E.Coli; Coliforms; Enterobacteria (petrifilm method); Salmonella spp; Listeria; and Metabisulfite by Monnier Willians method
Water determinations ILT-U-1356 Phenol; Odor; Nitrite; Total suspedend solids; Total Nitrogen; Cyanobacteria; Total coliforms NMP; and Counting of aerobic microorganisms (Heterotrophic) at 37 ° C
Flour and cereal determinations ILT-U-1358 Enterobacteria count; Sodium; Phosphorus; Iron; Calcium and Magnesium
Canned meat and coffee determinations ILT-U-1359 Clostridium sulfite reductant; Coagulase positive Staphylococcus count; and Caffeine
Edge Crush determination ILT-U-1360 ISO 3037
Sugar determinations ILT-U-1353 Conductometric Ashes; Color; Turbidity; Lead; Arsenic; and Cadmium ICUMSA
Leather and textile determinations ILT-U-1352 C/F to Rubbing (Veslic); C/F to Rubbing (circular) Dry: 256 revolutions; C/F to Rubbing (circular) wet: 128 revolutions; vamp Flex test (Room temperature. Dry: 100.000 cycles); vamp Flex test (Room temperature. wet: 100.000 cycles); Heel fatigue for shoe heels (20.000 cycles); Thickness of leather; Color fastness to water (method 1); and Color fastness to perspiration (method 2, alkaline solution) ISO 5402-1
ISO 2589
ISO 11640
Determination of zinc and iron in flour ILT-U-1350 zinc and iron in flour
Geotextile determinations ILT-U-1343 ISO 12236
ISO 10319
ISO 25619
Water determinations ILT-U-1350 Total Hardness, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Sulphate, Iron, Aluminum, Sodium, Oxygen Consumed by Organic Matter, Sulfide. Thermotolerant coliforms, E.coli and counting of heterotrophic bacteria (Raw water). Total Hardness, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Sulphate, Iron, Aluminum, Sodium, Oxygen Consumed by Organic Matter, Sulfide. Thermotolerant coliforms, E.coli and counting of heterotrophic bacteria. Oils and greases, total suspended solids, total kjeldahl nitrogen (Wastewater).
Surface discontinuities of bolts ILT-U-1348 microscopic method - requirements S1 ASTM F788
Determination of metals in ethanol ILT-U-1347 Copper; Iron; and Sodium in ethanol
BTEX, TPH and PAH in soils and water ILT-U-1349 BTEX, TPH and PAH
Alcohol beverage determinations ILT-U-1346 Dry extract; % Alcohol Vol; Methanol; Higher alcohols; Furfural; Acetaldehyde; Lead; and Arsenic
Humidity and relative density determination in wastewater ILT-U-1344 Humidity and Relative density
Microbiological and physicochemical in water ILT-U-1338 Salmonella spp.; Listeria monocytogenes; Total Coliform Count; E. coli Count.; and Fecal coliforms
Differents determinations in water and minerals ILT-U-1341 Water: Cd, Pb, Zn, Ni, Cu, pH, Conductivity, and concentrate Sn and concentrate Zn
Microbiological and physicochemical in water ILT-U-1337 MICROBIOLOGICAL DETERMINATIONS (Heterotrophic bacteria count; Total coliforms; Escherichia Coli). And PHYSICOCHEMICAL DETERMINATIONS (Iron; Nitrite test; Apparent color test; Nitrate test; Odor test; Fluoride assay; Turbidity test; Chloride test; OpH test; Sulphate test; Hardness test; Total chlorine test; Ammonia test; Free residual chlorine test; Dissolved total solids test; Ammonium test; Acidity / alkalinity test; Calcium and magnesium test; Total organic carbon test)
Retinol determination in sugar ILT-U-1335 Retinol
Wastewater determinations ILT-U-1334 TPH; DBO; and DQO in Wastewater
Thermal insulating products determination ILT-U-1332 Determination of bending behavior; Determination of deformation under specified compressive load and temperature conditions; and Determination of compression behavior EN 826
EN 1605
EN 12089
Determination of Ethoxyquin in fishmeal and vitamin A in milk or food for infants ILT-U-1333 Ethoxyquin (Fishmeal) and Vitamin A (Formulated milk)
Corrosion in salt spray determination ILT-U-1331 ASTM D1654
NBR 8094
Impact test in CHARPY type, V-notch specimens ILT-U-322 Medium enery level, Srike 2mm, and Temperature 20 °c ISO 148-1
GB/T 229
GOSTO 9454
Determination of Emittance of Materials Near Room Temperature ILT-U-1328 Determination of Emittance of Materials Near Room. Temperature - Emissometer Model AE ASTM C1371
Color APHA determination in water ILT-U-321 Color APHA
pH determination in water ILT-U-315 pH
Microbiology determinations in water ILT-U-317 NMP multiple tube technique for detection of Enterococcus and Presence; Absence of Total Coliforms; Thermotolerant coliforms; and Escherichia coli
Water and food determinations ILT-U-319 Enumeration of Listeria; Aerobic total mesophiles; Fecal Coliform Count; E. coli
Water determinations ILT-U-318 fluoride, Iron and phosphorus determination in water.
Biodiesel (glycerine) determinations ILT-U-1330 Determination of free and total glycerol and mono-, di- and triglyceride content EN 14105
Textile determinations ILT-U-1327 Determination of breaking strenght and elongation (strip); Nonwoven - Determination of tensile strength and elongation; Determination of slippage of a standard seam; and Determination of density yarn NBR 11912
NBR 10588
NBR 9925
NBR 13041
Helmets for motorcycle users ILT-U-1324 NBR 7471
Textile determinations ILT-U-1326 M.D abrasion; Vamp flexing; Toe post Strength; Attachment Strength of Strap; and Heel fatigue SATRA TM31
TPH, SVOC and VOC determinations. ILT-U-1320 Water and soil
Determination of length, width of fabric roll ILT-U-1321 ISO 2286-1
Colour fastness to washing with soap or soap and soda ILT-U-1322 ISO 105 C10
Dimensional Stability During Domestic Washing And Drying Procedures ILT-U-1323 SANS 11167
Flammability of clothing ILT-U-1319 16 CFR 1610
16 CFR 1615
16 CFR 1616
Test for Dimensional Change of Knit Cotton Fabric ILT-U-1318 ASTM D1231
Quantitative chemical analysis ILT-U-1316 Separation of fibers ISO 1833-3
ISO 1833
ISO 1833-11
ISO 1833-10
ISO 1833-12
ISO 1833-13
ISO 1833-14
ISO 1833-16
ISO 1833-15
ISO 1833-17
ISO 1833-1
ISO 1833-19
ISO 1833-18
ISO 1833-20
ISO 1833-23
ISO 1833-22
ISO 1833-21
ISO 1833-24
ISO 1833-4
ISO 1833-7
ISO 1833-6
ISO 1833-5
ISO 1833-9
ISO 1833-8
Impact test in CHARPY type, V-notch specimens ILT-U-1250 High Level enery, Srike 8mm, and Temperature 20 °c ISO 148-1
GB/T 229
GOSTO 9454
Consistency of Paints Measuring Krebs Unit (KU) Viscosity ILT-U-1315 Using a Stormer-Type Viscometer ASTM D562
Thermal conductivity in polymers ILT-U-1314 thermal conductivity Hot Disk tps 1500 ISO 22007-2
Soil determinations ILT-U-1313 Determination of water content; Determination of particle size distribution; and Determination of Atterberg limits ISO 17892-12
ISO 17892-1
ISO 17892-4
Concrete, Soil, and Aggregates determinations ILT-U-1312 Concrete - Chlorides determination; Soil - pH/EC determination using Saturated paste method; and Aggregates - water soluble chlorides BS 1881
EN 1744-1
Determination of the mechanical properties off glass fibre meshes ILT-U-1311 EN 13496
Microbibiological determinations in seafood ILT-U-1310 total plate count; Coliforms; E.coli; Enterobacteriacea; and Staphylococcus aureus and clostridium perfringens.
Decibelmeter calibration ILT-U-1308 Frequency weighting; Attenuation in and out of the passing bands; and Linearity range IEC 60651
IEC 61260
IEC 60804
Determination of silica in phosphoric rock ILT-U-1307 Silicon Oxide (%SiO) - Gravimetric Method
Microbiological determinations in food ILT-U-1306 Total coliforms; Escherichia coli; and Heterotrophic Bacteria
Microbiological determinations in food ILT-U-1305 Total coliforms; Escherichia coli; Enterobacteriacea count; Yeast & Moulds; Coagulase-positive S. aureus; Total Viable Count; and Listeria monocytogenes
Determination of single-end breaking force and elongation at break ILT-U-1303 Breaking force and Elongation at break (using constant rate of extension) ISO 2062
Determination of pesticides and dioxins in grains ILT-U-1304 Organophosphate pesticides (quantitative); Organochlorine pesticides (quantitative) and Dioxins
Water determinations ILT-U-1302 Divalent Manganese; Iron Related Bacteria (IRB); Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB); and Total Extractable Hydrocarbons (TEH)
Determination of nitrogen in soil ILT-U-1301 Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen - Available; and Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen - Soluble
Determination of organic compounds in soil ILT-U-1300 Benzene; Ethylbenzene; Toluene; m/p xylene; and o xylene
Soil determinations ILT-U-1299 Dry Bulk Density; Elemental Sulphur; Alkalinity (Total as CaCO3); Ammonia - N (Soluble); Ortho-phosphate; Sulphur - Available; Fluoride - Total; Total Extractable Hydrocarbons (TEH)
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of fibers ILT-U-1298 ISO 1833
Welded mesh for shear force determinations ILT-U-1297 ISO 15630-2
Reinforcement steel bars for mechanical properties Rm and Re determinations ILT-U-1296 EN ISO 15630-1
Color and color difference in paint determination ILT-U-1295 color and color difference ASTM D2244
ASTM E1164
Lamp caps determination ILT-U-1294 Dimension IEC 60061-1
Polyurethane Raw Materials Determination of the Isocyanate Content of Aromatic Isocyanates ILT-U-1293 Determination of the Isocyanate content of aromatic Isocyanates ASTM D5155
Determination of water content of Polyols ILT-U-1292 ISO 760
ASTM D4672
Release of lead and cadmium in ceramic cookware ILT-U-1291 ISO 8391
Tableware in contact with lead-emission food and cadmium ILT-U-1290 Lead and cadmium ISO 6486-1
Leather determinations ILT-U-1289 Azo Dyes; and Pentachlorophenol ISO 17234-1
ISO 17070
ISO 17234-2
Flammability of textile fabrics ILT-U-1288 ASTM D1230
Colour fastness to sea water ILT-U-1279 ISO 105-E02
Dimensional stability and wash/ dry cycle ILT-U-1280 AATCC 135
Solidity of dyes to sweat ILT-U-1281 AATCC 15
Dimensional stability and wash/dry cycle ILT-U-1282 AATCC 150
Radionuclides in Food ILT-U-1283 Radioactivity (Iodine -131, Cs 134, Cs-137)
Light fastness and evaluation of aging ILT-U-1284 Method 3 AATCC 16
Hydraulic Bursting Strength of Textile Fabrics-Diaphragm Bursting Strength Tester Method ILT-U-1285 Burst resistance ASTM D3786
Tearing strength of fabrics by tongue ILT-U-1286 Tearing Strength of Fabrics by the Tongue (Single Rip) Procedure (Constant-Rate-of-Extension Tensile Testing Machine) ASTM D2261
Emission of formaldehyde in fabrics ILT-U-1287 AATCC 112
Bending welded steel sample ILT-U-1276 Bend ASTM E190
Determination of Coating Mass in zinc coatings on steel wire ILT-U-1274 EN 10244-2
Detection of the use of certain azocolorants accessible with and without extracting the fibers ILT-U-1273 Detection of the use of certain azo colorants, which may release 4-aminoazobenzene ISO 14362-3
ISO 14362-1
Cytotoxicity test in Suture thread ILT-U-1272 ISO 10993-5
Determination of metals in molluscs ILT-U-1271 Cu, Zn, Pb, Cd, As, Hg and Se in tuna; Crustacean; Mollusk; Seawater; and Marine sediment)
Chemical Analysis of Steel samples ILT-U-1270 ASTM E1086
Pitting and Crevice Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels and Related Alloys by Use of Ferric Chloride Solution (method A) ILT-U-1269 Method A. ASTM G48
Salmonella and Listeria Monocytogenes ILT-U-1259 Meat, Pork, Chicken, and Milk sample
Oxalic acid determination ILT-U-1261
Tests for colour fastness. General principles for measurement of surface colour in fabrics ILT-U-1258 Chromaticity coordinates measurement ISO 105-J01
Wrinkle Recovery of Fabrics ILT-U-1257 Appearance Method AATCC 128
Soil determinations ILT-U-1256 Moisture; Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Modified Effort; Through Hole mesh # 2; and Particle size analysis ASTM D2216
ASTM D1557
Glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy ILT-U-1252 ISO 14707
Microbiological determination in food and surface ILT-U-1251 Sample Food: E. Coli (NMP); Total Coliforms (NMP); Staphylococcus aureus; Salmonella spp; and Fecal Coliforms (NMP) Sample Surface: Total Coliforms count and Aerobic mesophilic
Aircraft textile materials fire test ILT-U-1249 Vertical bunsen burner test, 45º Degree bunsen burner test, Horizontal bunsen burner test, 60º Degree bunsen burner test, and Oil burner test for seats cuchions. CS/FAR 25
DOT/FAA/AR-00/12 Aircraft materials fire test handbook
Determinations in biomedical materials ILT-U-1248 Determination of residual ethylene oxide; Determination of ethylene chlorohydrin and ethylene glycol, ISO 10993-7
Energy Efficiency in single phase motors ILT-U-1247 IRAM 62409
Energy efficiency three-phase motors ILT-U-1246 IRAM 62405
DQO determination (closed tube) ILT-U-1245
Asbestos Inspection ILT-I-04 For inspection bodies and Test laboratories, (FTIR / PLM method).
Compression Testing of Metallic Materials at Room Temperature ILT-U-1241 ASTM E9
Conventional humidity determination in soya ILT-U-1240
Glyphosate determination ILT-U-1239 Active content determination; Moisture content determination; Appearance determination; and Formaldehyde content determination.
Clostridium perfringens and Enterobacteria determination ILT-U-1238 Clostridium perfringens (food); and Enterobacteria (water)
Rubber determinations ILT-U-1237 Ozone and lowe temp Brittleness ASTM D1149
ASTM D2137
Textile determinations ILT-U-1236 Determination of metals using microwave digestion - Heavy Metals (As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Sb); Determination of metals extracted by acidic artificial perspiration solution - Heavy Metals (As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Sb); Detection of the use of certain azo colorants accessible with and without extracting the fibers; Detection of the use of certain azo colorants, which may release 4-aminoazobenzene); and Phthalates ISO 14362-1
ISO 14362-3
EN 16711-1
EN 16711-2
EN 15777
Calcium, sodium and phosphorus determinations in chicken ILT-U-1234 Calcium; Phosphorus; and Sodium
Plastic determinations ILT-U-1231 Density; Melt Flow index; Mechanical properties; Dimensions of the tubes; Resistance to internal pression; and Tear resistance ISO 3126
ISO 1167
EN 388
ISO 527
ISO 1133-1
ISO 1183-1
FTIR characterization of asbests ILT-U-1233
Energy efficiency in electric water heater tank ILT-U-1230 UNIT 1157
Safety of toys – Migration of certain elements ILT-U-1229 Arsenic; Selenium; Barium; Mercury; Cadmium; Lead; Chrome; and Antimony EN 71-3
NM 300-3
pH and conductivity in soil ILT-U-1228
Determinations in Electrical Insulating Liquids ILT-U-1223 Power factor ASTM D924
Footwear determinations – Strength measurement ILT-U-1227 SATRA TM113
Footwear determinations – Clamping strength ILT-U-1226 SATRA TM150
Footwear determinations – Tear strength ILT-U-1225 ISO 4674-1
Footwear determinations ILT-U-1224 SATRA TM51
Color determination in drinking water ILT-U-1221 SM 2120 C
Biomass determination in Soil ILT-U-1222 Ash content; Moisture; and Organic Matter ASTM D2974
Drop-Weight Test to Determine Nil-Ductility Transition Temperature ILT-U-1220 Ferritic Steels ASTM E208
Determination of 2, 4, 6-trichloroanisole in wine ILT-U-1219 TCA (2, 4, 6-trichloroanisole)
Measurement of Luminous Intensity ILT-U-1213 Regulatory used is the United Nations 3 and 23
Determination of tear resistance ILT-U-1218 ISO 4674-1
ISO 4674-2
Determination of thickness of textiles and textile products ILT-U-1217 ISO 5084
Determination of PCP in textile sample ILT-U-1216 Textil (HPLC); and Standard solution (HPLC)
Determination of hexavalent chromium Cr6+in different matrix. ILT-U-1215 Textil (ICP – LV/UV); Leather (ICP – LV/UV); Sludge (ICP – LV/UV); and Effluent water (ICP – LV/UV)
Ginkgo terpene lactones determination ILT-U-1212 HPLC
Glycoside flavones determination ILT-U-1211 HPLC
Total saponins determination ILT-U-1210 Quantitative
Ruscogenine determination ILT-U-164 Qualitative
Boldina determination ILT-U-1208 Qualitative
Escina determination ILT-U-144 Qualitative
Rutin, quercetin, and chlorogenic acid determination ILT-U-1206 Quantitative
Valerenic acid determination ILT-U-1205 Quantitative
Total flavonoids determination ILT-U-1204 HPLC
Isoflavones determination ILT-U-1203 HPLC
Coumarin determination ILT-U-1202 Qualitative
Triterpene glycosides (HPLC) determination ILT-U-1201
Physicochemical determinations in coke ILT-U-1200 Volatile; Fixed carbon; Ash; Sulfur; and Moisture ASTM D3175
ASTM D3172
ASTM D3174
ASTM D4239
ASTM D3173
Grinding index and granulometry determination in coke ILT-U-1199 Grinding index; and Granulometry Traditional dry sieving ASTM D409
True density and bulk density determination in coke ILT-U-1198 True density and Bulk density ISO 8004
ASTM D4292
Ash determination in coke ILT-U-1197 ash determination by Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
Active ingredient determination (amoxicillin) ILT-U-1185 Amoxicillin by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (Ivermectin) ILT-U-1186 Ivermectin by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole) ILT-U-1187 Trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (vitamins B1, B2, B6) ILT-U-1188 Vitamins B1, B2, B6 by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (dichlorvos) ILT-U-1189 Dichlorvos by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (dexamethasone) ILT-U-1190 Dexamethasone acetate by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (trimethoprim and sulfadiazine) ILT-U-1191 Trimethoprim and sulfadiazine by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (chlortetracycline) ILT-U-1192 Chlortetracycline by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (doxycycline) ILT-U-1193 Doxycycline by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Multiresidue determination of mycotoxins in food ILT-U-1194 Multiresidue mycotoxins by ultra performance liquid chromatography / mass spectrometer.
Determination of Flavonoids in food ILT-U-1195 Total flavonoids calculated as vitexin by spectrophotometry UV / VIS.
Determination of coumarin and acid Orto-coumaric ILT-U-1196 Coumarin and acid Orto-coumaric by Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC). (Qualitative Test).
Pesticides in Cocoa Beans ILT-U-1184 Organochlorine pesticides (quantitative): Aldrin - αclordano - αHCH -βHCH - γHCH -delta HCH - dieldrin - endosulfan I - endosulfan II - endosulfan sulfate - endrin --γclordano - HCB - heptachlor - I heptachlorepoxide - methoxychlor - ppDDD - ppDDE - ppDDT - cipermetryn- deltametryn - Imidacloprid
Microbiological determinations in drinking water ILT-U-1182 Heterotrophic Plate Count; Total Coliform and Fecal Coliform Count; and E. coli count
Microbiological determinations in food. ILT-U-1183 Listeria Monocytogenes; Total Coliform and Fecal Coliform Count; Total plate count; Escherichia coli; and Staphylococcus Aureus
Lead in paint determination ILT-U-1177 Method AOAC 974.024 / ICP. 16 CFR Part 1303
Lead determination in children’s products ILT-U-1179 Children's Metal Jewelry and Lead in Non-Metal Children's Products CPSC-CH-E1001-08.2
Helmets determinations ILT-U-1180 Peripheral vision; Roll-off (positional stability); Retention strength; and Impact attenuation 16 CFR 1203
Analysis of concentrates of Rare earth elements (REE) in ore. ILT-U-1178 Rare earth elements (REE) in ore.
Tension Testing on steel (sheet sample) ILT-U-1176 Ultimate tensile strength; Upper Yield strength; and Elongation in % according ASTM A370
Alpha Olefin Sulphonate (AOS) determinations ILT-U-1175 Alpha Olefin Sulphonate (AOS): Active matter and Free Alkalinity as Sodium Hydroxide IS 15072
IS 4956
Plastic chairs determinations ILT-U-1172 Visual verification; Dimensional verification; Static load test; Impact resistance test; and Test for strength of hind legs NBR 14776
Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic (LABSA) determinations ILT-U-1174 Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic acid (LABSA): Active matter and Free Oil (Non Detergent Organic matter) ASTM D3049
IS 8401
Determination of extractable metals in water ILT-U-1173 Cd; Za; Fe; Sn; Pb; Ba; Cr; and Cu by Atomic Absorption
Wood-based panels determinations ILT-U-1171 ISO 12460-5
ISO 12460-3
Ball pressure test ILT-U-1170 IEC 60695-10-2
Determinations in alcoholic beverages ILT-U-1168 Alcoholic grade; pH; Dry extract; aldehydes; Furufral; Ash; methanol; Reducing sugars; Total acidity; Artificial colorings; ferrocyanide; Saccharometric Degree
Biodiesel determinations ILT-U-1159 Fatty acid / methyl esters - Determination of calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and potassium contents; Determination of the total ester content; Flash point by Pensky-Martens closed cup tester; Corrosiveness to copper from petroleum products by copper strip test; Kinematic viscosity of transparent and opaque liquids (and calculation of dynamic viscosity; Acid number of petroleum products by potentiometric titration; Sulfated ash from lubricating oils and additives. Density and relative density of liquids by digital density meter; Determination of additive elements in lubricating oils; Determination of total sulfur in light hydrocarbons, spark ignition engine fuel, diesel engine fuel, and engine oil; Determination of water in petroleum products, lubricating oils, and additives; Cold filter plugging point of Diesel and heating fuels; Determination of total monoglyceride, total diglyceride, total triglyceride, and free and total glycerin in b-100 biodiesel methyl esters; Determination of ignition delay and derived cetane number (DCN) of Diesel fuel oils; Determination of cold filter plugging point; Corrosiveness to copper - Copper strip test; Transparent and opaque liquids - Determination of kinematic viscosity and calculation of dynamic viscosity; Determination of flash point - Rapid equilibrium closed cup method; Determination of sulfated ash; Determination of the ignition quality of diesel fuels - Cetane engine method; Crude petroleum and liquid petroleum products. Oscillating U-tube method; Determination of contamination in middle distillates; Determination of water - Coulometric Karl Fischer titration method; Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) (ester and linolenic acid methyl ester contents, phosphorous content, free and total glycerol and mono-, di- and triglyceride content, Determination of methanol content, iodine value, oxidation stability and Ca, K, Mg and Na content); plasma (ICP-OES); and Determination of sulfur content of automotive fuels. ASTM D93
ASTM D6304
ASTM D5453
EN 14538
EN 14112
EN 14110
EN 14103
EN 12662
ASTM D4052
ASTM D6584
ASTM D6890
ISO 2160
EN 116
ASTM D6371
ISO 12185
ISO 12937
EN 14107
ISO 3104
EN 14111
ISO 3987
ISO 3679
ISO 20846
ISO 5165
ASTM D4951
NBR 15553
NBR 15764
TV LCD Determinations ILT-U-1169 Anex A – Measurement of visual diagonal; Anex C – Power Off “stand by”, according to Portaria INMETRO 085/09 Anex A – Measurement of visual diagonal; Anexo - Power “on”; Anex C – Power off “stand by”, according to Portaria INMETRO 427/14
Determination of mass of zinc coating per unit area on galvanized pipes ILT-U-1091 Strip and weigh method ASTM A90
Microbiological determinations in tissue toilet paper ILT-U-1167 Total plate count; and Mould and yeast
Polyethylene determinations ILT-U-1161 Melt Flow Index (MFI); density by displacement; and density by gradient technique, ASTM D1238
ASTM D1505
Determination Of Flex Resistance in leather ILT-U-1164 Flexometer Method ISO 5402-1
Tests for colour fastness in leather ILT-U-1165 Colour fastness to migration into polymeric material ISO 15701
Determination of distension and strength of surface in leather ILT-U-1163 Distension and strength of surface ISO 3379
Leather – Physical and mechanical tests – Determination of tear load ILT-U-1162 Single edge tear resistance ISO 3377-1
Water determinations ILT-U-1160 pH; Conductivity; Turbidity; DBO; DQO; Total Solids; Total Suspended Solids; Oils and fats; Sulphate; Iron; Copper; Escherichia coli; and Total coliforms
Reaction to fire tests for building products ILT-U-1158 Non-combustibility test ISO 1182
Reaction to fire tests ILT-U-1157 Ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame ISO 11925-2
Flatwise Tensile of Sandwich Core Materials ILT-U-146 ASTM C297
Physicochemical apple cider determinations ILT-U-1156 Turbidity (NTU); PH; Alcohol content (% v / v); Total acidity (aq. sulfuric); Volatile acidity (aq. acetic acid); Sugar (g / l); Free SO2 (mg / l); and Total SO2 (mg / l)
Measurement of arsenic in water solutions ILT-U-1153 Water consumption (Range 10-100 ppm); and Calibration curve (Range 0.2 - 5.0 - 10.0 - 30.0 to 50.0 ppb)
Tire tube testing ILT-U-1151 NBR 15557
Plastic packaging for mineral water and drinking table — Returnable gallon ILT-U-1152 Strange odor; Volumetric capacity; Resistance to static compression; and Resistance to fall NBR 14222
Plastic tensile properties ILT-U-1141 plasticized PVC hose. ASTM D638 ASTM D638
Dimensional stability verification ILT-U-1149 Dimensional stability. NBR 5687
Determination of mass of glass and resistance to lateral compression ILT-U-1150 Determination of mass of glass and resistance to lateral compression. NBR 14865
Bending tests in pen ILT-U-1148 NBR 15236
Pacifiers determination ILT-U-1147 Physical and mechanical determinations NBR 10334
Baby bottles determinations ILT-U-1146 Impact, Torsion, and Traction NBR 13793
Hardness Vickers ILT-U-1145 HV 0.2
Paper and corrugated board determinations ILT-U-1144 Bursting strength of paper; Bursting strength of board; Cobb Test; and Moisture ISO 535
ISO 2758
ISO 2759
ISO 287
Flammability Test ILT-U-1143 ASTM F963
Caffeine determination ILT-U-1142
Determination of resistance to humidity ILT-U-1140 ISO 6270-2
Determination of resistance to humidity ILT-U-1140 ISO 6270-2
Cobalt and Arsenic determination in human urine ILT-U-1134
Canned meat determination ILT-U-1133 protein determination by Dumas method, Energy by Bomb calorimeter and Kcal/100g by calculation.
Total N, P2O5, K2O determinations in liquid fertilizer (Vinasse) ILT-U-1132 Vinasse sample
Tin and selenium determination in food ILT-U-1131
Water and Wastewater determinations ILT-U-1130 AOX; BOD; Selenium; Tin; Silica; Antimony; and Free Residual Chlorine
Coating mass determination ILT-U-1138 Hot dip galvanized coatings ISO 1460
Glass hollowware in contact with food ILT-U-1136 Pb, Cd, and Co ISO 7086
Chemical analysis of metals ILT-U-1137 EN 14726
Soil determinations ILT-U-1135 PAH; Volatile Organic Compounds; Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds; Metals; Nitrogen Series; and Fractional TPH
Nickel and chrome ore determinations ILT-U-1116
Light fastness determination ILT-U-1129 Determination (as bright+colour) ISO 105-B10
Environmental testing ILT-U-1128 96h. 40ºC con 93%HR IEC 60068-2-78
Environmental testing ILT-U-1127 Total 10 cycles de 24h. Tmax. 65ºC y HR93% Tmín -10ºC IEC 60068-2-38
Environmental testing ILT-U-1126 Cycle Db -6 cycles 12h +55ºC 12h. +25ºC 93% H.R IEC 60068-2-30
Environmental testing ILT-U-1125 Cycle Nb Tmax. +150ºC Tmín -40ºC - 96h IEC 60068-2-14
Environmental testing ILT-U-1124 150ºC - 168h IEC 60068-2-2
Environmental testing ILT-U-1123 40ºC - 96h IEC 60068-2-1
Light fastness determination ILT-U-1118 Determination (as bright+colour) ISO 105-B02
Light fastness determination ILT-U-1119 Set 3 Method 4 - 320h ISO 105-B06
Fastness determination ILT-U-1121 Colour fastness to chlorinated water; Colour fastness to sea water; and Colour fastness to water ISO 105-E01
ISO 105-E02
ISO 105-E03
Chemical analysis of N, H and O ILT-U-1122 Determination of Hydrogen; and Oxygen by Infrared detection. Determination of Nitrogen by Thermal conductivity.
Hardness Vickers ILT-U-1115 HV 0.3
Hardness Vickers ILT-U-1114 HV 3
Hardness Vickers ILT-U-1113 HV 0.1
Personal eye protection determinations ILT-U-1112 Resistance to surface damage by fine particle (ESP) EN 168
Hardness Rockwell ILT-U-1105 HR15T and HR30T.
Microbiological determinations in canned meat ILT-U-1102 E. Coli O157H7; Listeria monocytogenes; and Salmonella (canned meat)
Cyanide in soil determination ILT-U-1103 Cyanide in soil
Physicochemical analysis in water ILT-U-1104 pH; Nitrate; Nitrite; Conductivity; Phosphate; Total phosphate; Ammonia; COD; and BOD5
Physicochemical determinations in soybean meal ILT-U-1097 Moisture; Protein; Ash; Total Fat; and Urease activity (soybean meal)
Colour fastness to hot pressing ILT-U-1100 ISO 105 X11
Determinations in coal and coke ILT-U-1096 Volatile Matter ISO 589
ASTM D3171
Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs- Silicate surfaces ILT-U-1095 Determination of the release of lead and cadmium from ceramic ware, EN 1388-1
Dielectric strength Test ILT-U-1094 Dielectric strength Test IEC 60335-1
Soil metals determinations ILT-U-1092 Cupper; Lead; Nickel; Silver; Gold; Zinc; and Iron
Heavy metals content in metal jewelry ILT-U-1093 GB/T 28021
GB/T 28019
Determination of tear load in Leather ILT-U-1166 Double edge tear EN ISO 3377-2
TVs determinations ILT-U-1089 Consumption measurement in "stand by"; and Measurement of visual angle. Portaria 85:2009
Determinations in cereals and pulses ILT-U-1077 Moisture; Protein; Fat; and Crude Fiber (Corn and Chickpea)
Office furniture determinations ILT-U-1078 Cases ABNT NBR 13961
Office furnishings determinations ILT-U-1079 Desks - Classification and physical and dimensional characteristics ABNT NBR 13966
Office furnishings determinations ILT-U-1080 Work station - Classification and physical and dimensional characteristics ABNT NBR 13967
Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method ILT-U-1083 Abrasion (50000 cycles) ISO 12947-2
Microbiological determinations in drink water ILT-U-1084 Research P. aeruginosa; Aerobic mesophilic; and Total Coliform count
Corn DNA determination ILT-U-1085 Presence or Absence
Physicochemical analysis in water ILT-U-1086 Boron; Chloride; Fluorides; Match; Nitrites; Nitratos; and Sulphates
Determination sulfate in wastewater ILT-U-1081
Metals determination in water solution ILT-U-1076 As; Fe; Mn; Cu; Zn; Cd; Cr; Ni; Pb
pH in fertilizer ILT-U-1075
Concrete determinations ILT-U-1074 compression resistance ASTM C39/C39M.
Nch 1037
Paper and board determinations ILT-U-1070 Determination of grammage; Determination of tensile properties Part 2: Constant rate of elongation method (20 mm / min); and Determination of resistance to traction of perforations - perforation efficiency calculation ISO 12625-12
ISO 12625-4
ISO 12625-6
ABNT NBR ISO 12625-12
ISO 536
Edge Crush Test in corrugated fibreboard ILT-U-1069 ABNT NBR 6737
NFH 13 001
Amoxicilline Determination ILT-U-1067 Amoxicilline determination
Concrete and soil and determinations ILT-U-1073 Particle Density/specific gravity for soil/aggregate; and Consolidation of soil for Soil sample; and Wear resistance of aggregate; Hardness testing in Veeb/Rockwell; and Hydraulic pressure for Concrete sample.
Soil and Concrete determinations ILT-U-1068 Humidity; Solid Specific Gravity; sieving granulometry; Liquid limit; plastic limit; Proctor; Proctor modified; Material passing No. 200 mesh; CBR; and Compressive strength of concrete specimens ASTM D854
ASTM D2216
ASTM D4318
ASTM D1557
ASTM D1883
ASTM C39/C39M.
Microbiological analysis of meat ILT-U-1071 Aerobic mesophilic; Fungi and yeasts; Escherichia coli; Enterobacteriaceae; Listeria monocytogenes; Staphylococcus Aureus; coliforms; and Salmonella
Wheelchairs determinations ILT-U-1072 Static Stability; Effectiveness of Brakes; and static, impact and fatigue strengths ISO 7176
Tension test on aluminum ILT-U-1066 ASTM B557
IS 1608
ISO 6892
Impact Resistance of Plastic Film by the Free-Falling Dart Method ILT-U-1063 Impact resistance. ASTM D1709
Instruments calibration ILT-U-1907 Manometer (200 bar); Thermometer (250 °C); and Weight (M1 1.0 kg)
Nick Break Test ILT-U-1059 API 1104
Cement determinations ILT-U-1060 Chlorides; Compressive strength; and Specific surface Blaine
Instruments calibration ILT-U-1058 peachimeter and conductimeter
Gold and silver determination ILT-U-1056 Au and Ag (Atomic absorption)
Determinations in Glycerin ILT-U-1054 Refractive Index
Determinations in surfactants ILT-U-1053 Free fatty acid; Free alkalinity; Volatile matter at 1050; Total active matter (extraction by ethanol); and Acidity
Determination of depth of decarburized layer ILT-U-1055 Depth of decarbuized ASTM E1077
Determining the density ILT-U-1052 Pycnometer method IEC 60811-606
Loss of mass test for thermoplastic insulations and sheaths ILT-U-1051 IEC 60811-409
Chemical Analysis of Steel samples ILT-U-1050 Vanadium and copper.
Hardness test on arc welded joints ILT-U-1045 EN ISO 9015-1
Determination of the effective depth of hardening after nitriding ILT-U-1046 Clause 3. DIN 50190
Film thickness measurement in paints and varnishes ILT-U-1047 Method 6a.
Rock phosphate determinations ILT-U-858 Phosphorus pentoxide (%P2O5); Silicon oxide (%SiO); and Fe2O3, Al2O3, MgO, K2O, Na2O, Cd, Sr, CaO
Calibration of Sphygmomanometers ILT-U-1042 Manual and Digital Sphygmomanometers
Gloves determinations ILT-U-1041 EN 388
EN 374-2
EN 374-3
ISO 13997
Fertilizers determinations ILT-U-1040 Bifenthrin 10 E.C. – Active content; and Methoxyfenoxide 240 g/lit SC – For Active content and suspensibility test.
Water determinations ILT-U-1038 Dissolved oxygen; Redox potential; pH; Conductivity; and Temperature
Linear-Elastic Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness K1c of Metallic Materials ILT-U-1035 ASTM E399
Linear-Elastic Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness KIc ILT-U-1036 SENB or CT (Metallic materials specimens) ASTM E1820
Measurement of Fatigue Crack Growth Rates ILT-U-1037 ASTM E647
Hardness Brinell ILT-U-1034 HBW 10/500 ASTM E10
Pesticide residue, mycotoxin and food allergens ILT-U-1033 Pesticide residue and Mycotoxin; Gluten; Soy; and Casein
Palm oil determinations ILT-U-1031 Moisture; Lead; Volatile Matter; Iodine value; Impurities; Fatty Acid Composition; Peroxide Value; Ash; Acidity; Total Fatty Matter; Carotene; Total Saponifiable Matter; Soap Content; Cloud Point; Saponification Value; Phosphorus; Chromium; Copper; Iron; Nickel; Manganese Phosphorus; and Chromium
Phosphate and Nitrate in water determination ILT-U-1030
PAHs determination ILT-U-1029 (PAHs) especially the PAH4 in meat matrix.
Color fastness to rubbing – Veslic ILT-U-1027 Dry felt and wet felt ISO 11640
Tensile Strength and elongation in leather ILT-U-1026 ISO 3376
Upper flexing resistance in footwear ILT-U-1028 EN 13512
Colour fastness to bleaching determination in textile ILT-U-1019 colour fastness to bleaching (Hypochlorite) ISO 105 N01
Alcohol absolute determination ILT-U-1016 Ethanol content of 20 ° C; higher alcohols; METHANOL; aldehydes; ESTERS; ACIDITY; CONDUCTIVITY
Carbon black determinations ILT-U-1015 Absorbance of cyclohexane extract and Determination of solvent extractable materials ASTM D7772
ISO 6209
Sodium, sugar and crude fiber determination in food ILT-U-1014
Salmonella and feed proximate analysis in food. ILT-U-1013
Food determinations ILT-U-1012 Moisture; Protein; Ash; Total fat; Dietary fiber; Sodium; Calcium; Iron; Copper; Magnesium; and Zinc
Rubber determinations ILT-U-1008 Abrasion resistance and flexural strength NMX-S-051
EN 5970
Gold concentration ILT-U-1007 cupellation method.
Flame resistance in textile ILT-U-1010 ASTM D6413
Measuring the corrugations by manual method ILT-U-1011 Clause 7 and 8 ASTM A615
Ash determination in PVC pipes and connections ILT-U-1009 Method A NBR NM 84
Weight and Fabric Frame Base Plans determinations ILT-U-1001 NBR 10591
NBR 12546
Density and number of rows / columns positions in knitted fabrics ILT-U-1002 NBR 12060
NBR 10589
Parts Sizing determination ILT-U-1003 NBR 12071
Qualitative and quantitative analysis in textile ILT-U-1004 NBR 13538
NBR 11914
Gaps, holes and openings inside and outside in children’s cots ILT-U-1006 Gaps, holes and openings. EN 716-2
Wire determinations ILT-U-1000 ASTM B3
Identification and Quantification of Chromium, Bromine, Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead in Polymeric Material ILT-U-999 Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry ASTM F2617
Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure of Photodegradable plastics ILT-U-998 Exposure of Photodegradable plastics. ASTM D5208
Determinations in toys ILT-U-997 Drop test; Impact test; Compression test; Accessibility of a part or component; Sharpness of edges; Sharpness of points; and Leakage of liquid-filled toys EN 71-1
Lead and Cadmium determination in rice ILT-U-996 Cadmium and Lead.
Bend testing – corrugated steel bar ILT-U-994 ASTM A615
Unsteady-State Heat Transfer Evaluation of Flame Resistant Materials for Clothing with Continuous Heating ILT-U-988 ASTM F2700
Determination of heat transmission on exposure to flame ILT-U-987 Heat transmission ISO 9151
Beilstein Test ILT-U-1266 Detect chlorine in vynils; hydro chlorinated rubbers; and chloroprene rubber-based adhesives
Determination of total content of phthalates in toys ILT-U-973 CPSC-CH-C1001-09.3 and GB/T 22048 CPSC-CH-C1001-09
EN 14372
GB/T 22048
Detecting Susceptibility to Intergranular Corrosion in Wrought, Nickel-Rich, Chromium-Bearing Alloys ILT-U-975 ASTM G28 - method A. ASTM G28
Phosphate and silica determination in water ILT-U-990 Phosphate and Silica
Determination of maximum force to seam rupture using the grab method ILT-U-985 Maximum force to seam rupture ISO 13935-2
Bursting strength and bursting distension determinationin textile ILT-U-983 Bursting strength; and Bursting distension ISO 13938-1
Water determinations ILT-U-982 Turbidity Total Suspended Solids, TSS; Total Dissolved Solids, TDS; Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, TKN; Sulphide; Sulphite; Sodium Adsorption Ratio; Sulphate; Salinity; Silica; and Orthophosphate
Cosmetic microbiological determinations ILT-U-981 Enterobacteria; Staphylococcus; Pseudomonas; and Aerobic mesophilic
Device for improving the quality of drinking water ILT-U-989 NBR 16098
Germinative energy and capacity in Barley ILT-C-26 Behavior at harvest time, carryover, and then being stored in silo bags
Energy efficiency test ILT-U-956 Air conditioning determination ISO 5151
Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement ILT-U-962 ASTM C109
Concrete determinations ILT-U-957 Density and bulk density; Organic impurities; Sulfur trioxide; and Potassium oxide and sodium oxide by flame photometry NBR NM 17
Cement determinations ILT-U-958 Normal consistency; Forged times; Volume expansion in autoclave; Air content; Compressive strength; Blaine fineness; Fineness 45 µm; False set; and Expanding cement mortar bars immersed in water ASTM C1038
Total phosphorus in waste water. ILT-U-960
Fertilizers determinations ILT-U-959 1-naphthylacetamide; 2,4, -D; 4-CAP; 6-benzyladenine; 1 naphthylacetic acid; 3- indolacetico; 3indolbutirico acid; gibberellic acid; MCPA sum; MCPA; MCPB; forchlorfenuron; and vitamin B1
Global migration in corks ILT-U-955 ISO 10106
Determination of pesticides in nuts ILT-U-954 Lindane; Alachlor; p,p'-DDD; Endosulfan sulfate; Heptachlor epoxide; p,p'-Methoxychlor; Mirex; Deltamethrin; and Hexachlorobenzene
Iron ore and chrome ore determinations ILT-U-953
Alkylphenol ethoxylates determination ILT-U-952 APEO ISO 18254
Dissolved oxygen determination ILT-U-951 Water
Aggregate and soil determinations ILT-U-950 Aggregate Sieve Analysis; Aggregate Flakiness Index; Aggregate Shell Content; and Soil Sieve Analysis using Test Sieve
Soil determinations ILT-U-949 Liquid limit; Moisture; and Fine sieve material passing 75 um laundering. ASTM D4318
ASTM D1140
ASTM D2216
Milk powder determinations ILT-U-933 pH; fat; acidity; phosphatase; total solids; density with pycnometer; and density with lactodensimeter
Salmonella spp research in food ILT-U-932
Fish determinations ILT-U-931 Salt as NaCl; Sand (acid insoluble ash); Pepsin digestibility; Histamine; Ash; and Peroxide Value
Research Enterobacter sakazakii in food ILT-U-928
Moisture content in charcoal briquettes ILT-U-927 EN 1860-2
Formaldehyde Content in wood board ILT-U-925 EN 717-1
Moisture content in wood ILT-U-926 EN 13183-1
Fish determinations ILT-U-924 Mercury and Sulphites in Tuna
Fatty acids profile in food ILT-U-923
Ash Content in Plastics ILT-U-922 ASTM D5630
Melt Flow Rates of Thermoplastics by Extrusion Plastometer ILT-U-921 ASTM D1238
Determining the Izod Pendulum Impact Resistance of Plastics ILT-U-920 ASTM D256
palladium determination in water matrix ILT-U-919
Coffee sensory analysis ILT-U-918 Cupping; and cup´s defects
Physical quality in corn ILT-U-910
Salmonella in water ILT-U-913
Smoothness appearance of fabrics after cleansing ILT-U-908 ISO 7768
pH determinations in water ILT-U-906 Drink and industrial water
Viscosity and Density determination in liquid adhesive ILT-U-904 ISO 2555
ASTM D2556
ASTM D1200
EN 452
EN 2811
ASTM D1475
ASTM D4212
ISO 2431
Ammoniacal nitrogen determination in wastewater ILT-U-905
Green coffee determinations ILT-U-901 Odor, Flavor, Colour, texture, strange materials, and Humidity
Soil determinations – Mehlich III method ILT-U-902 phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, manganese, copper, and zinc Mehlich III
Drink water determinations ILT-U-900 Odor, chloride, nitrite, Color, Total alkalinity, ammonium, hardness, pH, Turbidity, sulfates, Residual chlorine, Calcium, Conductivity, nitrates, Magnesium, oxidability, Carbonates, fixed residue
Determinations in Tequila (alcoholic drinks) ILT-U-897 Dry matter, %AV, furfural, methanol, esters, aldehydes and or higher fusel alcohols.
High chair determinations ILT-U-898 NBR 15991
EN 14988
Wine determinations ILT-U-899 Microbiological determinations: Brettanomyces count, Acetic bacteria count, Count of lactic acid bacteria, and Yeast and mold count Phisico/chemical determinations: alcoholic strength, density, dry extract, Reducing sugars, Invert sugar and sucrose, chloride, sulphate, pH, Total acidity, volatile acidity, Free sulfur dioxide, Total sulfur dioxide, artificial colors, and ferrocyanide
phytoplankton determination in seawater ILT-U-601 Taxonomic identification; and Counting and calculation of phytoplankton density in Utermohl's chamber.
Aflatoxins determination in peanuts ILT-U-896 B1, B2, G1 and G2 Aflatoxins
Staphylococcus Aureus in milk ILT-U-890 Staphylococcus Aureus
Soda ash determinations ILT-U-889 Total Alkalinity as Na2Co3 (Assay), Chlorides as NaCl, Sulphates as Na2So4, Mater Insoluble in water, and Loss at 250ºC IS 251
Drink water determinations ILT-U-888 Color, pH, Turbidity, sulfates and Residual chlorine
Olive oil determinations ILT-U-887 Acidity, and Profile of fatty acids
Microbiological analysis in canned meat and water ILT-U-885 Heterotrophs count 35 ° C to 37, and Escherichia Coli (NMP)
Cu and Zn determinations ILT-U-886
Microbiological analysis in canned meat ILT-U-892 Total coliforms, Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, Salmonella, Molds and yeasts, aerobic mesophilic, and Enterobacteriaceae
Microbiological analysis – Petrifilm methodology in food ILT-U-894 Coliforms, Escherichia coli, Enterobacteriaceae, and aerobic mesophilic
Cu and Zn determinations in brass sample ILT-U-886 Cu and Zn
Mattress determination ILT-U-884 Determining the density of the foam mattress, resilience, permanent deformation to compression, indentation force, dynamic fatigue, ash content, packaging evaluation, labeling, gluing and dimensional analysis. NBR 13579-1
Determination of metals in soil ILT-U-891 Cd, Ni, and PB
Static load test, durability, impacat, fall and stability of chair ILT-U-893 Static load test, durability, impacat, fall and stability EN 1728
EN 1022
Fertilizers determinations ILT-U-879 P2O5, K2O, Cd, Cr, Pb, As, and Hg
Determination of Ochratoxin A in raisins and wine ILT-U-878 Ochratoxin A
Analysis of concentrates of Iron Ore ILT-U-825 High grade Iron Ore.
Determination of foreign matter in flour ILT-U-830 Foreing matter - Microscopy
Thermal resistance and thermal conductivity in thermal performance of building materials and products. ILT-U-831 EN 12667
Dimensional stability determination in thermal insulating products for building applications. ILT-U-832 EN 1604
Tensile strength parallel to faces in thermal insulating products for building applications. ILT-U-833 EN 1608
Reaction to fire determination in construction products and building elements ILT-U-834 Classification to the Reaction to Fire, performing the following test: Determination of gross combustion heat (Calorific value), and Non-combustibility test EN 13501-1
ISO 1716
ISO 1182
Water absorption in thermal insulating products for building applications ILT-U-835 EN 1609
Testing of corrosion in surgical instrument ILT-U-837 ASTM F1089
Determination of softness and abrasion resistance in leather. ILT-U-848 ISO 20344
ISO 17235
Glyphosate determination in water ILT-U-797
Amino acid profile ILT-U-854 aspartic, taurine, glutamic, alanine, histidine, trypsin, serine, tryptophan, arginine, methionine, glycine, valine, threonine, phenylalanine, ornithine, isoleucine, lysine, and leucine
Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 determinations in wheat seed ILT-U-855 AFLATOXIN B1, B2, G1, and G2
PCB and other determinations in water ILT-U-856 PCB, Total Hardness, Alkalinity, Sulphite, Calcium Hardness, Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonate, Carbonate, Bicarbonate, Magnesium Hardness, Sodium Absorption Ratio, and Sodium
Durability of shock absorbers ILT-U-857 NBR 13308 item 4 NBR 13308
Water determinations ILT-U-860 Alkalinity (mg/l), Chemical Oxygen Demand (mg/l), Conductivity (µS/cm), Hardness (mg/l), Nitrate (mg/l), pH, Temperature 0C, Total Dissolved Solids (mg/l), Total Suspended Solids (mg/l), and Copper (mg/l)
Bicycle test – Cycled of pedals ILT-U-861 ISO 4210 part 8. (4.8.2.) ISO 4210
Determinations in water and fertilizer ILT-U-862 Free residual chlorine, Total dissolved solids, and Soluble citric acid phosphates
Metal determinations in fertilizers ILT-U-863 Zinc , Potassium, Calcium, Copper, Manganese, Phosphorus, Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, and Boron
Total suspended solids determination in food ILT-U-864 Total Suspended Solids (mg/l)
Microbiological and physicochemical analysis in food ILT-U-205 Microbiological: erobic mesophilic bacteria, molds and yeasts, coliforms, Clostridium perfringens, E. coli, Bacillus cereus, and Staphylococcus Physicochemical: calcium, Moisture, iron, Fat, magnesium, Ash, and manganese
Determination of chloramphenicol in cereals ILT-U-867 Determination of chloramphenicol HPLC
Ammonium concentration determination ILT-U-868
Nitrofurans determinations in honey ILT-U-869 Nitrofurans
Chemical composition of manganese steel ILT-U-870 ASTM E2209
Vibrio cholerae determination in food ILT-U-871
Hardness Shore ILT-U-872 Shore D ISO 868
Determination formula milk ILT-U-852 Humidity, Ash, Protein, and Fat
Determination of the electrical resistance, dielectric strength and stress and elongation Effort electrical conductors ILT-U-851 Determination of the electrical resistance to DC, Determination of effort and mechanical stress elongations of the wires, and Dielectric strength (high voltage) NMX-J-212
Textile determinations ILT-U-850 Determination of the number of threads per unit length of warp and weft of flat fabrics; Determination of the repellency of fabrics to water (Spray test); Instrumental measurement of color in textiles; Quantitative analysis of textile fibers; Qualitative analysis of textile fibers; Determination of the pH of the aqueous extract of wet processed textiles; Dimensional change in clothes by washing in automatic machine for domestic use; and Dimensional change in fabrics after washing in a domestic machine. AATCC 135
NTC 2308
NTC 427
ASTM D3775
NTMD 0205
NTMD 0151
NTC 1213
NTC 908
NTC 5495
NTC 481-3
Determinations in refractory material ILT-U-849 Pyrometric cone equivalent; Continuous linear variation until 1300; Cold crushing strength dense shaped; Determination of refractoriness under load with rising temperature; and Resistance to thermal shock EN 993-10
EN 993-11
EN 993-12
EN 993-5
ASTM C1171
EN 993-8
Number of filaments of a thread ILT-U-695 In house methodology
Germination, vigor and seed health ILT-U-718 Germination - Scroll; Vigor - Accelerated Aging and Tetrazolium; and Health - Seed Blotter test
Calibration of pH meter ILT-U-847 pH=4, pH=7, and pH=10
Tensile Testing of Metallic Materials ILT-U-845 Method of Test at Elevated Temperatures (350 °c) ASTM E21
Torsion resistance determination in sodium vapor lamp ILT-U-844 Torsion resistance IEC 62035
Sugar determinations – Color and moisture ILT-U-812 Color and moisture ICUMSA GS9 1/2/3-8
ICUMSA GS2 1/3 /9-15
Colour fastness determinations in textile ILT-U-843 Determinations of colour fastness to perspiration; colour fastness to rubbing; and colour fasness to hot pressing. ISO 105 E04
ISO 105 X12
ISO 105 X11
Determination of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and total pollutant in biodiesel ILT-U-804 Calcium; Magnesium; Sodium; Potassium and Total pollutant EN 14538
EN 12662
Specific mass determination in biodiesel ILT-U-805 Specific mass ASTM D4052
Biodiesel determination ILT-U-806 Water Content; flash point; kinematic viscosity,40ºC; density at 15ºC; monoglyceride content; diglyceride content; triglyceride content; free glycerol; total glycerol; acid number; oxidation stability; cloud point; ester content; linolenic acid methyl ester; total contamination; and cold soak filtration test EN 14112
EN 14103
EN 12662
ASTM D2500
EN 14105
ASTM D4052
ASTM D4928
ASTM D7501
EN 15751
Biodiesel determinations ILT-U-807 Cetane number; Contamination and Corrosion (copper foil method) ASTM D6890
EN 12662
Determination of water and sediment in diesel ILT-U-808 Water and Sediment ASTM D1796
Washed gum determination (gasoline) ILT-U-809 Washed gum ASTM D381
Specific mass determination (gasoline) ILT-U-838 Specific mass ASTM D4052
Biodiesel Corrosion determinations ILT-U-839 Corrosion (copper foil method) ASTM D130
Determination of color and sulfur content (Diesel oil) ILT-U-840 Color and Sulfur content ASTM D5453
ASTM D1500
Calorific value (top/ bottom) determination ILT-U-842 Calorific value top and Calorific value bottom
Relative density and apparent specific mass determination (gasoline) ILT-U-841 Relative density mass and apparent specific mass ASTM D1298
Biodiesel determinations ILT-U-729 Monoglycerides; Diglycerides; Triglycerides; Total Glycerin; Glycerin Free; Ethanol; Methanol and Content of esters EN 14103
EN 14110
ASTM D6584
Determination of moisture in soybean meal ILT-U-810 Moisture AOCS Ac 2-41
Determination of ash and moisture in soybean ILT-U-811 Ash and moisture AOCS Ba 5a-49
AOCS Ba 2a-38
Determinations in work chair – furniture for office ILT-U-836 ABNT NBR 13962
EN 1335-1
N-nitrosamines, peroxide and DTX in baby bottles ILT-U-820 ABNT NBR 13793
BS EN 12868
Seaweed – Identification and enumeration (Utermöhl) of Eukaryotic Algae (phytoplankton) and cyanobacteria. ILT-U-827 Identification and enumeration (Utermöhl) Eukaryotic Algae (phytoplankton); and Identification and enumeration (Utermöhl) of cyanobacteria
Determination of cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury in water, meat and cereal ILT-U-829 Cadmium; Lead; Arsenic; and Mercury
Microbiological determinations in gloves ILT-U-744 Total count; Fungi and yeasts count; Staphylococcus aureus (qualitative); Salmonella spp (qualitative); Pseudomonas aeruginosa (qualitative); Enterobacteriaceae (qualitative); and Escherichia Coli (qualitative) in surgical / non-surgical gloves
BTEX, PAH, TPH and Ethanol determination in soil ILT-U-726
Party items determinations ILT-U-819 Airflow determination NBR 13883
Baby items determinations ILT-U-818 Peroxide determination; and DTX Test NBR 10334
NBR 13793
Determination of burning behaviour ILT-U-814 method A. ISO 15025
Matches determinations ILT-U-824 Striking performance Annex A only A.1 to A.9; Thermal Stability Annex B; Performance of the striking surface Annex C; Impact resistance Annex D; and Environmental and toxicological test Annex E EN 1783
Cobble determinations ILT-U-803 Shapes and dimensions; Breaking Strength (indirect tensile); Abrasion (wear wide wheel method); and Resistance Absorption EN 1338
Physical determinations in food ILT-U-823 pH value, ash, and moisture
Determination of hydraulic pressure (0 to 500 bar) ILT-U-003
Determination of hydraulic pressure ILT-U-259 0 to 150 bar
Total plate count determination in water ILT-U-817 SPC (Total plate count)
Microbiological analysis in food ILT-U-802 Mold and yeast; Salmonella; and Listeria monocytogenes
Microbiological determinations in water ILT-U-801 Enterobacteria and Legionella pneumophila
Hardness Shore ILT-U-688 Shore A ISO 868
Pitting and Crevice Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels and Related Alloys by Use of Ferric Chloride Solution ILT-U-356 Method B ASTM G48
Pressure cookers determinations ILT-U-799 Volumetric capacity and Operating pressures - point 4.3 EN 12778
Determination of pesticides on water ILT-U-474 Organophosphate pesticides (quantitative); and Organochlorine pesticides (quantitative)
Concentration of linolenic acid (ω3) in fish oil ILT-U-792 Linolenic acid (ω3)
Total hydrocarbon index, Magnesium, Fluoride and grease in water ILT-U-793 Total hydrocarbon index; Magnesium; Fluoride; and Grease
Antibiotic residues in meat ILT-U-794 Chloramphenicol; and Tetracycline
Drugs residues in water ILT-U-795 Sulfamethazine; Sulfaquinoxaline; Sulphamerazine; Sulfathiazole; and Sulfadimethoxine
Determinations in ethyl alcohol container ILT-U-790 Volumetric capacity of the container; internal diameter of the outlet; and container stability Portaria Nº 269
NBR 15991
Baby stroller determinations ILT-U-789 Irregular surface test; Stability; and Holes and openings EN 1888
NBR 14389
Textil determinations ILT-U-788 Water Permeability of Geotextiles; and Index Puncture Resistance of Geomembranes and Related Products ASTM D4833
ASTM D4491
Textil determinations ILT-U-787 Linear Density of Yarn ; Mass Per Unit Area (Weight); and Mass per Unit Area of Geotextiles ASTM D5261
ASTM D3776
ASTM D1907
Textil determinations ILT-U-786 Breaking Force and Elongation ASTM D5034
ASTM D5035
Textil determinations ILT-U-785 Width and length, Apparent Opening Size, and Nominal Thickness ASTM D3374
ASTM D4751
ASTM D5199
Determination of starch with polarimetry ILT-U-782 Polarimetry method
Determination of organic contaminants ILT-U-710 Organophosphorus pesticides (quantitative and quantitative), pyrethroids, Herbicides, PCB
Microbiological determinations in dietary supplements. ILT-U-780 TPC, Yeasts and moulds count, Absence or presence of Escherichia Coli, Absence or presence of Salmonella spp, Absence or presence of Staphylococcus aureus in Aqueous enteral feed and Nonaqueous enteral food
Chlorophyll determination in water ILT-U-779 Spectrophotometric method
Formaldehyde content in wood board sample ILT-U-770 EN 120
Determination of swelling and tensile strength perpendicular to the faces ILT-U-771 EN 317
EN 319
Drugs determinations ILT-U-760 Sterility according to by direct inoculation method and membrane filtration method; Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing; Toxicity 48 hours; Bacterial endotoxins determination using gel clot "in vitro pyrogen"; Pyrogen in vivo; Biological Reactivity Systemic; and Biological Reactivity intracutaneous United States Pharmacopeia 36
European Pharmacopoeia 7.0
Detecting Detrimental Intermetallic Phase in Duplex Austenitic/Ferritic Stainless Steels ILT-U-758 ASTM A923
Physicochemical and microbiological analysis in water (Heterotrophic bacteria and others determinations) ILT-U-756 Heterotrophic bacteria; Acidity; Fluoride; Total Coliforms; Alkalinity; Total phosphorus; Escherichia Coli; Hardness; Total Nitrogen; Thermotolerant coliforms; Chloride; Ammonia nitrogen; Residual chlorine; Color; Nitrate; Conductivity; Phenols; Nitrite; Sulfate; Sulfide; DBO; Dissolved Oxygen; and Turbidity
Density and moisture content in wood based panels ILT-U-754 EN 323
EN 322
Bending steel ILT-U-753 (ESP) Bend. ISO 7438
(ESP) VDA 238-100
(ESP) Nch 201
Physicochemical determinations in Industrial wastewater ILT-U-752 DBO; DQO; pH; Total suspended solids; Settleable solids; Dissolved oxygen; Oil and greases
Physicochemical determinations in Treated water ILT-U-748 Amonia; Chloride; Total Hardness; Nitrate; Nitrite; Total Disolved Solids; Sulfate; Anionic Surfactants; and Alkalinity
Physicochemical determinations in Public water supply, River water and Purified water ILT-U-749 Apparent colour; pH; Tubidity; Fluoride: Free residual chlorine; and Electric conductivity
Microbiological determinations in drinking water, residential water reservoir and river water ILT-U-706 Total Coliform; E. coli; and Heterotrophic Bacteria
Water determinations ILT-U-746 PCB's; Acrylamide; n-Alkanes; Herbicides; Toxaphene; and Total Organic Carbon
Microbiological determinations in food ILT-U-747 Total Plate Count; Total Coliform Count; Total Coliform NMP; Positive Staphilococcus aureus coagulase; Yest and Moulds; and Salmonella NOM-111-SSA1-1994
Chemical Analysis of Chocolate Drink Powder ILT-U-745 Ory matter; Ash (550°C); Fat (total); Protein (N x 6.25); Vitamin A; Vitamin B1; Vitamin 03; Calcium; Phosphorus; Lead; Cadmium; Sucrose; and Lactose
Tensile Testing of Metallic Materials. ILT-U-421 Method of Test at Elevated Temperatures (980 °c) ASTM E21
Cosmetic Dermatological Test ILT-U-743 Acute Oral Toxicity Irritation / Corrosion Dermal Repeated. Irritation / Corrosion Eye Skin irritation / corrosion APPRAISAL OF SAFETY OF CHEMICALS IN FOOD, DRUGS AND COSMETIC F.D.A
OECD 404
OECD 405
OECD 423
Water determinations ILT-U-704 Oil & Grease; pH; Nitrate; Chlorine Free; Nitrite; Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD); Chromium Hexavalent; Conductivity; Fluoride; Cyanide, and Chloride
Total and thermotolerant coliforms determinations on chicken sample ILT-U-741 Thermotolerant coliforms; and Total coliforms
Water determinations (Clean and purified Water) ILT-U-735 Clean Water Heterotrophic bacteria Total coliforms and Escherichia coli Determination of color by spectrophotometric method - single wavelength Determination of the nephelometric turbidity method LQ: 0.20 NTU Determination of ammonia by the colorimetric method LQ: 0,30mg / L Determination of hardness by the titrimetric method EDTA LQ: 10 mg / L Nitrite determination by colorimetry LQ: 0.030 mg / L Determination of nitrate reduction method with cadmium LQ: 0.3mg / L Determination of iron by the colorimetric method phenanthroline LQ: 0,20mg / L Fe (to be confirmed) Determination chlorides by ferricyanide method LQ: 2.0mg / L Determination of sulfates by turbidimetry LQ: 5mg / L Fluoride determination by colorimetry LQ: 0.2 mg / L Purified Water Determination of Total Organic Carbon Content Determination of acidity or alkalinity by the method As qualitative / Non-compliant Determination of pH by electrometric method Range: 1-13 Determination of electrolytic conductivity LQ: 2 ZS / cm Determination of residual chlorine by the method colorimetric with N, N-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine (DPD) LQ: 0.2 mg / L Determination of electrolytic conductivity LQ: 2 ZS / cm
Children´s products and articles holidays school stuff determinations ILT-U-737 Total bacterial count; Count of yeasts and molds; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Staphylococcus aureus; and Escherichia coli
Drugs determinations ILT-U-734 Count of yeasts and molds; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Staphylococcus aureus; Escherichia coli; Candida albicans; and Salmonella
Cosmetics determinations (microbiological) ILT-U-733 count of fungi and yeasts; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Staphylococcus aureus; Escherichia coli; Candida albicans; Clostridium sp; and Total bacterial count
Moisture and mass loss in green coffee ILT-U-731 ASAE S352.2 APR1988 (R2012)
ISO 6673
Physical Chemical determinations on Water ILT-U-712 Chrome; Sulfate; pH; Barium; Total suspended particulates paper / glass membrane; and Lead on paper / glass membrane
Dithiocarbamates determination by UV-VIS spectrophotometry ILT-U-713 EN 12396-2
Physical determinations in leather ILT-U-714 Thickness; and Tensile strength and elongation ISO 2589
ISO 3376
Handle fatigue determination ILT-U-650 BS EN 12983
pH determination on noncarbonated beverage ILT-U-702 pH value.
Determination of ethoxylated alkylphenols ILT-U-705 ISO/DIS 18218-2
Determination of the edge crush resistance after laboratory fluting ILT-P-02 ISO 16945
Random vibration with and without top load ILT-L-04 ISO 13355
ASTM D4728
Sine vibration test ILT-L-02 ISO 8318
Composition Proximal and Sodium determinations in fish ILT-U-696
Volatile basic nitrogen determination in fish ILT-U-697
Histamine determination in fish ILT-U-698
Hardness Leeb ILT-U-693 ASTM A956
Energy efficiency determinations ILT-U-692 Ventilators Portaria N° 20
Microbiological determinations in food ILT-U-690 Herbal tea, Chamomile
Microbiological analysis in food ILT-U-689 Salmonella; Yeast and molds (Count); Bacillus cereus (Count); Lactic acid bacteria (Count); Heretróficas bacteria (Count); and pH
Determinations in nonwovens ILT-U-678 Determination of mass per unit area ISO 9073-1
EN 29073-1
Width and length determination in Textile ILT-U-679 ISO 22198
Failure in sewn seams determination in Textile ILT-U-680 ASTM D1683
Mass Per Unit Area (Weight) of Fabric ILT-U-677 ASTM D3776
Weaves determinations ILT-U-676 ISO 3572
Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test ILT-U-683 Method B – Cross Cut Test. ASTM D3359
Evaluation of Painted or Coated Specimens Subjected to Corrosive Environments ILT-U-687 Time test 120 hs ASTM D1654
Degree of Blistering of Paints test ILT-U-686 ASTM D714 ASTM D714
Degree of Rusting on Painted Steel Surfaces test ILT-U-685 ASTM D610
Yerba Mate microbiological determinations ILT-U-682
Tea microbiological determinations ILT-U-681 Coliform Count; Total count of mesophilic aerobes; Yeast and Mold Count; Escherichia coli Research; and Salmonella Research
Micrometers determinations ILT-U-675 0 - 500 mm (0.001)
Roasted ground coffee determination ILT-U-674 IN-16-2010 - Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil Regulation.
Determination of glyphosate ILT-U-658 HPLC HPLC
Hardness Rockwell ILT-U-657 HRC 15N ASTM E18
ISO 6508
Safety determination of toys ILT-U-655 Migration of certain elements EN 71-3
NM 300-3
ISO 8124-3
Physical and mechanical properties of Toys ILT-U-653 ASTM F963
EN 71-1
NM 300-1
Flammability Test Toys ILT-U-654 EN 71-2
NM 300-2
Air flow from caps for writing instruments ILT-U-647 ISO 11540
UVA and UVB grade in sunglasses ILT-U-652 EN 1836
Flammabilty Test in plush toys ILT-U-651 ISO 3795
Torque resistance in small saucepan determination ILT-U-649 BS EN 12983
Phthalates in dolls determination ILT-U-648 EN 14372
NBR 16040
Colour fastness to rubbing determination in Textile ILT-U-638 Colour fastness to rubbing EN ISO 17700 – A
Tensile strength determination in Textile ILT-U-640 Tensile strength EN 13522
Flex resistance test in Textile ILT-U-639 Flex resistance EN 13512
Abrasion test in Textile ILT-U-637 Martindale method EN 13520
Cots (cradle). Safety requirements. ILT-B-02 EN 716; NBR 15860-1 and NBR 15860-2. EN 716-1
EN 716-2
NBR 15860-1
NBR 15860-2
Textile determinations ILT-U-628 Tear resistance; Color fastness to perchlorethylene determination; Recouvery from creasing of a horizontally folded specimen by measuring the angle of recouvery; Density of yarns; Methods for the presentation of a weave diagram and plans for drafting, denting and lifting; and Oil repelances EN ISO 13937-3
ISO 13937-2
ISO 105 D01
ISO 7211-5
ISO 7211-1
ISO 14419
ISO 22313
Crude fish oil determinations ILT-U-627 Acidity; unsaponifiable matter; Index anisidine; Peroxide; Test cold; and Profile of fatty acids by GC ISO 660
ISO 662
ISO 3596
AOCS Cc 11 – 53
AOCS Cd 18-90
AOCS Ce 1b-89
Hardness Brinell ILT-U-630 HBW 2,5/187,5 ASTM E10
ISO 6506
Soybean oil determinations ILT-C-21
Sunflower oil determinations ILT-C-20
Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates ILT-U-512 Mortar-Bar Method ASTM C1260
Determining the Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Combinations of Cementitious Materials and Aggregate ILT-U-513 Accelerated Mortar-Bar Method ASTM C1567
Tensile Properties of Plastics ILT-U-550 ASTM D638
Heavy metals in wastewater determinations ILT-U-551 APHA, AWWA and WEF, 3030E and 3111B methods. APHA, AWWA and WEF
Leather determinations ILT-U-554 Chromic Oxide in leather; Total Lead; and Chromium and Aluminum ISO 5398-1
EN 71-3
Determination of density of plastics by the density gradient technique. Gradient Column ILT-U-556 ASTM D1505
Determination of the transition temperature of polymers by differential scanning calorimetry ILT-U-557 ASTM D3418
Fish determinations ILT-U-575 sulfites; Organochlorine pesticides; Metal contaminants (Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Tin); Waste phenicols (Chloramphenicol); and Histamine residues
Meat determinations ILT-U-762 Total nitrogen nitrites Metal contaminants (Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Tin) Residues of nitrofuran metabolites (AOZ-AMOZ) Waste phenicols (Chloramphenicol) Organochlorine Pesticide Residues Detection of Listeria monocytogenes Determination of E. coli O157 Coagulase positive Staphylococcus count
Beverages determinations ILT-U-577 Benzoic Ac, Ac ascorbic, caffeine, and Preservatives (sorbic acid and benzoic acid)
Fruit and vegetable determinations ILT-U-761 Metal contaminants (Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic), and Pesticide Residues Organofosforadps
Reducing sugars and non-reducing honey determinations ILT-U-579 Fehling
Detection of Salmonella spp in mayonnaise ILT-U-580 ISO 6579
Cereals determinations ILT-U-583 Iron; Vitamins (B1-B2); Total Nitrogen; Mesophilic aerobic microorganisms count; Bacillus cereus count; and Yeast and mold count
Water determinations ILT-U-585 alkalinity; chlorides; Free residual chlorine and conductivity; Determination of pH; Calcium and magnesium; Determination of coliforms (NMP); Determination of fecal origin coliformesde (NMP); and Pseudomonas aeruginosa determining - NMP
Absorbency of Textiles ILT-U-595 AATCC 79
Whiteness in textile ILT-U-594 AATCC 110
Bacterial endotoxin determination ILT-U-593 Bacterial endotoxin
Chemical tests in leather ILT-U-592 pH ISO 4045
Quantitative chemical analysis in textiles ILT-U-591 Mixtures of cellulose and polyester fibres (method using sulfuric acid) ISO 1833-11
Quantitative chemical analysis in textiles ILT-U-590 Mixtures of acetate and certain other fibres (method using acetone) ISO 1833-3
Test for colour fastness to rubbing ILT-U-589 ISO 105 X12
(ESP) GB/T 3920
Textile determinations ILT-U-588 Grammage; dimension; and pH ISO 3801
ISO 3071
ISO 22198
Determination of selenium concentration in selenium powder. ILT-U-586
input power (DC) and output power (AC) for performance calculations (Photovoltaic) ILT-U-582 IEC 61683
Brinell Hardness ILT-U-574 HBW 1/30 ASTM E10
ISO 6506
Radiated emissions test and conducted emissions ILT-U-572 ISO 11452
ISO 7637-2
Drink water determinations ILT-U-571 Chloride, nitrite, ammonium, hardness, sulfates, residual chlorine, oxidisability, volatile residue, odor, color, Total alkalinity, pH, turbidity, calcium, magnesium, and conductivity
Physical determinations in tobacco products ILT-U-569 ISO 6565
ISO 2971
Total bacterial count in flour ILT-U-570 ISO 4833
Pesticides in tomatoes detreminations ILT-U-568 Alfacipermetrina, Alletrin, cipermetrina, Cihalotrina, deltametrina, Ciflutrina, permetrina, and Fenvalerato
Ash content of lubricating greases ILT-U-567 ASTM D482
Measurement of extreme-pressure properties of lubricating grease ILT-U-566 ASTM D2596
ASTM D2266
Measurement of extreme-pressure properties of lubricating fluids ILT-U-565 ASTM D4172
Water content in petroleum products by distillation ILT-U-564 ASTM D95
Radiated emission and conducted emission determinations ILT-U-563 CISPR 25
Determination of non-metallic inclusions ILT-U-562 DIN 50602
Impact test in CHARPY type, V-notch specimens ILT-U-561 High Level enery, Srike 8mm, and Temperature -40 °c ISO 148-1
GOSTO 9454
GB/T 229
Tires determinations ILT-U-560 FMVSS119, FMVSS139 and FMVSS 109 FMVSS 109
Self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps for general lighting services ILT-U-553 Clause 5; 6; and 7 IEC 60969
Climatic Test (humidity and temperature) for shipping containers ILT-U-549 ISTA
Random Vibration Testing of Shipping Containers ILT-U-548 ASTM D4728
Vibration Testing of Shipping Containers ILT-U-547 ASTM D4728
Biomass determination ILT-U-542 EN 14774-1
EN 14775
EN 15148
EN 15104
EN 15289
Bassinets and cradles determinations ILT-U-546 16 CFR 1220
Bassinets and cradles determinations ILT-U-545 ASTM F2194
16 CFR 1218
Bassinets and cradles determinations ILT-U-544 ASTM F2194
Authentication, Toxins and GMO in Basmati Rice ILT-U-543 Total Aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1 y G2); Aflatoxin B1, Ochratoxin, T2/HT2 Toxin, Zearelanone, GMO Test, and Basmati Rice Authentication test HPLC
Wastewater determinations ILT-U-541 ASTM D240, SM 4500-Cl G, SM 2540 G, SM 4500-H B, and SM 2540 G ASTM D240
SM 2540
SM 4500
Dielectric Constant, Electrical Resistance, DC Resistance & Conductance ILT-U-540 ASTM D991
Dielectric strength and leakage current ILT-U-539 CSA 195
CSA 109
Determination of formaldehyde in textiles ILT-U-537 VDA 275
EN ISO 14184-1
Quality determination in rice ILT-U-536 For inspections bodies and test laboratories ISO 17020
Determination of dezincification resistance of copper alloys with zinc ILT-U-535 ISO 6509
Determination of metals in soil ILT-U-534 Ca, Mg, K and Zn.
Test luminaire photometry ILT-U-533 IESNA LM 79
Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres — Salt spray tests ILT-U-532 EN ISO 9227
Determination of pesticide residues in food ILT-U-1869 Chlorpyrifos; cadusafos; diazinon; Dimethenamid-P; ethoprophos; Forato; pirimicarb; triazophos; azoxystrobin: bifenthrin; diazinon; ethoprophos; fenarimol; fenpropimorph; fludioxonil; hexythiazox; imazalil; iprodione; methiocarb; myclobutanil; penconazole; permethrin; pyraclostrobin; pirimicarb; procymidone; triadimefon triazophos; trifloxystrobin; BitertanolA; Carbofuran; ethoprophos; fenamiphos; fenarimol; fenpropimorph; imazalil; Imidacloprid; myclobutanil; pyraclostrobin; terbufos; triadimenol
Determination of brucellosis in bovine serum lyophilized ILT-U-529 Lyophilized Lyophilized
Determinations concentrated oil with Omega 3 and raw fish oil. ILT-U-528 Acidity; Unsaponifiable matter; Anisidine value; Peroxide value; Humidity; Proof of cold; and Fatty acid composition
Hardness Vickers ILT-U-527 HV10 ISO 6507-3
Determination of glyphosate in strawberries ILT-U-526 HPLC HPLC
Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs ILT-U-524 BS EN 1186-9
Determination of 2 % Secant Modulus for Polyethylene Geomembranes ILT-U-523 ASTM D5323
Oxygen gas transmission rate determination ILT-U-522 ASTM F1227
Water vapor transmission rate determination ILT-U-521 ASTM F1249
Hot seal strength determination ILT-U-520 ASTM F1921
Tear-propagation resistance determination ILT-U-519 ASTM D1938
Coefficients of friction ILT-U-517 ASTM D1894
OD Test ILT-U-515 ASTM D1505
Wetting tension test ILT-U-514 ASTM D2578
Compressive strength of concrete cylinders ILT-U-511 ASTM C39/C39M.
Nch 1037
Determinations in aggregates ILT-U-510 Wear resistance of the aggregates of sizes smaller than 37.5 mm (1 ½ "); and wear resistance of the coarse aggregates larger size of 19 mm (3/4 ") ASTM C131
Quantity of the fine material passing through sieve # 200 ILT-U-509 INV E-214
Soil determinations ILT-U-508 Humidity; specific gravity of solids; moisture; liquid limit; plastic Limit; standard proctor; proctor modified; unconfined compression; CBR; direct cut; proctor modified; and consolidation ASTM D2435
ASTM D3080
ASTM D1883
ASTM D2166
ASTM D1557
ASTM D4318
ASTM D2216
NCh 1515
NCh 1534/2
Unconfined compression in soil samples ILT-U-507 INV E-152
ASTM D2166
Dimensional consolidation of soils ILT-U-506 ASTM D2435
INV E-151
CBR and humidity determination ILT-U-505 ASTM D1883
ASTM D2216
Soil determinations ILT-U-504 Liquid Limit and Plastic Limit; organic impurities; compaction standard Proctor method, compaction modified Proctor method, and unconfined compressive strength ASTM D698
ASTM D1557
ASTM D2166
ASTM D4318
Determination of specific gravity of soil and mineral filler ILT-U-503 INV E-128
ASTM D 854
Determination of water content of soil, rock and soil-aggregate mixtures and soil particle size analysis by sieving ILT-U-502 INV E-122
INV E-123
ASTM D2216
Biomass determinations ILT-U-499 GCV, % ash, % Sulphur and % Carbon value.
Analysis of Physicochemical determinations in foods ILT-U-498 Ash content; Fat content; Moisture; Nitrogen; Fat; TVB-N; Histamine; Nitrite content; pH; EC; TDS; Turbidity; Alkalinity; Ammonium; and Total Chlorine
Pesticide residue testing in fruits and vegetables ILT-U-497
Determination of Tin impurities. ILT-U-351 Determinations: Sb, Pb, Bi, Cu, Fe, As, In, Co, Zn, Ni, Al, S, Cd, Ag and others
Determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling ILT-U-170 Modified Martindale method EN ISO 12945-2
Hardness Brinell HRB ILT-U-174 HBW 3/62.5 ASTM E10
ISO 6506
Hardness Brinell HRB ILT-U-175 HB 2.5/62.5 ASTM E10
ISO 6506
Determining the relative corrosion resistance of metal samples exposed in a salt spray chamber. ILT-U-468 Appendix A5. ASTM G85
Determination of Sodium, Total Protein, Total Fat, Moisture, Total Glucids and Crude Fiber. ILT-U-467
Listeria Monocytogenes, Salmonella spp, Aerobic count determinations ILT-U-466
Lead content determination in canned tuna fish ILT-U-465
Organotin compounds determination ILT-U-464 (ESP) ISO 16179 ISO 16179
Baby cribs, play yard, bassinets and cradles determinations ILT-U-463 (ESP) ASTM F2194 ASTM F2194
Determination of number of threads per unit lenght ILT-U-462 (ESP) BS 5441 BS 5441
Determinations in soil ILT-U-482 Grading, bitumen content, thickness and thickness, density and compaction control. ASTM D2172
ASTM D3549
ASTM D2426
AASHTO T230-68
Determination of saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated in food ILT-U-483
Testing Water Resistance of Coatings in 100% Relative Humidity ILT-U-126 240 hours. ASTM D2247
Honey determinations ILT-U-485 Chlorobenzelate; gamma-HCH; Cumafos; Phosalone; Endosulfan I; Endosulfan II; Endosulphan Sulphate; Malathion; 2,4’- DDT; 4,4’-DDT; &#946;-HCH; &#945;-HCH; and&#948;-HCH
Nondestructive Measurement of Dry Film Thickness of Nonmagnetic Coatings ILT-U-486 (ESP) ASTM D 7091 and NCh-1007 Of. 1989. ASTM D7091
NCh-1007 Of. 1989.
Taber Abrasion ILT-U-487 (ESP) ASTM D3389 and NCh 773/2 Of. 1992. ASTM D3389
NCh 773/2 Of. 1992.
Fatty acid profile determination in foods. ILT-U-481 myristic acid; myristoleic; palmitic; palmitoleic; stearic; oleic; linoleic; arachidic; Ecosenoico; behenic; erucic; and lignoseric
CTOD – Crack tip opening displacement test of metallic materials ILT-U-489 (ESP) BS 7448. BS 7448-1
Determination of grammage of the component papers after separation ILT-U-490 (ESP) ISO 3039 ISO 3039
Determination of the edge crush resistance after laboratory fluting ILT-U-491 ISO 16945 ISO 16945
Determination of grease resistance – Part 1: Permeability test ILT-U-492 (ESP) ISO 16532-1 ISO 16532-1
Determination of grease resistance – Part 2: Surface repellency test ILT-U-493 (ESP) ISO 16532-2 ISO 16532-2
Determination of grease resistance ILT-U-493 ISO 16532-2 ISO 16532-2
Determination of grease resistance – Part 3: Turpentine test for voids in glassine and greaseproof papers ILT-U-494 (ESP) ISO 16532-3 ISO 16532-3
Determination of metals in drink water ILT-U-495
Wood based panels and products ILT-U-496 (ESP) EN 717-3 EN 717-3
Determination of different parameters in helmets ILT-U-461 (ESP) ANSI Z89 ANSI Z89
Seawater determinations ILT-U-458
Calibration of electrical magnitudes ILT-U-457 Voltage (DC); Voltage (AC @ 50 Hz); Current (DC); Current (AC @ 50 Hz); Frecuency; and Resistance
Determination of mass per unit area using small samples ILT-U-455 (ESP) ISO 12127 ISO 12127
Quantitative chemical analysis in textiles ILT-U-454 Ternary fiber mixtures ISO 1833-2
Determination of dimensional change in washing and drying ILT-U-453 (ESP) ISO 5077 ISO 5077
Colour fastness to rubbing determination in Textile ILT-U-452 Colour fastness to rubbing ISO 105 X2
Determinations of colour fastness to perspiration ILT-U-451 (ESP) Colour fastness to perspiration ISO 105 E04
(ESP) GB/T 3922
Steels – Determination of depth of decarburization ILT-U-443 (ESP) EN ISO 3887 EN ISO 3887
Microstructure of cast irons ILT-U-445 Graphite classification by visual analysis EN ISO 945-1
Metallographic determination of the Delta ferrite content in austenitic Semi-finished products ILT-U-447 Fusing test AVS E 63/01 A
Geotextile determinations ILT-U-446 Tensile Properties; Trapezoid Tearing Strength; Static Puncture Strength; and Grab Breaking Load and Elongation ASTM D4632
ASTM D4533
ASTM D4595
ASTM D6241
Rice determinations ILT-U-448 Broken%; Whiteness; Humidity; and Performance.
Cholesterol determination ILT-U-449 Gaseous chromatography
Textile determinations ILT-U-450 Colour fastness to artificial light: Xenon arc fading lamp test; Colorfastness to Crocking Testing; Colorfastness to Perspiration Testing; Colorfastness to Laundering Testing; Colorfastness to Sea Water Testing; and Fiber Analysis: Qualitative and Quantitative AATCC 106
ISO 105-B02
Determining masses with reference weights ILT-U-007 0.01 Kg to 0.05 Kg. M1 Class
Determining masses with reference weights ILT-U-008 Weights M1 class
Determination of resistance to intergranular corrosion of stainless steels (Method A) ILT-U-444 Ferritic,austenitic and ferritic-austenitic (duplex) stainless steels - Corrosion test in media containing sulfuric acid (Method A) EN ISO 3651-2
Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics ILT-U-442 Martindale Abrasion Tester Method ASTM D4966
Water Repellency: Spray Test ILT-U-441 (ESP) AATCC 22 AATCC 22
Textile determinations ILT-U-440 Wrinkle Recovery of Fabrics: Appearance Method; Maximum force to seam rupture using the grab method; Hydraulic method for determination of bursting strength and bursting distension; Pneumatic method for determination of bursting strength and bursting distension; Tearing Strength of Fabrics by the Tongue (Single Rip) Procedure (Constant-Rate-of-Extension Tensile Testing Machine); Basic ligaments of woven fabrics; and Determination of the width of tissue of nonwovens and fabrics AATCC 128
ISO 13935-2
ISO 13938-1
ISO 13938-2
ASTM D2261
NBR 12546
ISO 3572
NBR 10589
ISO 22198
Determinations in ceramic tile ILT-U-439 (ESP) ISO 10545-2; ISO 10545-3; ISO 10545-4; ISO 10545-6; ISO 10545-7; ISO 10545-11; ISO 10545-12; ISO 10545-14; and ISO 10545-13 ISO 10545-3
ISO 10545-4
ISO 10545-7
ISO 10545-13
ISO 10545-12
ISO 10545-14
ISO 10545-2
ISO 10545-6
ISO 10545-11
Tensile testing of rubber ILT-U-438 (ESP) ASTM D438 ASTM D412
ISO 3376
Wattage measurements of electric appliances ILT-U-437 IEC 60335-2-14. IEC 60335-1
Edible oil determinations ILT-U-436 Refractive index; Free fatty acids; Peroxide value; Iodine value; Saponification value; Unsapofonifiable matter; Matter volatile; and Impurities
Aflatoxin and Fumonisin determinations in feed ILT-U-434
Determination of temperature rise on electric switches ILT-U-433 IEC 60669-1
Determination of the resistance to simple and triaxial compression ILT-U-432 (ESP) ASTM C170 ASTM C170
Ultraviolet protection factor determination ILT-U-427 (ESP) AATCC 183 AATCC 183
Determination of mass per unit area of fabric ILT-U-428 (ESP) ISO 3801 ISO 3801
Determination of tearing strength ILT-U-429 (ESP) BS EN ISO 13937-1 BS EN ISO 13937-1
Determination of dimensional stability to washing ILT-U-430 (ESP) BS EN ISO 6330 BS EN ISO 6330
Determination of pH value in fabric ILT-U-431 (ESP) AATCC 81 or ISO 3071 AATCC 81
ISO 3071
Evaluating the Microstructure of Graphite in Iron Castings ILT-U-154 (ESP) ASTM A247 ASTM A247
Mechanical and physical tests in leather ILT-U-426 Tensile strength and percentage elongation; tear load; Water vapour permeability and Water vapour absorption. EN ISO 17229
EN ISO 14268
EN ISO 3377-2
EN ISO 3376
Determination of the slippage resistance of yarns at a seam in woven fabrics ILT-U-425 Fixe load method EN ISO 13936-2
Determination of tear force wing- shaped test specimens ILT-U-424 (ESP) EN ISO 13937-3 EN ISO 13937-3
Viscosity determining corrosion inhibitors ILT-U-423 (ESP) ASTM D2196 ASTM D2196
Power input, electric strength and leakage current and cross sectional area for supply cord conductors ILT-U-419 (ESP) IEC 60335-1 IEC 60335-1
Measurement time ILT-U-418 Digital chronometer
Determinations of Pyrethroids fat; Quinolones in animal tissue; and Thiabendazole in citrus ILT-U-416
Testing of earthing ILT-U-415 (ESP) IEC 60950 IEC 60950
Metal determinations in foods ILT-U-413
Determination of vitamins, protein, ash, pH, humidity, NBV, fats and oils in food ILT-U-412
Determination of antibiotics and aflatoxins in food ILT-U-411
Determination of pyrethroid and pesticides in food ILT-U-414
Analysis of determination grain size and phase balance ILT-U-410 Duplex materials ASTM E112
Determination of crude protein, crude fiber and ash in foods ILT-U-409
Cereal & pulses, Guar gum, Spices & condiment, Oil seeds and Drinking water determinations ILT-U-404 AOAC
Water determinations ILT-U-400 DQO; methylene blue active substances; DBO; pH; Suspended solids; and Substances soluble in ethyl ether
Olive oil determinations ILT-U-391 AOCS Methods
Olive oil determinations ILT-U-391 AOCS Methods
Determination of colour fastness to chlorinated pool water. ILT-U-399 (ESP) ISO 105-E03 and NTC 850 ISO 105-E03
NTC 850
Determination of colour fastness to sea water ILT-U-398 (ESP) NTC 850 NTC 850
Test for colour fasness to hot pressing. ILT-U-397 (ESP) ISO 105 – X 11 and NTC 766. NTC 766
ISO 105 – X 11
Test method for tensile properties of yarns ILT-U-396 Sinlge-strand method ASTM D2256
NTC 386
Twsit in single yarns. ILT-U-395 Twisting and untwisting method. NTC 443
Yarn. Determination of Twist in Yarns. ILT-U-394 Direct Couting Method. NTC 752
Tests for colour fastness to drycleaning ILT-U-393 (ESP) EN ISO 105 D01 EN ISO 105 D 01
Determination of breaking strength and elongation of fabrics ILT-U-392 Strip Method ASTM D5035
Quantitative analysis of fibers. Textile ILT-U-388 (ESP) NTC 481. NTC 481
Skewness Change in Fabric and Garment Twist. ILT-U-389 Resulting from Automatic Home Laundering NTC 5121
Pull-off test for adhesion ILT-U-383 Method E ASTM 4541
Ultimate Analysis of Coal, Carbon, Hydrogen ILT-U-380 Instrumental Method, Hardgrove Index (HGI) in coal ASTM D3176-09
ASTM D 3177-02
ASTM D5373-08
Chlorine – Bomb combustion & ISE, Fluorine – Bomb combustion & ISE and Minor and Major Elements (Coal Ash) ILT-U-381 XRF in Coal ASTM D4208
ASTM D3761-10
Watch buyer centesimal ILT-U-378
caliper gauge ILT-U-377 caliper 0-1000 mm (Reading 0.02mm).
Socket outlet test ILT-U-379 (ESP) IEC 60884-1 IEC 60884-1
Switch test ILT-U-370 (ESP) IEC 60669-1 IEC 60669-1
Fiber Analysis: qualitative and quantitative determinations ILT-U-375 (ESP) AATCC 20 and AATCC 20A AATCC 20
Fiber Reinforced Plastics test ILT-U-374 (ESP) ISO 527-4, ISO 527-5, ISO 14125, ISO 14126, & ISO 14130. ISO 527-4
ISO 527-5
ISO 14125
ISO 14126
ISO 14130
Determinations in coal ILT-U-373 Coal Sample Preparation, Moisture in the Analysis Sample, Ash Content, Volatile Matter and Total Sulphur by IR Spectroscopy ASTM D346
ASTM D3173
ASTM D3174
ASTM D3175
ASTM D4239
ASTM D3177
Determinations in coal ILT-U-372 Ash Fusibility Temperatures , Total moisture, Gross calorific coal value, Crucible Swelling Number ASTM D1857
ASTM D2961-11
ASTM D5865-12
Water determinations ILT-U-369 - Determination of heavy metals by atomic absorption spectrophotometry by Air - Acetylene Flame . (Cu, Zn, Ni, Cd, Pb and Co); Determination of Arsenic by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Hydride Generation; Determination of Heavy Metals by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry nitrous oxide - acetylene flame . ( V and Cr); and Determination of Total Mercury by DMA -80
Water determinations ILT-U-368 Determination of phenolic compounds (phenol index) by UV-absorption spectrophotometry V IS (method 4-aminoantipyrine); Determination of settleable solids in water; Determination of N-NO3; Determination of N-NO2; Determination Sulphate; Determination of phosphorus compounds (orthophosphate, polyphosphate and total phosphorus); Determination of Calcium and Magnesium; Determination of Dissolved Oxygen and BOD5; Determination of COD; Determination of Chloride; Determination of Total Fe; Determination of ammonia nitrogen in water; Determination of pH in water; and Determination of conductivity and / or Salinity
Water determination´s ILT-U-368 Determination of phenolic compounds (phenol index) by UV-absorption spectrophotometry V IS (method 4-aminoantipyrine).
Determination of settleable solids in water.
Determination of N-NO3.
Determination of N-NO2.
Determination Sulphate
Determination of phosphorus compounds (orthophosphate, polyphosphate and total phosphorus).
Determination of Calcium and Magnesium.
Determination of Dissolved Oxygen and BOD5.
Determination of COD
Determination of Chloride
Determination of Total Fe
Determination of ammonia nitrogen in water.
Determination of pH in water.
Determination of conductivity and / or Salinity
Coal determnations ILT-U-358 Moisture; Total in Coal; Ash Content of Petroleum Products; Volatile Matter; and Sulfur Total ASTM D3302
ASTM D3175
ASTM D3177
Determination of Brookfield Viscosity and hardness shore A ILT-U-359 Hardness Shore A; and Viscosity ISO 7619
ISO 2555
Directive 2011/65/EU, RoHS2. ILT-U-974 Pb and Cd determination by atomic absorption or ICP; Hg determination by atomic absorption, cold vapor generator or ICP; Hexavalent Chromium determination by UV-VIS spectrophotometry; PBBs and PBDEs determination by gas chromatography; and Determination of lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium and bromine by XRF spectroscopy. RoHS2
Roughness and contour determinations ILT-U-357
Roughness and contour determinations ILT-U-357
Microbiology determinations in species ILT-U-355 Total Plate Count; Total Coliform Count; E. coli; Positive Staphilococcus aureus coagulasa; Clostridium Perfringens; and Salmonella
Determination of H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) in crude oil ILT-U-353 (ESP) UOP 163. UOP 163
IP code Test in external lighting ILT-U-352 (ESP) IEC 60529 IEC 60529
Test Method for Salts in Crude Oil ILT-U-346 (ESP) ASTM D3230 ASTM D3230
Test Method for Water and Sediment in Crude Oil ILT-U-349 (ESP) ASTM D4007 ASTM D4007
Test Method for API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and Petroleum Products (Hydrometer Method) ILT-U-350 (ESP) ASTM D287 ASTM D287
Test Method for Linear Density of Yarn (Yarn Number) ILT-U-348 (ESP) ASTM D1907 (NTC 842) ASTM D1907
NTC 842
Test Method for Tearing Strength of Fabrics ILT-U-347 Falling-Pendulum (Elmendorf-Type) Apparatus ASTM D1424
NTC 313-2
Determination of color fastness to light and transpiration. ILT-U-345 (ESP) AATCC 15 and AATCC 16 (NTC 1479 and 772) AATCC 15
NTC 1479
NTC 772
Wet blue determinations (leather) ILT-U-340 Chrome content; pH; TCMTB content; and Moisture ISO 5398
ASTM D6657
ISO 13365
ASTM D6658
Determination of presence of mycotoxins in grains ILT-U-339 Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2; Zearalenone; and ochratoxin by HPLC DON (deoxynivalenol) vomitoxin; Trichothecenes: DON deoxynivalenol) -T2 (tetraol - Screening) - HT2 (Screening) - 3-acetyl-DON - Nivalenol by Gas chromatography, mass
Polymers and Phenolic resins determinations ILT-U-338 Heat and temperatures of reaction by differential scanning calorimetry, and Termogravimety (mass loss) and differential scanning calorimetry ISO 11357
ISO 11358
ISO 11409
Determination of presence (quantity) of lead, cadmium, copper and zinc in Feed mix. ILT-U-337 Lead, cadmium, copper and zinc by Atomic absorption spectrometry
Toys determination ILT-U-336 Bite Resistance; Beilstein Resistance; and General, Mechanical and Physical Properties (visual inspection) Portaria 563/2016
Determination of presence erucic acid rape – Fatty acid profile ILT-U-335 Fatty acid profile - Gas chromatography
Determination of pesticides in vegetables ILT-U-334 Organophosphate pesticides (quantitative) and Organochlorine pesticides (quantitative)
Fibre Optic connector determination ILT-U-333 Insertion loss measurement IEC 61300-3-4
IEC 61280-4-1
Ethanol determinations. Water impurities, sulphur, chlorides, sulfates, and density. ILT-k-05 EN 15489; EN 15486; EN 15492 and ASTM D4052 EN 15486
EN 15489
EN 15492
ASTM D4052
Determination of pesticides in Grains ILT-U-332 Organophosphate pesticides (quantitative) and Organochlorine pesticides (quantitative)
Determinations in phosphate rock ILT-U-331 Phosphorus Pentoxide (%P2O5); Silicon Oxide (%SiO); Fe2O3, Al2O3, MgO, K2O, Na2O, Cd, Sr, CaO; and Total chloride (ppm Cl)
Insulation resistance determination in electrical switches for household and similar fixed ILT-U-326 (ESP) IEC 60669-1 and NTC 1337 IEC 60669-1
Tension testing of steel wire ILT-U-313 ASTM E8 ASTM E8
Quantitative chemical analysis in textiles ILT-U-329 (ESP) ISO 1833 ISO 1833-1 (annex B).
Electrical resistance in conductors of insulated cables ILT-U-312 Annexed A. IEC 60228
Electrical resistance, conductivity and resistivity detrmination in electrical cables. ILT-U-311 (ESP) IEC 60468 and NMX-J-212-ANCE IEC 60468
Benzene determination charcoal tubes ILT-U-293 NIOSH 1501 NIOSH 1501
Hardness Knoop ILT-U-308 HK 1 ASTM E384
Flammability of materials used in the occupant compartments of motor vehicles ILT-U-307 (ESP) FMVSS 302 FMVSS 302
Corrosion test purpose in tents ILT-U-296 (ESP) NTMD – 0026 – A1 NTMD – 0026 – A1
Density and Specific Gravity (Relative Density) of Plastics by Displacement ILT-U-292 (ESP) ASTM D792 ASTM D792
Flashover characteristics in wire and cable ILT-U-290 Clause 9.1, 9.4 and 9.5 UL 2556
Hardness Vickers ILT-U-286 HV 0,05 ASTM E384
Standardization of Alkaline hydroxide solution (0.1N – 1.0N) ILT-U-284 (ESP) ASTM E200 ASTM E200
Ammonium Nitrate, % purity by titration after treatment with formaldehyde ILT-U-285 (ESP) MIL-A-175C MIL-A-175C
Electric test toys ILT-U-264 (ESP) NM 300-6 NM 300-6
contents in trimethylamine nitrogen (TMA-N) ILT-U-282 (ESP) Ref: AOAC Oficial Methods 35.1.17 (971.14) 2000 AOAC 35.1.17 (971.14) 2000
Water in Crude Oils ILT-U-279 Potentiometric Karl Fischer Titration ASTM D4377
Determination of, Core Density and Overall Density Of Polyurethane Foam Pad ILT-U-278 (ESP) ASTM D3574 ASTM D3574
Determination of the power and earthing ILT-U-277 (ESP) IEC 60065 IEC 60065
Cereal determination ILT-U-276 Moisture; protein; fat; ash; dietary fiber; vitamin A; vitamin C; vitamin B1; vitamin B2; calcium; iron
Evaluation of pipeline and Pressure Vessel Steels for Resistance to Hydrogen-Induced Cracking ILT-U-274 (ESP) NACE TM0284 NACE TM 0284
Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials. Fracture tests ILT-U-273 (ESP) EN 1320 and ASME IX:2010/QW182. EN 1320
ISO 9017
Measuring Thickness by Manual Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Contact Method ILT-U-271 (ESP) ASTM E797 ASTM E797
Bromate determination in water ILT-U-270 (ESP) EPA 317.0 EPA 317.0
Tensile and elongation of yarn ILT-U-269
Nondestructive Measurement of Dry Film Thickness ILT-U-268 (ESP) ASTM D7091 ASTM D7091
Acoustic test toys ILT-U-263 (ESP) NM 300-1: 2003; EN71-1:2011 / UNE-EN71-1:2012; ASTM F963-11 NM 300-1
EN 71-1
Identification and quantification of pesticide residues in avocado. ILT-U-262
Tensile Testing of Metallic Materials ILT-U-266 Method of Test at Elevated Temperatures (150 °c) ISO 6892-2
Determination of agrochemicals ILT-U-166 Glyphosate,carbendazim,imidacloprid and chlorpyrifos
Static resistance test on harness ILT-U-260 (ESP) ANSI Z359.1 ANSI Z359.1
Analysis of determination grain size in steel ILT-U-258 (ESP) ASTM E112 ASTM E112
Test Method for Propagation Tear Resistance of Plastic Film ILT-U-257 (ESP) ASTM D1922 ASTM E1922
Radiographic Examination of Weldments – NDT ILT-U-256 (ESP) ASTM E1032. ASTM E1032
Determination of film thickness (organic coating) ILT-U-255 7C method
Silicon gravimetric analysis ILT-U-133 (ESP) ASTM E350 ASTM E350
Angle measurement in goniometers ILT-U-131
Viscosity ILT-U-108 (ESP) ASTM D 445 ASTM D445
Suture thread determinations ILT-U-078 Suture diameter determination test; Tensile Test; and Swage Test NBR 13904
Calibration of pH meter ILT-U-077
Determining masses with reference weights (E2 class) ILT-U-076 weights E2 class
Multimeter and clamp meter calibrations. ILT-U-072 Multimeter and clamp meter
Volume Automatic Pipettes ILT-U-070 Gravimetric method
Hardness Shore ILT-U-056 Shore A, C and D ISO 868
ISO 6508
Micrometers determinations 0-25mm ILT-U-042 0 - 25 mm
Tapes and or tape measure ILT-U-019 (ESP) NOM 046-SCFI NOM 046-SCFI
Hardness Brinell ILT-U-014 HB 10/3000 ASTM E10
ISO 6506
Fish determinations ILT-U-186 Trimethylamine nitrogen, basic nitrogen volatile total, moisture and Sodium chloride
Determination of agrochemicals ILT-U-166 Glyphosate, Carbendazim, imidacloprid, and chlorpyrifos
Determination the loss on drying in sugar ILT-U-152
Quantitative determination of pesticide residues in food ILT-U-143
Determination of PAH (polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons) in water ILT-U-139
Water determinations ILT-U-138 Alkalinity Total as CaCO3; Ammonium; Alkalinity Phenolphtalein as CaCO3; Linear Anionic surfactants (Detergents); Alkalinity Carbonate as CaCO3; Alkalinity bicarbonate as CaCO3; Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD); Alkalinity Hydroxide as CaCO3; Hardness Total; Ammonia; Hardness calcium; Ammoniacal Nitrogen; Hardness magnesium
Determination of calcium oxide ILT-U-114
Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate Determination ILT-U-110 Sodium Carbonate: Total Alkalinity - Trimetric; NaCl - Trimetric; Na2So4 – Trimetric; Fe – Photometric; Water insolubles; and Bulk density Sodium Bicarbonate: NaHCo3; Na2Co3; Cl – Trimetric; So42 – Photometric; Water insolubles; and Valoration
Determination of caffeine, gluten and beta carotene in foods ILT-U-109
Fish determinations ILT-U-100 Moisture, Sodium Chloride, and volatile basic nitrogen
Determinations of Fluoroquinolones in fish ILT-U-099
hydroxybenzoate, Boric acid and borates in general foodstuff ILT-U-098
Moisture and Ash in tobacco products ILT-U-086
Determination of pH of aqueous extract ILT-U-068 (ESP) ISO 3071 ISO 3071
Determination in meat products ILT-U-037 Sodium nitrite.
Testing Water Resistance of Coatings Using Water Fog Apparatus ILT-U-032 ASTM D1735 ASTM D1735
Determination of different microbiological parameters in Water ILT-U-030
Continuously hot-dip coated steel flat products ILT-U-227 (ESP) EN 10346 EN 10346
Determination of O, N, C, S, H by LECO analysis ILT-U-206 Determination of O, N, C, S, H by LECO analysis ASTM E1447
ASTM E2371
ASTM E1409
Tension testing – Autographic method ILT-U-165 clause 7.7.3 ASTM E8
Determination of tension steel rebar ILT-U-125 (ESP) ASTM A370 ASTM A370
Standard Practices for Detecting Susceptibility to Intergranular Attack in Austenitic Stainless Steels ILT-U-124 ASTM A262 Practice B and C ASTM A262
Immersion corrosion test ILT-U-118 (ESP) ASTM G31 ASTM G31
Analysis of determination grain size in steel ILT-U-107 Using image analyzer software ASTM E112
Pending test for low alloy steel and Bar geometry measurement for low alloy steel ILT-U-104 (ESP) BS EN ISO15630-1 EN ISO 15630-1
Standard Practices for Detecting Susceptibility to Intergranular Attack in Austenitic Stainless Steels ILT-U-102 ASTM A262 Practice A, B, C and E ASTM A262
Total dissolution of Coal/Coke ILT-U-075 (ESP) ASTM D6349 ASTM D6349
Determinations for Deformed and Plain Carbon-Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement ILT-U-033 (ESP) ASTM A615 ASTM A615
Metallic materials – Bend test ILT-U-027 (ESP) NMX-B-113 NMX-B-113
Bending test of steel ILT-U-017 (ESP) ASME SECC. IX ED. 2010 ASME SECC. IX
Tension testing on steel (Flat sample) ILT-U-006 Flat sample GB/T 228.1
ISO 6892
GOST 1497
Determination of Thickness of Plastic Film Test Specimens ILT-U-254 (ESP) ASTM D6988 ASTM D6988
Tensile Properties of Thin Plastic Sheeting ILT-U-253 (ESP) ASTM D882 ASTM D882
Free drop test on 6 feet energy absorber, after conditioning ILT-U-238 Environmental conditioning. Humid environment ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.4
Free drop test on 6 feet energy absorber, after conditioning ILT-U-240 Environmental conditioning. Dry cold and dry heat ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.4
Tension test and Free drop test, synthetic rope hoist ILT-U-241 Clause and ANSI Z359.4:2009 clause and
Personal Safety determinations. ILT-U-242 Dynamic performance test. Harnesses (sling) Y dual connection ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.9
Test activation tension on 6 feet energy absorber ILT-U-243 Charge to 2 KN according to ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.2; and Charge to 22 KN according to ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.3. ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.3
ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.2
Tension test and Free drop test, Y sling with energy absorber, ILT-U-245 Clause 4.7 and 4.9. ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.7 and 4.9
Tension test and Free drop test to rescue harness and a evacuation harness. ILT-U-252 ANSI Z359.4:2007 clause and ANSI Z359.4:2007 clause and
Tension test and Free drop test to Full body harness with front attachment. ILT-U-251 ANSI Z359.1:2007 clause and ANSI Z359.1:2007 clause and
Tension test and Free drop test to full body harness. ILT-U-250 ANSI Z359.1:2007 clause; and ANSI Z359.3:2007 clause ANSI Z359.1:2007 clause; and
ANSI Z359.3:2007 clause
Tension test and Free drop test to positioning and restriction sling with fixed length. ILT-U-249 ANSI Z359.1:2007 clause and ANSI Z359.3:2007 clause and ANSI Z359.1:2007 clause and
ANSI Z359.3:2007 clause and
Tension test to positioning and restraint sling with adjustable length ILT-U-248 ANSI Z359.1:2007 clause and ANSI Z359.3:2007 clause ANSI Z359.1:2007 clause
ANSI Z359.3:2007 clause
Tension test and Free drop test to String adjuster ILT-U-247 Clause; and clause ANSI Z359.3 clause and clause
Tension test and Free drop test, Single sling with energy absorber, ILT-U-246 Clause 4.6 and 4.5 ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.6 and 4.5
Test activation tension on 6 feet energy absorber ILT-U-244 Charge to 2 KN (clause; and Charge to 22 KN (clause ANSI Z359.1:2009 clause
ANSI Z359.1:2009 clause
Test activation tesnion on 6 feet energy absorber ILT-U-243 Charge to 2 KN according to ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.2; and Charge to 22 KN according to ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.3. ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.2
ANSI Z359.13:2009 clause 4.3
Test Method for 90 Degree Peel Resistance of Adhesives ILT-U-237 (ESP) ASTM D6862 ASTM D6862
Viscosity using a Brookfield Viscometer ILT-U-236 (ESP) ASTM D2556 ASTM D2556
Pilling Resistance of Textile Fabrics ILT-U-235 (ESP) ASTM D3512 (NTC 2051-2) ASTM D3512
NTC 2051-2
Determination of color fastness to rubbing ILT-U-234 Dry and wet AATCC 8
NTC 786
PoHS in cosmetics ILT-U-233 PoHS AATCC 61
NTC 1155-3
Determination of the slippage resistance of yarns at a seam in woven fabrics ILT-U-232 Fixed seam opening method ISO 13936-1
Determination of breaking strength and elongation of fabrics ILT-U-231 (ESP) ASTM D5034 (NTC 754-1) ASTM D5034
NTC 754-1
Determination of spirality after laundering ILT-U-230 Woven and knitted fabrics ISO 16322-2
Dimensional change after washing cloth home ILT-U-229 (ESP) AATCC 135 AATCC 135
Determination of the number warp yarns and weft yarns ILT-U-228 (ESP) ASTM D3775 (NTC 427) ASTM D3775
NTC 427
Mechanical Hazard and Small Parts, and Flammability Test in toys ILT-U-204 (ESP) 16 CFR 1610, 16 CFR 1500. 48/53 AND 16 CFR 1501. 16 CFR Part 1501
16 CFR 1500. 48/53
16 CFR 1610
Electrostatic (ESD) – Garments – Resistive Characterization ILT-T-07 ANSI/ESD STM2.1-1997 ANSI/ESD STM 2.1
Test Method for Width of Textile Fabric ILT-U-225 (ESP) ASTM D3774 (NTC 228) ASTM D3774
NTC 228
Quantitative Analysis of Textiles ILT-U-226 (ESP) ASTM D629 ASTM D629
Leather determinations ILT-U-179 pH; Cr VI; Formaldehyde; Phthalates; Heavy metals; and Organo tin ISO 4045
ISO 17075
ISO/TS 17226-2
ISO/TS 16181
ISO 17072-2
EN 14602
ISO/TS 16179
HAP ZEK 01.4-08
Cadmium determination in consumer goods ILT-U-221 (ESP) EN 1122 EN 1122
Nickel determination ILT-U-222 (ESP) EN 1811 EN 1811
Physical and mechanical test on wheelchairs and strollers ILT-U-970 (ESP) ASTM F833-1 ASTM F833-1
Determination of temperature in liquid thermometers ILT-U-217
Determination of humidity in digital hygrometer ILT-U-216
Determination of volume in micro pipette ILT-U-210
Determination of temperature in thermocouples. ILT-U-207 Range -80 ° c to 300 ° c
Pressure determinations ILT-U-211 Pneumatic pressure manometer; hydraulic pressure manometer, and pressure transducer
Determination of relative humidity ILT-U-218
Pitting and Crevice Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels and Related Alloys by Use of Ferric Chloride Solution (method A) ILT-E-27 Method A. ASTM G48
Average grain size test on cooper ILT-U-203 (ESP) ISO 2624 ISO 2624
Metals in Pharmaceutical Products – Cosmetics ILT-U-202 Cu, Pb, As, Cd, Sn and others by Atomic Absorption
Paints and varnishes — Determination of resistance to humidity ILT-U-201 (ESP) ISO 6270-1 ISO 6270-1
Tracking indices test ILT-U-199 Method for the determination of the proof and the comparative tracking indices (CTI) of solid insulating materials IEC 60112
IEC 60695-10-2
GB/T 5169.21
GB/T 4207
Standard Practices for Detecting Susceptibility to Intergranular Attack in Austenitic Stainless Steels ILT-U-018 ASTM A262 Practice A and E ASTM A262
Quality of soybean – Inspection ILT-I-02 For inspections bodies and test laboratorios, according ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 ISO 17020
Flammability test with 50 washes ILT-U-971 (ESP) 16 CFR 1615 16 CFR 1615
Determining Cadmium (Cd) Extractability from Children’s Metal Jewelry ILT-J-05 (ESP) CPSC-CH-E1004-11 CPSC CH E1004-11
Magnetic Particle Testing – NDT ILT-U-188 (ESP) ASTM E1444 and EN 10228-1. ASTM E1444
EN 10228-1
Ultrasound testing – NDT ILT-U-055 (ESP) ASTM E114 and EN 10228-3. EN 10228-3
Liquid penetrant testing – NDT ILT-U-151 (ESP) ASTM E165 and EN 10228-2. ASTM E165
EN 10228-2
Determination of different parameters of Condiments. ILT-U-192 Chili Powder, Curry Powder, Coriander Powder, Garam Masala, and others
Determinations in Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages ILT-U-191 Cables for rated voltages from 6 kV (Um = 7,2 kV) up to 30 kV (Um = 36 kV) IEC 60502-2
Standard Practices for Detecting Susceptibility to Intergranular Attack in Austenitic Stainless Steels ILT-U-196 ASTM A262 Practice C ASTM A262
Physicochemical determinations in carbonated soft drinks ILT-U-197 °Brix; Acidity (as phosphoric acid); Carbonation (CO2); Refractometry color (as %T); and pH
Determining the size ILT-U-194 Steel bar, steel U profiles, with taper flanges and carbon steel tubes welded
Conductivity Test – aluminum sample ILT-U-190 (ESP) EN 2004-1 and ASTM E1004-09 EN 2004-1
ASTM E1004
Paints and varnishes ILT-U-187 Cross-cut test, Determination of film thickness ISO 2409
Test shrinkage (shrinkage) ILT-U-183 (ESP) IEC 60811-1-3-2001 Clause 10 - IEC 60811-502-2012 IEC 60811-1-3
IEC 60811-502
Thickness determination of electrical conductors covered ILT-U-182 (ESP) IEC 60811-1-1-2001 Clause 8.2 - IEC 60811-202-2012 IEC 60811-1-1
IEC 60811-202
Tensile stress at break and elongation of semiconducting screens, insulation and protective covers electrical conductors ILT-U-181 (ESP) IEC-60811-1-1-2001 clause 9 - IEC 60811-501-2012 IEC 60811-1-1
IEC 60811-501
Determination of thickness of insulation covered and electrical conductors ILT-U-180 (ESP) IEC 60811-1-1-2001 clause 8.1 - IEC 60811-201-2012 and IEC 60811-1-1-2001 clause 8.2 - IEC 60811-202-2012 IEC 60811-1-1
IEC 60811-201
IEC 60811-202
Colorfastness to Laundering: Accelerated ILT-U-169 (ESP) AATCC 61 AATCC 61
Tear strength and breaking strength and elongation determinations ILT-U-168 (ESP) ASTM D 1424 ASTM D1424
ASTM D5034
Increased Robustness in safety glasses ILT-U-148 (ESP) EN 166 EN 166
Determining the occurrence of fractures using the method DWTT ILT-U-145 ASTM E436
(ESP) EN 10274
API 5L3-1996
Determination of testosterone in Water ILT-U-140
Paper and board — Determination of thickness, density and specific volume ILT-U-137 EN ISO 534 EN ISO 534
Metals determination in Tuna ILT-U-136
Determination of salts, sulfides, Saybolt viscosity and vapor pressure in crude oil ILT-U-123 (ESP) ASTM D-88, ASTM D-323, ASTM D-3230 and ASTM D-4294 ASTM D3230
ASTM D4294
Determination of salts, water, sediment and sulfur in crude oil ILT-U-120 (ESP) ASTM D-3230, ASTM D-4294 and ASTM D-4007 ASTM D3230
ASTM D4007
ASTM D4294
Determinations in meat products (Coliform in food) ILT-U-080
Accurate determination in rule, from 0 to 500 mm ILT-U-071
Metals determinations in sludges and water ILT-U-065 Arsenic, Chromium, Potassium, Nickel, Antimony, Cadmium, Copper, Manganese, Thallium, Zinc, Cobalt, Mercury, Sodium and Lead
Analysis of different flour determinations ILT-U-051 Ash; Calcium; Iron; Moisture; Protein; and Fiber
Physical and Commercial test of Corn and Wheat Bread ILT-U-039
Determining flow cold water meters ILT-U-041
Migration test ILT-U-048 Overall migration into aqueous food simulants by total immersion. Ethanol 50% BS EN 1186-3
Phosphorus, SAAM and nitrates in wastewater determinations ILT-U-023 NMX-AA-079-SCFI-2001 NMX-AA-079-SCFI-2001
Presence of total and fecal coliforms in Industrial water ILT-U-022 Industrial water
Phenols determinations in industrial water ILT-U-021 (ESP) Phenol index ASTM D1783
(ESP) ISO 6439
Presence of total and fecal coliforms in drinking water ILT-U-016 Drinking water
Hardness Rockwell HRC ILT-U-010 For test and calibration laboratories ASTM E18
ISO 6508
Determinations in beer ILT-U-009 ASBC Methods for analyzer Anton Paar: Density; Alcoholic strength at 20 ° C (volume and weight) and saccharometric grade.
Determination of resistance to freezing and thawing in aggregates ILT-U-002 Frost resistance EN 1367-1
Determination of electrical safety test ILT-U-185 Marking & instructions; Protection against access to live parts; Power input & current; Leakage current & Electric Strength; Provision for earthing; and Screws & Connections IEC 60335-1
IEC 60335-2-3
Hardness Vickers ILT-U-177 HV30 ISO 6507
Hardness Rockwell ILT-U-176 HRA ISO 6508
General and safety requirements of Lamp controlgear ILT-U-173 (ESP) IEC 61347-1 IEC 61347-1
Standard Practices for Detecting Susceptibility to Intergranular Attack in Austenitic Stainless Steels ILT-U-172 ASTM A262 Practice B ASTM A262