ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

Proficiency Test for Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluation determination

Methodology: Common Methodology for Information Technology Security Evaluation,
April 2017, Version 3.1, Revision 5

ILT Interlaboratory Test has develop a new Proficiency Test under the Interpretative
Scheme for ISO/IEC 15408-3; ISO/IEC 18045. This is a Bilateral Custom Program for
Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluation determination. For this purpose, ILT will
provide a target of evaluation (TOE) and its associated Security Target (ST). The
principal security functions implemented by the TOE are: Security Audit, Identification
and Authentication, and Security Management.
The TOE provided by ILT consist of an Embedded System Module already programmed
and ready to be tested. The requirements for the environmental test set-up are
minimal and simple to be implemented.
The participant must validate whether the product (TOE) complies with the security
requirements specified in the associated Security Target according to EAL 2.
Key Assurance Components required for such EAL will be requested to be fulfilled: