ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

Ensayo de aptitud Código Comentarios Norma Seleccionar
Glowing/hot-wire test ILT-E-02 IEC 60695-2-10 IEC 60695-2-10
Tracking indices test and Ball pressure test ILT-S-02 IEC 60112 and IEC 60695-10.2 IEC 60112
IEC 60695
(ENG) GB/T 4207
(ENG) GB/T 5169.21
Tensile strength and elongation at break test of PVC cable ILT-S-03 IEC 60227-2 and IEC (60811-501) 60811-1-1, chapter 9. IEC 60227-2
IEC 60811-1-1
Determinations for IT equipment ILT-U-034 IEC 60950-1 IEC 60950-1
Thermal stability of PVC insulation or sheath of cables ILT-U-038 IEC 60811-3-2 IEC 60811-3-2
Tensile strength and elongation at break test of PVC cables ILT-U-059 IEC 60227-2 and IEC 60811-1-1, chapter 9 IEC 60227-2
IEC 60811-1-1
Determination of Ohmic resistance cables ILT-U-060 IEC 60227 section 2.1 IEC 60227
Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) and Glowing/hot-wire ILT-U-063 IEC 60529 IEC 60529
Test electrical performance of batteries ILT-U-117 IEC -60086-2 IEC 60086-2
Dielectric test and Temperature rise test ILT-U-119 IEC 60439-1 IEC 60439-1
Determination of electrical safety test ILT-U-127 IEC 60335-1 IEC 60335-1
Determination of environmental test ILT-U-128 IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60950-1 IEC 60335-1
IEC 60950-1
Determination of electrical safety test ILT-U-129 IEC 60335-1 IEC 60335-1
Measuring thickness of Insulation and Insulation resistance determinations for Polyvinyl chloride insulated cables of rated voltages up to 750 V ILT-U-149 IEC 60227-5, IEC 60228/11, IEC 60227-4, IEC 60227-3 IEC 60227
IEC 60228
IEC 60227-3
IEC 60227-4
IEC 60227-5
IEC 60228-11
General and safety requirements of Lamp controlgear ILT-U-173 IEC 61347-1 IEC 61347-1
Determination of thickness of insulation covered and electrical conductors ILT-U-180 IEC 60811-1-1-2001 clause 8.1 - IEC 60811-201-2012 and IEC 60811-1-1-2001 clause 8.2 - IEC 60811-202-2012 IEC 60811-1-1
IEC 60811-201
IEC 60811-202
Tensile stress at break and elongation of semiconducting screens, insulation and protective covers electrical conductors ILT-U-181 IEC-60811-1-1-2001 clause 9 - IEC 60811-501-2012 IEC 60811-1-1
IEC 60811-501
Thickness determination of electrical conductors covered ILT-U-182 IEC 60811-1-1-2001 Clause 8.2 - IEC 60811-202-2012 IEC 60811-1-1
IEC 60811-202
Test shrinkage (shrinkage) ILT-U-183 IEC 60811-1-3-2001 Clause 10 - IEC 60811-502-2012 IEC 60811-1-3
IEC 60811-502
Determination of electrical safety test ILT-U-185 IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-3 IEC 60335-1
IEC 60335-2-3
Determinations in Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages Cables for rated voltages from 6 kV (Um = 7,2 kV) up to 30 kV (Um = 36 kV) ILT-U-191 IEC 60502-2 IEC 60502-2
Tracking indices test and Ball pressure test ILT-U-199 Tracking indices test and Ball pressure test IEC 60112
(ENG) IEC 60695-10-2
(ENG) GB/T 5169.21
(ENG) GB/T 4207
Determination of the power and earthing ILT-U-277 IEC 60065 IEC 60065
Wire and Cable Test Methods ILT-U-290 UL 2556. UL 2556
Electrical resistance, conductivity and resistivity detrmination in electrical cables. ILT-U-311 IEC 60468 and NMX-J-212-ANCE IEC 60468
Electrical resistance in conductors of insulated cables ILT-U-312 IEC 60228-2004 annexed A. IEC 60228
Determinations in electrical switches for household and similar fixed ILT-U-326 IEC 60669-1 and NTC 1337 IEC 60669-1
IP code Test in external lighting ILT-U-352 IEC 60529 IEC 60529
Switch test ILT-U-370 IEC 60669-1 IEC 60669-1
Socket outlet test ILT-U-379 IEC 60884-1 IEC 60884-1
Testing of earthing ILT-U-415 IEC 60950 IEC 60950
Power input, electric strength and leakage current and cross sectional area for supply cord conductors ILT-U-419 IEC 60335-1 IEC 60335-1
Determination of temperature rise on electric switches ILT-U-433 IEC 60669-1
Wattage measurements of electric appliances ILT-U-437 (ENG) IEC 60335-2-14. IEC 60335-1
Determination tear properties of fabric ILT-U-457 ISO 13937-2.
Test luminaire photometry ILT-U-533 IESNA LM 79
Dielectric strength and leakage current ILT-U-539 CSA 195
CSA 109
Dielectric Constant, Electrical Resistance, DC Resistance & Conductance ILT-U-540 ASTM D991
Self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps for general lighting services ILT-U-553 (ENG) Clause 5; 6; and 7 IEC 60969
Radiated immunity test and conducted immunity ILT-U-563 CISPR 25
Radiated emissions test and conducted emissions ILT-U-572 ISO 11452
ISO 7637-2
input power (DC) and output power (AC) for performance calculations (Photovoltaic) ILT-U-582 IEC 61683
Energy efficiency determinations (ventilators) ILT-U-692 (ENG) Ventilators Portaria N° 20
Torsion resistance determination in sodium vapor lamp ILT-U-844 (ENG) Torsion resistance IEC 62035
Determination of the electrical resistance, dielectric strength and stress and elongation Effort electrical conductors ILT-U-851 (ENG) Determination of the electrical resistance to DC, Determination of effort and mechanical stress elongations of the wires, and Dielectric strength (high voltage) NMX-J-212
(ENG) Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) (ENG) ILT-S-05 IEC 60529
(ENG) Loss of mass test for thermoplastic insulations and sheaths (ENG) ILT-U-1051 (ENG) IEC 60811-409
(ENG) Determining the density (ENG) ILT-U-1052 (ENG) Pycnometer method (ENG) IEC 60811-606
(ENG) TVs determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1089 (ENG) Consumption measurement in "stand by"; and Measurement of visual angle. (ENG) Portaria 85:2009
(ENG) Dielectric strength Test (ENG) ILT-U-1094 (ENG) Dielectric strength Test IEC 60335-1
(ENG) Environmental testing (ENG) ILT-U-1123 (ENG) 40ºC - 96h (ENG) IEC 60068-2-1
(ENG) Environmental testing (ENG) ILT-U-1124 (ENG) 150ºC - 168h (ENG) IEC 60068-2-2
(ENG) Environmental testing (ENG) ILT-U-1125 (ENG) Cycle Nb Tmax. +150ºC Tmín -40ºC - 96h (ENG) IEC 60068-2-14
(ENG) Environmental testing (ENG) ILT-U-1126 (ENG) Cycle Db -6 cycles 12h +55ºC 12h. +25ºC 93% H.R IEC 60068-2-30
(ENG) Environmental testing (ENG) ILT-U-1127 (ENG) Total 10 cycles de 24h. Tmax. 65ºC y HR93% Tmín -10ºC IEC 60068-2-38
(ENG) Environmental testing (ENG) ILT-U-1128 (ENG) 96h. 40ºC con 93%HR (ENG) IEC 60068-2-78
(ENG) TV LCD Determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1169 (ENG) Anex A – Measurement of visual diagonal; Anex C – Power Off “stand by”, according to Portaria INMETRO 085/09 Anex A – Measurement of visual diagonal; Anexo - Power “on”; Anex C – Power off “stand by”, according to Portaria INMETRO 427/14
(ENG) Ball pressure test (ENG) ILT-U-1170 (ENG) IEC 60695-10-2
(ENG) Analog telephone determination (ENG) ILT-U-1207 (ENG) ETSI ES 203-021
(ENG) ADSL Modem determination (ENG) ILT-U-1209 (ENG) ETSI ES 202 913
(ENG) Measurement of Luminous Intensity (ENG) ILT-U-1213 (ENG) Regulatory used is the United Nations 3 and 23
(ENG) Determinations in Electrical Insulating Liquids (ENG) ILT-U-1223 (ENG) Power factor ASTM D924
(ENG) Energy efficiency in electric water heater tank (ENG) ILT-U-1230 (ENG) UNIT 1157
(ENG) Energy efficiency three-phase motors (ENG) ILT-U-1246 (ENG) IRAM 62405
(ENG) Energy Efficiency in single phase motors (ENG) ILT-U-1247 (ENG) IRAM 62409
(ENG) Lamp caps determination (ENG) ILT-U-1294 (ENG) Dimension (ENG) IEC 60061-1
(ENG) Halogenated compounds and ashes determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1340 (ENG) Ashes; and halogenated acid gases (ENG) IEC 60811-605
(ENG) IEC 60754-1
(ENG) ADSL Filter determination (ENG) ILT-U-1406 (ENG) ETSI TS 101 952-3
(ENG) Lamp caps determination (ENG) ILT-U-1407 (ENG) IEC 60061-3
(ENG) Hair dryer determinations – Sound power (ENG) ILT-U-1425 (ENG) Sound power (ENG) NBR 13910-2-2
(ENG) Electrical appliances determination (ENG) ILT-U-1462 (ENG) Power Cord Flexibility Tester; Stability Tester; and Mechanical Impact test IEC 60335-1
(ENG) Electrical appliances determination (ENG) ILT-U-1463 (ENG) Power Input and Current; High Voltage Test; Leakage Current Test; Screws and Connections; and Provision for Earthing IEC 60335-1
(ENG) Plug determination (ENG) ILT-U-1464 (ENG) Heat resistance test; and Mechanical Strength (ENG) SASO 2203
(ENG) SASO 443
(ENG) Luminaire determination (ENG) ILT-U-1465 (ENG) Lampholders clause 4.4 (ENG) IEC 60598-1
(ENG) Automatic electrical control (ENG) ILT-U-1466 (ENG) IEC 60730-1
(ENG) Determinations in cell phones (ENG) ILT-U-1471 (ENG) SAR Test; and TS 51.010-1 V6.5.0 test in 3GPP. According to Resolução nº 533 - Agência Nacional De Telecomunicações
(ENG) Determinations in PVC and XLPE cables (ENG) ILT-U-1477 (ENG) Measurement of insulation thickness; Measurement of thickness of non-metallic sheath (insulation covered and electrical conductors; Measurement of overall dimensions; Insulation resistance measurement; Water absorption test – electrical method; Loss of mass test; and Thermal ageing of insulation and sheath IEC 60811-201
IEC 60811-202
(ENG) EN 60811-203
(ENG) CEI 60502
(ENG) EN 60811-401
(ENG) EN 60811-402
(ENG) EN 60811-409
(ENG) Determinations in PVC cables (ENG) ILT-U-1478 (ENG) Thermal shock test on insulation and sheath; Pressure test on insulation and sheath; Impact test at low temperature on insulations and sheaths; and Coiling test at low temperature on insulations and sheaths (ENG) EN 60811-504
(ENG) EN 60811-506
(ENG) EN 60811-508
(ENG) EN 60811-509
(ENG) Determinations in XLPE cables (ENG) ILT-U-1479 (ENG) Heat shrinking of insulation and sheath; and Hot set test on insulation (ENG) EN 60811-502
(ENG) EN 60811-503
(ENG) EN 60811-507
(ENG) Environmental testing (ENG) ILT-U-1551 (ENG) Environmental testing (48h, 5%NaCl/35°C) (ENG) EN 60068- 2-11
(ENG) Environmental testing (ENG) ILT-U-1552 (ENG) Environmental testing (16ms2 45min distributed in the whole range 10÷100 Hz; One or three axes) (ENG) EN 60068-2-6
(ENG) Climatic test (ENG) ILT-U-1557 (ENG) 55°C / -10°C / 25°C; 20 / 65 / 80 / 96 %UR; 24 hs; 11 cycles (ENG) IEC 60068-2-38
(ENG) Rapid temperature change determination (ENG) ILT-U-1558 (ENG) Thermal Shock - Na test (ENG) IEC 60068-2-14
(ENG) Climatic test (ENG) ILT-U-1559 (ENG) *20°C / -40°C / 140°C; 5 hs; 1 cycle (ISO 16750-4 chapter 5.2) (ENG) ISO 16750-4
(ENG) Climatic test (ENG) ILT-U-1560 (ENG) *0°C / T max °C; 1 hs; 10 cycle (ISO 16750-4 chapter 5.4.3) (ENG) ISO 16750-4
(ENG) Climatic test (ENG) ILT-U-1562 (ENG) *85°C / 85% UR; 168 hs; 1 cycles (ENG) IEC 60068-2-67
(ENG) Climatic test – Vibration (sinusoidal) (ENG) ILT-U-1563 (ENG) Vibration (sinusoidal); 66 hs (22 for each cyle); 3 cycles (ENG) IEC 60068-2-6
(ENG) ISO 16750-3
(ENG) EMC – AC Power-line Conducted Emission Measurement and Radiated Emission Measurements (ENG) ILT-U-1567 (ENG) AC Power-line Conducted Emission Measurements (ANSI C63.4 clause 7); and Radiated Emission Measurements (ANSI C63.4 clause 8) (ENG) ANSI C63.4
(ENG) Luminaire determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1569 (ENG) Creepage distances and clearances (clause 11.2), and Thermal test (normal operation) (clause 12.4) (ENG) IEC 60598-1
Nebulizer deteminations (ENG) ILT-U-1590 (ENG) Safety requirements (ENG) IEC 60601
(ENG) Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment (ENG) ILT-U-1591 (ENG) Safety requirements (ENG) IEC 62368-1
Volt-Amperometric clamp determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1592 (ENG) Volt-Amperometric clamp determinations (ENG) IEC 61010
Wire determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1596 (ENG) Conductor resistance; Insulation thickness; Outside cable diameter; Conductor diameter; Strip force; Abrasión test; Resistance to fíame propagation; Insulation volume resistivity; Withstand voltage; Shrinkage by heat; Pressure test at high temperature; Thermal overload; Short term heat ageing 240 h; Long term heat ageing 3 000 h; Low temperature winding; Cold impact; Durability of cable marking; Resistance to hot water; Resistance to liquid chemicals; Test Method 2 — Resistance to liquid chemicals Fluid compatibility; and Temperature and humidity (ENG) ISO 6722
(ENG) Wire determinations – Thermal stability test for PVC insulations and PVC sheaths (ENG) ILT-U-1597 (ENG) Thermal stability test for PVC insulations and PVC sheaths IEC 60811-405
(ENG) Wire determinations – Hot Set Test For Cross-Linked Materials (ENG) ILT-U-1598 (ENG) Hot Set Test For Cross-Linked Materials (ENG) IEC 60811-507
(ENG) Wire determinations – Mechanical properties of insulation and sheathing compounds (ENG) ILT-U-1599 (ENG) Test for determining the mechanical properties of insulation and sheathing compounds IEC 60811-501
(ENG) Wire determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1601 (ENG) Sliding behavior of the cable; Bending force of the cable; Insulation notch strength; Stress test; Thermal stability in the wound state; Ciclic bending; Kink test; Damp heat, constant (hydrolysis test); and Resistance to chemicals and wrapping tapes :2011 5.9 LV 112-1: 2013 9.6.5
VW 60306-1. ISO 14572:2011 5.9 LV 112-1: 2013 9.6.5
(ENG) ISO 14572
(ENG) Wire determinations – Resistance of conductor (ENG) ILT-U-1609 (ENG) Resistance of conductor IEC 60227
(ENG) Electrical test determinations in toys samples (ENG) ILT-U-1638 (ENG) Electrical tests (excluding radiation/emi-emc tests) (ENG) IEC 62115
(ENG) Electrical determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1639 (ENG) Marked; comparative tracking index (CTI); ball pressure; plugs; and cross sectional area for supply cord conductors IEC 60335-1
(ENG) IEC 60335-2-7
IEC 60695-2-10
(ENG) CEI 23-50
IEC 60112
(ENG) LED light engines and lamps at temperature determination (ENG) ILT-U-1661 (ENG) Measured temperature of Tb; measured temperature of Td; board temperature; ambient temperature; Input Power (W); Input Voltage (V); Input Current (A); luminous flux (lm); luminous efficacy (lm/W); CIE chromaticity (x,y); color rendering index; and correlated color temperature (k) (ENG) IESNA LM 82
(ENG) Vacuum cleaners determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1696 (ENG) vacuum cleaners (ENG) IEC 60335-2-2
(ENG) Battery chargers determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1697 (ENG) Battery chargers (ENG) IEC 60335-2-29
(ENG) Steam cleaners determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1698 (ENG) steam cleaners (ENG) IEC 60335-2-79
(ENG) Portable heating tools determination (ENG) ILT-U-1699 (ENG) Portable heating tools (ENG) IEC 60335-2-45
(ENG) Fire Hazard testing (ENG) ILT-U-1700 (ENG) Glowing/hot-wire and Needle-flame test (ENG) IEC 60695-2-11
(ENG) IEC 60695-11-5
(ENG) Grinder determinations ILT (ENG) Grinder (ENG) IEC 60745-1
(ENG) Impact drills determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1702 (ENG) Impact drills (ENG) IEC 60745-2-1
(ENG) Electrical appliances determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1708 (ENG) Leakage current and voltage at operating temperature: Leakage current and voltage withstand; and operation in abnormal condition (ENG) IEC 60335-2-34
(ENG) Salt mist determination (ENG) ILT-U-791 (ENG) Salt mist (96 H) (ENG) IEC 60068-2-11
(ENG) Energy efficiency test (ENG) ILT-U-956 (ENG) Air conditioning determination (ENG) ISO 5151
Directive 2011/65/EU, RoHS2. Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. ILT-S-09 Directive 2011/65/EU, RoHS2 • Pb and Cd determination by atomic absorption or ICP. • Hg determination by atomic absorption, cold vapor generator or ICP. • Hexavalent Chromium determination by UV-VIS spectrophotometry. • PBBs and PBDEs determination by gas chromatography. • Determination of lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium and bromine by XRF spectroscopy. RoHS2
(ENG) Environmental testing ILT-U-1825 (ENG) Environmental testing (Method 4). Gas concentration: SO2 (200 + /- 20) ppb, H2S (10 + /- 5) ppb, NO2 (200 + /- 20) ppb, and Cl2 (10 + /- 5) ppb. Temperature 25 +/- 1º C, and Humidity 75 +/- 3%. Test duration 4 days (ENG) IEC 60068-2-60
Determination of pesticides in Feed mix ILT-U-333 Organophosphate pesticides (quantitative) and Organochlorine pesticides (quantitative) (ENG) IEC 61300-3-4
(ENG) IEC 61280-4-1
(ENG) Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. (Directive 2011/65/EU, RoHS2) (ENG) ILT-U-053 (ENG) Pb; Cd; Hg; Hexavalent Chromium; and phthalate (DIBP, DBP, BBP, DEHP) (ENG) IEC 62321-4
(ENG) IEC 62321-5
(ENG) IEC 62321-7-1
(ENG) IEC 62321-7-2
(ENG) IEC 62321-8
(ENG) Electrical characteristic determinations – LED Driver for LED lamp (ENG) ILT-U-1264 (ENG) Output Voltage and current, Total circuit power, Circuit power factor, and Supply current (ENG) IEC 62384
Immunity to ESD discharge (ENG) ILT-U-1275 (ENG) ESD discharge
(ENG) Wire determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1474 (ENG) Insulation thickness; Thickness of non-metallic sheath (insulation covered and electrical conductors); Overall dimensions; Insulation resistance; Water absorption test - electrical method; Loss of mass test; Thermal ageing of insulation and sheath; Heat shrinking of insulation and sheath; and Thermal shock test on insulation and sheath (ENG) EN 60811-509
(ENG) EN 60811-502
(ENG) EN 60811-401
(ENG) EN 60811-402
(ENG) EN 60811-409
(ENG) EN 60811-203
(ENG) EN 60811-201
(ENG) EN 60811-202
(ENG) CEI 60502
(ENG) Surge immunity test determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1665 (ENG) Surge generator (ENG) IEC 61000-4-5
Aging panels determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1666 (ENG) Aging panels (120 hours) (ENG) CIE 121
(ENG) CIE 63
(ENG) CIE 84
(ENG) Luminaire determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1691 (ENG) fixed LED outdoor luminaire (ENG) IEC 60598-2-1
(ENG) Safety of electrical appliances (ENG) ILT-U-1692
(ENG) Luminaire determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1786 (ENG) Portable LED outdoor luminaire (ENG) IEC 60598-2-4
(ENG) Appliance determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1787 (ENG) Appliances for skin or hair care (ENG) IEC 60335-2-23
(ENG) Luminaire determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1788 (ENG) Emergency luminaire (ENG) IEC 60598-2-22
(ENG) Energy efficiency determination (ENG) ILT-U-1798 (ENG) LED bulb Luminaire (ENG) SASO 2870
(ENG) SASO 2902
(ENG) Conducted Emission tests (ENG) ILT-U-1801 (ENG) Conducted Emission tests (ENG) CISPR 32
(ENG) EN 55032
(ENG) Electric storage water-heater determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1802 (ENG) General conditions for measurements; measurements of stored water temperatures; measurement of energy consumption; verification of the actual capacity; standing loss per 24 h; hot water output; and reheating time (ENG) IEC 60379
(ENG) Household refrigerating determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1803 (ENG) Classification; determination of linear dimensions, volumes and areas; general test conditions; testing storages temperatures; energy consumption test; and temperature rise test (ENG) IEC 62552
(ENG) Electrical determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1816 (ENG) Withstanding Voltage, and Insulation Resistance acc (ENG) ISO 16750-2
(ENG) USB Type-C Chargers (ENG) ILT-U-1823 (ENG) Initial Voltage Test, and USB Type-C Current Adv Test (ENG) USB Type C Functional Test Specification
(ENG) IEC 62680-1-3
(ENG) USB Dedicated Charging Port Test (ENG) ILT-U-1824 (ENG) DCP Overshoot and Undershoot Voltage Test; DCP Handshaking Test; DCP Resistance and Capacitance Tests; and DCP Voltage and Current (ENG) Battery Charging Specification revision 1.2
(ENG) IEC 62680-1-1
(ENG) Digital Cameras – OECF measurement (ENG) ILT-U-1855 (ENG) Maximum contrast; Gamma; The signal to noise value for different grey levels; and ISO speed of the camera (ENG) ISO 14524
(ENG) Insulation/screen moisture content determination in cable (ENG) ILT-U-1858 (ENG) Insulation/screen moisture content (ENG) BS 7912
(ENG) Washing machines electrical determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1859 (ENG) Performance of washing machines (ENG) IEC 60456
(ENG) IEC 60335-2-7
(ENG) Digital Cameras – Noise measurements (ENG) ILT-U-1864 (ENG) Detailed noise; and the signal to noise value for different grey levels (ENG) ISO 15739
(ENG) Calibration of electrical magnitudes (ENG) ILT-U-1866 (ENG) Electrical (Generation) Voltage DC; Voltage (AC @ 50 Hz); Current (DC); Current (AC @ 50 Hz); and Resistance
(ENG) Vibration testing (ENG) ILT-U-1872 (ENG) Level 1. Minimum frequency: 10 Hz.; o Frequency f1: 20 Hz Frequency f2: 1000 Hz; o Maximum frequency: 2000 Hz.; o RMS value: 3.35 g; o ASD form (flat between f1 and f2): 0.01 g2 / Hz; o Initial slope of 10 Hz: +6 dB / octave; Final slope between 1000 and 2000 Hz: -24 dB / octave; and Duration: 20 minutes IEC 60068-2-60
(ENG) Shock testing ILT-U-1 (ENG) Level 1. Waveform: semi-sinusoidal; Maximum acceleration: 25 g.; Pulse duration: 6 ms; Number of repetitions per verse: 10; and Duration: 2 minutes (ENG) IEC 60068-2-27
(ENG) Electricity metering equipment (AC). Electrical determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1895 (ENG) All Test (except chap 6.10.5, 6.10.6, and 6.10.7) (ENG) IEC 62052-31
(ENG) IEC 62052-1
(ENG) Degrees of Protection IK (ENG) ILT-U-1896 (ENG) Led luminaires (ENG) IEC 62262
(ENG) Measurement of conductors (ENG) ILT-U-1910 (ENG) Mass per unit length of conductor (ENG) EN 50182
(ENG) Transportable tools determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1955 (ENG) Protection against active parts, and Leakage current (ENG) IEC 62841-1
(ENG) Electric determination (ENG) ILT-U-1960 (ENG) Dielectric Test – AC test (ENG) IEC 60903
(ENG) Acoustic testing class (ENG) ILT-U-1964 (ENG) Acoustic testing class, in the NOISE SEAL test. Portaria n.º 430, de 16 de agosto de 2012
(ENG) Thermomagnetic key determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1969 (ENG) Clause 9.4 / 9.5.1 and 9.5.3 (ENG) IEC 60898-1
(ENG) Terminal block determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1970 (ENG) Clause 9.2 / 9.3 / 9.4 and 9.5
(ENG) Torsion resistance in Led lamp (ENG) ILT-U-1971 (ENG) Torsion resistance of unused lamps (E27). Clause 9.1 (aging 200 hs.) (ENG) IEC 62560
(ENG) Torsion resistance in fluorescent lamp (ENG) ILT-U-1972 (ENG) Torsion resistance of unused lamps (E27). Clause 9.1 (aging 200 hs.) (ENG) IEC 60968
(ENG) Torsion resistance in lamp-holder (ENG) ILT-U-1973 (ENG) Torsion resistance. Clause (ENG) UL 496
(ENG) Lighting determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1983 (ENG) Accesiblility of live parts; Normal temperature test; Abnormal temperature testsAccesiblility of live parts; Normal temperature test; Abnormal temperature tests; and Needle flame (ENG) UL 1598
(ENG) Domestic cooking appliances burning gas determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1995 (ENG) Combustion and Consumption (ENG) EN 30-1-1
(ENG) HF (Halogen) in semiconductor device determination (ENG) ILT-U-2028 (ENG) HF (Halogen) (ENG) EN 14582
(ENG) Calibration of electrical safety tester (ENG) ILT-U-2050 (ENG) Calibration, Insulation resistance DC. Calibration, Ground bond test.
(ENG) ESD, Garment qualification (ENG) ILT-U-2051 (ENG) Point to point resistance (Rpp); Groundable point resistance (Rpgp); and Body contact point resistance (BCP) (ENG) ANSI/ESD STM2.1
(ENG) ESD, Resistance to ground (ENG) ILT-U-2052 (ENG) Footwear qualification (ENG) ANSI/ESD STM9.1
(ENG) ESD, Planar materials determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2053 (ENG) Two-point resistance; Surface resistivity; and Volume resistivity (ENG) ANSI/ESD STM 11.12
(ENG) ESD, Resistance through a person to ground (ENG) ILT-U-2054 (ENG) ESD, Flooring Qualification (ENG) ANSI/ESD STM 97.1
(ENG) Particle cleanliness Helmke drum (ENG) ILT-U-2055 (ENG) Particle cleanliness Helmke drum (ENG) IES-RP-CC003.2
(ENG) Vehicle electric components determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2055 (ENG) Direct Current Test; Overvoltage Test; Superimposed Alternating Voltage Test; Slow Decrease and Increase of Supply Voltage; Discontinuities in supply Voltage Test; Reversed voltage Test; Withstand Voltage Test; and Insulation Resistance Test (ENG) ISO 16750-1
(ENG) ESD, Gloves and finger cot resistance qualification (ENG) ILT-U-2057 (ENG) ESD, Glove and finger cot resistance qualification (ENG) ANSI/ESD STM15.1
Determination of stress and elongation, in wires and cables (ENG) ILT-U-310 (ENG) Clause 3.5.1. UL 2556
(ENG) Power input and current, leakage current and electric strength, provision for earthing and protection against access to live parts (ENG) ILT-U-384 (ENG) IEC 60335-1 Clause 8.1.1, 10, 16.2, 16.3, 27.5, & IEC 61558-1 Clause 24.4 IEC 60335-1
(ENG) IEC 61558
(ENG) Insulation resistance ILT- (ENG) Clause 2.6 (ENG) IEC 60432-1
(ENG) Safety requirements of audio, video and similar electronic apparatus ILT- (ENG) All test IEC 60065
(ENG) Photometric properties as a function of temperature for LED light engines and integral lamps (ENG) ILT-U-407 (ENG) IESNA LM 82
(ENG) Plugs, receptacles, manual switches determinations (ENG) ILT-U-408 (ENG) Dielectric strength, Temperature rise; Temperature rise; and Incandescent Wire NTC 1337
NTC 5283
(ENG) NTC 1650
(ENG) Electric iron determinations (ENG) ILT-U-644 (ENG) Resistance of insulating material to abnormal heat, to fire and to tracking; (ENG) SASO 2815
(ENG) Electric kettle determinations (ENG) ILT-U-645 (ENG) Moisture resistance; Screws and connections and Supply connection and external flexible cords IEC 60335-1
(ENG) IEC 60335-2-15
(ENG) Shrinkage for insulations and sheaths (ENG) ILT-U-722 (ENG) Shrinkage for insulations and sheaths (ENG) EN 60811-503
IEC 60811-502
(ENG) EN 60811-502
Hot set test for cross-linked materials (ENG) ILT-U-724 (ENG) EN 60811-507
(ENG) Determination of airborne acoustical noise (ENG) ILT-U-796 (ENG) Vacuum cleaners (ENG) IEC 60704-2-1
(ENG) Electrical resistance and dielectric strength determination (ENG) ILT-U-821 (ENG) Electrical resistance DC; and Dielectric strength NMX-J-212
(ENG) Electrical determinations (ENG) ILT-U-822 (ENG) Area of the cross section of the electrical conductors; Insulation thicknesses and electrical conductors covered; Insulation Resistance; and Determination of mechanical effort to breakdown voltage. NMX-J-312
(ENG) Electrical appliances determination (ENG) ILT-U-910 (ENG) Power Input and Current;Insulation resistance;Protection against active parts; and Heating IEC 60335-1
(ENG) IEC 60598-1
(ENG) Determination of Ohmic resistance cables (ENG) ILT-U-961 IEC 60228
(ENG) Flexural properties of unreinforced plastic and electrical insulating materials (ENG) ILT-U-995 (ENG) Flexural properties of unreinforced plastic and electrical insulating materials (ENG) ASTM D790
Electrical determinations ILT-U-2090 Insulation Resistance Test; Dielectric Strength Test; and Leakage Current Test IEC 60335-1
Electrical determinations ILT-U-2103 Ball pressure, Dielectric Strength Test; Power Input and Curren and Leakage Current Test IEC 60335-1
(ENG) IEC 60745-1
IEC 60950-1
(ENG) IEC 60598-1
Electrical determinations ILT-U-2113 Classification, instructions, Dimensions, volumes, and weights measurement, Protection against access to live parts, Power input and current, Heating and protection against temperature rise, Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature, Resistance to solid and foreign object, Moisture resistance, Ageing and life time, اEndurance and Tripping Characteristics, Abnormal operation, Stability and mechanical hazards, Mechanical strength, Construction and Components, Internal wiring, Supply connection and external flexible cords, Terminals for external conductors, Screws and connections, Provision for earthing, Clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation, Resistance to heat and fire , Flame retardation, Resistance to rusting, Starting of motor-operated appliances, Electrical resistance, resistivity and conductivity, Performance requirements for Luminaire and modules, Energy efficiency, functionality and labelling requirements for lighting products , Breaking and making capabilities, Pressure test, Electrical properties: voltage, energy, resistance, impedance, capacity and capacitance, Temperature shock test, Tensile strength and elongation, and Short circuit and overload protection IEC 60335-1
IEC 60969
IEC 60884-1
IEC 60227
IEC 61347-1
Glowing/hot-wire test ILT-U-966 IEC 60695-2-10