ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

Ensayo de aptitud Código Comentarios Norma Seleccionar
Hardness Rockwell HRC ILT-M-02 (For test and calibration laboratories) ASTM E 18 or ISO 6508. ASTM E18
ISO 6508
Hardness Vickers testing ILT-M-03 ASTM E 92 and ISO 6507. ASTM E92
ISO 6507
Determination of hydraulic pressure (0 to 500 bar) ILT-U-003
Hardness Rockwell HRC (For test and calibration laboratories). ILT-U-010 ASTM E 18 and ISO 6508 ASTM E18
ISO 6508
Hardness BRINELL (For test and calibration laboratories), Hardness Brinell HB 10/3000 ILT-U-014 ASTM E10 and ISO 6506 ASTM E10
ISO 6506
Tapes and or tape measure ILT-U-019 NOM 046-SCFI NOM 046-SCFI
Hydraulic jack (Bottle type) ILT-U-020 NOM 114-SCFI NOM 114-SCFI
Micrometers determinations 0-25mm ILT-U-042 (ENG) 0 - 25 mm
Hardness Shore measurements ILT-U-056 ISO 868 (shore A and D) and ISO 6508-1 (shore C) ISO 868
ISO 6508
Determining masses with reference weights (E2 class) ILT-U-076 (ENG) weights E2 class
Hardness Rockwell HRB ILT-U-096 ASTM E 18 ASTM E18
Hardness Brinell HRB – HB 2.5/187.5 ILT-U-174 (ENG) HBW 3/62.5 ASTM E10
ISO 6506
Hardness Brinell HRB – HB 2.5/62.5 ILT-U-175 (ENG) HB 2.5/62.5 ASTM E10
ISO 6506
Hardness Rockwell HRA ILT-U-176 ISO 6508 ISO 6508
Hardness Vickers HV30 ILT-U-177 ISO 6507 ISO 6507
Determination of pneumatic pressure ILT-U-211 (ENG) Pneumatic pressure manometer; hydraulic pressure manometer, and pressure transducer
Determination of temperature in digital thermometers ILT-U-216
Determination of hydraulic pressure (0 to 150 bar) ILT-U-259 (ENG) 0 to 150 bar
Hardness Vickers HV 0,2 and HV 1 ILT-U-286 ASTM E384. ASTM E384
Hardness Knoop ILT-U-308 ASTM E384 ASTM E384
Determination of Brookfield Viscosity and hardness shore A ILT-U-359 Hardness Shore A ISO 7619 and Viscosity ISO 2555 ISO 7619
ISO 2555
caliper gauge ILT-U-377 (ENG) caliper 0-1000 mm (Reading 0.02mm).
Measurement time ILT-U-418 Digital chronometer
Determination tear properties of fabric ILT-U-457 ISO 13937-2.
Hardness Vickers HV10 ILT-U-527 (ENG) HV10 ISO 6507-3
Brinell Hardness HBW 1/30 ILT-U-574 (ENG) HBW 1/30 ASTM E10
ISO 6506
Brinell Hardness HBW 2,5/187,5 ILT-U-630 (ENG) HBW 2,5/187,5 ASTM E10
ISO 6506
Hardness Rockwell HR 15N ILT-U-657 (ENG) HRC 15N ASTM E18
ISO 6508
Micrometers determinations 0-500 mm ILT-U-675 (ENG) 0 - 500 mm (0.001)
Hardness Shore A ILT-U-688 (ENG) Shore A ISO 868
Leeb Hardness determination ILT-U-693 ASTM A956
Calibration of pH meter ILT-U-847 (ENG) pH=4, pH=7, and pH=10
Determination of pesticides in grains ILT-U-872 (ENG) Shore D ISO 868
Determining masses with reference weights ILT-U-08 1kg to 20 kg. M1 class
(ENG) Hardness Brinell (ENG) ILT-U-1034 (ENG) HBW 10/500 ASTM E10
(ENG) Calibration of Sphygmomanometers (ENG) ILT-U-1042 (ENG) Manual and Digital Sphygmomanometers
(ENG) Instruments calibration (ENG) ILT-U-1058 (ENG) peachimeter and conductimeter
(ENG) Hardness Rockwell (ENG) ILT-U-1105 (ENG) HR15T and HR30T.
(ENG) Hardness Vickers (ENG) ILT-U-1113 (ENG) HV 0.1
(ENG) Hardness Vickers (ENG) ILT-U-1114 (ENG) HV 3
(ENG) Hardness Vickers (ENG) ILT-U-1115 (ENG) HV 0.3
(ENG) Hardness Vickers (ENG) ILT-U-1145 (ENG) HV 0.2
(ENG) Decibelmeter calibration (ENG) ILT-U-1308 (ENG) Frequency weighting; Attenuation in and out of the passing bands; and Linearity range (ENG) IEC 60651
(ENG) IEC 61260
(ENG) IEC 60804
(ENG) Instruments calibration – conductimeter (ENG) ILT-U-1336
(ENG) Gas meter determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1364 (ENG) flow gas meter (Qmax, Qmin, and 0.2 Qmax).
(ENG) Hardness Shore (ENG) ILT-U-1412 (ENG) Shore A (ENG) ISO 7619-1
(ENG) ASTM D2240
(ENG) Timers calibration (ENG) ILT-U-1431 (ENG) Comparison against a frequency counter and a 10MHZ reference. Range: 24 hs.
(ENG) calibrations in manometer, pressure gauge, multimeter, and weight. (ENG) ILT-U-1472 (ENG) calibrations in manometer of 0-700 bar pressure gauge, 5 ½ multimeter and M1 weight.
(ENG) Hardness Vickers (ENG) ILT-U-1632 (ENG) HV1 ASTM E384
ISO 6507-3
(ENG) caliper gauge (ENG) ILT-U-1643 (ENG) caliper 0-300 mm (Reading 0.02mm)
(ENG) Hardness Knoop (ENG) ILT-U-1676 (ENG) HK 0.3 ASTM E384
(ENG) Hardness Knoop (ENG) ILT-U-167 (ENG) Hardness Knoop HK 0.5 ASTM E384
(ENG) Torque test in bottle (ENG) ILT-U-1721
(ENG) 2D dimensional analysis. (ENG) ILT-U-1722 (ENG) Measurement of a sample in a 2D microscope,
(ENG) Calibration of network analyzer equipment (ENG) ILT-U-1725 (ENG) Tension
(ENG) Instruments calibration (ENG) ILT-U-1907 (ENG) Manometer (200 bar); Thermometer (250 °C); and Weight (M1 1.0 kg)
(ENG) Volumetric meter determination (ENG) ILT-U-623 (ENG) Seraphim; Five gallons
(ENG) Volume determination in glass material (ENG) ILT-U-624 (ENG) Pipette and Flask (gravimetric method)
(ENG) Digital Thermometer Calibration (ENG) ILT-U-700
Determining masses with reference weights ILT-U-007 0.01 Kg to 0.05 Kg. M1 Class
Determining masses with reference weights ILT-U-007 0.01 Kg to 0.05 Kg. M1 Class
Determining flow cold water meters ILT-U-041
Volume Automatic Pipettes ILT-U-070 Gravimetric method
Measurement of pattern thermometer ILT-U-072 (ENG) Multimeter and clamp meter
Calibration of pH meter ILT-U-077
Angle measurement in goniometers ILT-U-131
Determination of temperature in thermocouples. ILT-U-207 Range -80 ° c to 300 ° c
Determination of volume in micro pipette ILT-U-210
Determination of temperature in liquid thermometers ILT-U-217
Determination of relative humidity ILT-U-218
Watch buyer centesimal ILT-U-378
(ENG) Determination of hydraulic pressure (0 to 250 bar) (ENG) ILT-U-005
(ENG) Hardness Vickers (ENG) ILT-U-015 (ENG) HV 0.5 - 500 / 700 ASTM E384
ISO 6507
(ENG) Angle and length determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1032 (ENG) Longitudinal and angular measurements.
(ENG) Hardness Vickers (ENG) ILT-U-1145 (ENG) HV 0.2
(ENG) Vernier caliper calibration (ENG) ILT-U-1493 (ENG) Points to calibrate: 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm and 500 mm
(ENG) Measurement of length in standard blocks (ENG) ILT-U-150 (ENG) Range 2.5 mm to 15 mm
(ENG) Surface Roughness determination (ENG) ILT-U-1763 (ENG) Roughness
(ENG) XRF Analyzers calibration. (ENG) ILT-U-1865 (ENG) Calibration for XRF Element Analyzer ROHS (ROHS PE/PVC 100); and Calibration for XRF Coating Thickness Gauge (Gold over Nickel over cooper Base)
(ENG) Calibration of electrical magnitudes (ENG) ILT-U-1866 (ENG) Electrical (Generation) Voltage DC; Voltage (AC @ 50 Hz); Current (DC); Current (AC @ 50 Hz); and Resistance
(ENG) Colour Reference determination (ENG) ILT-U-1898 (ENG) Y, x, and y values (ENG) ASTM D6045
ASTM D1500
(ENG) Flash Point determination. (ENG) ILT-U-1899 (ENG) Using Procedure A and corrected for the barometric pressure at time of determination. (Nominal value: 175.0 °C) (ENG) ASTM D93
(ENG) Ethanol determination. (ENG) ILT-U-1900 (ENG) 40 % ABV (Alcohol by Volume).
(ENG) Multimeter calibration (ENG) ILT-U-1909 (ENG) Tension; Voltage; and Resistance
(ENG) Magnitudes determinations (ENG) ILT-U-214 (ENG) Pipette (volume gravimetric method); PH meters from 0 to 14 pH; and Class I analytical balances (weights)
(ENG) Sonometer – decibel meter measurement (ENG) ILT-U-382 (ENG) Sonometer - decibel meter
(ENG) Dial Gauge calibration (ENG) ILT-U-602
(ENG) Instruments calibration (ENG) ILT-U-641 (ENG) Measurement of thermohygrometers; Measurement of weights; Measurement of digital thermometer; and Thermocouple measurement PT-100 for stove with thermometer
(ENG) Hardness Rockwell (ENG) ILT-U-646 (ENG) HRC 15T ASTM E18
ISO 6508
Torque wrench test (ENG) ILT-U-773
40/5000 Calibration of temperature sensors (ENG) ILT-U-778 (ENG) PT100 temperature resistance range -30 °C to + 400 °C; and Thermocouple K range 400 °C to 1100 °C
Calibration of pressure gauge (0-21 bar) (ENG) ILT-U-882 (ENG) Range 0-21 bar
Mechanical properties of fasteners ILT-U-2076 Torsional test and minimum torque test ISO 898-7