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Paints and varnishes — Cross-cut test, Determination of film thickness ILT-U-187 ISO 2409 and ISO 2808 ISO 2409
Metals in Pharmaceutical Products – Cosmetics ILT-U-202 Cu, Pb, As, Cd, Sn and others by Atomic Absorption
Cadmium determination ILT-U-221 EN 1122 EN 1122
Nickel determination ILT-U-222 EN 1811 EN 1811
Colour fastness to washing ILT-U-233 AATCC 61 (NTC 1155-3) AATCC 61
NTC 1155-3
Corrosion test purpose in tents ILT-U-296 NTMD – 0026 – A1 NTMD – 0026 – A1
Baby cribs, play yard, bassinets and cradles determinations ILT-U-463 ASTM F2194 ASTM F2194
Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs ILT-U-524 (ENG) BS EN 1186-9
Tires determinations ILT-U-560 (ENG) FMVSS119, FMVSS139 and FMVSS 109 FMVSS 109
Air flow from caps for writing instruments ILT-U-647 ISO 11540
Phthalates in dolls determination ILT-U-648 EN 14372
NBR 16040
Torque resistance in small saucepan determination ILT-U-649 BS EN 12983
Handle fatigue determination ILT-U-650 BS EN 12983
UVA and UVB grade in sunglasses ILT-U-652 EN 1836
Cosmetics determinations (microbiological) ILT-U-733 (ENG) count of fungi and yeasts; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Staphylococcus aureus; Escherichia coli; Candida albicans; Clostridium sp; and Total bacterial count
Drugs determinations ILT-U-734 (ENG) Count of yeasts and molds; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Staphylococcus aureus; Escherichia coli; Candida albicans; and Salmonella
Cosmetic Dermatological Test ILT-U-743 (ENG) Acute Oral Toxicity Irritation / Corrosion Dermal Repeated. Irritation / Corrosion Eye Skin irritation / corrosion APPRAISAL OF SAFETY OF CHEMICALS IN FOOD, DRUGS AND COSMETIC F.D.A
OECD 404
OECD 405
OECD 423
Microbiological determinations in gloves ILT-U-744 (ENG) Total count; Fungi and yeasts count; Staphylococcus aureus (qualitative); Salmonella spp (qualitative); Pseudomonas aeruginosa (qualitative); Enterobacteriaceae (qualitative); and Escherichia Coli (qualitative) in surgical / non-surgical gloves
Drugs determinations ILT-U-760 (ENG) Sterility according to by direct inoculation method and membrane filtration method; Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing; Toxicity 48 hours; Bacterial endotoxins determination using gel clot "in vitro pyrogen"; Pyrogen in vivo; Biological Reactivity Systemic; and Biological Reactivity intracutaneous United States Pharmacopeia 36
European Pharmacopoeia 7.0
Determinations in ethyl alcohol container ILT-U-790 (ENG) Volumetric capacity of the container; internal diameter of the outlet; and container stability Portaria Nº 269
(ENG) NBR 15991
Pressure cookers determinations ILT-U-799 (ENG) Volumetric capacity and Operating pressures - point 4.3 EN 12778
Baby items determinations ILT-U-818 (ENG) Peroxide determination; and DTX Test NBR 10334
NBR 13793
Party items determinations ILT-U-819 (ENG) Airflow determination NBR 13883
N-nitrosamines, peroxide and DTX in baby bottles ILT-U-820 ABNT NBR 13793
BS EN 12868
Matches determinations ILT-U-824 (ENG) Striking performance Annex A only A.1 to A.9; Thermal Stability Annex B; Performance of the striking surface Annex C; Impact resistance Annex D; and Environmental and toxicological test Annex E EN 1783
Testing of corrosion in surgical instrument ILT-U-837 ASTM F1089
Bicycle test – Cycled of pedals ILT-U-861 (ENG) ISO 4210 part 8. (4.8.2.) ISO 4210
Mattress determination ILT-U-884 (ENG) Determining the density of the foam mattress, resilience, permanent deformation to compression, indentation force, dynamic fatigue, ash content, packaging evaluation, labeling, gluing and dimensional analysis. NBR 13579-1
(ENG) Gloves determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1041 (ENG) EN 388
(ENG) EN 374-2
(ENG) EN 374-3
(ENG) ISO 13997
(ENG) Heavy metals content in metal jewelry (ENG) ILT-U-1093 (ENG) GB/T 28021
(ENG) GB/T 28019
(ENG) Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs- Silicate surfaces (ENG) ILT-U-1095 (ENG) Determination of the release of lead and cadmium from ceramic ware, (ENG) EN 1388-1
(ENG) Glass hollowware in contact with food (ENG) ILT-U-1136 (ENG) Pb, Cd, and Co (ENG) ISO 7086
(ENG) Baby bottles determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1146 (ENG) Impact, Torsion, and Traction NBR 13793
(ENG) Pacifiers determination (ENG) ILT-U-1147 (ENG) Physical and mechanical determinations NBR 10334
(ENG) Bending tests in pen (ENG) ILT-U-1148 (ENG) NBR 15236
(ENG) Dimensional stability verification (ENG) ILT-U-1149 (ENG) Dimensional stability. (ENG) NBR 5687
(ENG) Determination of mass of glass and resistance to lateral compression (ENG) ILT-U-1150 (ENG) Determination of mass of glass and resistance to lateral compression. (ENG) NBR 14865
(ENG) Tire tube testing (ENG) ILT-U-1151 (ENG) NBR 15557
(ENG) Plastic packaging for mineral water and drinking table — Returnable gallon (ENG) ILT-U-1152 (ENG) Strange odor; Volumetric capacity; Resistance to static compression; and Resistance to fall (ENG) NBR 14222
(ENG) Beilstein Test (ENG) ILT-U-1266 (ENG) Detect chlorine in vynils; hydro chlorinated rubbers; and chloroprene rubber-based adhesives
(ENG) Tableware in contact with lead-emission food and cadmium (ENG) ILT-U-1290 (ENG) Lead and cadmium (ENG) ISO 6486-1
(ENG) Release of lead and cadmium in ceramic cookware (ENG) ILT-U-1291 (ENG) ISO 8391
(ENG) Determinations on Condoms (ENG) ILT-U-1354 (ENG) Original trap; Aged trap; Hole detection; and dimensions
(ENG) Lighters determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1394 (ENG) ISO 9994
(ENG) Determination of sunscreen UVA photoprotection in vitro (ENG) ILT-U-1473 (ENG) Determination of UVA factor (ENG) ISO 24443
(ENG) Determination of mercury in cosmetics (ENG) ILT-U-1490 (ENG) Mercury
(ENG) Adherence in cookware determination (ENG) ILT-U-1508 (ENG) Milk antiadherence test; Non-stick egg assay; Grid Testing; Abrasion test; Corrosion test with sodium chloride; and Corrosion test with detergent solution (ENG) NBR 15231
(ENG) Determinations in pacifiers (ENG) ILT-U-1511 (ENG) Mechanical; Labeling; and Physical NBR 10334
(ENG) Disposable tableware determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1512 (ENG) Resistance to sweat and spittle (NBR 13883 point 6.3.7) NBR 13883
(ENG) Determinations in baby bottles (ENG) ILT-U-1513 (ENG) Volumetric capacity; Labeling; and Physical NBR 13793
(ENG) Migration test in gloves (ENG) ILT-U-1553 (ENG) EN 1186; RDC N° 105; and RDC N° 51 EN 1186
(ENG) Safety gloves determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1622 (ENG) Determination of thickness; puncture resistance; and measurement of surface resistivity EN 1149-1
(ENG) EN ISO 2589
(ENG) EN 388
(ENG) Diaper determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1644 (ENG) Visual inspection; pH; and absorbency (ENG) SASO 1516
(ENG) GSO 143
(ENG) GSO 750
(ENG) Perfume determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1646 (ENG) Visual inspection; turbidity (ENG) SASO 1849
(ENG) Nail polish determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1647 (ENG) Visual inspection; determination of non-volatile matter; and determination of drying time (ENG) GSO 1888
(ENG) Material in contact with food determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1649 (ENG) Overall migration into aqueous food stimulants by total immersion (4 simulants); and overall migration into aqueous food stimulants by article filling (4 simulants) EN 1186-3
(ENG) BS EN 1186-9
(ENG) Nanoparticles determination in cosmetic (ENG) ILT-U-1659 (ENG) Particle size
(ENG) Migration test (ENG) ILT-U-1694 (ENG) Total simulant migration B: Yes. Aqueous foods acid-Acetic acids; Specific mission of metals and others elements: simulant acetic acid %; and Color change rating EN 1186
(ENG) EN 13130
(ENG) GMC 15
(ENG) Resolution RDC Nº52
(ENG) Child-resistant packaging test (ENG) ILT-U-1720 (ENG) Testing of re-closable child-resistant packaging. (ENG) ISO 8317
(ENG) Mattress determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1724 (ENG) Foam density; permanent compression deformation; and indentation force (ENG) NBR 9176
(ENG) NBR 8537
(ENG) NBR 8797
(ENG) Total volatile content in Shampoo (ENG) ILT-U-178 (ENG) Total volatile content (ENG) GSO 396
(ENG) Determination of the release of lead and cadmium from silicate surfaces other than ceramic ware (ENG) ILT-U-1813 (ENG) Lead and cadmium (ENG) EN 1388-2
(ENG) Migration total and specific determinations (ENG) ILT-U-341 (ENG) Determination of overall migrat on synthetic samples (simulating matrix: ethanol 10%; 20%; 50%, acetic acid 3%, and distilled water); and specific migration: Determination of Ag, B, Ba, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Pb, Zn, As, Hg, Sb, Sn e F (aimulating matrix: acetic acid 3%.) EN 1186
(ENG) EN 13130
(ENG) General purpose saucepans (ENG) ILT-U-435 (ENG) Corrosion test with boiling sodium chloride solution; corrosion test with detergent solution; milk antiadherence test; adhesion test with egg; and corrosion test by salina mist (ENG) Portaria 21
(ENG) Gloves determinations (ENG) ILT-U-599 (ENG) Abrasion resistance; cut resistance by slicing; cut resistance by tonodynamometer; resistance to tearing; puncture resistance; test method for the measurement of surface resistivity; test method for measuring electrical resistance through a material (vertical resistance); and test methods for measurement of charge decay EN 1149-1
(ENG) EN 388
(ENG) EN 1149-2
(ENG) EN 1149-3
(ENG) Matches determinations (ENG) ILT-U-711 (ENG) Lighting; thermal stability; ignition surface; and impact (ENG) NBR 13725
(ENG) Global migration in corks (ENG) ILT-U-955 (ENG) ISO 10106
Physical and mechanical test on wheelchairs and strollers ILT-J-10 ASTM F833-1 ASTM F833-1
Directive 2011/65/EU, RoHS2. Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. ILT-S-09 Directive 2011/65/EU, RoHS2 • Pb and Cd determination by atomic absorption or ICP. • Hg determination by atomic absorption, cold vapor generator or ICP. • Hexavalent Chromium determination by UV-VIS spectrophotometry. • PBBs and PBDEs determination by gas chromatography. • Determination of lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium and bromine by XRF spectroscopy. RoHS2
(ENG) Cosmetic microbiological determinations (ENG) ILT-U-981 (ENG) Enterobacteria; Staphylococcus; Pseudomonas; and Aerobic mesophilic
Determination of presence (quantity) of lead, cadmium, copper and zinc in grains. ILT-U-336 Lead, cadmium, copper and zinc by Atomic absorption spectrometry (ENG) Portaria 563/2016
Sanitizers determinations ILT-U-738 (ENG) Disinfectants Test front of Staphylococcus aureus; Disinfectants Test front of Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Mycobactericide Activity Assessment Disinfectants - Mycobacterium smegmatis front; Mycobactericide Activity Assessment Disinfectants - Mycobacterium bovis front; Esporocida Activity Assessment of Disinfectants front of Bacillus subtilis and Clostridium sporogenes; Test Disinfectants front of Escherichia collision - Qualitative determination with carriers; Mycobactericide Activity Assessment Disinfectants - Mycobacterium opposite massiliense; Determination of Bactericidal Activity Assessment - Disinfectants in the forms of "Spray" and Aerossol; Skin irritation / corrosion; Irritation / Corrosion Eye; Acute Oral Toxicity; Dermal Acute Toxicity; Total bacterial count - Determination by the technical inoculation depth - pour plate
(ENG) Detergent and soap determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1351 (ENG) Surface active agents: Determination of pH of aqueous solutions – Potentiometric method; Surface active agents. Detergents. Determination of anionic-active matter by manual or mechanical direct two-phase titration procedure; Cosmetics- determination of chloride content; Soaps. Determination of content of ethanol – insoluble matter; Soaps. Determination of moisture and volatile matter content-Oven method; and Surface active agents- Analysis of soaps – Determination of free caustic alkali. (ENG) ISO 456
(ENG) ISO 672
(ENG) ISO 673
(ENG) ISO 2271
(ENG) ISO 4316
(ENG) Determinations in ball point pens and refills (ENG) ILT-U-1476 (ENG) Tip Classification; Shapes and Dimensions of refills; Performance; Writing Performance; Strike Though; Drying Time; Reproducibility; Water Resistance; Light Resistance; and Designation And Marking (ENG) ISO 12757-1
(ENG) Mask determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1550 (ENG) Synthetic Blood Penetration (ENG) ISO 16603
(ENG) Small saucepan determination I (ENG) Except clause 8 BS EN 12983
(ENG) Enumeration of yeast and mould in cosmetic tissue paper (ENG) ILT-U-1765 (ENG) Enumeration of yeast and mould
(ENG) Fragrance and soap determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1772 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Turbidity; Water insoluble matter; and Moisture and volatile matter (ENG) GSO ISO 672
GSO 1046
(ENG) GSO 1098
GSO 1047
Detergent determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1773 (ENG) pH; Moisture & Volatile matter; Presence of brightening agent; and Rinsing property GSO 4316
GSO 152
(ENG) Dish wash and hand wash determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1774 (ENG) pH; Non ionic surface active agent; and Chloride content GSO 391
GSO 4316
GSO 1095
(ENG) Shampoo determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1775 (ENG) pH; and Volatile content GSO 395
(ENG) Skin cream determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1776 (ENG) Marking; Thermal stability; and Total fatty matter IQS 1161
(ENG) Shoe polish determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1777 (ENG) pH; Determination of non- volatile matter; and Determination of Stability SASO 1957
(ENG) Deodorant and antiperspirant determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1778 (ENG) pH; Stability of smell; and Determination of non volatile matter KS 1764
(ENG) Baby diaper and sanitary pad for ladies determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1779 (ENG) pH; Dimension; and Water absorption (ENG) GSO 143
(ENG) GSO 750
(ENG) Plastic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1796 (ENG) Overall Migration from plastic using MPPO as a simulant; and BISPHENOL A (ENG) EN 1186-13
(ENG) Cosmetic determination (ENG) ILT-U-1817 (ENG) 1,4-dioxane in cosmetic products.
(ENG) Cosmetics and detergents determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1819 (ENG) Total organic matter in the formulated detergents, and Total solids in cosmetics (ENG) BS 3762
(ENG) Candles determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1821 (ENG) Sooting behaviour; Fire safety; and Annealed Soda-Lime-Silicate Glass Containers That Are Produced for Use as Candle Containers (ENG) ASTM F2179
(ENG) EN 15426
(ENG) EN 15493
(ENG) Roller sports equipment. (ENG) ILT-U-1832 (ENG) Roller skates. Safety requirements. (ENG) EN 13899
(ENG) Roller sports equipment (ENG) ILT-U-1833 (ENG) Inline-skates. Safety requirements (ENG) EN 13843
(ENG) Roller sports equipment (ENG) ILT-U-1834 (ENG) Skateboards. Safety requirements (ENG) EN 13613
(ENG) Safety of children’s clothing (ENG) ILT-U-1835 (ENG) Cords and drawstrings on children's clothing (ENG) EN 14682
(ENG) Respiratory protective devices (ENG) ILT-U-1838 (ENG) Conditioning; Visual inspection; Inflammability; Traction / linear deformation; Penetration of filter material; Carbon dioxide content in the inhalation air; Respiration resistance; Leakage; and Practical composition test (ENG) EN 149
(ENG) Leachable Lead & Cadmium determination (ENG) ILT-U-1851 (ENG) Simulant 4% Acetic Acid (ENG) EN 1388-1
(ENG) EN 1388-2
(ENG) Directive 84/500/EEC
(ENG) ISO 7086-1
(ENG) ISO 7086-2
(ENG) Safety shoes determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1877 (ENG) Impact resistance; Slip Resistance; Thermal insulation; Electrical resistance; Hydrolysis; and Resistance to electrical voltage (Withstand test voltage) (ENG) EN 50321
ISO 20344
(ENG) Soothers for babies and young children (ENG) ILT-U-1879 (ENG) Safety requirements (ENG) EN 1400
(ENG) Textile (parachutes) determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1881 (ENG) Flammability Test; Trapezoid Tearing Strength of Geotextiles; Conditioning (2 days @ 21C, 65% RH); and Strap strength test (ENG) PIA 4108E
(ENG) PIA 502
(ENG) PIA 504a
(ENG) ASTM D6413
ASTM D4533
(ENG) ASTM D6775
(ENG) Nitrosamine in condom (ENG) ILT-U-1918 (ENG) Nitrosamine (ENG) ISO 29941
Perfumery products determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1976 (ENG) Methanol content; Ethanol content; Turbidity test; and Heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury, Arsenic)
(ENG) Soap determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1977 (ENG) Moisture and volatile matter; Ethanol insoluble matter; Total Fatty matter; Chloride content; Unsaponified matter; Acid value; Metal analysis (Lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, nickel…); and Water insoluble matter (ENG) GSO 1098
(ENG) Dishwash determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1978 (ENG) Rinsing properties; Total active matter; Biodegradability; pH; and Metal analysis (Lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, nickel) GSO 391
(ENG) Handwash determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1979 (ENG) Chloride content; pH; Total active matter; Matter insoluble in alcohol; Biodegradability; sulphate content; and Metal analysis (Lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, nickel) (ENG) GSO 2240
(ENG) Detergent determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1980 (ENG) Chloride content; pH; Total surface active agents; Anionic active matter; Biodegradability; Phosphate content; Brightening agent8; Moisture and volatile matter; Rising property; and Metal analysis (Lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, nickel) GSO 152
(ENG) Shoe polish determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1981 (ENG) Non-volatile matter; pH; and Stability SASO 1957
(ENG) Skin cream determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1982 (ENG) Thermal stability; pH; Total fatty matter; Water content; and Lard and lard derivatives (ENG) GSO 1513
(ENG) Ladder determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1987 (ENG) EN 131-2
(ENG) N-nitrosamines and N-nitrosables in latex baby pacifier. (ENG) ILT-U-1991 (ENG) N-nitrosamines and N-nitrosables BS EN 12868
(ENG) Cosmetic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1993 (ENG) Benzoic acid; Butylparaben; Methylparaben; and Propylparaben
Determining Cadmium and Lead from Metal Jewelry (ENG) ILT-U-1996 (ENG) Cadmium and lead
(ENG) Product of school supplies determinations (ENG) ILT-U-1999 (ENG) Detection of pentachlorophenol or its salts in wooden articles by staining; Characterization test of PVC materials using the Beilstein method; Determination of resistance (color fastness) to sweat and saliva; and Detection of pentachlorophenol or its salts in wooden articles by staining. (ENG) NBR 15236
NBR 13883
(ENG) Drinking equipment determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2042 (ENG) Drinking equipment - Silicone (ENG) EN 14350
(ENG) Soother holder determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2043 (ENG) Safety requirements and test methods (ENG) EN 12586
(ENG) Soother holder determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2044 (ENG) Safety requirements and test methods (ENG) GB 28482
(ENG) Aerosol dispenser determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2133 (ENG) Internal diameter Aerosol Dispenser; Brimful Capacity Aerosol Dispenser; Net weight content; Hot water immersion test; and Flammability test (ENG) SASO 1229
(ENG) SASO 1327
(ENG) Deodorant determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2134 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Qualitative test for Formaldehyde; and Determination of delivery rate of content (ENG) SASO 1327
(ENG) Hair Cream determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2136 (ENG) Visual Inspection: and Determination of total non-aqueous content (ENG) SASO 1515
(ENG) Chemical Depilatory determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2137 (ENG) Determination of calcium% in Thioglycolic acid; Thermal stability test; and Determination of sulphide content (ENG) SASO 1745
(ENG) Deodorant determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2138 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Determination of Ethanol content in spray; and Determination of formaldehyde (ENG) SASO 1795
(ENG) Glycerin soap determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2139 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Determination of total free Alkali Content; and Determination of total fatty content (ENG) SASO 492
(ENG) Nail Polish determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2140 (ENG) Adhesion test; and Blush test (ENG) SASO 2193
(ENG) GSO 1888
(ENG) Perfumes based on Ethanol determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2141 (ENG) Determination of Ethanol -Methanol- Propanol; and Determination of Denaturant (ENG) SASO 1849
(ENG) Shampoo determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2143 (ENG) Determination of surfactant content (ENG) SASO 724
GSO 395
(ENG) Lip stick determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2144 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Determination of Softening Point; Determination of Rancidity (Peroxide Number); and Determination of Breaking load (ENG) SASO 1872
(ENG) GSO 2019
(ENG) Liquid Carpet cleaner determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2145 (ENG) Determination of total active ingredient content; Visual Inspection; Determination of alkalinity; Detection of oxidizing and reducing agent; Detection of the fluorescence optical brightening; Cleaning power test; and Resoiling test (ENG) SASO 828
(ENG) Cosmetics products determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2146 (ENG) Determination of Zirconium and Aluminum; Identification and determination of Formaldehyde; Determination of Potassium and Sodium Hydroxide; Determination of Quinine; Determination of Resorcinol (Hair lotion, Hair colors); Determination of Oxalic acid and its alkaline salts; and Determination of Silver Nitrate (ENG) SASO 2185
(ENG) Toilet Soap determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2147 (ENG) Determination of acid no of mixed fatty acid (ENG) SASO 492
(ENG) Talcum Powder determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2148 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Determination of water soluble content; Determination of acid soluble iron; Determination of water soluble iron salts; and Boric acid or Borates Tests (ENG) SASO 1751
(ENG) Petroleum Jelly determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2149 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Determination of Melting Point; Determination of Saponifiable Matter; Determination of Free Acids and Alkalis; Determination of Sulphated Ash; and Determination of Iodine Value (ppm) (ENG) SASO 1390
(ENG) Alkali Drain Cleaner determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2150 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Determination of rise in temperature when dissolve in water; Determination of foaming when dissolve in water; Determination of aluminum content; Determination of sodium hydroxide content; Determination of nitrate content; and Determination of chloride/sulphate content (ENG) SASO 1056
(ENG) Liquid Detergent for Dish washing determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2151 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Determination of Active Ionic Material; Determination of Active Anionic Material; Determination of total surface active agent; and Rinsing Test (ENG) SASO 719
(ENG) Sodium Hypochlorite solution determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2152 (ENG) Determination of specific gravity; Visual Inspection; Determination of available chlorine (as Sodium Hypochlorite content %); Determination of Free alkali; Determination of iron content (ppm); and Tests for copper and Nickel (ENG) SASO 1053
(ENG) Liquid glass cleaner determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2153 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Determination of effect on metallic Surface; Determination of effect on Plastic Surface; Determination of effect on Paint Films; Determination of storage stability; and Determination of Cleaning Efficiency (ENG) SASO 1194
(ENG) Synthetic detergent powders determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2154 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Determination of Active Oxygen Content; and Determination of surface Active Material (ENG) SASO 509
(ENG) Perfume determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2155 (ENG) Miscibility Test (ENG) SASO 591
(ENG) Detergents determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2156 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Determination of total solid matter; Stability to hard water; Stability at low temperature; Cleaning Efficiency Test; Anti-microbial Activity; Pseudomonas Aeruginosa; and Escherichia coli (ENG) SASO 2619
(ENG) Liquid floor cleaner determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2157 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Stability at freezing and warming; Test on thin plate; Resistant to water test; Shoe heal black mark test; and Visual Inspection (ENG) SASO 1793
(ENG) School Bags determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2158 (ENG) Adjustable length of waist belt; Adjustable shoulder strap length; Bag Height; Bag Width; Deformities; Depth of back side; Depth of front side; Depth of lunch box pcoket "if found"; Dropping Test; Fixed length of waist belt; Fixed shoulder strap length; Formaldehyde; Height of lunch box pcoket "if found"; Height of lunch right side pocket "if found"; Length of the back belt; Manufacturing and Finishing; pH; Shoulder Strap Width; Side Belt; Fixed length of waist belt; Stitches; Test of removing the handle; Weight; and Width of waist belt "if found” (ENG) SASO 2900
(ENG) Sanitary Pads – Ladies determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2159 (ENG) Absorbency; Absorbent Filler; Adhesive rear tape; Covering; Length; Length and width of absorbant filler; Length of adhesive rear tape; lumps, oil spots , dirt , dyes and any other foreign matter; pH; Plastic rear base; Porous Tissue; Thickness of absorbent filler; Total Length of pad; Total width of pad: and Width (ENG) GSO 751
(ENG) Disposable Baby Diaper determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2160 (ENG) Absorbant Filler; Adhesive tapes; Back Sheet; Device for fastening the diapers at the femurs; Diapers waist fastening device; Dimensions; Minimum Absorption; pH; Porous Layer; and Top Sheet (ENG) GSO 1833
(ENG) Shaving cream determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2161 (ENG) Determination of stability; and Determination of lathering volume (ENG) SASO 1388
Hair cream determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2163 (ENG) Visual Inspection; and Determination of water content (ENG) SASO 1515
(ENG) Liquid oxidative hair dye (hair color) determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2164 (ENG) Determination of hydrogen peroxide; and Determination of dye (o-m-p-, phenyl diamines, diamino phenols) (ENG) SASO 776
(ENG) Mask determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2167 (ENG) Resistance to Wet Bacterial Penetration (ENG) ISO 22610
(ENG) Mask determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2168 (ENG) Resistance to Dry Microbial Penetration (ENG) ISO 22612
(ENG) Mask determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2171 (ENG) Seam Strength (Per Seam Type) (ENG) EN 14325
(ENG) EN 13935-2
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2176 (ENG) Lead and Cadmium Extracted from Glazed Ceramic Tile (ENG) ASTM C895
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2177 (ENG) Determination of Organic Emissions. (Not per CA 01350) ASTM D5116
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2178 (ENG) Determination of Solar Reflectance Index (ENG) ASTM E1980
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2179 (ENG) Mounting Allowable Deviation from Nominal Joint Size; Bond Strength; Compressive Strength; and Thermal Shock Resistance (ENG) ANSI A137.2
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2180 (ENG) Linear Thermal Expansion. T from – 4°F (-20°C) to 212°F (100°C) (ENG) ASTM C372
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2181 (ENG) Water Absorption (ENG) ASTM C373
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2182 (ENG) Crazing Resistance (ENG) ASTM C424
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2183 (ENG) Warpage; Facial dimensions and thickness; and Wedging (ENG) ASTM C502
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2184 (ENG) Measurement of Light Reflectance Value & Small Color Differences (ENG) ASTM C609
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2185 (ENG) Breaking Strength (ENG) ASTM C648
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2186 (ENG) Chemical Resistance ASTM C650
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2187 (ENG) Freeze-Thaw – up to 300 cycles (ENG) ASTM C1026
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2188 (ENG) Surface Abrasion (ENG) ASTM C1027
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2189 (ENG) Static Coefficient of Friction (wet-dry) (ENG) ASTM C1028
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2190 (ENG) Staining Resistance (ENG) ASTM C1378
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2192 (ENG) Dynamic Coefficient of Friction. (DCOF—wet only) ANSI A326.3
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2193 (ENG) M.O.R. & Breaking Strength (ENG) ASTM C1505
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2194 (ENG) Mohs Scratch Hardness (ENG) ASTM C1895
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2195 (ENG) Water Absorption and Bulk Specific Gravity / Density (ENG) ASTM C97
(ENG) Ceramic determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2200 (ENG) Deep Abrasion (ENG) ASTM C1243
(ENG) Hair oil determinations (ENG) ILT-U-2612 (ENG) Visual Inspection; Determination of peroxide value; and Determination of acid value (ENG) SASO 1789
(ENG) GSO 1218
(ENG) Determinations in cosmetics (ENG) ILT-U-261 (ENG) Enumeration of aerobic plate count; Enumeration of Staphylococcus aureus; and Enumeration of Yeast& Mould
(ENG) Methanol determination in liquid for wipers (ENG) ILT-U-327
(ENG) Cartridge determination (ENG) ILT-U-362 (ENG) Yield determination (ENG) ISO 24712
(ENG) Baby cribs, play yard, bassinets and cradles determinations (ENG) ILT-U-460 (ENG) Physical & Mechanical Test; Toxicity (CPSIA Lead); Flammability (16 CFR 1500.3) and CPSIA Phthalates ASTM F2194
(ENG) Microbeam analysis. Analysis using energy-dispersive spectrometry (SEM/EDS) (ENG) ILT-U-636 (ENG) Qualitative analysis. The range of elements we have is from Na to U. (ENG) ISO 22309
Single-use medical examination glove (ENG) ILT-U-656 (ENG) ISO 11193-2
(ENG) Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs (ENG) ILT-U-710 (ENG) Specific migration of metals: Aluminium, Antimony, Barium, Cadmium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Lead, Lithium, Manganese, and Zinc. Simulant: B-Acetic acid (3%) W/V, A-Ethanol (10%) V/V, C-Ethanol (20%) V/V, D1-Ethanol (50%) V/V, and Distilled water (ENG) EN 13130-1
(ENG) Microbiological determinations (ENG) ILT-U-715 (ENG) Meal: Bacillus Cereus count; Clostridium perfringens count Swabs: Coagulase-positive staphylococcus (ENG) ISO 18593
(ENG) ISO 7937
(ENG) ISO 7932
(ENG) Diaper determinations (ENG) ILT-U-723 (ENG) Rate of Acquisition – Single Insult and Rewet; and Tensile (ENG) NWSP 070.9
ASTM D5035
Disposable products determinations (ENG) ILT-U-739 (ENG) Primary Cutaneous Irritation; Skin irritation Repeated; and Dermal Sensitization
(ENG) Medical devices determinations (ENG) ILT-U-740 (ENG) Coliforms total count; count of fungi and yeasts; count of fungi and yeasts; Bacterial and fungal sterility; Bacterial and fungal sterility; Dermal Sensitization Maximized; Acute systemic toxicity; Implant Test; Implant Test; Subacute toxicity; Sub-chronic toxicity; chronic Toxicity; intracutaneous reactivity; Irritation / Corrosion Dermal; Irritation / Corrosion Dermal Repeated; Bacterial endotoxins - Determination using gelclot "in vitro pyrogen"; Bacterial endotoxins; Pirogênio in vivo; Biological Reactivity Systemic; Biological Reactivity intracutaneous
(ENG) Determinations in male condoms (ENG) ILT-U-759 (ENG) Dimensional tests and resistance to burst and Holes or porous detection zones test (ENG) ISO 4074
(ENG) Density determination in Varnish (ENG) ILT-U-777 (ENG) Pycnometric method
(ENG) Cup determination (ENG) ILT-U-813 (ENG) Mass determination (ENG) NBR 14865
Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs ILT-U-2068 Dip Test for coated surface 8hrs ISO 8442-2
Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs ILT-U-2069 Dip Test for Ferritic & Austenitic stainless steel 6hrs ISO 8442-2
Respiratory protective devices. COVID-19 determinations ILT-U-2072 COVID-19. PPE-R02.075 EU Certification EN 149
Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs ILT-U-2075 Dip Test for Martensitic stainless steel 6hrs ISO 8442-2
Materials and articles in contact with food stuffs ILT-U-2081 Resistance to microwave heating EN 15284
Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs ILT-U-2082 Water Absorption EN 1217
Candles determinations ILT-U-2084 Burning test (2 weeks) (ENG) EN 15493
Candles determinations ILT-U-2085 Sooting behavior (container candle) (ENG) EN 15426
Face mask determinations ILT-U-2091 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency includes Diff. Pressure for breathability EN 14683
ASTM F2100
Sanitizer (disinfectant) determinations ILT-U-2095 Ethanol; Methanol; Isopropanol; Butanol; Allergens (egg, soya, milk, and Gliadin / Gluten (qualitative); Heavy metals (As, Pb, Hg, Cd); and pH
Gloves determinations ILT-U-2096 Burning behaviour of gloves EN 407
Face mask determinations ILT-U-2097 Synthetic Blood Penetration for Face Masks EN 14683
ASTM F2100
Face mask determinations ILT-U-2098 Flamability ASTM F2100
Face mask determinations ILT-U-2099 Particle Filtration Efficiency ASTM F2100
Face mask determinations ILT-U-2100 Microbial Cleanliness for Face Masks EN 14683
Face mask determinations ILT-U-2104 Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Challenge – screening test NIOSH
Face mask determinations ILT-U-2105 Sodium Chloride (NaCl) NIOSH
Face mask determinations ILT-U-2106 Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP) NIOSH
Face mask determinations ILT-U-2107 Inhalation and Exhalation NIOSH
Face mask determinations ILT-U-2108 Valve Leak Test NIOSH
Face mask determinations ILT-U-2112 Differential Pressure for breathability EN 14683
Power meter box ILT-U-2116 Verification of thermal stability - resistance to aging NBR 15820
Migration test ILT-U-2117 Total migration - Packaging, Baby bottle, and Kitchen utensils EN 1186-3
EN 1186-14
EN 1186-1
Safety requirements of playgrounds ILT-U-2121 Mitigating the impact (HIC). NBR 16071-3