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ILT-U-1736Brake and suspension determinations

Description: Brake Testing System; Suspension Testing System; and Side slip Method: SASO 1284, GSO 971

ILT-U-2078Castors and wheels determination. 1A

Description: Castors and wheels Type U+ Type W Method: EN 15259

ILT-U-2073Passenger car tires determinations

Description: High Speed Tire Test; Bead Unseating Test; Tensile Strength and Elongation Test 500mm/min. Ambient and Post-Aging (96 hrs. @ 70C); and Temperature Resistance Test. Test load: 88% of the tire’s maximum load rating as marked on side wall. 375rpm – 575rpm to receive letter grading based on failure point Method: ISO 10191, GSO 53, SASO 2253

ILT-U-2074Truck tires determinations

Description: Endurance Test: Tire resistance to deformation, air loss, or damage under full-load and moderate speed over long distance; and Strength Test: Breaking energy require to puncture tire. Method: ISO 10454

ILT-U-2087Vehicle engine radiator determination

Description: Leakage Test Method: GSO 135

ILT-U-1735Vehicle glass determinations

Description: Measurement of Glass Damage; and Measurement of Percentage Glass Tinting Method: SASO 1284, GSO 971, SASO 794, GSO 684

ILT-U-1741Vehicles battery determinations

Description: Method: SASO 1284, GSO 971

ILT-U-1739Vehicles light determinations

Description: Method: SASO 1284, GSO 971

ILT-U-1740Vehicles paint determinations

Description: Method: SASO 1284, GSO 971

ILT-U-1738Vehicles steering determinations

Description: Steering Lash-Travel Test Method: SASO 1284, GSO 971

ILT-U-1737Vehicles tire determinations

Description: Measurement of Tire Wear; and Measurement of Tire Damage Method: SASO 1284, GSO 971

ILT-U-1742Vehicles visual inspection

Description: Tire & Wheel Steering Lash – Travel Electrical System Ball Joint Wear Exterior Components & Sheet Metal Vehicle Glazing Sun Vision, Seats, Safety Belts & Safety Tools Mirror, Windshield Wipers & Washers Method: GSO 42, GSO 971, SASO 1284

, ILT-U-2047Wheels determination. 1A

Description: Impact test (single Hit) Method: ISO 7141

, ILT-U-2046Wheels determination. 1B

Description: Radial fatigue test (600.000 cycles) and Cornering Fatigue Test (50.000 cycles) Method: ISO 3006

Category of Schemes
ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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