ILT-U-198Analysis of concentrates of copper, lead and zinc

copper, lead and zinc

ILT-U-643Analysis of concentrates of Iron and Graphite

Description: Iron and Graphite Method:

ILT-U-825Analysis of concentrates of Iron Ore

Description: High grade Iron Ore. Method:

ILT-U-363Analysis of concentrates of Manganese and Tungsten

Description: Manganese and Tungsten Method:

ILT-U-2326Analysis of concentrates of Rare earth elements (REE)

Standard :

ILT-U-1178Analysis of concentrates of Rare earth elements (REE) in ore.

Description: Rare earth elements (REE) in ore. Method:

ILT-U-2464Analysis of concentrates of silver

Concentrates of silver.

ILT-U-360Analysis of concentrates of Tin & Lithium

Description: Tin & Lithium Method:

ILT-U-2325Analysis of concentrates of Total Graphitic carbon

Analysis of concentrates of Total Graphitic carbon

ILT-U-859Analysis of concentrates of Uranium ore

Description: Uranium ore Method:

, ILT-U-2370Content of elements in Zircaloy-4

Cr, Fe, Hf and Sn

ILT-U-1751Determination of mass loss of bulk material on drying in copper and zinc concentrates

Description: Determination of mass loss of bulk material on drying Method: ISO 10251

ILT-U-586Determination of selenium concentration in powder.


ILT-U-330Determinations in phosphate rock and potassium sulphate

Description: Potassium oxide; Water soluble potassium; Sulfur Sulfate (S); and P2O5 Method:

ILT-U-1007Gold concentration

Description: cupellation method. Method:

ILT-U-558Gold in rocks determination

Description: From 8 PPB to 100 PPB and 1 PPM to 400 PPM Method:

ILT-U-2510Iron in ore determination

Analysis of Iron in ore. According to X-ray Fluorescence

ILT-U-953Iron ore and chrome ore determinations

Iron ore and chrome ore

ILT-U-2292Minerals concentrate determination

Standard :

ILT-U-1116Nickel and chrome ore determinations

Nickel and chrome ore

ILT-U-2369Oxygen in Tungsten carbide powder determinations


, ILT-U-784Surface area for metal powders (BET) OT

Description: BET – 5 – Point analysis (Nitrogen Gas) Method: ASTM B922

Category of Schemes
ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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