ILT-U-460Baby cribs, play yard, bassinets and cradles determinations

Description: Physical & Mechanical Test; Toxicity (CPSIA Lead); Flammability (16 CFR 1500.3) and CPSIA Phthalates Method: ASTM F2194, ASTM F406

ILT-U-463Baby cribs, play yard, bassinets and cradles determinations. 1A

Description: ASTM F2194 Method: ASTM F2194

ILT-U-546Bassinets and cradles determinations. 1A

Description: Method: 16 CFR 1220, ASTM F406

ILT-U-545Bassinets and cradles determinations. 1B

Description: Method: ASTM F2194, 16 CFR 1218

ILT-U-544Bassinets and cradles determinations. 1C

Description: Method: ASTM F2194

ILT-U-2079Castors and wheels determination. H

Description: Castors and wheels Type U+ Type H Method: EN 15259

ILT-U-2078Castors and wheels determination. W

Description: Castors and wheels Type U+ Type W Method: EN 15259

ILT-U-1393Chair determinations. 1A

Description: Method: ISO 21015

ILT-U-1375Chair determinations. 1B

Description: Method: ANSI/BIFMA X5.1

ILT-B-02Cots (cradle). Safety requirements.

Description: EN 716; NBR 15860-1 and NBR 15860-2. Method: EN 716-1, EN 716-2, NBR 15860-1, NBR 15860-2

ILT-U-771Determination of swelling and tensile strength perpendicular to the faces

Description: Method: EN 317, EN 319

ILT-U-272Determination of the fire resistance of fire doors and enclosures

Description: Method: EN 1634-1

ILT-U-278Determination of, Core Density and Overall Density Of Polyurethane Foam Pad

Description: ASTM D3574 Method: ASTM D3574

ILT-U-836Determinations in work chair – furniture for office

Description: Method: NBR 13962, EN 1335-1

ILT-U-1871Furniture and fabric determinations. FT

Description: Cover Fabric Test; Barrier Materials Test; Resilient Filling Materials Test; General safety requirements; Stability; and Product information Method: California Technical Bulletin 117, EN 14749

ILT-U-2210Furniture determination. 1A

Description: Ignitability. — Ignition source: smouldering cigarette, and Ignition source: match-flame equivalent Method: ISO 12952-2, ISO 12952-1

ILT-U-2209Furniture determination. 1B

Description: Assessment of the ignitability. Ignition source smouldering cigarette, and Ignition source: match flame equivalent Method: EN 597-2, EN 597-1

ILT-U-2208Furniture determination. 1C

Description: Flammability of upholstered furniture – smouldering cigarette and match flame equivalent Method: EN 1021-1, EN 1021-2

ILT-U-2056Furniture determinations

Description: Dry heat 70°C, and Resistance to dry heat 160°C Method: EN 12722

ILT-U-2066Furniture determinations. Impact

Description: Impact on surface, Resistance to impact on surfaces 50 mm Method: ISO 4211-4

ILT-U-2063Furniture determinations. Resistance

Description: Resistance to wet heat Method: EN 12721

ILT-U-898High chair determinations

Description: Method: NBR 15991, EN 14988

ILT-U-1079Office furnishings determinations. Desks

Description: Desks – Classification and physical and dimensional characteristics Method: ABNT NBR 13966

ILT-U-1080Office furnishings determinations. WS

Description: Work station – Classification and physical and dimensional characteristics Method: ABNT NBR 13967

ILT-U-1078Office furniture determinations. Cases

Description: Cases Method: ABNT NBR 13961

ILT-U-1242Outdoor folding chair. Safety and mechanical requirements

Description: Method: EN 581-1, EN 581-2, EN 1022, EN 1728

ILT-U-1172Plastic chairs determinations. FT

Description: Visual verification; Dimensional verification; Static load test; Impact resistance test; and Test for strength of hind legs Method: NBR 14776

ILT-U-834Reaction to fire determination in construction products and building elements

Description: Classification to the Reaction to Fire, performing the following test: Determination of gross combustion heat (Calorific value), and Non-combustibility test Method: EN 13501-1, ISO 1716, ISO 1182

ILT-U-1795Scratch Resistance determination

Description: Method B Method: EN 15186

ILT-U-893Static load test, durability, impacat, fall and stability of chair

Description: Static load test, durability, impacat, fall and stability Method: EN 1728, EN 1022

ILT-U-1754Surface resistance to cold liquids determination

Description: Surface resistance to cold liquids Method: EN 12720

ILT-U-1682Surface resistance to cold liquids determination. CC

Description: CEN/TS 16209. Class C Method: EN 12720

ILT-U-1072Wheelchairs determinations

Description: Static Stability; Effectiveness of Brakes; and static, impact and fatigue strengths Method: ISO 7176

Category of Schemes
ILT – Interlaboratory Test
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