ILT-U-417Acid soluble chlorides and acid soluble sulfates for aggregate and concrete testing. CM

Description: Acid soluble chlorides, Acid soluble sulfates, stone sample. Acid soluble chlorides, Acid soluble sulfates concrete sample. Method: BS 812, BS 1881

ILT-U-2356Aggregate determination

Unit mass and voids between aggregate particles. According to NTC 92

ILT-U-2357Aggregate determination

Resistance to degradation of aggregates smaller than 37.5 mm (1 ½ “) by means of the angel machine, Resistance to abrasion and impact wear of coarse aggregates less than 37.5 mm, using the angels machine, Resistance to the degradation of coarse aggregates of sizes greater than 19 mm (3/4 “) by abrasion and impact in the machine of the angels. According to INV E-218, NTC 98, INV E-219

ILT-U-2563Aggregate determination

Soundness. According to ASTM C88

ILT-U-502Aggregates determinations. 1A

Description: Sieving analysis and Apparent Density Method: ASTM D422, ASTM D2854

ILT-U-1718Aggregates determinations. 1B

Description: Determination of density (Particle density and water absorption of aggregate between 40mm and 5mm); particle shape `section 105.1: Flakiness index;; particle shape Section 105.2: Elongation index of coarse aggregate; testing aggregates Part 103: particle size distribution Section 103.1: Sieve tests; determination of particle shape. Flakiness index; determination of particle shape. Shape index. (Elongation Index ); determination of particle size distribution. Sieving method (mass of fines passing the 0.063mm sieve); methods for determination of aggregate crushing value (ACV); method for determination of aggregate impact Value (AIV); test method for materials finer than 75- ?m (No. 200) sieve in mineral aggregates by washing; methods for sampling; density (Particle density and water absorption (10mm aggregate & smaller)); particle size distribution. Sieving method; ten per cent fines value (TFV); determination of shell content. Percentage of shells in coarse; sand equivalent value of soils and fine aggregate Method: EN 933-7, BS 812 Part 111, EN 933-1, BS 812 Part 112, ASTM C117, EN 933-3, EN 933-4, EN 933-8, BS 812 Part 103, BS 812 Part 102, BS 812 Part 110, BS 812 Part 105, BS 812 Part 12

ILT-U-406Arid determination

Solid particle density, Net density of sands, Real density of sands. According to Nch 1532, ASTM D854, Nch 1239

, ILT-U-2556Arid determination

Chlorides, Sulfates, Total soluble salts, Sulfate disintegration. According to NCh 1444, 8.202.14 (MC V8), and 8.202.17 (MC V8)

ILT-U-2558Arid determination

Coal and lignite. According to ASTM C123

ILT-U-1988Arid determinations. 1A

Description: Determination of water soluble chloride salts using the Volhard method (reference method); Determination of total sulfur content; and Determination of acid soluble sulfates Method: EN 1744-1

ILT-U-935Arid determinations.1B

Description: Cubicity of particles; Apparent density of stony; Wear of the stony; and Organic impurities Method: Nch 166, Nch 1116, NCh 1369, 8.202.6 (MC-V8)

ILT-U-1584Arids determinations. 1C

Description: Determination of fine material less than 0.080 mm fine per wash less than 0.080 mm; Determination of organic impurities in the sands; and Binder content of asphalt mixtures by centrifugation, tensile test Method: Nch 1223, Método 8.302.36, diciembre 2003, Manual de carreteras, Volumen 8, NCh 166

ILT-U-736Arids determinations. 1D

Description: Granulometry of stone; Real and net density and water absorption of gravel; Real and net density and water absorption of sands; Determination of Gaps; Determination of crumbly particles; Determination. Average volumetric coefficient of gravel; and Extraction and preparation of stone samples Method: NCh 164, NCh 165, NCh 1511, NCh 1326, NCh 1327, NCh 1117, NCh 1239

ILT-U-1585Asphalt determinations

Penetration, Viscosity by Vacuum, Kinematic viscosity, Cleveland Trials, Density. According to ASTM D5,  ASTM D2171 , ASTM D2170, ASTM D92, ASTM D70

ILT-U-1280Bitumen content of asphalt

Description: Bitumen content of asphalt Method: ASTM D6307, ASTM D2172

ILT-U-2384Brick determinations

Water absorption (Brick) and Water absorption (Adocrete). According to NTC 4017, NTC 4017

ILT-U-2445Bricks determinations

Water absorption, Shear bond, Suction capacity, compression, Efflorescence, Percentage of voids, dimensional and geometric verification. Accrodign to Nch 167 and Nch168

, ILT-U-2519Bronze Lock Key determination

Classification, designation, and hydrostatic pressure loss. According to EN 1213

, ILT-U-2495Building and transport products determinations

Non-combustibility test. According to ISO 1182

, ILT-U-2493Building materials determinations

Ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame. According to ISO 11925-2

, ILT-U-2494Building products determinations

Reaction to fire tests. Sample tested fully adhered with PVA adhesive to a calcium silicate board. According to EN 13823

ILT-U-2358Cement determination

Density of hydraulic cement, Cement fineness Blaine method, Setting times with the Vicat apparatus, Resistance of hydraulic cement mortars to compression, using cubes of 50 mm or 2 inches on each side. ASTM C204, ASTM C188, NTC 221, NTC 33, NTC 220, NTC 118

ILT-U-1612Cement determination. 1A

Description: Composition and notation; and designation Method: BS EN 197-1

ILT-U-2387Cement determinations

Determination of organic impurities in fine aggregate for concrete. According to NTC 127

ILT-U-2386Cement determinations

Amount of water required for the normal consistency of a hydraulic cement paste and Setting time of hydraulic cement by VICAT. According to NTC 110, NTC 118

ILT-U-1154Cement determinations. 1B

Description: Part size distribution and Compaction-related tests determination of dry density/ moisture content relationship Method: BS 1377-4, BS 1377-2

ILT-U-1060Cement determinations. 1C

Description: Chlorides; Compressive strength; and Specific surface Blaine

ILT-U-958Cement determinations. 1D

Description: Normal consistency; Forged times; Volume expansion in autoclave; Air content; Compressive strength; Blaine fineness; Fineness 45 µm; False set; and Expanding cement mortar bars immersed in water Method: ASTM C1038, ASTM C451, ASTM C430, ASTM C204, ASTM C109, ASTM C185, ASTM C151, ASTM C191, ASTM C187

ILT-U-1587Cement setting reaction determination

Description: cement setting reaction Method: NCh 152

, , ILT-U-439Ceramic tiles determinations

Dimensions and surface quality, Water absorption, apparent porosity, apparent relative density and bulk density, Modulus of rupture and breaking strength, Resistance to deep abrasion for unglazed tiles, Resistance to surface abrasion for unglazed tiles, Crazing resistance for glazed tiles, Frost resistance, Chemical resistance, and Resistance to stains. Accroding to ISO 10545-2; ISO 10545-3; ISO 10545-4; ISO 10545-6; ISO 10545-7; ISO 10545-11; ISO 10545-12; ISO 10545-14; and ISO 10545-13 Method: ISO 10545-3, ISO 10545-4, ISO 10545-7, ISO 10545-13, ISO 10545-12, ISO 10545-14, ISO 10545-2, ISO 10545-6, ISO 10545-11

, , ILT-U-2508Ceramic tiles determinations

Determination of impact resistance by measurement of coefficient of restitution, and Small colour differences. According to ISO 10545-5, ISO 10545-16

ILT-U-1758Chemical determinations in cement. 1A

Description: Loss on ignition, Alumnia, Al2O3, Dry, Calcium oxide, Cao, Dry, Free calcium oxide, CaO%, Chlorine, Cl, Dry, Iron oxide, Fe2O3, Dry, Magnesium oxide, MgO, Dry, Potassium Oxide, K2O, Dry, Silica, SiO2, Dry, Sodium oxide, Na2O, Dry, and Sulfur Trioxide, SO3, Dry Method:

ILT-U-1709Chemical determinations in cement. 1B

Description: MgO Magnesium oxide; manganese oxide Mn2O3, loss on Calcination; insoluble residue; and S03 sulfur trioxide Method: ASTM C114

ILT-U-803Cobble determinations

Description: Shapes and dimensions; Breaking Strength (indirect tensile); Abrasion (wear wide wheel method); and Resistance Absorption Method: EN 1338

ILT-U-2359Compressive strength of concrete cylinders

Compressive strength of concrete cylinders. According to NTC 673

ILT-U-511Compressive strength of cubic concrete samples

Compressive strength of cubic concrete. According to ASTM C39, Nch 1037

ILT-U-962Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement

Description: Method: ASTM C109

ILT-U-1812Concrete and raw materials determinations

Description: Gradation; Specific Gravity; Organic Impurities; Water Absorption and Density; and Compression Strength Method: ASTM C642, ASTM C128, ASTM C40, ASTM C39, ASTM C136

ILT-U-1073Concrete and soil and determinations

Description: Particle Density/specific gravity for soil/aggregate; and Consolidation of soil for Soil sample; and Wear resistance of aggregate; Hardness testing in Veeb/Rockwell; and Hydraulic pressure for Concrete sample. Method:

ILT-U-449Concrete determination

Compression and flex. According Nch 158

ILT-U-2454Concrete determination

Core extraction, preparation, and compression. According to NCh1171/1

ILT-U-2201Concrete determinations

Description: Molding and curing of specimens and compression test Method: NBR 5738

ILT-U-1836Concrete determinations. 1A

Description: Normal curing of test specimens (20°C method); Determination of density of hardened concrete; Determination of compressive strength of concrete cubes; Compressive strength of test specimens; Density of hardened concrete; Shape, dimensions for specimens and moulds; and Normal curing of test specimen (20°C) Method: EN 12390-3, EN 12390-2, EN 12390-7, BS 1881, EN 12390-1

ILT-U-1452Concrete determinations. 1B

Description: Sampling of 2 cylindrical test tubes; and Facing and testing of the 2 samples at 28 days Method: EN 12390-3, EN 12390-2

ILT-U-1672Concrete determinations. 1C

Description: Casting of concrete cylinders; settlement test; and compression resistance Method: ASTM C39, ASTM C172, ASTM C143

ILT-U-1483Concrete determinations. 1D

Description: Compression resistance Method: EN 12390-3

ILT-U-1074Concrete determinations. 1E

Description: compression resistance Method: ASTM C39, Nch 1037, NBR 5739

ILT-U-957Concrete determinations. 1F

Description: Density and bulk density; Organic impurities; Sulfur trioxide; and Potassium oxide and sodium oxide by flame photometry Method: NBR NM 52, NBR NM 49, NBR NM 16, NBR NM 17

ILT-U-1312Concrete, Soil, and Aggregates determinations

Description: Concrete – Chlorides determination; Soil – pH/EC determination using Saturated paste method; and Aggregates – water soluble chlorides Method: BS 1881, EN 1744-1

ILT-U-2242Density determinations

Description: Useful lime test (lime index), Loss-on-fire test (Loss on ignition), Lime reactivity test, Oxide test Method: NOM-021-SEMARNAT-2000, ASTM C127

ILT-U-1605Determination of aggregate impact value and ten percent fines value (TFV)

Description: Aggregate Impact Value AIV (Dry): Aggregate Impact Value AIV (Wet); Ten Percent fine value TFV (Dry); and Ten Percent fine value TFV (Wet) Method: BS 812 Part 111, BS 812 Part 112

ILT-U-2094Determination of compression in concrete pavers.

Description: Compression Method: Código MINVU Nº 332-2008

ILT-U-002Determination of resistance to freezing and thawing in aggregates

Description: Frost resistance Method: EN 1367-1

ILT-U-612Determination of setting times for cement

Description: Standard consistency water content, determination of setting times for cement Method: EN 196-3

ILT-U-1613Determination of strength in cement

Description: Strength in cement Method: BS EN 196-1

ILT-U-432Determination of the resistance to simple and triaxial compression

Description: ASTM C170 Method: ASTM C170

ILT-U-510Determinations in aggregates

Description: Wear resistance of the aggregates of sizes smaller than 37.5 mm (1 ½ “); and wear resistance of the coarse aggregates larger size of 19 mm (3/4 “) Method: ASTM C131, ASTM C535

ILT-U-1603Determinations in arids and concrete

Description: Flexion traction; fine material less than 0.08mm (sand); and determination of sand equivalent in soils and fine aggregates Method: NCh 1038, Nch 1223, NCh 1325

ILT-U-472Determinations in Asphalt and Asphalt Mixtures. 1A

Description: Thickness of compacted bituminous mixtures; and Extraction, preparatrion and assay of asphlat witness Method: NCh 1117, ASTM D3549

ILT-U-390Determinations in Asphalt and Asphalt Mixtures. 1C

Description: Real Density, and Resistance to plastic deformation of asphalt mixtures using marshall apparatus (Stability and Fluence). Method: Manual de Carreteras Vol.8 Diciembre 2003 – 8.302.38, Manual de Carreteras Vol.8 Diciembre 2003 – 8.302.40

ILT-U-1583Determinations in concrete slab

Description: Flexion resistance “soleras” (MINVU Nº332; Impact resistance “soleras” (MINVU 332; and Flexion resistance “solerillas” (MINVU 332 6.6.4) Method: MINVU Nº332-2008

ILT-U-1614Determinations in water of kneading (concrete)

Description: Chlorides; organic matter such as dissolved oxygen; pH; dissolved solids; suspended solids; and sulfates Method: NCh 413, NCh 416, NCh 1444, NCh 1498

ILT-U-1626Determinations on asphalt

Description: Standard practice for the sampling of asphalt mixtures; bitumen percentage of an asphalt mixture (washing asphaltic) – Method A; and granulometric analysis of fine and coarse aggregate Method: ASTM D979, ASTM D2172, ASTM C136

ILT-U-513Determining the Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Combinations of Cementitious Materials and Aggregate

Description: Accelerated Mortar-Bar Method Method: ASTM C1567

ILT-U-141Expansion – Reactivity of aggregates

Description: Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates (Mortar-Bar Method), and Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Combinations of Cementitious Materials and Aggregate (Accelerated Mortar-Bar Method) Method: ASTM C1260, ASTM C1567

ILT-U-1989Fineness of dispersion of pigment-vehicle systems by Hegman-Type Gage determination

Description: Fineness of dispersion of pigment-vehicle systems by Hegman-Type Gage Method: ASTM D1210

ILT-U-500Fineness of hydraulic cement determination

Description: Fineness of hydraulic cement by air-permeability apparatus Method: ASTM C204

ILT-U-1903Flexionl strength in concrete tiles (Pastelones)

Description: Código MINVU Nº 332-2008, Method: Código MINVU Nº 332-2008

, ILT-U-2502Floor covering material determination

Reaction to Fire test for floor covering. RFP Test (Radiant Panel). According to ISO 9239‐1

, ILT-U-2378Fluorine determination in clay


ILT-U-2455Gravel determination

Granulometric analysis. According to M.C. V8 (8.302.28)

ILT-U-909Hardened concrete determination

Description: Compressive strength of test specimens; and Density of hardened concrete Method: EN 12390-3, EN 12390-7

ILT-U-2255Lime determinations

Description: Method: ASTM C25, ASTM C110, ASTM C1271

ILT-U-2310Mortars determination

Mechanical resistance of specimens made on site. According to Nch 2261

ILT-U-552Nonrepetitive Static Plate Load Tests of Soils and Flexible Pavement Components, for Use in Evaluation and Design of Airport and Highway Pavements

Description: Method: ASTM D1196

ILT-U-1759Physical determinations in cement. 1A

Description: Compressive strength, Setting time, Soundness / Expansion, Fineness / Blaine, Residue on 45 micron, and Insoluble Residue Method:

ILT-U-1710Physical determinations in cement. 1B

Description: Puzzolanic Activity; normal consistency; autoclave expansion; relative specific weight; specific surface; setting time; mortar comrpesion; and flexion mortar Method: IRAM 1622,ASTM C151, ASTM C187, ASTM C188, ASTM C204, ASTM C191

ILT-U-2086Physical determinations in ceramic bricks

Description: Water absorption; Shear adhesion; Suction capacity; compression; Efflorescence; Gap Percentage; and dimensional and geometric verification Method: Nch 167, Nch 168

ILT-U-2093Physical determinations in concrete blocks

Description: Water absorption; Compression; Moisture content; and Extraction of samples Method: ASTM C140, Nch 182

ILT-U-2092Physical determinations in concrete screeds

Description: Flexion and impact Method: Código MINVU Nº 332-2008

ILT-U-2456Plasterboard determination

Non-combustibility. According to NCh 1914/1 Of 84

ILT-U-512Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates

Description: Mortar-Bar Method Method: ASTM C1260

ILT-U-1430Quantitative XRD of cements determination

Description: Method: ASTM C1365

ILT-U-1994Resistance of Plastic Flow of Bituminous Mixtures. CT

Description: Resistance of plastic flow (Marshall) Method: ASTM D1559

, ILT-U-2501Roofing material determinations

External fire exposure to roofs. According to CEN/TS 1187 (test 2)

ILT-U-1065Sieve residue analysis in construction plaster

Description: Sieve residue analysis (clause 4.1.3) Method: EN 13279-2

ILT-U-2269Soil and aggregates determinations

Construction, Field of vision, Shock absorbing capacity, Durability, Retention system – Strength, Retention system – Effectiveness, Retention system – Ease of release. According to BS EN 1078

ILT-U-1068Soil and Concrete determinations

Description: Humidity; Solid Specific Gravity; sieving granulometry; Liquid limit; plastic limit; Proctor; Proctor modified; Material passing No. 200 mesh; CBR; and Compressive strength of concrete specimens Method: ASTM D854, ASTM D2216, ASTM D422, ASTM D4318, ASTM D698, ASTM D1557, ASTM C117, ASTM D1883, ASTM C39

, ILT-U-2453Soil determination

Granulometric analysis. According to M.C. V8 (8.102.1)

ILT-U-2304Soil determinations

Dry Maximum Density, Dry Minimum Density, Granulometry, Moisture, Ground Density – Sand Cone Method, Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, Compacted Soil Support CBR, Modified Proctor, Solid Particle Density. According to ASTM D4253, ASTM D4254, 8.102.1 (MC-V8), NCh 1515 – ASTM D2216, Nch 1516 – ASTM D1556, Nch 1517/1 – ASTM D423, Nch 1517/2 – ASTM D424,  Nch 1852 – ASTM D1883, Nch 1534/2 – ASTM D1557, Nch 1532 – ASTM D854

, ILT-U-2360Soil determinations

Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, Soil Plasticity Index. According to INV E-125, INV E-126

, ILT-U-2361Soil determinations

CBR of compacted soils in the laboratory and on undisturbed sample. According to INV E-148

, ILT-U-2383Soil determinations

Apparent density in soil. Method: ASTM D7263

Determination of soluble soil salts in cement. Method: UNE 103205

, ILT-U-2385Soil determinations

Soil organic content by loss on ignition test. According to INV E-121

ILT-U-1965Soil, agregates and concrete determinations

Description: Natural humidity; Atterberg Liquid limits; Atterberg Plastic limits; Sand equivalent; and Sieve analysis of coarse and fine aggregates Method: NCh 165, NCh 1515, Nch 1517/1, Nch 1517/2, NCh 1325

ILT-U-2128Splitting Tensile Strength of Concrete Specimens

Description: Splitting Tensile Strength Method: ASTM C496, NCh 1170

, ILT-U-2517Tap mixer kitchen countertop determination

Dimensional. Flowrate. According to EN 200

, ILT-U-2518Thermostatic mixing valve determination

Marking and dimensional. Flowrate. Sensitivity. Fidelity. According to EN 817

ILT-U-1606Water and construction materials testing

Description: Organic Matter Content; Organic Impurities; Water Soluble Sulfate; Chloride; and pH Method: BS 1377 Part 3, ASTM C40

, ILT-U-2515WC pans determinations

Water absorption, Hydraulic seal discharge and height. According to  EN 997

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