ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

Proficiency customized Code Comments Standard Select
Phenols determinations in industrial water ILT-U-021 (ESP) ASTM D1783 ASTM D1783
Phosphorus, SAAM and nitrates in wastewater determinations ILT-U-023 NMX-AA-079-SCFI-2001 NMX-AA-079-SCFI-2001
Determination of different microbiological parameters in Water ILT-U-030
Metals determinations in sludges and water ILT-U-065 Arsenic, Chromium, Potassium, Nickel, Antimony, Cadmium, Copper, Manganese, Thallium, Zinc, Cobalt, Mercury, Sodium and Lead
Determination of heavy metals in drink water ILT-U-116 Aluminium; Copper; Molybdenum; Barium; Lead; Potassium; Beryllium; Lithium; Vanadium; Boron; Manganese; Tin; Cobalt; Zinc; Calcium; and Iron
DQO determination (closed tube) ILT-U-1245
Bromate determination in water ILT-U-270 (ESP) EPA 317.0 EPA 317.0
Water determinations ILT-U-400 DQO; methylene blue active substances; DBO; pH; Suspended solids; and Substances soluble in ethyl ether
Determination of pesticides on water ILT-U-474 Organophosphate pesticides (quantitative); and Organochlorine pesticides (quantitative)
Determination of metals in drink water ILT-U-495
Wastewater determinations ILT-U-541 ASTM D240, SM 4500-Cl G, SM 2540 G, SM 4500-H B, and SM 2540 G ASTM D240
SM 2540
SM 4500
Heavy metals in wastewater determinations ILT-U-551 APHA, AWWA and WEF, 3030E and 3111B methods. APHA, AWWA and WEF
Drink water determinations ILT-U-571 Chloride, nitrite, ammonium, hardness, sulfates, residual chlorine, oxidisability, volatile residue, odor, color, Total alkalinity, pH, turbidity, calcium, magnesium, and conductivity
Water determinations ILT-U-585 alkalinity; chlorides; Free residual chlorine and conductivity; Determination of pH; Calcium and magnesium; Determination of coliforms (NMP); Determination of fecal origin coliformesde (NMP); and Pseudomonas aeruginosa determining - NMP
Bacterial endotoxin determination ILT-U-593 Bacterial endotoxin
Water determinations ILT-U-704 Oil & Grease; pH; Nitrate; Chlorine Free; Nitrite; Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD); Chromium Hexavalent; Conductivity; Fluoride; Cyanide, and Chloride
Microbiological determinations in drinking water, residential water reservoir and river water ILT-U-706 Total Coliform; E. coli; and Heterotrophic Bacteria
Physical Chemical determinations on Water ILT-U-712 Chrome; Sulfate; pH; Barium; Total suspended particulates paper / glass membrane; and Lead on paper / glass membrane
Water determinations (Clean and purified Water) ILT-U-735 Clean Water Heterotrophic bacteria Total coliforms and Escherichia coli Determination of color by spectrophotometric method - single wavelength Determination of the nephelometric turbidity method LQ: 0.20 NTU Determination of ammonia by the colorimetric method LQ: 0,30mg / L Determination of hardness by the titrimetric method EDTA LQ: 10 mg / L Nitrite determination by colorimetry LQ: 0.030 mg / L Determination of nitrate reduction method with cadmium LQ: 0.3mg / L Determination of iron by the colorimetric method phenanthroline LQ: 0,20mg / L Fe (to be confirmed) Determination chlorides by ferricyanide method LQ: 2.0mg / L Determination of sulfates by turbidimetry LQ: 5mg / L Fluoride determination by colorimetry LQ: 0.2 mg / L Purified Water Determination of Total Organic Carbon Content Determination of acidity or alkalinity by the method As qualitative / Non-compliant Determination of pH by electrometric method Range: 1-13 Determination of electrolytic conductivity LQ: 2 ZS / cm Determination of residual chlorine by the method colorimetric with N, N-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine (DPD) LQ: 0.2 mg / L Determination of electrolytic conductivity LQ: 2 ZS / cm
Water determinations ILT-U-746 PCB's; Acrylamide; n-Alkanes; Herbicides; Toxaphene; and Total Organic Carbon
Physicochemical determinations in Treated water ILT-U-748 Amonia; Chloride; Total Hardness; Nitrate; Nitrite; Total Disolved Solids; Sulfate; Anionic Surfactants; and Alkalinity
Physicochemical determinations in Public water supply, River water and Purified water ILT-U-749 Apparent colour; pH; Tubidity; Fluoride: Free residual chlorine; and Electric conductivity
Physicochemical determinations in Industrial wastewater ILT-U-752 DBO; DQO; pH; Total suspended solids; Settleable solids; Dissolved oxygen; Oil and greases
Physicochemical and microbiological analysis in water (Heterotrophic bacteria and others determinations) ILT-U-756 Heterotrophic bacteria; Acidity; Fluoride; Total Coliforms; Alkalinity; Total phosphorus; Escherichia Coli; Hardness; Total Nitrogen; Thermotolerant coliforms; Chloride; Ammonia nitrogen; Residual chlorine; Color; Nitrate; Conductivity; Phenols; Nitrite; Sulfate; Sulfide; DBO; Dissolved Oxygen; and Turbidity
Drugs residues in water ILT-U-795 Sulfamethazine; Sulfaquinoxaline; Sulphamerazine; Sulfathiazole; and Sulfadimethoxine
Glyphosate determination in water ILT-U-797
Microbiological determinations in water ILT-U-801 Enterobacteria and Legionella pneumophila
Total plate count determination in water ILT-U-817 SPC (Total plate count)
Seaweed – Identification and enumeration (Utermöhl) of Eukaryotic Algae (phytoplankton) and cyanobacteria. ILT-U-827 Identification and enumeration (Utermöhl) Eukaryotic Algae (phytoplankton); and Identification and enumeration (Utermöhl) of cyanobacteria
PCB and other determinations in water ILT-U-856 PCB, Total Hardness, Alkalinity, Sulphite, Calcium Hardness, Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonate, Carbonate, Bicarbonate, Magnesium Hardness, Sodium Absorption Ratio, and Sodium
Water determinations ILT-U-860 Alkalinity (mg/l), Chemical Oxygen Demand (mg/l), Conductivity (µS/cm), Hardness (mg/l), Nitrate (mg/l), pH, Temperature 0C, Total Dissolved Solids (mg/l), Total Suspended Solids (mg/l), and Copper (mg/l)
Determinations in water and fertilizer ILT-U-862 Free residual chlorine, Total dissolved solids, and Soluble citric acid phosphates
Microbiological analysis in canned meat and water ILT-U-885 Heterotrophs count 35 ° C to 37, and Escherichia Coli (NMP)
Drink water determinations ILT-U-888 Color, pH, Turbidity, sulfates and Residual chlorine
Phosphate and Nitrate in water determination ILT-U-1030
Water determinations ILT-U-1038 Dissolved oxygen; Redox potential; pH; Conductivity; and Temperature
Metals determination in water solution ILT-U-1076 As; Fe; Mn; Cu; Zn; Cd; Cr; Ni; Pb
Determination sulfate in wastewater ILT-U-1081
Microbiological determinations in drink water ILT-U-1084 Research P. aeruginosa; Aerobic mesophilic; and Total Coliform count
Physicochemical analysis in water ILT-U-1086 Boron; Chloride; Fluorides; Match; Nitrites; Nitratos; and Sulphates
Physicochemical analysis in water ILT-U-1104 pH; Nitrate; Nitrite; Conductivity; Phosphate; Total phosphate; Ammonia; COD; and BOD5
Water and Wastewater determinations ILT-U-1130 AOX; BOD; Selenium; Tin; Silica; Antimony; and Free Residual Chlorine
Plastic packaging for mineral water and drinking table — Returnable gallon ILT-U-1152 Strange odor; Volumetric capacity; Resistance to static compression; and Resistance to fall NBR 14222
Measurement of arsenic in water solutions ILT-U-1153 Water consumption (Range 10-100 ppm); and Calibration curve (Range 0.2 - 5.0 - 10.0 - 30.0 to 50.0 ppb)
Water determinations ILT-U-1160 pH; Conductivity; Turbidity; DBO; DQO; Total Solids; Total Suspended Solids; Oils and fats; Sulphate; Iron; Copper; Escherichia coli; and Total coliforms
Determination of extractable metals in water ILT-U-1173 Cd; Za; Fe; Sn; Pb; Ba; Cr; and Cu by Atomic Absorption
Microbiological determinations in drinking water ILT-U-1182 Heterotrophic Plate Count; Total Coliform and Fecal Coliform Count; and E. coli count
Determination of hexavalent chromium Cr6+in different matrix. ILT-U-1215 Textil (ICP – LV/UV); Leather (ICP – LV/UV); Sludge (ICP – LV/UV); and Effluent water (ICP – LV/UV)
Color determination in drinking water ILT-U-1221 SM 2120 C
Clostridium perfringens and Enterobacteria determination ILT-U-1238 Clostridium perfringens (food); and Enterobacteria (water)
Water determinations ILT-U-1302 Divalent Manganese; Iron Related Bacteria (IRB); Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB); and Total Extractable Hydrocarbons (TEH)
TPH, SVOC and VOC determinations. ILT-U-1320 Water and soil
Wastewater determinations ILT-U-1334 TPH; DBO; and DQO in Wastewater
Microbiological and physicochemical in water ILT-U-1337 MICROBIOLOGICAL DETERMINATIONS (Heterotrophic bacteria count; Total coliforms; Escherichia Coli). And PHYSICOCHEMICAL DETERMINATIONS (Iron; Nitrite test; Apparent color test; Nitrate test; Odor test; Fluoride assay; Turbidity test; Chloride test; OpH test; Sulphate test; Hardness test; Total chlorine test; Ammonia test; Free residual chlorine test; Dissolved total solids test; Ammonium test; Acidity / alkalinity test; Calcium and magnesium test; Total organic carbon test)
Microbiological and physicochemical in water ILT-U-1338 Salmonella spp.; Listeria monocytogenes; Total Coliform Count; E. coli Count.; and Fecal coliforms
Differents determinations in water and minerals ILT-U-1341 Water: Cd, Pb, Zn, Ni, Cu, pH, Conductivity, and concentrate Sn and concentrate Zn
Humidity and relative density determination in wastewater ILT-U-1344 Humidity and Relative density
BTEX, TPH and PAH in soils and water ILT-U-1349 BTEX, TPH and PAH
Water determinations ILT-U-1350 Total Hardness, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Sulphate, Iron, Aluminum, Sodium, Oxygen Consumed by Organic Matter, Sulfide. Thermotolerant coliforms, E.coli and counting of heterotrophic bacteria (Raw water). Total Hardness, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Sulphate, Iron, Aluminum, Sodium, Oxygen Consumed by Organic Matter, Sulfide. Thermotolerant coliforms, E.coli and counting of heterotrophic bacteria. Oils and greases, total suspended solids, total kjeldahl nitrogen (Wastewater).
Water determinations ILT-U-1356 Phenol; Odor; Nitrite; Total suspedend solids; Total Nitrogen; Cyanobacteria; Total coliforms NMP; and Counting of aerobic microorganisms (Heterotrophic) at 37 ° C
Canned meat and water determination ILT-U-1373 Total count of heterotrophic bacteria; NMP Total coliforms; Fecal coliforms; Escherichia Coli; Presence / absence of Total Coliforms; Total count of mesophilic aerobic bacteria; and NMP Total Coliforms
Water determinations ILT-U-1381 Total Organic Carbon; Sulfide and Sulfide H2S Not Dissociable; Odor; Salmonella sp; Molds and yeasts; Magnesium Hardness; Acrylamide; Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH-Finger Print); Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB's); Phosphorus Organs Compounds; Phthalates; Aromatic Hydrocarbons (BTEX); Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs); Trihalomethanes; and Glyphosate
Hemodialysis water determinations ILT-U-1382 Nitrite; Fluoride; Heterotrophic Bacteria; Total Coliforms and Escherichia coli; Endotoxins; and Metals
Water determinations ILT-U-1390 Total dissolved solids and Turbidity
Water determinations ILT-U-1391 pH; Dissolved oxygen; and Turbidity
Saline water determinations ILT-U-1395 COD; BOD5; and TSS
Liquid effluent determinations ILT-U-1396 Volatile; Semi-volatile; PAH; TPH; and PCB
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1418 Ba, Be, Cd, Pb, Co, Cu, Cr, Sn, Fe, Li, Mg; Mn, Ni, K, Ag, Na, V, Zn, Al, Ar, Se, Hg and Sb determination
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1419 Alkalinity; Color; Odor; Turbidity; pH; Fixed residue; Conductivity; Total Hardness; Calcium; Magnesium; Chlorides; Sulfates; Nitrates; Nitrites; ammonium; residual chlorine; and Oxidation
physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1420 Sedimentary solids; BOD5; Alkalinity of the carbonates; Alkalinity of bicarbonates; Chorme VI Hexavalent; COD; Total phosphorus; Soluble silica; Total organic carbon; cyanide; fluoride; Total Nitrogen; Nitrogen Kjeldhal; Total solids; Waste by ignition; Total suspended solids; and Volatile solids in suspension
Sludge determinations ILT-U-1432 Escherichia Coli; Salmonella; Staphylococcus aureus; and Molds and yeasts NOM-004 -SEMARNAT
Determinations in industrial effluent ILT-U-1435 Foams; and Floating materials
Water and soil determinations ILT-U-1448 Beryllium; 1,1-Dichloroethane; Nitrites; 2,4,6-trichlorophenol; Total alkalinity; DDT (total and isomers); Barium; Zinc; Xylenes; Trans-1,2-dichloroethene; N-Propylbenzene; Chloroethane; 1,3-Dichlorobenzene, m-dichlorobenzene; Cis 1,3-dichloropropene; 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane; and 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1455 Total hardness; Calcium; Magnese; Chlorides; Sulphates; Nitrates; Nitrites; Ammonium; Residual Chlorine; Oxidability; Aluminum; Organic material; Iron; and Manganese
Radioactive activity in soils and waters ILT-U-1468 Ra-226 through Bi 214 (gamma emitter 600 keV); Th-232 through Pb-212 (gamma emitter 238 keV) and Ac-228 (gamma emitter 911keV); and K-40 (gamma emitter 1460 keV)
Determination of total nitrogen in water ILT-U-1486 Total nitrogen by Kjeldahl method
Determination of chlorates in water ILT-U-1520 Chlorates
pH and conductivity determination in water ILT-U-1566
Water determinations ILT-U-1580 Temperature; TSS; COD; pH; BOD5; Ammonium Nitrogen (Ammonium-N); Total Phosphorus (Total-P); and Sulfide
Phytoplankton and Phytobenthos in seewater ILT-U-1594 Phytoplankton and Phytobenthos in seewater
Conductivity in water ILT-U-1656 Conductivity
pH determination in water ILT-U-315 pH
Microbiology determinations in water ILT-U-317 NMP multiple tube technique for detection of Enterococcus and Presence; Absence of Total Coliforms; Thermotolerant coliforms; and Escherichia coli
Water determinations ILT-U-318 fluoride, Iron and phosphorus determination in water.
Water and food determinations ILT-U-319 Enumeration of Listeria; Aerobic total mesophiles; Fecal Coliform Count; E. coli
Color APHA determination in water ILT-U-321 Color APHA
Determination of hydrogen sulfide in drinking water ILT-U-361 SM 4500
phytoplankton determination in seawater ILT-U-601 Taxonomic identification; and Counting and calculation of phytoplankton density in Utermohl's chamber.
Drink water determinations ILT-U-900 Odor, chloride, nitrite, Color, Total alkalinity, ammonium, hardness, pH, Turbidity, sulfates, Residual chlorine, Calcium, Conductivity, nitrates, Magnesium, oxidability, Carbonates, fixed residue
Ammoniacal nitrogen determination in wastewater ILT-U-905
pH determinations in water ILT-U-906 Drink and industrial water
Salmonella in water ILT-U-913
palladium determination in water matrix ILT-U-919
Total phosphorus in waste water. ILT-U-960
Organic compounds determination of water ILT-U-967 VOC's, PAH and furans/dioxins by chromatography
Water determinations ILT-U-982 Turbidity Total Suspended Solids, TSS; Total Dissolved Solids, TDS; Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, TKN; Sulphide; Sulphite; Sodium Adsorption Ratio; Sulphate; Salinity; Silica; and Orthophosphate
Phosphate and silica determination in water ILT-U-990 Phosphate and Silica
Presence of total and fecal coliforms in drinking water ILT-U-016 Drinking water
Presence of total and fecal coliforms in Industrial water ILT-U-022 Industrial water
Hexavalent chromium determination in residual water ILT-U-097 S. M. 3500 Cr B 23 ed.
Determination of yeast and mould in Water ILT-U-115
Water determinations ILT-U-138 Alkalinity Total as CaCO3; Ammonium; Alkalinity Phenolphtalein as CaCO3; Linear Anionic surfactants (Detergents); Alkalinity Carbonate as CaCO3; Alkalinity bicarbonate as CaCO3; Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD); Alkalinity Hydroxide as CaCO3; Hardness Total; Ammonia; Hardness calcium; Ammoniacal Nitrogen; Hardness magnesium
Determination of PAH (polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons) in water ILT-U-139
Determination of testosterone in Water ILT-U-140
Microbiological water determinations ILT-U-1830 Mesophilic total count 37 ° C; Escherichia coli NMP / 100 ml; Coliforms NMP / 100 ml; Pseudomonas NMP / 100 ml; Enterococci UFC / 100 ml; and Sulfite reducing anaerobes UFC / 50 ml
Water determinations ILT-U-357 Total hardness; Total Alkalinity; Saturation Index; Sulfide; Cyanuric Acid; Oil & Grease; Free Oil Volumetric; Ammonia Nitrogen; Residual Chlorine; Bicarbonate; Calcium hardness as CaCO3; Enumeration of Total Coliform; Enumeration of Fecal coliform; Enumeration of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa; Water Quality - Detention and Enumeration of Intestinal Enterococci in surface and waste water. Membrane filter method; Enumeration of Escherichia coli; Heterotrophic plate count; and Enumeration of Legionella
Water determinations ILT-U-368 Determination of phenolic compounds (phenol index) by UV-absorption spectrophotometry V IS (method 4-aminoantipyrine); Determination of settleable solids in water; Determination of N-NO3; Determination of N-NO2; Determination Sulphate; Determination of phosphorus compounds (orthophosphate, polyphosphate and total phosphorus); Determination of Calcium and Magnesium; Determination of Dissolved Oxygen and BOD5; Determination of COD; Determination of Chloride; Determination of Total Fe; Determination of ammonia nitrogen in water; Determination of pH in water; and Determination of conductivity and / or Salinity
Water determinations ILT-U-369 - Determination of heavy metals by atomic absorption spectrophotometry by Air - Acetylene Flame . (Cu, Zn, Ni, Cd, Pb and Co); Determination of Arsenic by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Hydride Generation; Determination of Heavy Metals by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry nitrous oxide - acetylene flame . ( V and Cr); and Determination of Total Mercury by DMA -80
Seawater determinations ILT-U-458
Water determinations ILT-U-046 Total Soluble Solids (SST); Ethyl Ether Soluble Substances (SSEE); Detergents SAAM; Sedimentable solids; pH; DQO; and DBO5
Water determinations ILT-U-094 pH; Total suspended solids: Total dissolved solids; Sulfide; COD; BOD; Oil & Grease; Sulfate; Free Oil; Ammonia Nitrogen; Conductivity; Chloride; Bicarbonate; Calcium; Magnesium; Total hardness; Calcium hardness; Total Alkalinity; Residual Chlorine; Saturation index; and Cyanuric Acid
Microbiological determinations in water ILT-U-103 Research of E. Coli; Total mesophilic aerobic count; Total coliforms; and Research of Pseudomona Aeruginosa
Physicochemical and microbiological determinations ILT-U-1088 P. aeuruginosa; pH; Fatty acids profile; Salmonella; Aerobic mesophilic; Conductivity; Staphylococcus Aureus; Hardness; E. Coli; Free residual chlorine; Yeast and moulds; and Turbidity
Determination of Escherichia Coli and total Coliforms ILT-U-1106
Wastewater determination ILT-U-1108 Nitrite; Solid suspended; Solid dissolved; and COD
Water and Wastewater determinations ILT-U-1130 AOX; BOD; Selenium; Tin; Silica; Antimony; Free Residual Chlorine; Ammonium; Nitrites; Nitrates; and Phosphates
Water determinations ILT-U-1260 ASTM D5907
ASTM D1293
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1277 Total cyanur; Wild cycle wad free and disociable; Wild and disociable wad cyanide; COD; BOD5; and Chrome VI SM 4500
SM 5220
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1278 Ammonium; Sulfurs; and Phenoles SM 4500
SM 5530
BTEX and MTBE determination ILT-U-1329 Sample water
pH determination in water ILT-U-1345 Wastewater; Natural water; and treated water
Microbiology determination ILT-U-1363 Total count in Water; Salmonella; colony count at 30 by surface plating technique; Vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio cholerae; yeasts and moulds with water; listeria monocytogenes; and presumptive bacillus cereus
ILT-U-1392 Volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds; Phenolic compounds; HPA; TPH; PCBs; DQO; DBO; Oils and greases and fats; Total solids; Fluorides; Chlorides; Cyanides; Phosphor; and Nitrogenated
Microbiological determinations ILT-U-1397 Presence or Absence of Salmonella; Total Coliforms NMP; Thermotolerant Coliforms NMP; and Escherichia Coli NMP
Water determinations ILT-U-1404 DQO; DBO; Salmonella research; pH; Research of Streptococcus faecalis; Suspended solids; Aerobic mesophilic; Cu, Hg, Zn, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Cd, Pb Total coliforms; Conductivity; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Free residual chlorine; Total alkalinity; and E.coli Research
Water determinations ILT-U-1405 Sterility; TOC determination; and Humidity by Karl Fisher
Sludge determinations ILT-U-1416 Organophosphorus pesticides (quantitative) and Organochlorine pesticides (quantitative)
Water determinations ILT-U-1504 Colour; Total dissolved solids; and Organochlorine pesticides
Water determinations ILT-U-1604 Total Count; Salmonella spp; Vibrio Parahaemolyticus and vibrio cholerae; Yeast and moulds; Listeria monocytogenes; and Presumptive bacillus cereus
Wastewater determinations ILT-U-1636 BOD; COD; Phosphate Ortho & Total; Nitrite; Nitrate; Ammonia; Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen; Total Suspended Solids; Total Volatile Solids; Total Solids for Sludge Samples (Dry & Semi Solids & Volatile Solids); Fecal Coliform MPN; and Fecal Coliform CFU
Seawater determinations ILT-U-1658 Oil &Grease; Nitrites & nitrates; Chromium VI; Sulfur; Dissolved oxygen; SRAO and SAAM
Physicochemical determinations in drinking water ILT-U-1683 Color; Calcium; Smell; Alkalinity; Chloride; Turbidity; pH; Sulphates; Nitrate; conductivity; Total solids; Nitrites; Ammonium; hardness; Iron; Aluminum; Manganese; Residual chlorine; and Oxidability or Permanganate Index
Determinations in effluent water and sludge ILT-U-1684 Ni, Pb, Cd, Cu, Zn, Co, Tl, Sb; Caloric value; Flash point; and pH
Water determinations ILT-U-1704 Chloride; Fluoride; Bromide; Phosphate; Nitrate; Nitrite; and Sulfate
Water determinations ILT-U-1705 Total alkalinity; pH; Carbonates; Nitrogen - Nitrite; Bicarbonate; Total solids; Dissolved boron; Silica; Color; Sulphate; Chloride Total; dissolved solids (180 ° C); Hexavalent chromium; Solderable solids; Electrical conductivity; Total suspended solids; Detergents (S.A.A.M). Anionic surfactants such as SAAM; and Temperature
Water determinations ILT-U-1711 Dissolved O2; Calcium; Magnesium; Phenolic substances (Method 4Aminoantipyrine; Total Cyanide; Anionic detergents; Mercury; Hexavalent chromium; Aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons (PAH's); Fecal coliforms; and total coliforms
Vibrio Fischeri, Daphnia Magna and ecotoxicity determinations ILT-U-1713 Vibrio Fischeri; Daphnia Magna; and Ecotoxicity
Vibrio Fischeri, Daphnia Magna and ecotoxicity determinations ILT-U-1713 Vibrio Fischeri, Daphnia Magna and ecotoxicity
Water determinations ILT-U-1723 As, Ba, Cd, Hg, Sb, Se, Ag, Sn, Cu; Sulfates, Fluor, Nitrate, Nitrite, free chlorine, chlorides, ammonia; Turbidity, pH, and TOC;
Water determinations ILT-U-1748 pH Testing TDS/EC
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-1770 Phosphate; Silica; Nitrite; and Nitrate
Physiochemical water determinations ILT-U-1822 Conductivity, Total Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, Chlorides, Sulphates, Nitrates, Nitrites, Ammonium, pH, Residual Chlorine, Oxidability, Total Hardness, Fixed Residue, Turbidity, Potassium, Alkalinity of bicarbonates, Sodium
Analysis of different parameter of water ILT-U-1860 Bicarbonate Alkalinity; Carbonate Alkalinity; Total Alkalinity; Ammonia (NH4); Calcium; Chloride; Electrical conductivity 20 ᵒC; Apparent Color; Carbonate Hardness; Total hardness; Iron; Magnesium; Manganese; Nitrate (N); Nitrite (N); Odor; pH; Total Dissolved Solids; Sulfate; Turbidity; Oxygen Biochemical Demand; Chemical Oxygen Demand; Total Phosphorus Total Ammoniacal Nitrogen; Total Nitrogen; and Oils and Grease
Analysis of different parameters of industrial water ILT-U-1861 Oils and Mineral Fats; Oils and fats Veg. E Animal; Sedimentary Solids (10 min. and 2 hours); Temperature; Total solids; Hydrogen Sulphite; Phosphate; Total solids; Silica; fluorides; Free Residual Chlorine; Dissolved Oxygen; Hexavalent chromium; Total Suspended Solids; Coliformes Totais; and Coliformes Termotolerantes
Different determinations of drink and mineral water a food ILT-U-1862 Total Coliforms; Thermotolerant Coliforms; Pseudomonas Aeruginosa; Heterotrophic Bacteria; Total Coliforms; Thermotolerant Coliforms; Pseudomonas Aeruginosa; Enterococcus; Clostridium Sulfito Redutor; Total Coliforms; Thermotolerant Coliforms; Staphylococcus Aureus; Salmonella; Bacillus Cereus; Fungi and Yeast; and Mesophilic Count
Food and water determinations ILT-U-1962 Metals (Pb-Cd); Peroxides; Sedimentable solids; Free residual chlorine; and Fixed residue 180 °C
Microbiology determinations in water and food ILT-U-328 Couting bolores and yeves; Total count of aeropia mesophilic bacteria at 36 ° C; Total count of aerobic mesophilic bacteria at 30 ° C; Count of staphylococcus coagulase postiive; Counting of total coliforms, Thermotolerant coliforms and Coli escherichia; Counting of total coliforms and colombols Thermotronomers; Colection of escherichia coli; Listeria and Salmonella
Determination of Escherichia Coli and fecal coliforms ILT-U-403
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-610 pH; DBO; DQO; chlorides; and Orthophosphates
Microbiological determinations in water ILT-U-707 E. Coli MPN Coliforms MPN; Presence or absence of Pseudomona Aeruginosa; and Total Plate Count 37 °c
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-708 pH; Calcium; Chloride; Magnesium; Nitrate and Nitrite; Sulphates; Free residual chlorine; Ammonium; Total Alkalinity; COD; Conductivity; Settleable solids (10 min and 2 hr); Colour; MBAS; Turbidity; Ethyl ether soluble substances Fixed; residue Total; hardness; Oxidability; DQO; Sedimentables solids (10 min); and Detergentes SAAM
Vibrio Fischeri and Daphnia Magna determination ILT-U-716 Vibrio Fischeri Water ISO 11348-3:2007 Daphnia Magna Water 40 CFR 797.1300
Cyanides detection in water ILT-U-725 colorimetric method.
PAH – Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons determination in water ILT-U-727
Toxicity and microbiological analysis in water ILT-U-755 Heterotrophic bacteria; Total Coliforms; Escherichia Coli; Enterococous; Mould; Daphnia similis; Danio rerio; and Ceriodapnhia
Determination of physiological properties. Measurement of thermal and water-vapour resistance under steady-state conditions ILT-U-757 Anionic surfactants; Ammonia; Nitrate; Nitrite; Cu; Mg; and Zn
Microbiological determinations in water ILT-U-766 Presence or absence of E. Coli; Presence or absence of Salmonella spp.; Total coliforms count; Presence or absence of Pseudomona Aeruginosa; Presence or absence of Streptococcus faecalis; Total Plate Count; and Presence or absence of sulfite-reducing clostridia
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-U-767 DBO; Nitrate and Nitrite; DQO; free residual chlorine; pH; Total Alkalinity; total suspended solids; Conductivity; and Cu, Hg, Zn, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Cd, Pb
Clostridium Perfringens and sulphite-reducing clostridia determination ILT-U-772 Water, chicken and meat
Chlorophyll determination in water ILT-U-779 Spectrophotometric method
Physicochemical analysis in wastewater and drinking water ILT-U-880 Settleable solids; Total suspended solid; Turbidity; and pH
Water determinations ILT-U-883 pH; Dissolved oxygen; BOD5 - Biological Oxygen Demand; Total suspended solids; Conductivity; COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand; Total solids; Chlorine; and Color
phytoplankton determination in freshwater ILT-U-895 Taxonomic identification; and Counting and calculation of phytoplankton density in Utermohl's chamber.
Determination of cyanide and mercury in water ILT-U-903 Free cyanide; Total cyanide; WAD Cyanide; and Mercury
pH in products with <20% water ILT-U-912
Water in Organic Liquids by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration ILT-U-914
VOCs determination in water ILT-U-916 NIOSH 1501
Inorganic acids in water ILT-U-917 NIOSH 7903
Conductivity and suspended solids in wastewater ILT-U-930