ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

Proficiency customized Code Comments Standard Select
Toys – Mechanical and physical properties ILT-J-01 (ESP) EN 71-1 / NM 300-1 NM 300-1
EN 71-1
Flammability Test ILT-J-02 (ESP) EN 71-2 / NM 300-2 EN 71-2
NM 300-2
Specification for migration of certain elements ILT-J-03 EN 71-3 and NM 300-3 NM 300-3
EN 71-3
Determining Cadmium (Cd) Extractability from Children’s Metal Jewelry ILT-J-05 (ESP) CPSC-CH-E1004-11 CPSC CH E1004-11
Toys – Mechanical and physical properties ILT-U-095 Cords on toys (Point 5.4); toy bags (Point 4.4); and toys comprising monofilament fibres (Point 5.9) EN 71-1
Analysis of accessible points in Toys ILT-U-134 Clause 4.9 ASTM F963
Determining Cadmium (Cd) Extractability from Children’s Metal Jewelry ILT-U-135 (ESP) CPSC-CH-E1004-11 CPSC CH E1004-11
Mechanical Hazard and Small Parts, and Flammability Test in toys ILT-U-204 (ESP) 16 CFR 1610, 16 CFR 1500. 48/53 AND 16 CFR 1501. 16 CFR Part 1501
16 CFR 1500. 48/53
16 CFR 1610
Acoustic test toys ILT-U-263 (ESP) NM 300-1: 2003; EN71-1:2011 / UNE-EN71-1:2012; ASTM F963-11 NM 300-1
EN 71-1
Electric test toys ILT-U-264 (ESP) NM 300-6 NM 300-6
Air flow from caps for writing instruments ILT-U-647 ISO 11540
Phthalates in dolls determination ILT-U-648 EN 14372
NBR 16040
Flammabilty Test in plush toys ILT-U-651 ISO 3795
Physical and mechanical properties of Toys ILT-U-653 ASTM F963
EN 71-1
NM 300-1
Flammability Test Toys ILT-U-654 EN 71-2
NM 300-2
Safety determination of toys ILT-U-655 Migration of certain elements EN 71-3
NM 300-3
ISO 8124-3
Children´s products and articles holidays school stuff determinations ILT-U-737 Total bacterial count; Count of yeasts and molds; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Staphylococcus aureus; and Escherichia coli
Baby stroller determinations ILT-U-789 Irregular surface test; Stability; and Holes and openings EN 1888
NBR 14389
Baby items determinations ILT-U-818 Peroxide determination; and DTX Test NBR 10334
NBR 13793
Party items determinations ILT-U-819 Airflow determination NBR 13883
N-nitrosamines, peroxide and DTX in baby bottles ILT-U-820 ABNT NBR 13793
BS EN 12868
Flammability Test ILT-U-1143 ASTM F963
Baby bottles determinations ILT-U-1146 Impact, Torsion, and Traction NBR 13793
Pacifiers determination ILT-U-1147 Physical and mechanical determinations NBR 10334
Lead in paint determination ILT-U-1177 Method AOAC 974.024 / ICP. 16 CFR Part 1303
Lead determination in children’s products ILT-U-1179 Children's Metal Jewelry and Lead in Non-Metal Children's Products CPSC-CH-E1001-08.2
Safety of toys – Migration of certain elements ILT-U-1229 Arsenic; Selenium; Barium; Mercury; Cadmium; Lead; Chrome; and Antimony EN 71-3
NM 300-3
Beilstein Test ILT-U-1266 Detect chlorine in vynils; hydro chlorinated rubbers; and chloroprene rubber-based adhesives
Toy safety determinations ILT-U-1475 Clause: 4.14; 8.2; 8.3; 8.4; 8.5; 8.7; 8.8; 8.9; 8.10; 8.11; 8.12; 8.18; 8.20; 8.21; 8.23.1; 8.25.1; 8.32; and 8.40 EN 71-1
Determinations in pacifiers ILT-U-1511 Mechanical; Labeling; and Physical NBR 10334
Toys determinations ILT-U-1526 Strength of fixing of non-removable parts (clause 3.27), and Strength of seams in soft-stuffed toys (clause 3.81) GOST 25779
Toys determinations ILT-U-1547 Small parts (tension & torque); sharp points; and sharp edges 16 CFR Part 1501
16 CFR 1500.48
16 CFR 1500.49
Dielectric strength in toys ILT-U-1575 Dielectric strength NM 300-6
Children’s clothing determinations ILT-U-1669 Cords and drawstrings on children's clothing. CNS 15291 L1037
Toy determinations ILT-U-1678 Chemical experiment games and related activities NM 300-4
Toy determinations ILT-U-1679 Chemical games other than experimental games NM 300-5
Toy determinations ILT-U-1680 Determination of general, mechanical and physical properties (sound level). clause 4.28 and 5.26 NM 300-1
Child-resistant packaging test ILT-U-1720 Testing of re-closable child-resistant packaging. ISO 8317
High chair determinations ILT-U-898 NBR 15991
EN 14988
Physical and mechanical test on wheelchairs and strollers ILT-U-970 (ESP) ASTM F833-1 ASTM F833-1
Determination of total content of phthalates in toys ILT-U-973 CPSC-CH-C1001-09.3 and GB/T 22048 CPSC-CH-C1001-09
EN 14372
GB/T 22048
Determinations in toys ILT-U-997 Drop test; Impact test; Compression test; Accessibility of a part or component; Sharpness of edges; Sharpness of points; and Leakage of liquid-filled toys EN 71-1
Nitrosamines in rubber ILT-U-320 EN 71-12
Toys determinations ILT-U-1005 Velocity; Electric Energy / Thermal Energy; Plastic Film Thickness; Laces and elastics on toys Length; Confined Spaces Length; Holes, openings and accessibility mechanisms Length, Depth; Toys operated by batteries Voltage, Temperature; Length; Safety in Toys: Mechanical and physical properties Various measurands Safety in Toys: Flammability Speed EN 71-1
EN 71-2
REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) Testing ILT-U-1090 EU REACH-SVHC
Toys determinations ILT-U-1243 Analysis of Small Part; small objects; accessible edges; and accessible points ASTM F963
16 CFR Part 1501
Lead determinations in toys ILT-U-1482 Directive 2009/48/EC
Monomers determinations ILT-U-1784 Monomers EN 71-10
Toys determination – Small parts ILT-U-459 Small balls (clause 4.22); Determination of kinetic energy (clause 8.2); and Small parts cylinder (clause 8.2) EN 71-1
Toys determinations ILT-U-573 Small Components; Sharp Edges; Sharp Points; Eye – Nose Security – Dolls, Plush Toys and Soft Toys; and Reasonably Foreseeable Use – Toys SOR/2011-17
Toy safety determinations ILT-U-684 Clause 8.2; 8.3; 8.7; 8.9; 8.14; 8.19; 8.20; 8.30; 8.38; 8.39; 8.40 EN 71-1
Physical and mechanical properties of toys ILT-U-800 EN 71:1. Clause 7; 8.7; 8.2; 8.8; 8.3; 8.9; 8.4; and 8.33 EN 71-1