ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

Proficiency customized Code Comments Standard Select
Physicochemical Tests for Plastic pharmaceutical Containers ILT-U-058 USP <661> USP 661
Thermal insulating products for building applications. ILT-U-087 Determination of deformation under specified compressive load and temperature conditions EN 1605
Thermal insulating products for building applications. ILT-U-088 Determination of dimensional stability EN 1603
EN 1604
Thermal insulating products for building applications. ILT-U-089 Determination of bending behavior EN 12089
Thermal insulating products for building applications. ILT-U-090 Determination of compression behavior EN 826
Tensile Properties of Thin Plastic Sheeting ILT-U-253 (ESP) ASTM D882 ASTM D882
Determination of Thickness of Plastic Film Test Specimens ILT-U-254 (ESP) ASTM D6988 ASTM D6988
Test Method for Propagation Tear Resistance of Plastic Film ILT-U-257 (ESP) ASTM D1922 ASTM E1922
Operating Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp Apparatus for Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials ILT-U-291 Accelerated aging (120 h.) ASTM G154
Density and Specific Gravity (Relative Density) of Plastics by Displacement ILT-U-292 (ESP) ASTM D792 ASTM D792
Fiber Reinforced Plastics test ILT-U-374 (ESP) ISO 527-4, ISO 527-5, ISO 14125, ISO 14126, & ISO 14130. ISO 527-4
ISO 527-5
ISO 14125
ISO 14126
ISO 14130
Taber Abrasion ILT-U-487 (ESP) ASTM D3389 and NCh 773/2 Of. 1992. ASTM D3389
NCh 773/2 Of. 1992.
Wetting tension test ILT-U-514 ASTM D2578
OD Test ILT-U-515 ASTM D1505
Coefficients of friction ILT-U-517 ASTM D1894
Tear-propagation resistance determination ILT-U-519 ASTM D1938
Hot seal strength determination ILT-U-520 ASTM F1921
Water vapor transmission rate determination ILT-U-521 ASTM F1249
Determination of 2 % Secant Modulus for Polyethylene Geomembranes ILT-U-523 ASTM D5323
Tensile Properties of Plastics ILT-U-550 ASTM D638
Determining the flow rate of thermoplastic polymers ILT-U-554 ASTM D1238
Determination of density of plastics by the density gradient technique. Gradient Column ILT-U-556 ASTM D1505
Determination of the transition temperature of polymers by differential scanning calorimetry ILT-U-557 ASTM D3418
Ash determination in PVC pipes and connections ILT-U-1009 Method A NBR NM 84
Impact Resistance of Plastic Film by the Free-Falling Dart Method ILT-U-1063 Impact resistance. ASTM D1709
Plastic tensile properties ILT-U-1141 plasticized PVC hose. ASTM D638 ASTM D638
Polyethylene determinations ILT-U-1161 Melt Flow Index (MFI); density by displacement; and density by gradient technique, ASTM D1238
ASTM D1505
Plastic chairs determinations ILT-U-1172 Visual verification; Dimensional verification; Static load test; Impact resistance test; and Test for strength of hind legs NBR 14776
Plastic determinations ILT-U-1231 Density; Melt Flow index; Mechanical properties; Dimensions of the tubes; Resistance to internal pression; and Tear resistance ISO 3126
ISO 1167
EN 388
ISO 527
ISO 1133-1
ISO 1183-1
Polyurethane Raw Materials Determination of the Isocyanate Content of Aromatic Isocyanates ILT-U-1293 Determination of the Isocyanate content of aromatic Isocyanates ASTM D5155
Thermal conductivity in polymers ILT-U-1314 thermal conductivity Hot Disk tps 1500 ISO 22007-2
Dimensions of Thermoplastic Pipe and Fittings ILT-U-1386 ASTM D2122
Determination of melt flow rate (MFR) and melt volume rate (MVR) ILT-U-1387 ASTM D1238
Determinations in plastic ILT-U-1457 compressive test and cross cut test ISO 2409
ISO 604
Continuous compression deformation test ILT-U-1509 Aging of elastomeric parts in greenhouses with measurement of hardness variation IRHD; Aging of elastomeric parts in corn oil with IRHD hardness variation measurement; Aging of the elastomeric parts in distilled water with volume variation measurement; Aging of the elastomeric parts in acetic acid with volume variation measurement; and Permanent Compression Deformation NBR 11823
Determining the Izod Pendulum Impact Resistance of Plastics ILT-U-920 ASTM D256
Melt Flow Rates of Thermoplastics by Extrusion Plastometer ILT-U-921 ASTM D1238
Ash Content in Plastics ILT-U-922 ASTM D5630
Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure of Photodegradable plastics ILT-U-998 Exposure of Photodegradable plastics. ASTM D5208
Identification and Quantification of Chromium, Bromine, Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead in Polymeric Material ILT-U-999 Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry ASTM F2617
Elemental analysis on polymeric materials by FTIR ILT-U-1640 ASTM E1252
Dimensional stability of PVC pipes ILT-U-1342 NBR 5687
PBBS & PBDES determinations in plastic ILT-U-158
Test of resistance to stress and thermal reversion in plastics ILT-U-300 ASTM D638
ISO 2525
Determination of the index of fluidity in samples plastic ILT-U-303 ASTM D1238
Determination of ash content in thermoplastics ILT-U-304 ASTM D5630
Impact test in specimens CHARPY type, in plastic samples ILT-U-305 ISO 179
Water Absorption of Plastics ILT-U-531 ASTM D570
Time-to-Failure of Plastic Pipe Under Constant Internal Pressure ILT-U-659 ISO 1167
ASTM D1598
Crush resistance in pipes and connections determination ILT-U-660 ASTM D2241
ASTM D1785
Adequacy of Fusion of Extruded Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Pipe and Molded Fittings by Acetone Immersion ILT-U-661
Resistance to Short-Time Hydraulic Pressure of Plastic Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings ILT-U-662 ISO 1167
ASTM D1599
Tubes and connections dimensions determination ILT-U-663 ASTM D2122
ISO 3126
Rate of Burning and/or Extent and Time of Burning of Plastics in a Horizontal Position ILT-U-664 ASTM D635
Resistance to impact on pipes and connections ILT-U-665 ASTM D224
Fittings for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pressure pipes with elastic sealing ring type joints ILT-U-666 Pressure test for leakproofness ISO 3603
Test methods for the resistance to dichloromethane at a specified temperature (DCMT) ILT-U-667 Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) pipes. EN 580
Joints for Drain and Sewer Plastic Pipes Using Flexible Elastomeric Seals ILT-U-668 ASTM D3212
Rigidity of plastic tubes determination ILT-U-669 ASTM D2412
Chlorinated Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (CPVC) Plastic Hot- and Cold-Water Distribution Systems ILT-U-670 ASTM D2846
Vicat softening temperature determination ILT-U-671 ISO 2507-1
ISO 2507-2
Determination of resistance to external blows ILT-U-672 Round-the-clock method ISO 3127
Longitudinal reversion ILT-U-673 Thermal reversion ISO 2505
Determination of ash content on PVC pipes and fittings ILT-U-719 Ash ASTM D5630
PVC tubes determinations ILT-U-828 Vicat softening temperature; resistance to internal hydraulic pressure sustained for a long period pipes and fittings; Resistance to internal hydraulic pressure for a short period in pipes and fittings; Dimensions in pipes and fittings; Pipes and Fittings - Flammability of Plastic; Tightness of the joint ring of elastomeric material; and Determining the rigidity of plastic tubes ASTM D2412
ASTM D3212
ASTM D2122
ASTM D1598
ASTM D1599
ISO 2507-1
ISO 2507-2