ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

Proficiency customized Code Comments Standard Select
Glowing/hot-wire test ILT-E-02 IEC 60695-2-10 IEC 60695-2-10
Tracking indices test and Ball pressure test ILT-S-02 (ESP) IEC 60112 and IEC 60695-10.2 IEC 60112
IEC 60695
GB/T 4207
GB/T 5169.21
Tensile strength and elongation at break test of PVC cable ILT-S-03 IEC 60227-2 and IEC (60811-501) 60811-1-1, chapter 9. IEC 60227-2
IEC 60811-1-1
Determinations for IT equipment ILT-U-034 (ESP) IEC 60950-1 IEC 60950-1
Thermal stability of PVC insulation or sheath of cables ILT-U-038 (ESP) IEC 60811-3-2 IEC 60811-3-2
Tensile strength and elongation at break test of PVC cables ILT-U-059 IEC 60227-2 and IEC 60811-1-1, chapter 9 IEC 60227-2
IEC 60811-1-1
Determination of Ohmic resistance cables ILT-U-060 IEC 60227 section 2.1 IEC 60227
Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) and Glowing/hot-wire ILT-U-063 (ESP) IEC 60529 IEC 60529
Batteries determinations ILT-U-117 LR6-2 – Portable lighting LED R6P-2 – Portable lighting LED IEC 60086-2
Dielectric test and Temperature rise test ILT-U-119 (ESP) IEC 60439-1 IEC 60439-1
Determination of electrical safety test ILT-U-127 Electric strength Test; Line Leakage (touch current) Test; and Ground Bond Test IEC 60335-1
Determination of environmental test ILT-U-128 (ESP) IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60950-1 IEC 60335-1
IEC 60950-1
Determination of electrical safety test ILT-U-129 All test IEC 60335-1
Measuring thickness of Insulation and Insulation resistance determinations ILT-U-149 Polyvinyl chloride insulated cables of rated voltages up to 750 V IEC 60227
IEC 60228
IEC 60227-3
IEC 60227-4
IEC 60227-5
IEC 60228-11
General and safety requirements of Lamp controlgear ILT-U-173 (ESP) IEC 61347-1 IEC 61347-1
Determination of thickness of insulation covered and electrical conductors ILT-U-180 (ESP) IEC 60811-1-1-2001 clause 8.1 - IEC 60811-201-2012 and IEC 60811-1-1-2001 clause 8.2 - IEC 60811-202-2012 IEC 60811-1-1
IEC 60811-201
IEC 60811-202
Tensile stress at break and elongation of semiconducting screens, insulation and protective covers electrical conductors ILT-U-181 (ESP) IEC-60811-1-1-2001 clause 9 - IEC 60811-501-2012 IEC 60811-1-1
IEC 60811-501
Thickness determination of electrical conductors covered ILT-U-182 (ESP) IEC 60811-1-1-2001 Clause 8.2 - IEC 60811-202-2012 IEC 60811-1-1
IEC 60811-202
Test shrinkage (shrinkage) ILT-U-183 (ESP) IEC 60811-1-3-2001 Clause 10 - IEC 60811-502-2012 IEC 60811-1-3
IEC 60811-502
Determination of electrical safety test ILT-U-185 Marking & instructions; Protection against access to live parts; Power input & current; Leakage current & Electric Strength; Provision for earthing; and Screws & Connections IEC 60335-1
IEC 60335-2-3
Determinations in Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages ILT-U-191 Cables for rated voltages from 6 kV (Um = 7,2 kV) up to 30 kV (Um = 36 kV) IEC 60502-2
Tracking indices test ILT-U-199 Method for the determination of the proof and the comparative tracking indices (CTI) of solid insulating materials IEC 60112
Determination of the power and earthing ILT-U-277 (ESP) IEC 60065 IEC 60065
Flashover characteristics in wire and cable ILT-U-290 Clause 9.1, 9.4 and 9.5 UL 2556
Electrical resistance, conductivity and resistivity detrmination in electrical cables. ILT-U-311 (ESP) IEC 60468 and NMX-J-212-ANCE IEC 60468
Electrical resistance in conductors of insulated cables ILT-U-312 Annexed A. IEC 60228
Insulation resistance determination in electrical switches for household and similar fixed ILT-U-326 (ESP) IEC 60669-1 and NTC 1337 IEC 60669-1
IP code Test in external lighting ILT-U-352 (ESP) IEC 60529 IEC 60529
Switch test ILT-U-370 (ESP) IEC 60669-1 IEC 60669-1
Socket outlet test ILT-U-379 (ESP) IEC 60884-1 IEC 60884-1
Testing of earthing ILT-U-415 (ESP) IEC 60950 IEC 60950
Power input, electric strength and leakage current and cross sectional area for supply cord conductors ILT-U-419 (ESP) IEC 60335-1 IEC 60335-1
Determination of temperature rise on electric switches ILT-U-433 IEC 60669-1
Wattage measurements of electric appliances ILT-U-437 IEC 60335-2-14. IEC 60335-1
Calibration of electrical magnitudes ILT-U-457 Voltage (DC); Voltage (AC @ 50 Hz); Current (DC); Current (AC @ 50 Hz); Frecuency; and Resistance
Test luminaire photometry ILT-U-533 IESNA LM 79
Dielectric strength and leakage current ILT-U-539 CSA 195
CSA 109
Dielectric Constant, Electrical Resistance, DC Resistance & Conductance ILT-U-540 ASTM D991
Self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps for general lighting services ILT-U-553 Clause 5; 6; and 7 IEC 60969
Radiated emission and conducted emission determinations ILT-U-563 CISPR 25
Radiated emissions test and conducted emissions ILT-U-572 ISO 11452
ISO 7637-2
input power (DC) and output power (AC) for performance calculations (Photovoltaic) ILT-U-582 IEC 61683
Energy efficiency determinations ILT-U-692 Ventilators Portaria N° 20
Torsion resistance determination in sodium vapor lamp ILT-U-844 Torsion resistance IEC 62035
Determination of the electrical resistance, dielectric strength and stress and elongation Effort electrical conductors ILT-U-851 Determination of the electrical resistance to DC, Determination of effort and mechanical stress elongations of the wires, and Dielectric strength (high voltage) NMX-J-212
Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) ILT-S-05 IEC 60529
Loss of mass test for thermoplastic insulations and sheaths ILT-U-1051 IEC 60811-409
Determining the density ILT-U-1052 Pycnometer method IEC 60811-606
TVs determinations ILT-U-1089 Consumption measurement in "stand by"; and Measurement of visual angle. Portaria 85:2009
Dielectric strength Test ILT-U-1094 Dielectric strength Test IEC 60335-1
Environmental testing ILT-U-1123 40ºC - 96h IEC 60068-2-1
Environmental testing ILT-U-1124 150ºC - 168h IEC 60068-2-2
Environmental testing ILT-U-1125 Cycle Nb Tmax. +150ºC Tmín -40ºC - 96h IEC 60068-2-14
Environmental testing ILT-U-1126 Cycle Db -6 cycles 12h +55ºC 12h. +25ºC 93% H.R IEC 60068-2-30
Environmental testing ILT-U-1127 Total 10 cycles de 24h. Tmax. 65ºC y HR93% Tmín -10ºC IEC 60068-2-38
Environmental testing ILT-U-1128 96h. 40ºC con 93%HR IEC 60068-2-78
TV LCD Determinations ILT-U-1169 Anex A – Measurement of visual diagonal; Anex C – Power Off “stand by”, according to Portaria INMETRO 085/09 Anex A – Measurement of visual diagonal; Anexo - Power “on”; Anex C – Power off “stand by”, according to Portaria INMETRO 427/14
Ball pressure test ILT-U-1170 IEC 60695-10-2
Analog telephone determination ILT-U-1207 ETSI ES 203-021
ADSL Modem determination ILT-U-1209 ETSI ES 202 913
Measurement of Luminous Intensity ILT-U-1213 Regulatory used is the United Nations 3 and 23
Determinations in Electrical Insulating Liquids ILT-U-1223 Power factor ASTM D924
Energy efficiency in electric water heater tank ILT-U-1230 UNIT 1157
Energy efficiency three-phase motors ILT-U-1246 IRAM 62405
Energy Efficiency in single phase motors ILT-U-1247 IRAM 62409
Lamp caps determination ILT-U-1294 Dimension IEC 60061-1
Halogenated compounds and ashes determinations ILT-U-1340 Ashes; and halogenated acid gases IEC 60811-605
IEC 60754-1
ADSL Filter determination ILT-U-1406 ETSI TS 101 952-3
Lamp caps determination ILT-U-1407 IEC 60061-3
Hair dryer determinations – Sound power ILT-U-1425 Sound power NBR 13910-2-2
Electrical appliances determination ILT-U-1462 Power Cord Flexibility Tester; Stability Tester; and Mechanical Impact test IEC 60335-1
Electrical appliances determination ILT-U-1463 Power Input and Current; High Voltage Test; Leakage Current Test; Screws and Connections; and Provision for Earthing IEC 60335-1
Plug determination ILT-U-1464 Heat resistance test; and Mechanical Strength SASO 2203
SASO 443
Luminaire determination ILT-U-1465 Lampholders clause 4.4 IEC 60598-1
Automatic electrical control ILT-U-1466 IEC 60730-1
Determinations in cell phones ILT-U-1471 SAR Test; and TS 51.010-1 V6.5.0 test in 3GPP. According to Resolução nº 533 - Agência Nacional De Telecomunicações
Determinations in PVC and XLPE cables ILT-U-1477 Measurement of insulation thickness; Measurement of thickness of non-metallic sheath (insulation covered and electrical conductors; Measurement of overall dimensions; Insulation resistance measurement; Water absorption test – electrical method; Loss of mass test; and Thermal ageing of insulation and sheath IEC 60811-201
IEC 60811-202
EN 60811-203
CEI 60502
EN 60811-401
EN 60811-402
EN 60811-409
Determinations in PVC cables ILT-U-1478 Thermal shock test on insulation and sheath; Pressure test on insulation and sheath; Impact test at low temperature on insulations and sheaths; and Coiling test at low temperature on insulations and sheaths EN 60811-504
EN 60811-506
EN 60811-508
EN 60811-509
Determinations in XLPE cables ILT-U-1479 Heat shrinking of insulation and sheath; and Hot set test on insulation EN 60811-502
EN 60811-503
EN 60811-507
Environmental testing ILT-U-1551 Environmental testing (48h, 5%NaCl/35°C) EN 60068- 2-11
Environmental testing ILT-U-1552 Environmental testing (16ms2 45min distributed in the whole range 10÷100 Hz; One or three axes) EN 60068-2-6
Climatic test ILT-U-1557 55°C / -10°C / 25°C; 20 / 65 / 80 / 96 %UR; 24 hs; 11 cycles IEC 60068-2-38
Rapid temperature change determination ILT-U-1558 Thermal Shock - Na test IEC 60068-2-14
Climatic test ILT-U-1559 *20°C / -40°C / 140°C; 5 hs; 1 cycle (ISO 16750-4 chapter 5.2) ISO 16750-4
Climatic test ILT-U-1560 *0°C / T max °C; 1 hs; 10 cycle (ISO 16750-4 chapter 5.4.3) ISO 16750-4
Climatic test ILT-U-1562 *85°C / 85% UR; 168 hs; 1 cycles IEC 60068-2-67
Climatic test – Vibration (sinusoidal) ILT-U-1563 Vibration (sinusoidal); 66 hs (22 for each cyle); 3 cycles IEC 60068-2-6
ISO 16750-3
EMC – AC Power-line Conducted Emission Measurement and Radiated Emission Measurements ILT-U-1567 AC Power-line Conducted Emission Measurements (ANSI C63.4 clause 7); and Radiated Emission Measurements (ANSI C63.4 clause 8) ANSI C63.4
Luminaire determinations ILT-U-1569 Creepage distances and clearances (clause 11.2), and Thermal test (normal operation) (clause 12.4) IEC 60598-1
Medical electrical equipment ILT-U-1590 Safety requirements IEC 60601
Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment ILT-U-1591 Safety requirements IEC 62368-1
Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use ILT-U-1592 Volt-Amperometric clamp determinations IEC 61010
Wire determinations ILT-U-1596 Conductor resistance; Insulation thickness; Outside cable diameter; Conductor diameter; Strip force; Abrasión test; Resistance to fíame propagation; Insulation volume resistivity; Withstand voltage; Shrinkage by heat; Pressure test at high temperature; Thermal overload; Short term heat ageing 240 h; Long term heat ageing 3 000 h; Low temperature winding; Cold impact; Durability of cable marking; Resistance to hot water; Resistance to liquid chemicals; Test Method 2 — Resistance to liquid chemicals Fluid compatibility; and Temperature and humidity ISO 6722
Wire determinations – Thermal stability test for PVC insulations and PVC sheaths ILT-U-1597 Thermal stability test for PVC insulations and PVC sheaths IEC 60811-405
Wire determinations – Hot Set Test For Cross-Linked Materials ILT-U-1598 Hot Set Test For Cross-Linked Materials IEC 60811-507
Wire determinations – Mechanical properties of insulation and sheathing compounds ILT-U-1599 Test for determining the mechanical properties of insulation and sheathing compounds IEC 60811-501
Wire determinations ILT-U-1601 Sliding behavior of the cable; Bending force of the cable; Insulation notch strength; Stress test; Thermal stability in the wound state; Ciclic bending; Kink test; Damp heat, constant (hydrolysis test); and Resistance to chemicals and wrapping tapes LV 112-1
VW 60306-1
ISO 14572
Wire determinations – Resistance of conductor ILT-U-1609 Resistance of conductor IEC 60227
Electrical test determinations in toys samples ILT-U-1638 Electrical tests (excluding radiation/emi-emc tests) IEC 62115
Electrical determinations ILT-U-1639 Marked; comparative tracking index (CTI); ball pressure; plugs; and cross sectional area for supply cord conductors IEC 60335-1
IEC 60335-2-7
IEC 60695-2-10
CEI 23-50
IEC 60112
LED light engines and lamps at temperature determination ILT-U-1661 Measured temperature of Tb; measured temperature of Td; board temperature; ambient temperature; Input Power (W); Input Voltage (V); Input Current (A); luminous flux (lm); luminous efficacy (lm/W); CIE chromaticity (x,y); color rendering index; and correlated color temperature (k) IESNA LM 82
Vacuum cleaners determinations ILT-U-1696 vacuum cleaners IEC 60335-2-2
Battery chargers determinations ILT-U-1697 Battery chargers IEC 60335-2-29
Steam cleaners determinations ILT-U-1698 steam cleaners IEC 60335-2-79
Portable heating tools determination ILT-U-1699 Portable heating tools IEC 60335-2-45
Fire Hazard testing ILT-U-1700 Glowing/hot-wire and Needle-flame test IEC 60695-2-11
IEC 60695-11-5
Grinder determinations ILT-U-1701 Grinder IEC 60745-1
Impact drills determinations ILT-U-1702 Impact drills IEC 60745-2-1
Electrical appliances determinations ILT-U-1708 Leakage current and voltage at operating temperature: Leakage current and voltage withstand; and operation in abnormal condition IEC 60335-2-34
Salt mist determination ILT-U-791 Salt mist (96 H) IEC 60068-2-11
Energy efficiency test ILT-U-956 Air conditioning determination ISO 5151
Directive 2011/65/EU, RoHS2. ILT-U-974 Pb and Cd determination by atomic absorption or ICP; Hg determination by atomic absorption, cold vapor generator or ICP; Hexavalent Chromium determination by UV-VIS spectrophotometry; PBBs and PBDEs determination by gas chromatography; and Determination of lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium and bromine by XRF spectroscopy. RoHS2
Environmental testing ILT-U-1825 Environmental testing (Method 4). Gas concentration: SO2 (200 + /- 20) ppb, H2S (10 + /- 5) ppb, NO2 (200 + /- 20) ppb, and Cl2 (10 + /- 5) ppb. Temperature 25 +/- 1º C, and Humidity 75 +/- 3%. Test duration 4 days IEC 60068-2-60
Fibre Optic connector determination ILT-U-333 Insertion loss measurement IEC 61300-3-4
IEC 61280-4-1
Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. (Directive 2011/65/EU, RoHS2) ILT-U-053 Pb; Cd; Hg; Hexavalent Chromium; and phthalate (DIBP, DBP, BBP, DEHP) IEC 62321-4
IEC 62321-5
IEC 62321-7-1
IEC 62321-7-2
IEC 62321-8
Electrical characteristic determinations – LED Driver for LED lamp ILT-U-1264 Output Voltage and current, Total circuit power, Circuit power factor, and Supply current IEC 62384
Immunity to ESD discharge ILT-U-1275 ESD discharge
Wire determinations ILT-U-1474 Insulation thickness; Thickness of non-metallic sheath (insulation covered and electrical conductors); Overall dimensions; Insulation resistance; Water absorption test - electrical method; Loss of mass test; Thermal ageing of insulation and sheath; Heat shrinking of insulation and sheath; and Thermal shock test on insulation and sheath EN 60811-509
EN 60811-502
EN 60811-401
EN 60811-402
EN 60811-409
EN 60811-203
EN 60811-201
EN 60811-202
CEI 60502
Surge immunity test determinations ILT-U-1665 Surge generator IEC 61000-4-5
Aging panels determinations ILT-U-1666 Aging panels (120 hours) CIE 121
CIE 63
CIE 84
Luminaire determinations ILT-U-1691 fixed LED outdoor luminaire IEC 60598-2-1
Safety of electrical appliances ILT-U-1692
Luminaire determinations ILT-U-1786 Portable LED outdoor luminaire IEC 60598-2-4
Appliance determinations ILT-U-1787 Appliances for skin or hair care IEC 60335-2-23
Luminaire determinations ILT-U-1788 Emergency luminaire IEC 60598-2-22
Energy efficiency determination ILT-U-1798 LED bulb Luminaire
Conducted Emission tests ILT-U-1801 Conducted Emission tests CISPR 32
EN 55032
Electric storage water-heater determinations ILT-U-1802 General conditions for measurements; measurements of stored water temperatures; measurement of energy consumption; verification of the actual capacity; standing loss per 24 h; hot water output; and reheating time IEC 60379
Household refrigerating determinations ILT-U-1803 Classification; determination of linear dimensions, volumes and areas; general test conditions; testing storages temperatures; energy consumption test; and temperature rise test IEC 62552
Electrical determinations ILT-U-1816 Withstanding Voltage, and Insulation Resistance acc ISO 16750-2
USB Type-C Chargers ILT-U-1823 Initial Voltage Test, and USB Type-C Current Adv Test USB Type C Functional Test Specification
IEC 62680-1-3
USB Dedicated Charging Port Test ILT-U-1824 DCP Overshoot and Undershoot Voltage Test; DCP Handshaking Test; DCP Resistance and Capacitance Tests; and DCP Voltage and Current Battery Charging Specification revision 1.2
IEC 62680-1-1
Digital Cameras – OECF measurement ILT-U-1855 Maximum contrast; Gamma; The signal to noise value for different grey levels; and ISO speed of the camera ISO 14524
Insulation/screen moisture content determination in cable ILT-U-1858 Insulation/screen moisture content BS 7912
Washing machines electrical determinations ILT-U-1859 Performance of washing machines IEC 60456
IEC 60335-2-7
Digital Cameras – Noise measurements ILT-U-1864 Detailed noise; and the signal to noise value for different grey levels ISO 15739
Calibration of electrical magnitudes ILT-U-1866 Electrical (Generation) Voltage DC; Voltage (AC @ 50 Hz); Current (DC); Current (AC @ 50 Hz); and Resistance
Vibration testing ILT-U-1872 Level 1. Minimum frequency: 10 Hz.; o Frequency f1: 20 Hz Frequency f2: 1000 Hz; o Maximum frequency: 2000 Hz.; o RMS value: 3.35 g; o ASD form (flat between f1 and f2): 0.01 g2 / Hz; o Initial slope of 10 Hz: +6 dB / octave; Final slope between 1000 and 2000 Hz: -24 dB / octave; and Duration: 20 minutes IEC 60068-2-64
Shock testing ILT-U-1873 Level 1. Waveform: semi-sinusoidal; Maximum acceleration: 25 g.; Pulse duration: 6 ms; Number of repetitions per verse: 10; and Duration: 2 minutes IEC 60068-2-27
Electricity metering equipment (AC). Electrical determinations ILT-U-1895 All Test (except chap 6.10.5, 6.10.6, and 6.10.7) IEC 62052-31
IEC 62052-1
Degrees of Protection IK ILT-U-1896 Led luminaires IEC 62262
Measurement of conductors ILT-U-1910 Mass per unit length of conductor EN 50182
Transportable tools determinations ILT-U-1955 Protection against active parts, and Leakage current IEC 62841-1
Electric determination ILT-U-1960 Dielectric Test – AC test IEC 60903
Acoustic testing class ILT-U-1964 Acoustic testing class, in the NOISE SEAL test. Portaria n.º 430, de 16 de agosto de 2012
Thermomagnetic key determinations ILT-U-1969 Clause 9.4 / 9.5.1 and 9.5.3 IEC 60898-1
Terminal block determinations ILT-U-1970 Clause 9.2 / 9.3 / 9.4 and 9.5
Torsion resistance in Led lamp ILT-U-1971 Torsion resistance of unused lamps (E27). Clause 9.1 (aging 200 hs.) IEC 62560
Torsion resistance in fluorescent lamp ILT-U-1972 Torsion resistance of unused lamps (E27). Clause 9.1 (aging 200 hs.) IEC 60968
Torsion resistance in lamp-holder ILT-U-1973 Torsion resistance. Clause UL 496
Lighting determinations ILT-U-1983 Accesiblility of live parts; Normal temperature test; Abnormal temperature testsAccesiblility of live parts; Normal temperature test; Abnormal temperature tests; and Needle flame UL 1598
Domestic cooking appliances burning gas determinations ILT-U-1995 Combustion and Consumption EN 30-1-1
HF (Halogen) in semiconductor device determination ILT-U-2028 HF (Halogen) EN 14582
Calibration of electrical safety tester ILT-U-2050 Calibration, Insulation resistance DC. Calibration, Ground bond test.
Determination of stress and elongation, in wires and cables ILT-U-310 Clause 3.5.1. UL 2556
Power input and current, leakage current and electric strength, provision for earthing and protection against access to live parts ILT-U-384 IEC 60335-1 Clause 8.1.1, 10, 16.2, 16.3, 27.5, & IEC 61558-1 Clause 24.4 IEC 60335-1
IEC 61558
Insulation resistance ILT-U-385 Clause 2.6 IEC 60432-1
Safety requirements of audio, video and similar electronic apparatus ILT-U-386 All test IEC 60065
Photometric properties as a function of temperature for LED light engines and integral lamps ILT-U-407 IESNA LM 82
Plugs, receptacles, manual switches determinations ILT-U-408 Dielectric strength, Temperature rise; Temperature rise; and Incandescent Wire NTC 1337
NTC 5283
NTC 1650
Electric iron determinations ILT-U-644 Resistance of insulating material to abnormal heat, to fire and to tracking; SASO 2815
Electric kettle determinations ILT-U-645 Moisture resistance; Screws and connections and Supply connection and external flexible cords IEC 60335-1
IEC 60335-2-15
Shrinkage for insulations and sheaths ILT-U-722 Shrinkage for insulations and sheaths EN 60811-503
IEC 60811-502
EN 60811-502
Hot set test for cross-linked materials ILT-U-724 EN 60811-507
Determination of airborne acoustical noise ILT-U-796 Vacuum cleaners IEC 60704-2-1
Electrical resistance and dielectric strength determination ILT-U-821 Electrical resistance DC; and Dielectric strength NMX-J-212
Electrical determinations ILT-U-822 Area of the cross section of the electrical conductors; Insulation thicknesses and electrical conductors covered; Insulation Resistance; and Determination of mechanical effort to breakdown voltage. NMX-J-312
Electrical appliances determination ILT-U-910 Power Input and Current;Insulation resistance;Protection against active parts; and Heating IEC 60335-1
IEC 60598-1
Determination of Ohmic resistance cables ILT-U-961 IEC 60228
Flexural properties of unreinforced plastic and electrical insulating materials ILT-U-995 Flexural properties of unreinforced plastic and electrical insulating materials ASTM D790
(ESP) Glowing/hot-wire test (ESP) ILT-U-966 IEC 60695-2-10