ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

Proficiency customized Code Comments Standard Select
Expansion – Reactivity of aggregates ILT-U-141 (ESP) Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates (Mortar-Bar Method), and Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Combinations of Cementitious Materials and Aggregate (Accelerated Mortar-Bar Method) ASTM C1260
ASTM C1567
Determination of the resistance to simple and triaxial compression ILT-U-432 (ESP) ASTM C170 ASTM C170
Aggregates determinations ILT-U-502 Sieving analysis and Apparent Density ASTM D422
ASTM D2854
Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates ILT-U-512 Mortar-Bar Method ASTM C1260
Determining the Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Combinations of Cementitious Materials and Aggregate ILT-U-513 Accelerated Mortar-Bar Method ASTM C1567
Cobble determinations ILT-U-803 Shapes and dimensions; Breaking Strength (indirect tensile); Abrasion (wear wide wheel method); and Resistance Absorption EN 1338
Cement determinations ILT-U-1060 Chlorides; Compressive strength; and Specific surface Blaine
Soil and Concrete determinations ILT-U-1068 Humidity; Solid Specific Gravity; sieving granulometry; Liquid limit; plastic limit; Proctor; Proctor modified; Material passing No. 200 mesh; CBR; and Compressive strength of concrete specimens ASTM D854
ASTM D2216
ASTM D4318
ASTM D1557
ASTM D1883
ASTM C39/C39M.
Concrete and soil and determinations ILT-U-1073 Particle Density/specific gravity for soil/aggregate; and Consolidation of soil for Soil sample; and Wear resistance of aggregate; Hardness testing in Veeb/Rockwell; and Hydraulic pressure for Concrete sample.
Concrete determinations ILT-U-1074 compression resistance ASTM C39/C39M.
Nch 1037
NBR 5739
Concrete, Soil, and Aggregates determinations ILT-U-1312 Concrete - Chlorides determination; Soil - pH/EC determination using Saturated paste method; and Aggregates - water soluble chlorides BS 1881
EN 1744-1
Quantitative XRD of cements determination ILT-U-1430 ASTM C1365
Concrete determinations ILT-U-1483 Compression resistance EN 12390-3
Determinations in concrete slab ILT-U-1583 Flexion resistance "soleras" (MINVU Nº332; Impact resistance "soleras" (MINVU 332; and Flexion resistance "solerillas" (MINVU 332 6.6.4) MINVU Nº332-2008
Determinations in Asphalt Mixture Specimens ILT-U-1585 Thickness or Height of Compacted Asphalt Mixture Specimens and density of Compacted Mixtures ASTM D3549
Manual de Carreteras método 8.302.38.
Cement setting reaction determination ILT-U-1587 cement setting reaction NCh 152
Determinations in arids and concrete ILT-U-1603 Flexion traction; fine material less than 0.08mm (sand); and determination of sand equivalent in soils and fine aggregates NCh 1038
NCh 1325
Nch 1223
Determination of aggregate impact value and ten percent fines value (TFV) ILT-U-1605 Aggregate Impact Value AIV (Dry): Aggregate Impact Value AIV (Wet); Ten Percent fine value TFV (Dry); and Ten Percent fine value TFV (Wet) BS 812 Part 111
BS 812 Part 112
Water and construction materials testing ILT-U-1606 Organic Matter Content; Organic Impurities; Water Soluble Sulfate; Chloride; and pH BS 1377 Part 3
Cement determination ILT-U-1612 Composition and notation; and designation BS EN 197-1
Determinations in water of kneading (concrete) ILT-U-1614 Chlorides; organic matter such as dissolved oxygen; pH; dissolved solids; suspended solids; and sulfates NCh 413
NCh 416
NCh 1444
NCh 1498
Determinations on asphalt ILT-U-1626 Standard practice for the sampling of asphalt mixtures; bitumen percentage of an asphalt mixture (washing asphaltic) - Method A; and granulometric analysis of fine and coarse aggregate ASTM D979
ASTM D2172
Concrete determinations ILT-U-1672 Casting of concrete cylinders; settlement test; and compression resistance ASTM C39/C39M.
Chemical determinations in cement ILT-U-1709 MgO Magnesium oxide; manganese oxide Mn2O3, loss on Calcination; insoluble residue; and S03 sulfur trioxide ASTM C114
Physical determinations in cement ILT-U-1710 Puzzolanic Activity; normal consistency; autoclave expansion; relative specific weight; specific surface; setting time; mortar comrpesion; and flexion mortar IRAM 1622
Acid soluble chlorides and acid soluble sulfates for aggregate and concrete testing ILT-U-417 Acid soluble chlorides, Acid soluble sulfates, stone sample. Acid soluble chlorides, Acid soluble sulfates concrete sample. BS 812
BS 1881
Fineness of hydraulic cement determination ILT-U-500 Fineness of hydraulic cement by air-permeability apparatus ASTM C204
Determination of setting times for cement ILT-U-612 Standard consistency water content, determination of setting times for cement EN 196-3
Concrete determinations ILT-U-957 Density and bulk density; Organic impurities; Sulfur trioxide; and Potassium oxide and sodium oxide by flame photometry NBR NM 17
Cement determinations ILT-U-958 Normal consistency; Forged times; Volume expansion in autoclave; Air content; Compressive strength; Blaine fineness; Fineness 45 µm; False set; and Expanding cement mortar bars immersed in water ASTM C1038
Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement ILT-U-962 ASTM C109
Sieve residue analysis in construction plaster ILT-U-1065 Sieve residue analysis (clause 4.1.3) EN 13279-2
Cement determinations ILT-U-1154 Part size distribution and Compaction-related tests determination of dry density/ moisture content relationship BS 1377-4
BS 1377-2
Bitumen content of asphalt ILT-U-1280 Bitumen content of asphalt ASTM D6307
ASTM D2172
Concrete determinations ILT-U-1452 Sampling of 2 cylindrical test tubes; and Facing and testing of the 2 samples at 28 days EN 12390-3
EN 12390-2
Arids determinations ILT-U-1584 Determination of fine material less than 0.080 mm fine per wash less than 0.080 mm; Determination of organic impurities in the sands; and Binder content of asphalt mixtures by centrifugation, tensile test Nch 1223
Método 8.302.36, diciembre 2003, Manual de carreteras, Volumen 8.
NCh 166
Chemical determinations in cement ILT-U-1758 Loss on ignition, Alumnia, Al2O3, Dry, Calcium oxide, Cao, Dry, Free calcium oxide, CaO%, Chlorine, Cl, Dry, Iron oxide, Fe2O3, Dry, Magnesium oxide, MgO, Dry, Potassium Oxide, K2O, Dry, Silica, SiO2, Dry, Sodium oxide, Na2O, Dry, and Sulfur Trioxide, SO3, Dry
Physical determinations in cement ILT-U-1759 Compressive strength, Setting time, Soundness / Expansion, Fineness / Blaine, Residue on 45 micron, and Insoluble Residue
Concrete and raw materials determinations ILT-U-1812 Gradation; Specific Gravity; Organic Impurities; Water Absorption and Density; and Compression Strength ASTM C642
ASTM C39/C39M.
Concrete determinations ILT-U-1836 Normal curing of test specimens (20°C method); Determination of density of hardened concrete; Determination of compressive strength of concrete cubes; Compressive strength of test specimens; Density of hardened concrete; Shape, dimensions for specimens and moulds; and Normal curing of test specimen (20°C) EN 12390-3
EN 12390-2
EN 12390-7
BS 1881
EN 12390-1
Flexionl strength in concrete tiles (Pastelones) ILT-U-1903 Código MINVU Nº 332-2008, Código MINVU Nº 332-2008
Soil, agregates and concrete determinations ILT-U-1965 Natural humidity; Atterberg Liquid limits; Atterberg Plastic limits; Sand equivalent; and Sieve analysis of coarse and fine aggregates NCh 165
NCh 1515
Nch 1517/1
Nch 1517/2
NCh 1325
Arid determinations ILT-U-1988 Determination of water soluble chloride salts using the Volhard method (reference method); Determination of total sulfur content; and Determination of acid soluble sulfates EN 1744-1
Fineness of dispersion of pigment-vehicle systems by Hegman-Type Gage determination ILT-U-1989 Fineness of dispersion of pigment-vehicle systems by Hegman-Type Gage ASTM D1210
Resistance of Plastic Flow of Bituminous Mixtures ILT-U-1994 Resistance of plastic flow (Marshall) ASTM D1559
Concrete determinations ILT-U-2201 Molding and curing of specimens and compression test NBR 5738
Determinations in asphalt mixtures ILT-U-390 Real Density, and Resistance to plastic deformation of asphalt mixtures using marshall apparatus (Stability and Fluence). Manual de Carreteras Vol.8 Diciembre 2003 - 8.302.38
Manual de Carreteras Vol.8 Diciembre 2003 - 8.302.40
Hardened concrete determination ILT-U-909 Compressive strength of test specimens; and Density of hardened concrete EN 12390-3
EN 12390-7
(ESP) Physical determinations in ceramic bricks (ESP) ILT-U-2086 (ESP) Water absorption; Shear adhesion; Suction capacity; compression; Efflorescence; Gap Percentage; and dimensional and geometric verification (ESP) Nch 167
(ESP) Nch 168
(ESP) Physical determinations in concrete screeds (ESP) ILT-U-2092 (ESP) Flexion and impact Código MINVU Nº 332-2008
(ESP) Physical determinations in concrete blocks (ESP) ILT-U-2093 (ESP) Water absorption; Compression; Moisture content; and Extraction of samples (ESP) ASTM C140
(ESP) Nch 182
(ESP) Determination of compression in concrete pavers. (ESP) ILT-U-2094 (ESP) Compression Código MINVU Nº 332-2008
(ESP) Splitting Tensile Strength of Concrete Specimens (ESP) ILT-U-2128 (ESP) Splitting Tensile Strength (ESP) ASTM C496
NCh 1170