ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

Proficiency customized Date Code Comments Standard Cost Select
Metals determinations in sludges and water When you need ILT-U-065 Arsenic, Chromium, Potassium, Nickel, Antimony, Cadmium, Copper, Manganese, Thallium, Zinc, Cobalt, Mercury, Sodium and Lead Consult
Determination of strength in cement When you need ILT-U-1613 Strength in cement BS EN 196-1
Determinations in phosphate rock 2013 ILT-U-331 Phosphorus Pentoxide (%P2O5) Silicon Oxide (%SiO) Fe2O3, Al2O3, MgO, K2O, Na2O, Cd, Sr, CaO Total chloride (ppm Cl) Consult
Determination of the resistance to simple and triaxial compression 2014 ILT-U-432 ASTM C170 ASTM C170
Determination of grading, bitumen content, thickness and thickness, density and compaction control. 2014 ILT-U-482 ASTM D 2172; ASTM C136; ASTM D 3549; ASTM D 3549; ASTM D 2426 & AASHTO T230-68. ASTM D2172
ASTM D3549
ASTM D2426
AASHTO T230-68
Biomass determinations 2014/2015 ILT-U-499 GCV, % ash, % Sulphur and % Carbon value.
Determination of water content of soil, rock and soil-aggregate mixtures and soil particle size analysis by sieving 2014/2015 ILT-U-502 INV E-122, ASTM D2216, INV E-123 y ASTM D422. INV E-122
INV E-123
ASTM D2216
Determination of specific gravity of soil and mineral filler 2014/2015 ILT-U-503 INV E-128, ASTM D 854 INV E-128
ASTM D 854
Relations Unit Weight – soil moisture standard proctor soil moisture and modified equipment 2014/2015 ILT-U-504 INV E-141
INV E-142
ASTM D1557
Floor support ratio in the laboratory 2014/2015 ILT-U-505 INV E-148, ASTM D1883. INV E-148
ASTM D1883
Dimensional consolidation of soils 2014/2015 ILT-U-506 INV E-151, ASTM D2435. ASTM D2435
INV E-151
Unconfined compression in soil samples 2014/2015 ILT-U-507 INV E-152, ASTM D2166 INV E-152
ASTM D2166
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-508 Humidity; specific gravity of solids; moisture; liquid limit; plastic Limit; standard proctor; proctor modified; unconfined compression; CBR; direct cut; proctor modified; and consolidation ASTM D2435
ASTM D3080
ASTM D1883
ASTM D2166
ASTM D1557
ASTM D4318
ASTM D2216
NCh 1515
NCh 1534/2
Quantity of the fine material passing through sieve # 200 2014/2015 ILT-U-509 INV E-214, ASTM C117 INV E-214
Wear resistance of the aggregates of sizes smaller than 37.5 mm (1 ½ “) and wear resistance of the coarse aggregates larger size of 19 mm (3/4 “) 2014/2015 ILT-U-510 INV E-218, ASTM C131, INV E-219, ASTM C535 INV E-218
INV E-219
Compressive strength of concrete cylinders When you need ILT-U-511 ASTM C39/C39M.
Nch 1037
Potential alkali aggregate reactivity 2014/2015 ILT-U-512 ASTM C1260 ASTM C1260
And alkali-silica reactivity potential of combinations of materials and aggregates cementitious 2014/2015 ILT-U-513 ASTM C1567 ASTM C1567
Determination of metals in soil When you need ILT-U-534 Ca, Mg, K and Zn.
Biomass determination 2014/2015 ILT-U-542 EN 14774-1, EN 14775, EN 15148, EN 15104, EN 15289, EN 14918 EN 14774-1
EN 14775
EN 15148
EN 15104
EN 15289
Determination of glyphosate When you need ILT-U-658 HPLC HPLC
BTEX, PAH, TPH and Ethanol determination When you need ILT-U-726
Calorific value (top/ bottom) determination When you need ILT-U-842 Calorific value top and Calorific value bottom
Determination of metals in soil When you need ILT-U-891 Cd, Ni, and PB
Modified proctor compaction test in soil When you need ILT-U-085 ASTM D1557
Gold and silver determination When you need ILT-U-1056 Au and Ag (Atomic absorption)
Determination of metals in minerals When you need ILT-U-1057 Cu, Pb, Zn, As, Sb and Fe (Atomic Absorption)
Cement determinations When you need ILT-U-1060 Chlorides; Compressive strength; and Specific surface Blaine
Soil and Concrete determinations When you need ILT-U-1068 Humidity (ASTM D2216); Solid Specific Gravity (ASTM D854); sieving granulometry (ASTM D422); Liquid limit (ASTM D4318); plastic limit (ASTM D4318); Proctor (ASTM D698); Proctor modified (ASTM D1557); Material passing No. 200 mesh (ASTM C117); and CBR (ASTM D1883) for Soil sample. Compressive strength of concrete specimens (ASTM C39M) for concrete sample.
Concrete and soil and determinations When you need ILT-U-1073 Particle Density/specific gravity for soil/aggregate; and Consolidation of soil for Soil sample. Wear resistance of aggregate; Hardness testing in Veeb/Rockwell; and Hydraulic pressure for Concrete sample.
Concrete determinations When you need ILT-U-1074 compression resistance ASTM C617
ASTM C39/C39M.
Soil metals determinations When you need ILT-U-1092 Cupper; Lead; Nickel; Silver; Gold; Zinc; and Iron
Determinations in coal and coke When you need ILT-U-1096 Volatile Matter ISO 589
ASTM D3171
Cyanide in soil determination When you need ILT-U-1103 Cyanide in soil
pH in soil When you need ILT-U-1135 NMX132 EPA 9045D
Biomass Determination in Soil When you need ILT-U-1222 ASTM D2974. (Ash content; Moisture; and Organic Matter).
pH and conductivity in soil When you need ILT-U-1228 pH (NOM-021- SEMARNAT-2000 AS-02); and Conductivity (NOM-021- SEMARNAT-2000 AS-16 - 18)
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-1256 Moisture, according to ASTM D2216; Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Modified Effort, according to ASTM D1557; Through Hole mesh # 200, according to ASTM C117; and Particle size analysis, according to ASTM D422
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-1299 Dry Bulk Density; Elemental Sulphur; Alkalinity (Total as CaCO3); Ammonia - N (Soluble); Ortho-phosphate; Sulphur - Available; Fluoride - Total; Total Extractable Hydrocarbons (TEH)
Determination of organic compounds in soil When you need ILT-U-1300 Benzene; Ethylbenzene; Toluene; m/p xylene; and o xylene
Determination of nitrogen in soil When you need ILT-U-1301 Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen - Available; and Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen - Soluble
Concrete, Soil, and Aggregates determinations When you need ILT-U-1312 Concrete - Chlorides determination according to BS 1881 PART 124. Soil - pH/EC determination using Saturated paste method Aggregates - water soluble chlorides, according to CYS EN 1744-1:2009 PART 7
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-1313 Determination of water content, according to EN ISO 17892-1 Determination of particle size distribution, according to EN ISO 17892-4 Determination of Atterberg limits, according to EN ISO 17892-12
TPH, SVOC and VOC determinations. When you need ILT-U-1320 TPH, SVOC, and VOC in Water and soil
Metals determinations in Zinc and Lead concentrate Whne you need ILT-U-1364 Silver; Lead; Zinc; Iron; Cadmium; Copper; Manganese; Nickel; Cobalt; Antimony; Arsenic; and Silica
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-1385 Fluor (Fluoride); Total Organic Carbon; Sulfide and Sulfide H2S Not Dissociable; Corrosivity (pH); Sulfates; Total, Fixed and Volatile Solids in solid and semi-solid samples; Moisture Content; Ammonia Nitrogen; Glow Point; Salmonella sp; Total Coliforms, Thermotolerant / Fecal and Escherichia coli; Silica; Metals; Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB's)); Fractional TPH - ALIPHATIC; Chlorinated Organic Pesticides; Petrol Oil Hydrocarbons (TPH Finger Print); Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds - SVOCs; Phthalates; Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs -; Herbicides; Chlorinated Organic Pesticides; Aromatic Hydrocarbons (BTEX); Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons - PAH's; Carbamates; Benomil; and Carbendazine
Sludge determinations When you need ILT-U-1432 Escherichia Coli; Salmonella; Staphylococcus aureus; and Molds and yeasts NOM-004 -SEMARNAT
Consolidation Test in soil When you need ILT-U-1459 Consolidation Test ASTM D2435
Radioactive activity in soils and waters When you need ILT-U-1468 Ra-226 through Bi 214 (gamma emitter 600 keV); Th-232 through Pb-212 (gamma emitter 238 keV) and Ac-228 (gamma emitter 911keV); and K-40 (gamma emitter 1460 keV)
Concrete determinations When you need ILT-U-1483 Compression resistance EN 12390-3
Modified proctor compaction test in soil When you need ILT-U-1495 NCh 1534/2. Of79, Method A. NCh 1534/2
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-1571 Humidity and Relative density (soil); Compression of cylindrical specimens (concrete); and Apparent density (sand) NCh 1515
ASTM D2216
ASTM C39/C39M.
Nch 1037
ASTM D4253
Nch 1116
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-1582 Moisture content and Liquid limit NCh 1515
Nch 1517
Determinations in concrete screeds When you need ILT-U-1583 Flexion of concrete screeds (MINVU Nº332-2008, MINVU Nº332-2008
Determinations in Asphalt Mixture Specimens When you need ILT-U-1585 Thickness or Height of Compacted Asphalt Mixture Specimens and density of Compacted Mixtures ASTM D3549
Manual de Carreteras método 8.302.38.
Cement setting reaction determination When you need ILT-U-1587 cement setting reaction NCh 152
Determinations in arids and concrete When you need ILT-U-1603 Flexion traction; fine material less than 0.08mm (sand); and determination of sand equivalent in soils and fine aggregates NCh 1038
NCh 1325
Nch 1223
Determination of aggregate impact value and ten percent fines value (TFV) When you need ILT-U-1605 Aggregate Impact Value AIV (Dry): Aggregate Impact Value AIV (Wet); Ten Percent fine value TFV (Dry); and Ten Percent fine value TFV (Wet) BS 812 Part 111
BS 812 Part 112
Water and construction materials testing When you need ILT-U-1606 Organic Matter Content; Organic Impurities; Water Soluble Sulfate; Chloride; and pH BS 1377 Part 3
Cement determination When you need ILT-U-1612 Composition and notation; and designation BS EN 197-1
Determinations in water of kneading (concrete) When you need ILT-U-1614 Chlorides; organic matter such as dissolved oxygen; pH; dissolved solids; suspended solids; and sulfates NCh 413
NCh 416
NCh 1444
NCh 1498
Determinations on asphalt When you need ILT-U-1626 Standard practice for the sampling of asphalt mixtures; bitumen percentage of an asphalt mixture (washing asphaltic) - Method A; and granulometric analysis of fine and coarse aggregate ASTM D979
ASTM D2172
Determinations in ceramic tiles When you need ILT-U-1657 Measurement of length and width; and measurement of thickness ISO 10545-2
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-1670 Soil water content; and specific gravity ASTM C126
ASTM D2216
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-1671 Soil classification; proctor standard and modified; and CBR AASHTO T180
ASTM D1883
Concrete determinations When you need ILT-U-1672 Casting of concrete cylinders; settlement test; and compression resistance ASTM C39/C39M.
Arid and soil determinations When you need ILT-U-1673 Granulometry; unit weight; and wear Los Angeles ASTM C29
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-344 Liquid limit; Plastic limit; Moisture determination; and Granulometric analysis by sieving and sedimentation ASTM D4318
ASTM D2216
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-376 % Ash (proximate); % Moisture (proximate); and BTU - Caloric Value ASTM D3173
ASTM D3174
Acid soluble chlorides and acid soluble sulfates for aggregate and concrete testing When you need ILT-U-417 Acid soluble chlorides, according to BS 812: Part 117 : Appendix C and Acid soluble sulfates, according to BS 812: Part 118: Clause 6 (stone sample). Acid soluble chlorides, according to BS 1881 : Part 124 Clause 10.2 and Acid soluble sulfates, according to BS 1881 Part 124 Clause 10.3 (concrete sample). BS 812
BS 1881
Determination of setting times for cement When you need ILT-U-612 Standard consistency water content, determination of setting times for cement EN 196-3
Soil determinations. When you need ILT-U-614 Dry maximum density; Dry minimum density; Determination fine material less 0.080 mm; Determination wear of gravels; Organic content by calcination; Granulometry; and Moisture NCh 1515
8.102.1 (MC-V8)
ASTM D2974
NCh 1369
Nch 1223
ASTM D4254
ASTM D4253
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-615 Liquid Limit: Plastic Boundary; Cubicity of particles; Chlorides and sulfates; CBR: Proctor modified; Specific gravity of solids NCh 1532
NCh 1534/2
NCh 1852
8.202.6 (MC-V8)
NCh 1444
Nch 1517
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-699 Sieve Analysis; plasticity; and CBR ASTM D1883
ASTM D4318
Rock phosphate determinations When you need ILT-U-858 Phosphorus pentoxide (%P2O5); Silicon oxide (%SiO); and Fe2O3, Al2O3, MgO, K2O, Na2O, Cd, Sr, CaO
Soil determinations – Mehlich III method When you need ILT-U-902 phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, manganese, copper, and zinc Mehlich III
Soil determinations When you need ILT-U-949 Liquid limit; Moisture; and Fine sieve material passing 75 um laundering. ASTM D4318
ASTM D1140
ASTM D2216
Aggregate and soil determinations When you need ILT-U-950 Aggregate Sieve Analysis; Aggregate Flakiness Index; Aggregate Shell Content; and Soil Sieve Analysis using Test Sieve
Iron ore and chrome ore determinations When you need ILT-U-953
Concrete determinations When you need ILT-U-957 Density and bulk density; Organic impurities; Sulfur trioxide; and Potassium oxide and sodium oxide by flame photometry NBR NM 17
Cement determinations When you need ILT-U-958 Normal consistency; Forged times; Volume expansion in autoclave; Air content; Compressive strength; Blaine fineness; Fineness 45 µm; False set; and Expanding cement mortar bars immersed in water ASTM C1038
Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortars When you need ILT-U-962 ASTM C109