ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

Proficiency customized Code Comments Standard Select
Determination of the cyanide concentration in a reference solution ILT-A-01 SM 4500-CN-E SM 4500-CN-E
Microbiological determination of water ILT-C-07 Presence or absence of E. Coli Presence or absence of Salmonella spp. Total count of coliforms Presence or absence of Pseudomona Aeruginosa Presence or absence of Streptococcus faecalis Total count of mesophilic aerobes Presence or absence of sulfite-reducing clostridia
Physicochemical determinations in water ILT-C-09 DBO DQO pH Total suspended solids Cu, Hg, Zn, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Cd, Pb Nitrate and Nitrite Free residual chlorine Total Alkalinity Conductivity
Vicat Softening Temperature of Plastics ILT-K-02 ASTM D1525, ISO 306 and NMX E 213ASME SECC. IX ED. 2010 ASTM D1525
ISO 306
NMX E213
Ethanol determinations. Water impurities, sulphur, chlorides, sulfates, and density. ILT-k-05 EN 15489; EN 15486; EN 15492 and ASTM D4052 EN 15486
EN 15489
EN 15492
ASTM D4052
Hydraulic Pressure ILT-S-01
Moisture and Ash in tobacco products ILT-U-086
Determinations in Ceramics materials (dental) ILT-U-111 (ESP) ISO 22674 ISO 22674
Three-point flexure test for ceramic materials ILT-U-112 (ESP) ISO 6872 ISO 6872
Determinations in Ceramics materials (dental) ILT-U-113 ISO 9693 ISO 9693
Determination of strength in cement ILT-U-1613 Strength in cement BS EN 196-1
Paints and varnishes ILT-U-187 Cross-cut test, Determination of film thickness ISO 2409
EN ISO 2808
Cross- cut test- Determination of film thickness ILT-U-200 (ESP) ISO 2409 ISO 2409
Paints and varnishes — Determination of resistance to humidity ILT-U-201 (ESP) ISO 6270-1 ISO 6270-1
Test Method for 90 Degree Peel Resistance of Adhesives ILT-U-237 (ESP) ASTM D6862 ASTM D6862
Benzene determination charcoal tubes ILT-U-293 NIOSH 1501 NIOSH 1501
Determinations in phosphate rock ILT-U-331 Phosphorus Pentoxide (%P2O5); Silicon Oxide (%SiO); Fe2O3, Al2O3, MgO, K2O, Na2O, Cd, Sr, CaO; and Total chloride (ppm Cl)
Test Method for API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and Petroleum Products (Hydrometer Method) ILT-U-350 ASTM D287 ASTM D287
Analysis of Coal and Lube oil ILT-U-358 Coal Analysis: Moisture, Total, in Coal (ASTM D 3302), Ash Content of Petroleum Products (ASTM D482), Volatile Matter in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke (ASTM D3175), Sulfur, Total, in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke (ASTM D3177), Purgeable Organic Compounds by Capillary Column GC-MS (ASTM D5790). Lubricating Oil Analysis: Particle Count, Automatic Optical Particle Count (NAS 1638), Total Acid Number (IP 182), Viscosity, Kinematic, at any other Temperature (ASTM D445), Water Content by Karl Fischer Method (ASTM D6304). ASTM D3302
ASTM D3175
ASTM D3177
ASTM D5790
ASTM D6304
IP 182
NAS 1638
Ash Fusibility Temperatures , Total moisture, Gross calorific coal value, Crucible Swelling Number ILT-U-372 ASTM D1857/D1857M-04(2010), ASTM D2961-11 ASTM D5865-12,ASTM D720-91(2010) . ASTM D1857
ASTM D2961-11
ASTM D5865-12
Fiber Reinforced Plastics test ILT-U-374 ISO 527-4, ISO 527-5, ISO 14125, ISO 14126, & ISO 14130. ISO 527-4
ISO 527-5
ISO 14125
ISO 14126
ISO 14130
Ultimate Analysis of Coal, Carbon, Hydrogen – Instrumental Method, Hardgrove Index (HGI) in coal ILT-U-380 ASTM D3176-09, ASTM D 3177-02, ASTM D5373-08 and ASTM D409/D409M-12. ASTM D3176-09
ASTM D 3177-02
ASTM D5373-08
Water determinations ILT-U-400 DQO methylene blue active substances DBO pH Suspended solids Substances soluble in ethyl ether
Tensile testing of vulcanized rubber ILT-U-438 ASTM D412 ASTM D412
Determinations in ceramic tile ILT-U-439 ISO 10545-2; ISO 10545-3; ISO 10545-4; ISO 10545-6; ISO 10545-7; ISO 10545-11; ISO 10545-12; ISO 10545-14; and ISO 10545-13 ISO 10545-3
ISO 10545-4
ISO 10545-7
ISO 10545-13
ISO 10545-12
ISO 10545-14
ISO 10545-2
ISO 10545-6
ISO 10545-11
Wood based panels and products ILT-U-496 EN 717-3 EN 717-3
Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates (Mortar-Bar Method) ILT-U-512 ASTM C1260 ASTM C1260
Determining the Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Combinations of Cementitious Materials and Aggregate (Accelerated Mortar-Bar Method) ILT-U-513 ASTM C1567 ASTM C1567
Wetting tension test ILT-U-514 ASTM D2578 ASTM D2578
OD Test ILT-U-515 ASTM D1505 ASTM D1505
The light reflected ILT-U-516 ASTM D523 ASTM D523
Coefficients of friction ILT-U-517 ASTM D1894 ASTM D1894
Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials ILT-U-518 ASTM F88 ASTM F88
Tear-propagation resistance determination ILT-U-519 ASTM D1938 ASTM D1938
Hot seal strength determination ILT-U-520 ASTM F1921 ASTM F1921
Water vapor transmission rate determination ILT-U-521 ASTM F1249 ASTM F1249
Oxygen gas transmission rate determination ILT-U-522 ASTM F1227
Determination of 2 % Secant Modulus for Polyethylene Geomembranes ILT-U-523 ASTM D5323 ASTM D5323
Determination of the presence of antibody against EIA (equine infectious anemia) in bovine serum lyophilized ILT-U-525 Lyophilized Lyophilized
Determination of brucellosis in bovine serum lyophilized ILT-U-529 Lyophilized Lyophilized
Phenol in air ILT-U-531 HPLC HPLC
Determination of formaldehyde in air ILT-U-535
Wastewater determinations ILT-U-541 ASTM D240, SM 4500-Cl G, SM 2540 G, SM 4500-H B, and SM 2540 G ASTM D240
SM 2540
SM 4500
Tensile Properties of Plastics ILT-U-550 ASTM D638 ASTM D638
Heavy metals in wastewater determinations ILT-U-551 APHA, AWWA and WEF, 3030E and 3111B methods. APHA, AWWA and WEF
Carbon Black Content in Olefin Plastics ILT-U-553 ISO 6964 ISO 6964
Determining the flow rate of thermoplastic polymers ILT-U-554 ASTM D1238 ASTM D1238
Evaluation of the degree of dispersion of black smoke ILT-U-555 ASTM D18553 ASTM D18553
Determination of density of plastics by the density gradient technique. Gradient Column ILT-U-556 ASTM D1505 ASTM D1505
Determination of the transition temperature of polymers by differential scanning calorimetry ILT-U-557 ASTM D3418 ASTM D3418
Tires determinations ILT-U-560 FMVSS119, FMVSS139 and FMVSS 109 FMVSS 109
Water content in petroleum products by distillation ILT-U-564 ASTM D95 ASTM D95
Measurement of extreme-pressure properties of lubricating fluids ILT-U-565 ASTM D4172 ASTM D4172
Measurement of extreme-pressure properties of lubricating grease ILT-U-566 ASTM D2596 and ASTM D2266 ASTM D2596
ASTM D2266
Ash content of lubricating greases ILT-U-567 ASTM D482 ASTM D482
Physical determinations in tobacco products ILT-U-569 ISO 6565
ISO 2971
Drink water determinations ILT-U-571 Chloride, nitrite, ammonium, hardness, sulfates, residual chlorine, oxidisability, volatile residue, odor, color, Total alkalinity, pH, turbidity, calcium, magnesium, and conductivity
Water determinations ILT-U-585 alkalinity chlorides Free residual chlorine and conductivity Determination of pH Calcium and magnesium Determination of coliforms (NMP) Determination of fecal origin coliformesde (NMP) Pseudomonas aeruginosa determining - NMP
Bacterial endotoxin determination ILT-U-593 Bacterial endotoxin
Air flow from caps for writing instruments ILT-U-647 ISO 11540 ISO 11540
Torque resistance in small saucepan determination ILT-U-649 BS EN 12983 BS EN 12983
Handle fatigue determination ILT-U-650 BS EN 12983
Determination of pesticides on water ILT-U-704 Organochlorine Pesticides: IncAzinfos etil , Azodrin (monocrotofos), Clorpirifos etil and metil, Cumafos, Diclorvos (DDVP), Diazinon, Dimetoato, Disulfoton, Fenitrotion, Malation, Metidation, Paration metil and etil, Pirimifos metil and etil, Ethion. Organophosphorus Pesticides: Aldrin, αClordano, αHCH, βHCH, γHCH, Delta HCH, Dieldrin, Endosulfan I, Endosulfan II, Endosulfan sulfato, Endrin, γClordano, HCB, Heptacloro, Heptacloroepóxido, Metoxiclor, ppDDD, ppDDE, ppDDT. Pyrethroids: Alletrin, Cihalotrina, Ciflutrina, Cipermetrina, Deltametrina, Fenvalerato, Permetrina. Herbicides: Trifluralina, 2-4 D (ácido, ester metílico, ester isobutílico), 2-4 DB (ácido, ester isobutílico), 2-4-5 T, MCPA, MCPP, 2-4-5 TP, 3-5 Diclorobenzoico, Diclorprop. Glyphosate
Microbiological determinations in drinking water, residential water reservoir and river water ILT-U-706 Total Coliform E. coli Heterotrophic Bacteria
Determination of organic contaminants ILT-U-710 Organophosphorus pesticides (quantitative and quantitative), pyrethroids, Herbicides, PCB
BTEX, PAH, TPH and Ethanol determination ILT-U-726
Biodiesel determinations ILT-U-729 Monoglycerides; Diglycerides; Triglycerides; Total Glycerin; Glycerin Free; Ethanol; Methanol and Content of esters EN 14103
EN 14110
ASTM D6584
Drugs determinations ILT-U-734 Count of yeasts and molds Pseudomonas aeruginosa Staphylococcus aureus Escherichia coli Candida albicans Salmonella
Water determinations (Clean and purified Water) ILT-U-735 Clean Water Heterotrophic bacteria Total coliforms and Escherichia coli Determination of color by spectrophotometric method - single wavelength Determination of the nephelometric turbidity method LQ: 0.20 NTU Determination of ammonia by the colorimetric method LQ: 0,30mg / L Determination of hardness by the titrimetric method EDTA LQ: 10 mg / L Nitrite determination by colorimetry LQ: 0.030 mg / L Determination of nitrate reduction method with cadmium LQ: 0.3mg / L Determination of iron by the colorimetric method phenanthroline LQ: 0,20mg / L Fe (to be confirmed) Determination chlorides by ferricyanide method LQ: 2.0mg / L Determination of sulfates by turbidimetry LQ: 5mg / L Fluoride determination by colorimetry LQ: 0.2 mg / L Purified Water Determination of Total Organic Carbon Content Determination of acidity or alkalinity by the method As qualitative / Non-compliant Determination of pH by electrometric method Range: 1-13 Determination of electrolytic conductivity LQ: 2 ZS / cm Determination of residual chlorine by the method colorimetric with N, N-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine (DPD) LQ: 0.2 mg / L Determination of electrolytic conductivity LQ: 2 ZS / cm
Cosmetic Dermatological Test ILT-U-743 Acute Oral Toxicity Irritation / Corrosion Dermal Repeated. Irritation / Corrosion Eye Skin irritation / corrosion APPRAISAL OF SAFETY OF CHEMICALS IN FOOD, DRUGS AND COSMETIC F.D.A
OECD 404
OECD 405
OECD 423
Microbiological determinations in gloves ILT-U-744 Total count; Fungi and yeasts count; Staphylococcus aureus (qualitative); Salmonella spp (qualitative); Pseudomonas aeruginosa (qualitative); Enterobacteriaceae (qualitative); and Escherichia Coli (qualitative) in surgical / non-surgical gloves
Physicochemical determinations in domestic wastewater, and industrial wastewater. ILT-U-746 DBO DQO pH Total Suspend Solids Total Phosphorous
Physicochemical determinations in Treated water and Groundwater ILT-U-748 Amonia Chloride Total Hardness Nitrate Nitrite Total Disolved Solids Sulfate Anionic Surfactants Alkalinity
Physicochemical determinations in Public water supply, River water and Purified water ILT-U-749 Apparent colour pH Tubidity Fluoride Free residual chlorine Electric conductivity
Physicochemical determinations Treated water and Groundwater ILT-U-750 Anionic surfactants Ammonia Nitrate Nitrite Cu Mg Zn
Microbiological determinations in Treated water and Groundwater ILT-U-751 Total Coliform E. coli Heterotrophic Bacteria
Physicochemical determinations in Domestic wastewater and Industrial wastewater ILT-U-752 DBO DQO pH Total suspended solids Settleable solids Dissolved oxygen Oil and greases
Physicochemical and microbiological analysis in water (Heterotrophic bacteria and others determinations) ILT-U-756 Heterotrophic bacteria Acidity Fluoride Total Coliforms Alkalinity Total phosphorus Escherichia Coli Hardness Total Nitrogen Thermotolerant coliforms Chloride Ammonia nitrogen Residual chlorine Color Nitrate Conductivity Phenols Nitrite Sulfate Sulfide DBO Dissolved Oxygen Turbidity
Drugs determinations ILT-U-760 Sterility according to by direct inoculation method and membrane filtration method Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing according to United States Pharmacopeia 36 <51> Toxicity 48 hours according to United States Pharmacopeia 36 <88> and European Pharmacopoeia 7.0 <2.6.9> Bacterial endotoxins determination using gel clot "in vitro pyrogen" according to United States Pharmacopeia 36 <85> Pyrogen in vivo according to United States Pharmacopeia 36 <151> Biological Reactivity Systemic according to United States Pharmacopeia 36 <88> Biological Reactivity intracutaneous according to United States Pharmacopeia 36 <88> United States Pharmacopeia 36
European Pharmacopoeia 7.0
Chlorophyll determination in water ILT-U-779 Spectrophotometric method
Microbiological determinations in dietary supplements. ILT-U-780 TPC, Yeasts and moulds count, Absence or presence of Escherichia Coli, Absence or presence of Salmonella spp, Absence or presence of Staphylococcus aureus in Aqueous enteral feed and Nonaqueous enteral food
Determinations in ethyl alcohol container ILT-U-790 Volumetric capacity of the container; internal diameter of the outlet; and container stability Portaria Nº 269
NBR 15991
Pressure cookers determinations ILT-U-799 Volumetric capacity and Operating pressures - point 4.3 EN 12778
Cobble determinations ILT-U-803 Shapes and dimensions; Breaking Strength (indirect tensile); Abrasion (wear wide wheel method); and Resistance Absorption EN 1338
Determination of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and total pollutant in biodiesel ILT-U-804 Calcium; Magnesium; Sodium; Potassium and Total pollutant EN 14538
EN 12662
Specific mass determination (biodiesel) ILT-U-805 Specific mass ASTM D4052
Biodiesel determination ILT-U-806 Water Content; flash point; kinematic viscosity,40ºC; density at 15ºC; monoglyceride content; diglyceride content; triglyceride content; free glycerol; total glycerol; acid number; oxidation stability; cloud point; ester content; linolenic acid methyl ester; total contamination; and cold soak filtration test EN 14112
EN 14103
EN 12662
ASTM D2500
EN 14105
ASTM D4052
ASTM D4928
ASTM D7501
EN 15751
Biodiesel determinations ILT-U-807 Cetane number; Contamination and Corrosion (copper foil method) ASTM D6890
EN 12662
Determination of water and sediment in diesel ILT-U-808 Water and Sediment ASTM D1796
Washed gum determination (gasoline) ILT-U-809 Washed gum ASTM D381
Total plate count determination in water ILT-U-817 SPC (Total plate count)
N-nitrosamines, peroxide and DTX in baby bottles ILT-U-820 ABNT NBR 13793
BS EN 12868
Matches determinations ILT-U-824 Striking performance Annex A only A.1 to A.9; Thermal Stability Annex B; Performance of the striking surface Annex C; Impact resistance Annex D; and Environmental and toxicological test Annex E EN 1783
Seaweed – Identification and enumeration (Utermöhl) of Eukaryotic Algae (phytoplankton) and cyanobacteria. ILT-U-827 Identification and enumeration (Utermöhl) Eukaryotic Algae (phytoplankton); and Identification and enumeration (Utermöhl) of cyanobacteria
Thermal resistance and thermal conductivity in thermal performance of building materials and products. ILT-U-831 EN 12667
Dimensional stability determination in thermal insulating products for building applications. ILT-U-832 EN 1604
Tensile strength parallel to faces in thermal insulating products for building applications. ILT-U-833 EN 1608
Reaction to fire determination in construction products and building elements ILT-U-834 EN 13501-1
Water absorption in thermal insulating products for building applications ILT-U-835 EN 1609
Specific mass determination (gasoline) ILT-U-838 Specific mass ASTM D4052
Biodiesel Corrosion determinations ILT-U-839 Corrosion (copper foil method) ASTM D130
Determination of color and sulfur content (Diesel oil) ILT-U-840 Color and Sulfur content ASTM D5453
ASTM D1500
Relative density and apparent specific mass determination (gasoline) ILT-U-841 Relative density mass and apparent specific mass ASTM D1298
Determinations in refractory material ILT-U-849 Pyrometric cone equivalent; Continuous linear variation until 1300; Cold crushing strength dense shaped; and Resistance to thermal shock EN 993-10
EN 993-11
EN 993-12
EN 993-5
Bicycle test – Cycled of pedals ILT-U-861 ISO 4210 part 8. (4.8.2.) ISO 4210
Ammonium concentration determination ILT-U-868
Transformer oil determination ILT-U-873 Power Factor (25°C) (%), Power Factor (100°C) (%), and Acidity Test(mg KOH/g) ASTM D924
Mattress determination ILT-U-884 Determining the density of the foam mattress, resilience, permanent deformation to compression, indentation force, dynamic fatigue, ash content, packaging evaluation, labeling, gluing and dimensional analysis. NBR 13579-1
Soda ash determinations ILT-U-889 Total Alkalinity as Na2Co3 (Assay), Chlorides as NaCl, Sulphates as Na2So4, Mater Insoluble in water, and Loss at 250ºC IS 251
Rubber determinations ILT-U-1008 Abrasion resistance (NMX-S-051 7.2.2) and flexural strength (EN 5970) NMX-S-051
EN 5970
Ash determination in PVC pipes and connections ILT-U-1009 NBR NM 84 - Method A NBR NM 84
Carbon black determinations ILT-U-1015 Absorbance of cyclohexane extract (ASTM D7772) and Determination of solvent extractable materials (ISO 6209) ASTM D7772
ISO 6209
Alcohol absolute determination ILT-U-1016 Ethanol content of 20 ° C; higher alcohols; METHANOL; aldehydes; ESTERS; ACIDITY; CONDUCTIVITY
Palm oil determinations ILT-U-1031 Moisture; Lead; Volatile Matter; Iodine value; Impurities; Fatty Acid Composition; Peroxide Value; Ash; Acidity; Total Fatty Matter; Carotene; Total Saponifiable Matter; Soap Content; Cloud Point; Saponification Value; Phosphorus; Chromium; Copper; Iron; Nickel; Manganese Phosphorus; and Chromium
Fertilizers determinations ILT-U-1040 Bifenthrin 10 E.C. – Active content; and Methoxyfenoxide 240 g/lit SC – For Active content and suspensibility test.
Determinations in surfactants ILT-U-1053 Free fatty acid; Free alkalinity; Volatile matter at 1050; Total active matter (extraction by ethanol); and Acidity
Determinations in Glycerin ILT-U-1054 Refractive Index
Determination of metals in minerals ILT-U-1057 Cu, Pb, Zn, As, Sb and Fe (Atomic Absorption)
Impact Resistance of Plastic Film by the Free-Falling Dart Method ILT-U-1063 Impact resistance. ASTM D1709
Amoxicilline Determination ILT-U-1067
Amoxicilline Determination ILT-U-1067 Amoxicilline determination
Wheelchairs determination ILT-U-1072 Determination of Static Stability - ISO 7176-1 Determination of Effectiveness of Brakes - ISO 7176-3 Determination of static, impact and fatigue strengths - ISO 7176-8 (except 10.4.4 e 10.5) ISO 7176
Concrete determinations ILT-U-1074 compression resistance ASTM C617
ASTM C39/C39M.
pH in fertilizer ILT-U-1075
Total N, P2O5, K2O determinations in liquid fertilizer (Vinasse) ILT-U-1132 Vinasse sample
Cobalt and Arsenic determination in human urine ILT-U-1134
Glass hollowware in contact with food ILT-U-1136 ISO 7086 Pb, Cd, and Co
Determinations in ceramic tiles ILT-U-113 Absorption ISO 10545-3
Standard test method for plastic tensile properties ILT-U-1141 plasticized PVC hose. ASTM D638 ASTM D638
Baby bottles determination ILT-U-1146 Impact, Torsion, Traction (NBR 13793)
Pacifiers determination ILT-U-1147 physical and mechanical tests (NBR 10334)
Dimensional stability verification ILT-U-1149 Dimensional stability. NBR 5687. NBR 5687
Determination of mass of glass and resistance to lateral compression ILT-U-1150 Determination of mass of glass and resistance to lateral compression. NBR 14865.
Tire tube testing ILT-U-1151 NBR 15557.
Plastic packaging for mineral water and drinking table — Returnable gallon ILT-U-1152 ABNT NBR 14222. Strange odor; Volumetric capacity; Resistance to static compression; and Resistance to fall
Reaction to fire tests – Ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame ILT-U-1157 EN ISO 11925-2.
Reaction to fire tests for building products — Non-combustibility test ILT-U-1158 ISO 1182.
Biodiesel determinations ILT-U-1159 NBR 15553 - Produtos derivados de óleos e gorduras - Ésteres metílicos/etílicos de ácidos graxos - Determinação dos teores de cálcio, magnésio, sódio, fósforo e potássio por espectrometria de emissão ótica com plasma indutivamente acoplado (ICP-OES). NBR 15764 - Biodiesel - Determinação do teor total de ésteres por cromatografia gasosa. ASTM D93 - Flash point by Pensky-Martens closed cup tester. ASTM D130 - Corrosiveness to copper from petroleum products by copper strip test. ASTM D445 - Kinematic viscosity of transparent and opaque liquids (and calculation of dynamic viscosity. ASTM D664 - Acid number of petroleum products by potentiometric titration. ASTM D874 - Sulfated ash from lubricating oils and additives. ASTM D4052 - Density and relative density of liquids by digital density meter. ASTM D4951 - Determination of additive elements in lubricating oils by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry. ASTM D5453 - Determination of total sulfur in light hydrocarbons, spark ignition engine fuel, diesel engine fuel, and engine oil by ultraviolet fluorescence. ASTM D6304 - Determination of water in petroleum products, lubricating oils, and additives by coulometric Karl Fisher titration. ASTM D6371 - Cold filter plugging point of Diesel and heating fuels. ASTM D6584 - Determination of total monoglyceride, total diglyceride, total triglyceride, and free and total glycerin in b-100 biodiesel methyl esters by gas chromatography. ASTM D6890 - Determination of ignition delay and derived cetane number (DCN) of Diesel fuel oils by combustion in a constant volume chamber. EN 116 - Determination of cold filter plugging point. EN ISO 2160 - Petroleum products - Corrosiveness to copper - Copper strip test. EN ISO 3104 - Petroleum products - Transparent and opaque liquids - Determination of kinematic viscosity and calculation of dynamic viscosity. EN ISO 3679 - Determination of flash point - Rapid equilibrium closed cup method. EN ISO 3987 - Petroleum products - Lubricating oils and additives - Determination of sulfated ash. EN ISO 5165 - Diesel fuels - Determination of the ignition quality of diesel fuels - Cetane engine method. EN ISO 12185 - Crude petroleum and liquid petroleum products. Oscillating U-tube method. EN 12662 - Liquid Petroleum Products - Determination of contamination in middle distillates. EN ISO 12937 - Petroleum Products - Determination of water - Coulometric Karl Fischer titration method. EN 14103 - Fat and oil derivatives - Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) - Determination of ester and linolenic acid methyl ester contents. EN 14105 - Fat and oil derivatives - Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) - Determination of free and total glycerol and mono-, di- and triglyceride content - (Reference Method). EN 14107 - Fat and oil derivatives - Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) - Determination of phosphorous content by inductively coupled plasma (ICP) emission spectrometry. EN 14110 - Fat and oil derivatives - Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) - Determination of methanol content. EN 14111 - Fat and oil derivatives - Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) - Determination of iodine value. EN 14112 - Fat and oil derivatives - Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) - Determination of oxidation stability (accelerated oxidation test). EN 14538 - Fat and oil derivatives - Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) - Determination of Ca, K, Mg and Na content by optical emission spectral analysis with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES). EN ISO 20846 - Petroleum Products - Determination of sulfur content of automotive fuels - Ultraviolet fluorescence method.
Polyethylene determinations ILT-U-1161 Melt Flow Index (MFI), ASTM D1238; Density by Displacement, ASTM D792; and Density by Gradient Technique, ASTM D1505
Microbiological determinations in tissue toilet paper ILT-U-1167 Total plate count; and Mould and yeast
Wood-based panels determinations ILT-U-1171 ISO 12460-3 and 12460-5 (which supplement EN 120 and EN 717-2).
Plastic chairs determinations ILT-U-1172 Visual verification; Dimensional verification; Static load test; Impact resistance test; and Test for strength of hind legs according to NBR 14776.
Determination of extractable metals ILT-U-1173 Cd; Za; Fe; Sn; Pb; Ba; Cr; and Cu by Atomic Absorption
Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic (LABSA) determinations ILT-U-1174 Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic acid (LABSA): Active matter according to ASTM D 3049 and Free Oil (Non Detergent Organic matter) according to IS 8401
Alpha Olefin Sulphonate (AOS) determinations ILT-U-1175 Alpha Olefin Sulphonate (AOS): Active matter according to IS 4956 and Free Alkalinity as Sodium Hydroxide according to IS 15072
Lead in paint determination ILT-U-1177 16 CFR Part 1303, method AOAC 974.024 / ICP.
Active ingredient determination (amoxicillin) ILT-U-1185 Amoxicillin by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (Ivermectin) ILT-U-1186 Ivermectin by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole) ILT-U-1187 Trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (vitamins B1, B2, B6) ILT-U-1188 Vitamins B1, B2, B6 by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (dichlorvos) ILT-U-1189 Dichlorvos by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (dexamethasone) ILT-U-1190 Dexamethasone acetate by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (trimethoprim and sulfadiazine) ILT-U-1191 Trimethoprim and sulfadiazine by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Active ingredient determination (chlortetracycline) ILT-U-1192 Chlortetracycline by liquid chromatography HPLC UV.
Multiresidue determination of mycotoxins ILT-U-1194 Multiresidue mycotoxins by ultra performance liquid chromatography / mass spectrometer.
Determination of Flavonoids ILT-U-1195 Total flavonoids calculated as vitexin by spectrophotometry UV / VIS.
Determination of coumarin and acid Orto-coumaric ILT-U-1196 Coumarin and acid Orto-coumaric by Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC). (Qualitative Test).
Ash determination – Coke ILT-U-1197 ash determination by Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
True density and bulk density determination – Coke ILT-U-1198 True density according to ISO 8004; and Bulk density according to ASTM D 4292
Grinding index and granulometry determination – Coke ILT-U-1199 Grinding index according to ASTM D 409; and Granulometry Traditional dry sieving
Physicochemical determinations in coke ILT-U-1200 Volatile according to ASTM D 3175; Fixed carbon according to ASTM D 3172; Ash according to ASTM D 3174; Sulfur according to ASTM D 4239; and Moisture according to ASTM D 3173
Triterpene glycosides (HPLC) determination ILT-U-1201
Coumarin determination ILT-U-1202 Qualitative
Isoflavones determination ILT-U-1203 HPLC
Total flavonoids determination ILT-U-1204 HPLC
Valerenic acid determination ILT-U-1205 Quantitative
Rutin, quercetin, and chlorogenic acid determination ILT-U-1206 Quantitative
Escina determination ILT-U-1207 Qualitative
Boldina determination ILT-U-1208 Qualitative
Ruscogenine determination ILT-U-1209 Qualitative
Total saponins determination ILT-U-1210 Quantitative
Glycoside flavones determination ILT-U-1211 HPLC
Ginkgo terpene lactones determination ILT-U-1212 HPLC
Determinations in Electrical Insulating Liquids – Power factor ILT-U-1223 ASTM D924
Plastic determinations ILT-U-1231 Density ISO 1183-1; Melt Flow index ISO 1133-1; Mechanical properties ISO 527 (Plastic sample) Dimensions of the tubes ISO 3126; Resistance to internal pression ISO 1167-1 (PVC pipe) Tear resistance EN 388 (Safety Glove)
FTIR characterization of asbests ILT-U-1233
Rubber determinations ILT-U-1237 ASTM D1149 Ozone; and ASTM D2137 Lowe temp Brittleness ASTM D1149
ASTM D2137
Glyphosate determination ILT-U-1239 Active content determination in Glyphosate Technical by high-performance liquid chromatography-Range: ≥ 95.0%; Moisture content determination in Glyphosate Technical by Thermogravimetry-Range: ≤ 20.0%; Determination of appearance in Glyphosate Technical by visual method; Determining Formaldehyde content of Glyphosate-LQ: 0.0750 g / kg; and Determination of N-Nitrosoglifosato content in Glyphosate Technical by high-performance liquid chromatography-LQ: 0.0001 g / kg
Determinations in biomedical materials ILT-U-1248 Determination of residual ethylene oxide; Determination of ethylene chlorohydrin and ethylene glycol, according to ISO 10993-7
Aircraft Materials Fire Test ILT-U-1249 VERTICAL BUNSEN BURNER TEST, according to CS/FAR ·25 Part 1 Appendix F - DOT/FAA/AR-00/12 Aircraft materials fire test handbook Chapter 1 45-DEGREE BUNSEN BURNER TEST, according to CS/FAR ·25 Part 1 Appendix F - DOT/FAA/AR-00/12 Aircraft materials fire test handbook Chapter 2 HORIZONTAL BUNSEN BURNER TEST, according to CS/FAR ·25 Part 1 Appendix F - DOT/FAA/AR-00/12 Aircraft materials fire test handbook Chapter 3 60-DEGREE BUNSEN BURNER TEST, according to CS/FAR ·25 Part 1 Appendix F - DOT/FAA/AR-00/12 Aircraft materials fire test handbook Chapter 4 OIL BURNER TEST FOR SEATS CUSHIONS, according to CS/FAR ·25 Part 2 Appendix F - DOT/FAA/AR-00/12 Aircraft materials fire test handbook Chapter 7
Oxalic acid determination ILT-U-1261
Cytotoxicity test in Suture thread ILT-U-1272 ISO 10993-5
Tableware in contact with lead-emission food and cadmium ILT-U-1290 Lead and cadmium release according to ISO 6486-1
Release of lead and cadmium in ceramic cookware ILT-U-1291 ISO 8391
Determination of water content of Polyols ILT-U-1292 EN ISO 760 and ASTM D4672
Determination of the Isocyanate content of aromatic Isocyanates ILT-U-1293 ASTM D 5155
Color and color difference in paint determination ILT-U-1295 color and color difference
Determination of silica in phosphoric rock ILT-U-1307 Silicon Oxide (%SiO) - Gravimetric Method (AOAC 963.01,963.02)
Determination of the mechanical properties off glass fibre meshes ILT-U-1311 EN 13496
Concrete, Soil, and Aggregates determinations ILT-U-1312 Concrete - Chlorides determination according to BS 1881 PART 124. Soil - pH/EC determination using Saturated paste method Aggregates - water soluble chlorides, according to CYS EN 1744-1:2009 PART 7
Thermal conductivity in polymers ILT-U-1314 thermal conductivity Hot Disk tps 1500, according to ISO 22007-2
Consistency of Paints Measuring Krebs Unit (KU) Viscosity Using a Stormer-Type Viscometer ILT-U-1315 ASTM D562
Biodiesel (glycerine) determinations ILT-U-1330 Determination of free and total glycerol and mono-, di- and triglyceride content , according to EN 14105
Thermal insulating products determination ILT-U-1332 Determination of bending behavior (EN 12089 Method B); Determination of deformation under specified compressive load and temperature conditions (EN 1605); and Determination of compression behavior (EN 826)
Humidity and relative density determination in wastewater ILT-U-1344 Humidity and Relative density
Determination of metals in ethanol ILT-U-1347 Copper; Iron; and Sodium in ethanol
Determinations on Condoms ILT-U-1354 Original trap; Aged trap; Hole detection; and dimensions
Determination of Copper impurities. ILT-U-1366 Determinations: Sb, Pb, Bi, Cu, Fe, As, In, Co, Zn, Ni, Al, S, Cd, Ag and others
Panels determinations ILT-U-1371 Taber Abrasion, according to ASTM D4060; and Thickness by Eddy Current, according to ASTM B244 ASTM D4060
Parental DNA Test ILT-U-1377 analysis of genetic markers of the Short Tandem Repeat type (STR) located on autosomal chromosomes (biparental inheritance). The analysis includes the following 32 STRs: D3S1358, THL1, D21S11, D18S51, vWA, D8S1179, TPOX, FGA, D5S818, D13S317, D7S820, D16S820, D16S539, CSF1PO, Amylogenin, PENTA_E, PENTA_D, D2S1338, D19S433, D1S1656, D12S391, D2S441, D10S1248 and D22S1045 (Powerplex Fusion System) and D7S1517, D3S1744, D2S1360, D6S474, D4S2366, D8S1132, D5S2500, D21S2055, D10S2325 and SE33 (HDPlex).
DNA Test – XSTR Markers ILT-U-1378 analysis of genetic markers of the Short Tandem Repeat (STR) type located on the X chromosome (maternal inheritance in males, and bi-parent in females. The analysis includes the following 10 X-STRs: DXS8378, DXS9898, DXS7133, GATA31E08, GATA172D05, DXS7423, DXS6809, DXS7132, DXS9902, DXS6789.
DNA Test – YSTR Markers ILT-U-1379 analysis of genetic markers of the Short Tandem Repeat (STR) type located on the Y chromosome (paternal inheritance). The analysis includes the following 23 Y-STRs: DYS389II, DYS389I, DYS390, DYS193, DYS393, DYS392, DYS439, DYS437, DYS391, DYS385, DYS438, GATA H4, DYS456, DYS458, DYS635, DYS448, DY576, DY481, DY549, DY533, DY570 and DY643 (PowerPlex® Y23 System).
DNA Test – Mitochondrial DNA ILT-U-1380 Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA, and includes a sequencing of hypervariable regions of mitochondrial DNA (maternal inheritance). The analysis includes the sequencing of the hypervariable regions HVI, HVII and HVIII of mitochondrial DNA.
Hemodialysis water determinations ILT-U-1382 Nitrite; Fluoride; Heterotrophic Bacteria; Total Coliforms and Escherichia coli; Endotoxins; and Metals
Implants for surgery and coal determinations ILT-U-1383 Particle size; and Specific Mass (coal samples) Surfactants (Implants for surgery)
Fire extinguishing powder determination ILT-u-1384 Humidity
Dimensions of Thermoplastic Pipe and Fittings ILT-U-1386 ASTM D2122 ASTM D2122
Determination of melt flow rate (MFR) and melt volume rate (MVR) ILT-U-1387 ASTM D1238 ASTM D1238
Lighters determinations ILT-U-1394 ISO 9994 ISO 9994
Liquid effluent determinations ILT-U-1396 Volatile; Semi-volatile; PAH; TPH; and PCB
Drying, Curing, or Film Formation of Organic Coatings ILT-U-1400 Curing, or Film Formation of Organic Coatings ASTM D1640
Determination of density in paints ILT-U-1401 Density (Picnometric Method) ISO 2811 Part 1. ISO 2811
Rubber determinations ILT-U-1409 Tensile strength; Elongation at break (ISO 37); and Tear strength (ISO 34 method C) ISO 37
ISO 34
Determination of the effect of liquids ILT-U-1410 Change volume; elongation at break; and Variation of tensile strength (ISO 1817) ISO 1817
Rubber determinations ILT-U-1411 Determination of compression set -- Part 1: At elevated temperatures (ISO 815-1); and Accelerated ageing and heat resistance tests (ISO 188) ISO 815-1
ISO 188
Determination of indentation hardness ILT-U-1412 indentation hardness (Shore A) according to ISO 7619-1 ISO 7619-1
Rubber Hardness determination ILT-U-1426 Shore Hardness; and IRHD Hardness ( N and micro) ISO 48
ISO 7619-1
Physicomechanics rubber determination ILT-U-1427 Variation of properties after immersion; Density; Solvent Extract; Compression; Traction; and Variation properties after aging in air ISO 1817
ISO 2781
ISO 1407
ISO 815-1
ISO 37
ISO 188
Physicomechanics rubber determination ILT-U-1428 Thermogravimetry; Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC); Mooney Viscosity; and Ozone ISO 1431-1
ISO 289-1
ISO 11357-2
ISO 11357-3
ISO 9924-3
ISO 9924-2
ISO 9924-1
ASTM D6370
Quantitative XRD of cements determination ILT-U-1430 ASTM C1365
Urethane foam determination ILT-U-1441 Method E – Tensile Strength / Elongation Method F – Tear Strength Method G – Air Flow Method H – Ball Rebound Test ASTM D3574
Urethane foam determination ILT-U-1442 Method A – Density Method B1 – Hardness Method D – Compression Set at 50% Deflection ASTM D3574
Determination of antimony in antimony trioxide ILT-U-1450 Antimony concentration - Sb2O3
Determinations in plastic ILT-U-1457 compressive test and cross cut test ISO 2409
ISO 604
Flatwise Tensile of Sandwich Core Materials ILT-U-146 ASTM C297
Determination of UVA factor ILT-U-1473 ISO 24443
Concrete determinations ILT-U-1483 Compression resistance EN 12390-3
Determinations on health products ILT-U-1485 Meter evaluation; Evaluation of mixers; Evaluation of showers; Evaluation of toilets; and Evaluation of intake and discharge valves NOM-012-SCFI-1994
Determinations in expansible polyurethane ILT-U-1489 Tear resistance in flexible polyurethane foam; and Tensile strength in flexible polyurethane foam. NBR 8515
NBR 8516
BTEX determination in activated carbon ILT-U-1506
Adherence in cookware determination ILT-U-1508 Milk antiadherence test; Non-stick egg assay; Grid Testing; Abrasion test; Corrosion test with sodium chloride; and Corrosion test with detergent solution NBR 15231
Continuous compression deformation test ILT-U-1509 Aging of elastomeric parts in greenhouses with measurement of hardness variation IRHD; Aging of elastomeric parts in corn oil with IRHD hardness variation measurement; Aging of the elastomeric parts in distilled water with volume variation measurement; Aging of the elastomeric parts in acetic acid with volume variation measurement; and Permanent Compression Deformation NBR 11823
Determinations in pacifiers ILT-U-1511 Mechanical; Labeling; and Physical NBR 10334
Disposable tableware determinations ILT-U-1512 Resistance to sweat and spittle (NBR 13883 point 6.3.7) NBR 13883
Determinations in baby bottles ILT-U-1513 Volumetric capacity; Labeling; and Physical NBR 13793
Paint determinations ILT-U-1516 Density; pH; and Non-volatile-matter content ISO 2811
ISO 787-9
ISO 3251
Determinations in charcoal ILT-U-1518 Spontaneously Combust EPA 1050 clause 2.3
Determinations in lithium brine ILT-U-1521 Density at 25 °C; Calcium; Chloride; Copper; Total dissolved solids; Strontium; Sodium; Chrome; Sulfates; Iron; Aluminum; Lithium; Arsenic; Magnesium; Barium; Manganese; Lead; Zinc; Boron; and Potassium
Lube oil determinations ILT-U-1527 Density at 15 ° C; Distillation Curve; and Kinematic Viscosity at 40 ° ASTM D445
Migration test ILT-U-1553 EN 1186; RDC N° 105; and RDC N° 51 EN 1186
Torsion, driving torque and pullout test on bone screws ILT-U-1554 Yield Torque; Maximum Torque; Breaking Angle; Insertion Torque; Removal Torque; and Maximum pullout load ASTM F543
Static test and fatigue in bone plates ILT-U-1555 ASTM F382
calorific value determination (determination of the gross heat of combustion) ILT-U-1565 Calorific value (Determination of the gross heat of combustion) ISO 1716
Compression test ILT-U-1570 ASTM D395
Object color evaluation ILT-U-1573 ASTM E1164
ASTM D2244
Determinations in Asphalt Mixture Specimens ILT-U-1585 Thickness or Height of Compacted Asphalt Mixture Specimens and density of Compacted Mixtures ASTM D3549
Manual de Carreteras método 8.302.38.
Cement setting reaction determination ILT-U-1587 cement setting reaction NCh 152
Phytoplankton and Phytobenthos in seewater ILT-U-1594 Phytoplankton and Phytobenthos in seewater
Rubber determination – Tear strength ILT-U-1595 Tear strength (ISO 34-1 Method B) ISO 34
Cement determination ILT-U-1612 Composition and notation; and designation BS EN 197-1
Determinations in water of kneading (concrete) ILT-U-1614 Chlorides; organic matter such as dissolved oxygen; pH; dissolved solids; suspended solids; and sulfates NCh 413
NCh 416
NCh 1444
NCh 1498
Determinations on asphalt ILT-U-1626 Standard practice for the sampling of asphalt mixtures; bitumen percentage of an asphalt mixture (washing asphaltic) - Method A; and granulometric analysis of fine and coarse aggregate ASTM D979
ASTM D2172
Biodiesel detrminations ILT-U-1635 Water content; flash point; kinematic viscosity, 40ºC; density at 15ºC; content of monoglycerides; content of diglycerides; triglyceride content; free glycerol; total glycerol; acid number; stability of oxidation; cloud point; content of ester; methylene ester of linolenic acid; and total pollution; hot cold filtration test ASTM D93
ASTM D6751
EN 14103
EN 12662
EN 14112
ASTM D2500
ASTM D1298
EN 14105
ASTM D4928
Urine determinations ILT-U-1641 2,5 Hexanodione; muconic acid; orto-cresol; and acid methyl hippuric
Diaper determinations ILT-U-1644 Visual inspection; pH; and absorbency SASO 1516
GSO 143
GSO 750
Tissue determinations ILT-U-1645 Grammage; dimension; pH; and visual inspection ISO 536
GSO 143
SASO 1849
Perfume determinations ILT-U-1646 Visual inspection; turbidity SASO 1849
Nail polish determinations ILT-U-1647 Visual inspection; determination of non-volatile matter; and determination of drying time GSO 1888
Paint determinations ILT-U-1648 VOC; heavy metals (Pb, Cr, Cd, Sb, Hg & As); chemical resistance; and aromatic hydrocarbon ISO 11890-1
ASTM D3257
ASTM D1308
Material in contact with food determinations ILT-U-1649 Overall migration into aqueous food stimulants by total immersion (4 simulants); and overall migration into aqueous food stimulants by article filling (4 simulants) BS EN 1186-3
BS EN 1186-9
Gas-fired central heating boilers determinations ILT-U-1652 Performance 100% and performance 30% EN 297
EN 625
Connectors determinations ILT-U-1653 Dimensional requirements; positive pressure liquid leakage; subatmospheric-pressure air leakage; stress cracking; resistance to separation from axial load; resistance to separation from unscrewing; and resistance to overriding ISO 80369-7
Conductivity in water ILT-U-1656 Conductivity
Determinations in ceramic tiles ILT-U-1657 Measurement of length and width; and measurement of thickness ISO 10545-2
Nanoparticles determination in cosmetic ILT-U-1659 Particle size
Determination of the release of lead and cadmium from silicate surfaces other than ceramic ware ILT-U-1691 Lead and cadmium EN 1388-2
Migration test ILT-U-1694 Total simulant migration B: Yes. Aqueous foods acid-Acetic acids; Specific mission of metals and others elements: simulant acetic acid %; and Color change rating EN 1186
EN 13130
GMC 15
Resolution RDC Nº52
Metals and metalloids determination ILT-U-1695 Metals and metalloids GMC 15
Color difference and reflectance ILT-U-1714 Color and reflectance (250nm to 2500nm) ASTM E903
Protective clothing determinations ILT-U-1715 Assessment of resistance of materials to molten metal splash ISO 9185
Resistance to water penetration determination ILT-U-1716 Resistance to water penetration- after pretreatment-flexing; and resistance to water penetration- after pretreatment-influence of fuel and oil EN 343
Protective clothing determinations ILT-U-1717 Puncture resistance; tear resistance; color measurement in new state; color measurement after exposure to light; determination of contact heat transmission through protective clothing or constituent materials; oil repellency-Hydrocarbon resistance test ; determination of resistance to damage by flexing method C: Crumple flex; abrasion resistance, Martindale ISO 5740
ISO 7854
ISO 12127
ISO 14419
EN 863
ISO 9173-4
ISO 20471
Aggregates determinations. ILT-U-1718 Determination of density (Particle density and water absorption of aggregate between 40mm and 5mm); particle shape `section 105.1: Flakiness index;; particle shape Section 105.2: Elongation index of coarse aggregate; testing aggregates Part 103: particle size distribution Section 103.1: Sieve tests; determination of particle shape. Flakiness index; determination of particle shape. Shape index. (Elongation Index ); determination of particle size distribution. Sieving method (mass of fines passing the 0.063mm sieve); methods for determination of aggregate crushing value (ACV); method for determination of aggregate impact Value (AIV); test method for materials finer than 75- μm (No. 200) sieve in mineral aggregates by washing; methods for sampling; density (Particle density and water absorption (10mm aggregate & smaller)); particle size distribution. Sieving method; ten per cent fines value (TFV); determination of shell content. Percentage of shells in coarse; sand equivalent value of soils and fine aggregate EN 933-7
BS 812 Part 111
EN 933-1
BS 812 Part 112
EN 933-3
EN 933-4
EN 933-8
BS 812 Part 103
BS 812 Part 105
BS 812 Part 110
BS 812 Part 102
BS 812 Part 2
Soil determinations ILT-U-1719 Classification tests determination of the liquid limit – cone penetrometer method: classification tests determination of Plastic Limit and plasticity index; classification tests determination of particle size distribution; compaction-related tests determination of dry density / moisture content relationship; compaction-related tests. determination of california bearing ratio; in-situ tests sand replacement method suitable for fine, medium and coarse grained soils (large pouring cylinder method; in-situ tests Filed Density test by Nuclear Gauge FDT Methods of test for soils for civil engineering; and test no.2.5; and classification tests Determination of moisture content BS 1377 Part 9
BS 1377 Part 4
BS 1377 Part 3
BS 1377 Part 2
Child-resistant packaging test ILT-U-1720 Testing of re-closable child-resistant packaging. ISO 8317
2D dimensional analysis. ILT-U-1722 Measurement of a sample in a 2D microscope,
Mattress determinations ILT-U-1724 Foam density; permanent compression deformation; and indentation force NBR 9176
NBR 8537
NBR 8797
Composites determinations ILT-U-1731 Determination of Gel Time, and determination of fiber, resin and voids ASTM D3171
ASTM D3532
Total volatile content in Shampoo ILT-U-178 Total volatile content GSO 396
Migration total and specific determinations ILT-U-341 Determination of overall migrat on synthetic samples (simulating matrix: ethanol 10%; 20%; 50%, acetic acid 3%, and distilled water); and specific migration: Determination of Ag, B, Ba, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Pb, Zn, As, Hg, Sb, Sn e F (aimulating matrix: acetic acid 3%.) EN 1186
EN 13130
Acid soluble chlorides and acid soluble sulfates for aggregate and concrete testing ILT-U-417 Acid soluble chlorides, according to BS 812: Part 117 : Appendix C and Acid soluble sulfates, according to BS 812: Part 118: Clause 6 (stone sample). Acid soluble chlorides, according to BS 1881 : Part 124 Clause 10.2 and Acid soluble sulfates, according to BS 1881 Part 124 Clause 10.3 (concrete sample). BS 812
BS 1881
General purpose saucepans ILT-U-435 Corrosion test with boiling sodium chloride solution; corrosion test with detergent solution; milk antiadherence test; adhesion test with egg; and corrosion test by salina mist Portaria 21
Fineness of hydraulic cement determination ILT-U-500 Fineness of hydraulic cement by air-permeability apparatus ASTM C204
Determinations in lubricating oil ILT-U-597 Heating power upper and lower; and elementary analysis ASTM D240
ASTM D5291
Matches determinations ILT-U-711 Lighting; thermal stability; ignition surface; and impact NBR 13725
Rock phosphate determinations ILT-U-858 Phosphorus pentoxide (%P2O5); Silicon oxide (%SiO); and Fe2O3, Al2O3, MgO, K2O, Na2O, Cd, Sr, CaO
phytoplankton determination in seawater ILT-U-895
Viscosity and Density determination ILT-U-904 ISO 2555
ASTM D2556
ASTM D1200
EN 452
EN 2811
ASTM D1475
ASTM D4212
ISO 2431
Ammoniacal nitrogen determination ILT-U-905
Determining the Izod Pendulum Impact Resistance of Plastics ILT-U-920 ASTM D256
Melt Flow Rates of Thermoplastics by Extrusion Plastometer ILT-U-921 ASTM D1238
Ash Content in Plastics ILT-U-922 ASTM D5630
Global migration in corks ILT-U-955 ISO 10106
Concrete determinations ILT-U-957 Density and bulk density; Organic impurities; Sulfur trioxide; and Potassium oxide and sodium oxide by flame photometry NBR NM 17
Cement determinations ILT-U-958 Normal consistency; Forged times; Volume expansion in autoclave; Air content; Compressive strength; Blaine fineness; Fineness 45 µm; False set; and Expanding cement mortar bars immersed in water ASTM C1038
Cosmetic microbiological determinations ILT-U-981 Enterobacteria; Staphylococcus; Pseudomonas; and Aerobic mesophilic
Saline solution microbiological determinations ILT-U-982 Salmonella; Escherichia Coli; Staphylococcus; Pseudomonas; and Aerobic mesophilic- Total plate count
Water purifiers determination ILT-U-989 NBR 16098
Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure of Photodegradable plastics ILT-U-998 Exposure of Photodegradable plastics. ASTM D5208
(ESP) Personal eye protection determinations (ESP) ILT-U-1112 (ESP) Resistance to surface damage by fine particle
Roughness and contour determinations ILT-U-357
Rotational Viscosity determination ILT-U-1732 corrosion inhibitor ISO 3219
tensile strength in rubbers ILT-U-297 Pre-cured; and lab-cured rubber ISO 37
Rubber Property—Vulcanization Using Rotorless Cure Meters ILT-U-299 ASTM D5289