ILT Interlaboratory Test | Proveedor de ensayos de aptitud por comparación

Proficiency customized Date Code Comments Standard Cost Select
Outdoor folding chair. Safety and mechanical requirements August 2015 ILT-B-01 EN 581-1
EN 581-2
EN 1022
EN 1728
Cots (cradle). Safety requirements. August 2015 ILT-B-02 EN 716; NBR 15860-1 and NBR 15860-2. EN 716-1
EN 716-2
NBR 15860-1
NBR 15860-2
Bassinets and cradles determinations When you need ILT-U-544 ASTM F2194
Bassinets and cradles determinations + 16 CFR 1218 When you need ILT-U-545 ASTM F2194 and 16 CFR 1218 ASTM F2194
16 CFR 1218
Bassinets and cradles determinations + 16 CFR 1220 When you need ILT-U-546 ASTM F406 and 16 CFR 1220 16 CFR 1220
Density and moisture content in WOOD-BASED PANELS When you need ILT-U-754 EN 323
EN 322
Formaldehyde content in wood board sample When you need ILT-U-770 EN 120 EN 120
Determination of swelling and tensile strength perpendicular to the faces When you need ILT-U-771 EN 317 and EN 319. EN 317
EN 319
Matches determinations When you need ILT-U-824 Striking performance Annex A only A.1 to A.9; Thermal Stability Annex B; Performance of the striking surface Annex C; Impact resistance Annex D; and Environmental and toxicological test Annex E EN 1783
Determinations in work chair – furniture for office When you need ILT-U-836 ABNT NBR 13962
EN 1335-1
Mattress determination When you need ILT-U-884 Determining the density of the foam mattress, resilience, permanent deformation to compression, indentation force, dynamic fatigue, ash content, packaging evaluation, labeling, gluing and dimensional analysis. NBR 13579-1
Static load test, durability, impacat, fall and stability of chair When you need ILT-U-893 Static load test, durability, impacat, fall and stability EN 1728
EN 1022
Gaps, holes and openings inside and outside –baby cot- When you need ILT-U-1006 Gaps, holes and openings. (EN 716-2 +A1 Part 5.4) EN 716-2
Office furniture – Cases When you need ILT-U-1078 Cases ABNT NBR 13961
Office furnishings – Desks – Classification and physical and dimensional characteristics When you need ILT-U-1079 Desks ABNT NBR 13966
Office furnishings – Work station – Classification and physical and dimensional characteristics When you need ILT-U-1080 ABNT NBR 13967
Reaction to fire tests – Ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame When you need ILT-U-1157 EN ISO 11925-2.
Reaction to fire tests for building products — Non-combustibility test When you need ILT-U-1158 ISO 1182.
Wood-based panels determinations When you need ILT-U-1171 ISO 12460-3 and 12460-5 (which supplement EN 120 and EN 717-2).
Plastic chairs determinations When you need ILT-U-1172 Visual verification; Dimensional verification; Static load test; Impact resistance test; and Test for strength of hind legs according to NBR 14776.
Chair determinations When you need ILT-U-1375 ANSI/BIFMA X5.1. ANSI/BIFMA X5.1
Chair determinations When you need ILT-U-1393 ISO 21015 ISO 21015
Flatwise Tensile of Sandwich Core Materials When you need ILT-U-146 ASTM C297
Formaldehyde Content in wood board When you need ILT-U-925 EN 717-1
Moisture content in wood When you need ILT-U-926 EN 13183-1
Moisture content in charcoal briquettes When you need ILT-U-927 EN 1860-2
High chair determinations When you need ILT-U898 NBR 15991
EN 14988